Ozil apologises after big f*cking b*llocking


Mesut Ozil has apologised to Arsenal’s travelling fans after he skulked off at full-time of the 6-3 defeat at Manchester City without thanking them for their support.

Caught on camera getting an angry earful from Per Mertesacker for his nonchalant attitude, the German international today set the record straight admitting that he let the frustration of yesterday’s defeat get the better of him.

Writing on Facebook, the summer signing explained: “Sorry I didn’t thank the fans at the end of the game! You have been brilliant to me and I know you had travelled a long way and spent your money to support us.

“I was upset with the result and know I should have come to you to say ‘thank you’ and I know it is a big Arsenal tradition win, lose or draw.”

Arsene Wenger brushed off the incident in his post-match press conference stating: “The Germans will sort that out between themselves don’t worry.”

No doubt the BFG will be rattling his fine jar in the direction of Ozil on Monday morning.


    • I love how we went from a tempermental dutch baby as our captain to having this guy as our THIRD captain in just 12 months. Just a little possitive.

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    • Papers already awash with “GUNNERS IN MELTDOWN, ARSENAL COLLAPSE, etc Can only imagine if we’ren’t top in the EPL and out of the CL last 16?

      Interestingly though beating chelsea would be the remedy for this madness and a sure way of shutting up the pundits who are sitting, waiting for a “collapse”

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      • The thing that really sticks in my craw about it is the whole: ‘unstoppable City machine’ thats going on right now.

        When someone points out the elephant in the room that is their away form, it gets hand-waved away as something they will sort out.

        Had a look last night, and in the New Year they’ve got to travel to: us, the neighbours, OT, both Liverpool clubs and Newcastle.

        The only decent sides they have faced away are Chelsea and maybe Southampton, and got 1 point from both games.

        They are 3 points off the lead with most of their toughest games still to go, and still the idiots… aah you see what I mean.

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        • there is also the fact that they conceded 3 and should have conceded 2 or 3 more against an arsenal side that had by far their worst game of the season. city are not that great, especially at the back. either are chelski and i expect us to beat bounce back and beat them next week. this will be a big test of character for the boys and if we can come back out all guns blazing i am confident for the rest of the season.

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        • No way will City win the league this year imo. Totally unconvinced by their performance against us, they lack the intensity on the pitch to win a title. Sure they’ll have swashbuckling attacking performances quite regularly but I’m sure they’ll suffer several, too many, surprise defeats in between. Love the media narrative about them winning it a canter atm, so clueless.

          I’d say ultimately it’s going to be between us and Chelsea and I really think we can get the better of them this season.

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      • Honestly we really dont have to beat chelsea. You see its this ‘we need to beat chelsea’ that will weigh down on our season. Yet it is a single game worth three points. We should play to win but winning or losing that game is not enough to define our season as we are being made to believe. Chelsea lost to stoke. And they will lose other games. So will ManCity and everybody else. Its just a game.

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      • It wasn’t a great performance but I felt we were very unlucky to lose by such a margin. A fairer reflection would have been a one goal defeat, or with Giroud being a bit more clinical, we could have gotten a draw. Statistically games played between the top 3 don’t have a strong bearing on the eventual winner, it’s the consistency we show against the other 16 that will keep us up there. One defeat to City does not define our season and shouldn’t be the catalyst for its failure. Let the press talk, let other fans write us off, who cares. I’d rather we were seen as plucky underdogs than as favourites. I still believe this team has what it takes to pick themselves up and go again against Chelsea. 9 days will give us good recovery and preparation time, something we had very little of for the City fixture. Keep the faith.

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  1. So, he didn’t applaud the away fans, got a bollocking off the BFG, and has now apologised.
    Any chance we can move on from it? (was very surprised/shocked by some of the comments about him on here yesterday. Someone even said “looks like Ancolotti (sic) was right about his attitude”)

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    • Yep. And read a few others downplaying the apology because he was “made to do so” by BFG. That’s what a captain should do. I’m glad Ozil was that upset with the loss, and even happier with BFG’s and his reaction after not clapping the fans. By the time I was 25, I had done a lot worse in the heat of the moment.

      Thing is, Ozil isn’t an outwardly emotional guy by nature. Example: anyone else scoring that equalizer vs. Everton would’ve gone ballistic. But it’s easy to see he hates losing. That’s all I really want from our players.

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  2. Just don’t unsettle the wizard. he’s still new here and learning. clearly loves winning, hates losing. Chelsea is in for it next monday.

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    • maybe if the rest of the team were as competitive we would not have lost, don’t worry ozil you can go all hulk on the oligarcs next week. very confident of an Arsenal backlash .

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  3. Hey, the score may have been silly. But at least we gave a good account of what we can do against them. Id be much more disappointed with. 3-0.

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  4. Hey people please get off ozils back. I feel he’s slowly becoming the fall guy. when we dont perform in big games it must be him. Many teams would love to have him even in the summer and would pay ridiculous fees. Lets sing his name on monday to show how high in regard we hold him.

