Report: Viviano to prematurely end loan?


Emiliano Viviano’s season-long loan deal with Arsenal could be cut short with Bologna reportedly interested in signing the Italian keeper in January.

The 28-year-old only moved to the Emirates in the summer but with Wojciech Szczesny ensconced as the club’s number one and Lukasz Fabianski still considered the first choice backup he’s yet to make a competitive appearance in Arsenal colours.

The current status quo isn’t out of the ordinary for Viviano. His career has seemingly been a series of permanent moves followed by immediate loan spells. Currently owned by Palermo he spent last year playing regularly for Fiorentina but also has the likes of Inter Milan, Cesena, Brescia and Bologna on his CV.

It is the latter club, for whom he played between 2009-11, that are reportedly keen to sign him again (albeit according to a rather spurious report on Tutto Mercato Web).

Arsenal do have an option to buy Viviano outright from Palermo in the summer, but much will likely depend on when Lukasz Fabianski decides to leave. The Pole is out of contract in the summer but could push for a move in the coming weeks.

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    • Szczesny, not withstanding his occasional attempts to decapitate on-rushing strikers by booting the ball into their heads, has been in good form, so there’s no reason to give Viviano or indeed Fabianski a run in either the EPL or the Champions League. We were knocked immediately out of the League Cup, so there’s no further opportunity there. The FA Cup hasn’t started for us yet, but would you chuck in a reserve keeper for the match against Spurs? And if you did, would you pick the one who conceded five goals when he was finally given his first run-out for the U21s earlier this month?

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        • From what I’ve read, he was okay and pulled off a few good saves, so perhaps the way I phrased it was unfair. But the key point is that there’s no compelling reason or occasion to pick him. It’s unfortunate for him, but that’s just the situation as it stands.

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  1. I’m sorry George but you have been watching Arsenal haven’t you?.. It’s just I don’t understand how anyone can ask that question after Schzezneys performances this season

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    • He was given a run out for the under 21s. Ended up picking the ball from his net 5 times as Arsenal lost to sunderland. sunderland. The next match he was overlooked and not even on the bench for them. Long story short. look a plane! back to Italy.

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  2. Its unfortunate he didn’t get to play much thus far. Shame we are out of carling cup. I think it doesn’t matter if he goes or stays. Szczesny has been brilliant this season (except a few stupid errors)

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  3. Szczesny needs to maintain focus. He nearly cost us 2 points yesterday when he booted the ball against an onrushing attacker only to prayerfully watch it go narrowly off his goal. I almost had a heart attack.

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    • “Viviano had never played a single match”. Do you mean for us or are you leaving our all his other appearances?

      Wenger got him in so we had 3 ‘keepers rather than 2 and a youth member. What happens if Szczesny or Fabianksi get injured? Do you want a youth player on the bench or someone with a bit of experience like the 200+ games he’s played in his career?

      If i recall correctly, a couple of seasons ago we lost both ‘keepers and played Mannone, who was third choice, for a few games. We’ve also had a period where we got Lehmann on emergency loan and he had to play.

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  4. I remember reading at the start of the season that one of the reasons for Szczesnys great form was the fact that we had signed Viviano. Well it did the trick, just hope if he does go Szczesnys form doesn’t too.

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  5. Mannone would have been a better back up.or even stand a better chance fighting for the no1 spot from szczesny.fabianski shld just leave and stop rotting on the bench.viviano look like a nice chap who can get on well with arteta and let him stay.maybe we can build out spanish empire and lure moreta to

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  6. People like GEORGE at the top of these comments really need to watch and learn about REAL football.

    its not all like a video game George so go back to your xbox and give viviano a chance yourself if he REALLY deserves it.

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  7. On Fifa 14 Viviano gets up to 88 overall rating, while Szczesny stops at 85. Let the man play. At least in the Sp*rs game!!

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  8. I like this George fellas logic. I think we should also play Frimpong in the holding role, Ryo on the wind feeding Park. It’s only Cardiff. Nothing game.

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  9. Dudek was making compliments toward us just recently. Might he be a third choice for us in the making at very least for short term?

    Can’t see what Viviano was thinking coming to us.

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  10. George – if you are reading down this far – dont lose heart, arsenal supporters can get a little spiky and self-righteous. I don’t agree with your ideas, but at least you have the courage to put them out there.

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