Saturday, March 22, 2014
Report: Wenger seals new deal and pay rise

Report: Wenger seals new deal and pay rise

The Times (paywalled) are running an exclusive story this morning claiming Arsene Wenger is close to agreeing a three-year-contract extension at Arsenal worth £24 million.

While the boss has repeatedly played down talk of a new deal, instead insisting that his focus is on his squad’s heavy schedule, there’s been inevitable chatter about his contractual circumstances given he’s a free man come the summer.

Ivan Gazidis revealed as far back as the summer that Arsenal want the Frenchman to extend his tenure into a third decade, but despite Stan Kroenke also airing his support, the narrative has gone round in circles for months.

If The Times are to be believed Wenger has secured himself a pay rise of £1 million or so a season, nothing to be sniffed at, as a sweetener in the face of bigger offers from elsewhere and presumably as a pat on the back for the club’s upturn in form.

As is always the case, we probably won’t know anything for sure until the club confirm.





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    • Well deserved too

      ●for his mere presence at Arsenal giving everyone a massive lift etc he deserves £2m
      ●for his influence on the players and guidance, believing in them (ramsey Szczesny etc) a further £2m.
      He identifies talent like no other coach out there £2m
      ●His mere presence at the club attracts world class talent £2m
      ●not withstanding he is simply a brilliant, coach/manager/ motivator….world class! £2m

      Wait pay him more! but seriously this is great news!

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  2. Let me preface this with the fact i love Arsene Wenger, i think he is the best man for the job and aslong as we continue to spend at a level to compete with the top teams around us, we can be successful.

    Is a pay rise from his current astronomical wage not a bit farcical at this stage?

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    • When you consider the fact that the world’s biggest and richest clubs will snap him up in a heartbeat, we kid of have to give him a pay rise. We always complain that we don’t pay competitive wages for players, surely we should also pay competitive wages for the manager. And the competition could easily double AW’s wages if they wanted to.

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    • It’s pretty standard to give anyone a pay-rise if they sign a new contract. The club’s initial offer (before negotiation from Wenger) would have been at a higher wage than his current one, probably not far off that which was agreed.

      To be honest, knowing Wenger I’d be surprised if he even negotiated the actual wage. Would be very wenger-esque to just accept the first offer given. But who knows eh.

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    • Man Utd pay Van Persie/Rooney close to £12m a year each. AW is more important to our club than any player – on the basis I don’t have a problem with him earning £7m or whatever the new figure is. Assuming this story is true, of course.

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      Setting aside the fact that he has earned both the contract and a pay rise for keeping us at the top over 8 years of stadium building/paying, and the fact that he was solely responsible for getting us Ozil, you have to realise that we want him as a director when he retires from management, and to be an Arsenal director you have to be rich. The board are simply preparing him for Directorship.

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  3. Mr.wenger has an offer,he can’t refuse.

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  4. #OneArseneWenger..

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  5. 3 1/2 great years lie ahead for us.

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  6. Arsene Wenger – 2014 – 2017 the climax years

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    • Wikipedia in 2050 will read: “Strangely, the early years at the Emirates were not very fruitful for Wenger, but he soon righted the ship and took the Gunners into the next period now commonly known as the Climax Years.”

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      • They’ll go on to discuss our 36 and counting consecutive league titles right after that.

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        • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

          Then speculate on whether he will retire, considering how good he looks after the expensive and cutting-edge rejuvenation treatment.

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  7. Never in doubt – was always gonna sign da ting but realistically his last contract in football. The true Arsenal legend

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  8. This is as big as signing this french manager called Arsene Wenger in ’96

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  9. That works out to about 150k a week. If the best players in the league demand that much or more, why shouldn’t the best manager in the league be entitled to something similar?

    I’m glad the club is/has considered retaining the boss top priority. Here’s hoping the next three years (and more) under his stewardship are a throwback to the glory years.

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  10. Yay! time to knock united off their fuckin perch!

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    • Is that you Fatgooner?

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    • I actually agree with this. Nothing has been won yet, plus the amount of money involved (if correct) is truly epic for a manager. Long may Le Prof keep proving me wrong, but if he doesn’t…

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    • I don’t think “a majority” ever wanted him out. A few loons and those who just like to stir up trouble yeah. But a majority of the fans, no. At least not on Arseblog.

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      If they offer him one year he might tell them “No, I am a manager, not a player. I do not lose my ability between 64 and 65. If you do not believe in me then goodbye.” He would probably have said that now, while many other managers would have waited until April or May and left us in the lurch.

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  12. New deal for wenger out of that £24million he can go get that new puffy coat he likes so much

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  13. It’s like a new signing!

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  14. Sign Da Ting Arsene!

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  15. LANC – Like a new coach ;)

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  16. in case people thinks it is too much:

    mourinho earns 16 million a year so thats twice as much as Wenger..

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  17. Perfectly Normal Gooner

    Wenger deserves a statue cast in gold.

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  18. Hoping that in these next 3 years we can manage a champion’s league trophy so he can finally retire in good conscience.

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  19. Dont know if i should be happy or concerned. i have been pro wenger during the lean years but lost all faith in him when he let the dutch skunk go to united. (we would be seven points clear if we had sent him to fc Iraq)

    how ever looking at our squad now i think he may have found his touch again. our form is excellent and the ambition of the club seems to of returned. we wouldn’t even be 4 points clear without. wenger so
    fuck it! its good news.

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  20. No mind the gap jokes please

    Close to signing a new deal isn’t the same as sealing a new deal is it?

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  21. Bring in the younglings

    When Arsene Wenger does leave the club *shudder* we should name the stadium after him or at least a stand. God knows we’ll never have a more aptly named manager (or one as great as him)

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  22. Needs to deliver now.