    Hope Wilshere gets the ban he deserves for flashing out his middle finger (like the rest of us haven’t) and for also playing rather badly of late. Rosicky needs game time afterall.

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      • That’s hardly a fair comment, seeing as how Ozil’s one of the top five players in the world. Kind of hard for anyone to be better than Ozil.

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      • Wilshere is a class act but I think as usual the English media have proclaimed him as the messiah of English football like any English player who plays well for six months (Barkley Townsend Rodwell) this is the reason they wont win the world cup, theres too much pressure for guys in their early twenties to take the national team out of the dark ages and when they don’t perform the English fans and media are the first to get on their backs i.e man u Liverpool and other fans slating the likes of wilshere and Walcott when they don’t play well.the only reason wilshere is over rated is because the English media have over rated them.wilshere will be a legend but not because of the media or fans but because of a certain French man and obviously his own talent and God given ability.

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  5. “No one’s above the team Mesut. Give tribute to the fans for having to watch and support this garbage for 90 minutes. They deserve more than you!”

    Just my thoughts on what BFG may have yelled at Ozil. This guy is truly captain material.

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  6. So he hates to lose? Who doesn’t? Leave the guy alone.

    Of course I like that the BFG scolded him but, that should be the end of it.

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  7. I think it’s best for arsenal. BFG having at go at Ozil and Ozil apologising.

    I don’t want players to show no emotion whatsoever. BFG point was spot on. The away fans spend lot of time, money and everything else they have to go support the team. I am glad that Per didn’t think of ozil star ego before telling him off. Most people wouldn’t have the guts to do so.

    Also, I am happy with ozil’s humble apology. That’s the exact attitude I would like to see in out star player who is a role model for many kids.

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  8. Ozil just hates losing. Nothing wrong with that.
    BFG publicly bollocking Ozil for not thanking away fans. Nothing wrong with that either.

    Big deal over nothing.

    Up the Arsenal.

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    • I’m just thinking what the table would look like if we had really put the effort in over the summer and bought Suarez AND Ozil – we just lack that killer edge up front. I liked BFG ranting at Ozil – thats passion for you from the German Captain…

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        • Actually, I don’t think it is as cut and dry as that. If the money could be stumped up with no negative consequence in the long term, the I think Wenger would have bought both Ozil and Suarez for near 45 million a piece.

          The reason is that the leaving of Ozil was a one off thing due to change in manager and buying of Bale. It was the aligning of the planets so to speak. And to get one of the best players in the world for that money is a chance that must be taken because it won’t come around again.

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  9. Good on him. I’m not upset at him for doing what he did it’s perfectly understandable. But tradition is tradition and per has sent the message that no one is bigger than the club and none more important than the fans. Per for president!

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  10. You are completely forgiven Mesut, and well done Per for remembering the fans and giving me a new man crush. (So strong, so classy)


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  11. After watching the game for the 2nd time earlier, I think we’re just extremely tired in this game, physically & mentally. 3 matches in 6 days & all of our opponents have been playing in such a high level.

    The tiredness cause lack of focus in our passing, movement, positioning etc.

    That’s half of problem. The other half is the fuckin bad refereeing.

    My point is, this loss is not a big deal. A proper rest is all we need. COYG!!

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  12. it was a mistake, I can understand him feeling too said about the results.. no matter what, Per Mertesacker should not have done that on the pitch.. I think it is uglier that what Ozil has done.

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  13. gotta love the BFG. i have forgetten about yesterday and just waiting for Chelsea to come to town. It’s time we set the record straight!!!!

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  14. Ozil and BFG seem to be close friends, judging by the pictures. For one friend to say that to the other is a sign of a strong, honest relationship which I think will help Ozil settle quicker because he will be honest with his team mates. And they say we lack leaders pshh.

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  15. Regardless of what happened yesterday Per has been an outstanding leader for the team and in a way think it’s unfair that TV5 is still considered as the club captain whereas he barely ever plays for us… Think Per should be made captain with Arteta as his vice on a permanent basis.

    But in way the armband is just for show, don’t need it to be a leader on the pitch which I feel that for the first time in a long time we have them all over the pitch… Hope they galvanise the team for next week. Would be the sweetest thing to stick one over Chelsea

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  16. The Chavs game will tell us a lot about the character of this team.

    We’ve bounced back from defeats already, but yesterday was the worst we’ve played in those games by all accounts (I discount Napoli due to the odd circumstances of the game).

    Villa was bad, but joke officiating, Chavs in the Milk Cup – enough said – and Everton Utd away – illness, injury etc.

    So 9 days to get some rest, identify and correct the faults and get back to the good, in some cases basic, stuff that’s got us where we are.

    I think Chavs at home is the perfect game to get back on the horse.

    Everyone will be up for it and I’d love nothing more for Xmas than 3pts against those cunts.

