Kitty-leaks: Arsenal’s Puma third kit is green and blue


Thanks to a shadowy Julian Assange-like figure, Arseblog News can reveal that Arsenal will wear yellow and blue on their travels next season when Puma take over from Nike as the club’s official kit-supplier.

We can also confirm Arsenal have opted for a blue and lime green third/cup kit – the first time we’ll have worn such a colour combination since the 1982-83 season.

Documents passed to us in a high-risk briefcase swap at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 detail the specifications for all three kits, the training gear and the date they are due on sale.

The home kit will be ‘high-risk red / white’ – it’s the kit Linford Christie unwittingly leaked to the Gunners fraternity a few months back. (On sale 1 July 2014)

The away kit will be ‘estate blue / empire yellow’. (available mid-summer 2014)

The ‘cup’ kit will be ‘methyl blue / estate blue / lime green’. (available autumn 2014)

The goalkeeper kit will be ‘lime green’ with an alternative in ‘black ebony’. (available mid-summer 2014)

Training jersey will be ‘high risk red / grey dawn / estate blue / white’.

There’s a host of other training stuff in various combinations of ‘high risk red / white’ and yellow and blue, including padded training tops, reversible jackets, rain jackets and leisure jackets. A veritable Mike Ashley wet dream of sports-casual.

Arseblog News – always sartorially keen – is slightly worried by the potential introduction of ‘lime’ to the Arsenal colour palette. Having just kitted the boys out in fancy Lanvin suits it seems a shame to ask them to strut their stuff in a potential sick-inducing combo on the pitch. Indeed, if we’re not mistaken Newcastle had a lime third kit by Puma last season and it looked a bit naff.

For a run down of all Arsenal’s away kits, this is awesome.

And for stats on our success rates in different kits, this is worth a read.

Right, we’re off to the Ecuadorian Embassy now, catch you in 2037.

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