Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Podolski confirms return to full training

Podolski confirms return to full training

Earlier this week Arsene Wenger said that Lukas Podolski’s return to the first team fold was imminent, and this morning the German has confirmed that he’ll be training with the first team again.

On his Twitter account he said, “Hope U have a top start into the day?:) Good news: I can start with the team today!!”

He then included the hashtags, “#comeback #WorkHard #AFC #COYG #podolski #poldi #aha.

Arseblog News is glad that Twitter has a 140 character limit, as we get the sense Podolski could hashtag into infinity.

However, despite being back in training, it’s likely he’ll be given a bit more time before making an appearance in the team with Wenger saying, “It will take a least a week for him to be considered.”

It’s also worth remembering that when he was out injured, the boss urged the German international to bring more to the team, saying, “Lukas Podolski is super talented, he can play very well with others, has great power, can take free kicks and scores goals from anywhere, but he can develop and become better.

“You always have the feeling that he is 80, 90 percent there, but you want him to give 100 per cent and then he’ll be world class. There’s more to come from him.”

Maybe the time off will have given him the chance to refocus, because obviously Wenger believes we’ve yet to see the best of the man with the left foot like Thor’s hammer.



  1. I just saw his tweet minutes ago, now it’s up here in the blog. As fast as all those match reports. damn.

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  2. Ah man. With news that Ox is set to return at Christmas and Poldi back in the fold, that leaves us with only Diaby and Sanogo on the sidelines. When it’s a struggle to work out who to put on the bench, you know you’re in a good place. Here’s hoping we can maintain a decent level of squad fitness until May…

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  3. Great news! And that pic never gets old!:)

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    • Yep, that picture epitomizes all that is Poldi. Nil-nil, it’s cold, I’m on the bench, I’m happy as can be.

      Can’t wait to see him back. Teams will have to cover our runners into the box and will leave him open on the edge at their peril. He plays well with OG and has a good cross on him too.

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  4. Aha!

    Gotta love this guy

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  5. aha, he’s back!

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  6. #madasfuckincheese

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  7. 2013-2014 = 2003-2004

    Get in there Poldi!

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  8. That Grin!!!

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  9. That picture is brilliant. #aha

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  10. Only player in that picture smiling and not wearing a hood.

    BTW; he missed the #totl hashtag.

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  11. Love love love him. And that photo has to be my absolute favorite of him. Just sums up his “happy with life” attitude. He’ll be another big boost to an already very confident team.

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  12. #aha… to all our future opponents, be afraid… be very afraid! Our team is so good now Poldi isn’t even guaranteed a starting spot when fit!

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  13. 50 shades of gandalf the grey

    That pic made my morning

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  14. Whenever I look at that picture I can’t help but laugh. Aha!!

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  15. Pakistan Arsenal!

    Love the picture. Love our lukas podolski!

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  16. Lu lu lu, Lukas Podolski!
    Can’t wait to see a fully fit Pod smashing the ball into the net with the keeper still latching on to it.
    Does anyone else feel an irrational sense of calm and confidence about the Everton game? I’m predicting another clean sheet for us!

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  17. Welcome back Poldi ! Finger crossed you can add #champion to your hash tags collection comes may.

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  18. Great pic, great smile!

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  19. Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

    Looking at that picture reminds me of the sunny insouciance and joie de vivre of Nicolas Anelka. Man I bet the staff at the training ground miss having him, his practical jokes and back slapping to brighten up their day.

    (Actually, I’m thinking of the bloke to Podolski’s left who looks like he’s regretting not being more cautious before pushing out a long fart).

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  20. Would you look at him smiling there. always the jolly i would pay to be around him. The world needs more like him. haha

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  21. Wao, thats great news.. Fellow gunnerz, add up on facebook..

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  22. Loved his tweet to Nelson Mandela. Masssive respect!

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  23. Mr. Blogs can we get the link to a higher quality version of the pic here?

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  24. Speaking of hashtags, someone needs to tell the HFB that “#me” is unlikely to catch on…

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  25. Thanks alot blogs. You re the deal! This may sound dumb cos I might be the only one not in the know but I no longer see your daily posts. Miss them.

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  26. You gotta love Poldi!

    However, the Aha-thing he got going on is just not doing it for me.

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  27. I really rate Podolski, he had a great start and struck up a great partnership with Gibbs down the left, but he certainly went a bit flat at times in the season, he has great delivery from the left though. All his crosses seem to be hit with real certainty and pace, only a good thing for the likes of Giroud and Walcott attacking back post.

    I hope he starts firing quickly again, his two goals against Fulham were superbly taken, for me he’s the best finisher at the club, that left foot is a hammer!

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  28. Without a doubt the best finisher we have. Cant wait for him to come back

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  29. “We get the sense Podolski could hashtag into infinity”

    Ha Ha Ha Ha!!

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  30. Who is the Gary Neville look-a-like in the front row?

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  31. Can’t wait to see him pair with Ozil.

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  32. Zaharaddeen Getso

    Glad that Poldi is back

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  33. So now that he is back, i think that wenger should start him at striker against napoli, it would give giroud rest and he is more than a capable back up. I trust poldi at striker far more than TGSTEL.

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  34. Sweet, another option for the number 9 position

    What I want to know is: IS PARK CHU YOUNG OKAY?!

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  35. He got paid 100k for sitting on a bench…of course he’s happy

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    • No one was ever that happy sitting on the bench in crappy weather…Trust me, been there before and it sucks a lot more when the weather is shite! I don’t think he is happy because of his huge pay check just to be fair. The guy seems pretty honest and serious about playing for Arsenal.

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  36. Poldy will be a great option to Giroud.

    He is direct and quick. Great shooting, may link up well with Ozil, Ramsey and Walcott in support (not to mention Santi)

    If we get Benzema, he is about the same height really. Think if Podlski starts to fire in January, Wenger won’t bother with the striker till the summer when the market will have better supply.

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