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  17. Wasn’t an issue in my eyes, Ozil was pissed off we lost. Footballers are humans with emotions. Nice of him to apologize though, Ozil seems like a grounded lad..

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  18. Anyone sending abuse to Özil and co need to go back to supporting Man U like they did last season. You are sabotaging your own team if you abuse them on the internet, how’s that going to lift anyone?. Yes we lost 6-3, and that’s disappointing, but we gave our worst performance of the season, while being clearly fatigued being on the piss end of piss poor decisions, managing to break Koscielny and all this at the same time as having to sniff the smell of urine that is Manchester. The fact that despite all this we still scored more goals against city at home than the rest of the premiership has managed so far makes me very horny for arsenal football club at the moment.

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  19. Never great to lose but on another day the two goals ruled outfor offside may well have stood, neither were miles off!! 6-5 would still have been a loss but shows intent. There wont be many sides that score one let alone three at the ethiad. Bring on chelsea, then lets see city stall on another away day.

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  20. This doesn’t bothe rme one bit. I like the fact that we have a guy who fucking hates losing so much he just wanted to fuck off out of the middle east lands. Seriously, would you rather have some ass clown like Song hugging and laughing with those clowns after a hammering? No thank you. I’ll take a sore loser any day.

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  21. It was a tester for us yesterday but we produced some good football throughout the game and never gave up when we found ourselves 3-1 down we pushed forward as we had nothing to lose so we was always open to conceding. Before we would have turned over and died. At least we didn’t concede 6 and scored nothing AKA spuds!!!

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  22. Off subject – I want acknowledge Blogs’ finishing comment of today’s blog. FINALLY someone has stepped in to put an end to the trolls and vitriol posted from time to time on this site. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can willingly hurl abuse at others from the safety behind your keyboard. Arsenal fans are greatest and one solid family, thankfully the outsiders won’t be tolerated any longer.
    Get well soon Pat Rice. We all love you.

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  23. I’ve got a problem.

    Bearing in mind that what we really needed today was a Spurs win or draw against Liverpool, do I:

    a) Kick the cat and curse that the Scousers are just two points away from us?


    b) Piss myself laughing at Spurs’s piss-poor performance and deserved thrashing by a team we beat 2-0?

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    • You know you can happily do both at the same time as long as no one is watching — its all Quantum.

      Then again, the answer to that one is always B. The Scousers will drop points somewhere else, and every chance to laugh at the neighbours should be enjoyed.

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  24. Per is fast turning into one of the real giants in our team (if not already)

    Love his attitude and hunger to get one back for us. Also minimized what could have been more goals leaked for us in shielding Nasri off several times.

    fact is our midfield let us down yesterday (and Left flank). It heaped unnecessary pressure on the back line. If you invite this sort of pressure so deep into your lines, (especially against City with two strikers), there will be problems.

    Wenger is massively at fault for not tailoring tactics quickly to adjust to the realities on the ground.

    Monreal was missing for their first goal (likely too deep covering the centre. Not sure if Arteta was available but Flamini was struggling and none of the other mids (Ozil, Ramsey or Jack were up to par). Rosicky would have been a logical choice at very least to bring in some bite to the middle and afford MOnreal instruction to move back out wide left.

    Poor decisions or no decisions. We did not need Bentdner for Giroud or young Gnabry on. We needed Rosicky on and more engine or purpose in midfield.

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  25. Motd was terrible. Not a single look at girouds goal and bendtners goal or the handball by zabaleta. The game could of finished 6-6. The media been waiting for this. We seriously need to kick Chelseas ass next monday

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  26. I was fearing that we’d see a statement by Ozil pushing back against being shown up publicly by the BFG. Instead, Ozil came out and apologized. Kudos to both of those guys.

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  27. @Andrew, totally right mate. The game was crap but could easily have finished 4-4 or 5-4 or as you say 6-6. Media pundit twats going on about how amazing city are seem to have watched a different match…

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  28. @Arseblood…..im pretty sure Real wer hammered on more then 1 occasion whilst Ozil played ther. Does seem a bit of an emotionless guy. Got to remember its his 1st season with us, only been here 3 months.

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    • 5-0 at least once. We’ve never failed to score against Barca in the last five meetings, even though our record is W1D1L3.

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  29. I am not sure whether ozil lost too many fans after that picture…but BFG sure did gain a lot of fans support! Comon lads lets put chelski to the sword in 8 days time.

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  30. Agreed that this is a bit of a kick in the balls for the fans at the game, who sounded to be in fine form, but the end of the world it is not! Ozil is such a quality player that all will be forgiven at the next mezmatron! Great to see Mert’s passion tho!

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  31. Per will be collecting a whole bunch of fines of the other guys in the club on Monday.
    Not turning up to a bloody game.
    But still managing 5 goals and a clear penalty not given.

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  32. I always thought that the “G” in BFG stands for Giraffe as he never seems to fly into tackles or kick out or that kind of mayhem. You know like a nice herbivore.
    But that photo, man, that is one Giraffe you don’t want to mess with.

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