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  23. I think there’s something that needs to be said about this news item:

    What a fantastic picture.

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  24. From DOUBLE –> INVINCIBLE –> 8 Barren Years + Stadium –> CHAMPIONS LEAGUE –> QUADRUPLE.

    Arsene will sign off in style and pride. For now let’s focus on Everton and 3Points like Arsene wld say.

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  25. If to be believed it’s hardly bad news.

    On a slightly different topic, Skunt is back playing for a mid-table club again; in hindsight, he would not have made a bad back up striker for Giroud.

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    • Wrong!! Mourinho is the highest paid at double Arsene Wenger and Arsene is not even second Bayern made Pep second

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      • What has he won?? Ummm.. I believe going a whole season unbeaten do warrants a trophy. You know like the one’s that they give to the league leaders at the end of the season. And don’t even get me started on the .. Oh fuckit .. I just fed a troll..

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    • what has he won? he has won the premier league and FA cup many times…. he is our most successful manager ever…

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      If you think his incentive in football is money you might just be thick, or perhaps are reflecting your own priorities onto him.

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  27. Great news but interesting time to leak it just before the transfer window opens, I’m sure any players we are after would want the reassurance that Wenger will be manager long term.

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  28. Wenger In!

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  29. (Sorry only just seen other posts saying the same thing)

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  30. Funny old world we live in. What a difference a few months can make. I think a lot of hypocricy is been peddled in here lately. Loyalty is much more appreciated in bad times than in good times. I supported Arsene and his vision before the season. Even after that horrible match against Villa i have supported(even though i was pissed off).
    I looked at it in the way that he was always there 80% of the way to completing the job but never reaching 100%. The basic ingriedients were there for a tittle challenge but i think that tactics that he stuck with were his achilles heel. Can Arsene bring in talented raw players? Absolutely. Can he make them twice as good? Hell yeah. Could he make them give 100% every single game to the best of their ability? No because only the players have control of that despite all support Arsene gives them.

    So what has changed the last 8 months? Arsene acknowledged there was a tactics problem and worked to fix it. He didnt bring the 4 or 5 so called world class players that everyone seemed to think we needed because he trusts his instincts more than the fickle back seat managers that seem to be every where. A commited player can be as good as a world class player sometimes, and imagine the possiblities with a squad full of commited player.

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  31. Wenger’s been given a new contract when we still haven’t won anything? It will (hopefully not) end in tears.

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    • I am glad I don’t share your “vision of reality”

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    • Imagine the board is acting like you do :
      – we only give a new contract if he win the title/cup …OK
      – wenger accept the challenge but he is not really happy but he never walk out
      – you are very happy
      – we maybe leading the league by january and the lovely tranfer window open :wtf one player want to join us if they arent sure Wenger not going to stay after next summer (ozil say he join us because of arsene)
      – we actually cannot sign the player we want because the future of the manager is not certain
      – by miracle we win the league and finally arsenal offer the contract, but PSG offer a biigger contract,full transfer back up,a chance to finish his carreer in france. :well why he wouldnt want to leave a board who refuse to back him with a contract early in the season: goodbye
      – you crying how useless is our board is even so you want early in the season the board to wait

      well i know its fictional we could colapse too and you will be here saying how you were right all along..

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      • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

        Actually, imagine the board only give the manager’s job to somebody who has won us a trophy in the last year (I assume that is how long The Realist has been following us as he seems completely unaware of Wenger’s early Arsenal career). In short, we would have Sir Chips picking the team and deciding on their tactics.

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  32. Fantastic news!

    Although it came from a newspaper.

    Would be fair to say I have a billion times more faith in Mr Wenger than something you should wrap your chips in.

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  33. Is the ink still toxic nowadays?!

    Eg, the Daily Mail.

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  34. In Arsene we trust!

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  35. I know the last 2 seasons was a shock for gunners especially the come back from the team to top4, but wenger not whinger must sign we don’t need managerial probs, the teams form & training is vital this month starting tomorrow big games in top 6, do our best team run the show coyg.

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  36. By The Eyes of Özil

    Really happy for AW, The Arsenal and fans if story has any truth to it. But we should all be laughing at ManUre, Chelski, Twattenham and Saudi City Oil Company. I’ve have been asked a couple of times today why I keep laughing for no apparent reason..

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  37. Funny how things change.

    I remember just last summer, many fans wanted him out and many pundits in their informed wisdom said he was an impediment to the club’s future.:D

    Fickle innit?

    Wenger has been turning around the team over the last 3 seasons and but for key departures may have enjoyed earlier dividends to his reconstruction. We now see the fruits of his labour (and frustration) but you can’t say it wasn’t evident that it would come (unless you believe the media of course)

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  38. I would suggest holding off until the summer, dont want to sound pessimistic but we’ve won nothing yet and have’nt for 8 odd years. We’re looking good as a team at the moment and long may it continue but if he fails to take us over the line for yet another year does that deserve rewarding, hmmmm COYG

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  39. It’s time for Wenger to take his rightful place as the king of all football managers. A major power vaccum has appeared in English football and we are the only club stable enough to take advantage. Assuming we win the title, there’s simply no way he would step down now. Now that Red Nose is gone and we are no longer under financial restrictions, and with more money coming in AND our young team getting better and better, I’m sure he wants to be that man to manage it to be a successful side that becomes a dynasty, and also win a European Cup before he retires.

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  40. Bacary's Premier League

    Great news, it’s very hard to get a really great manager in place who fits well with the club. And going from a great manager to a less-than-great manager can be disastrous. Look at Manure since Turd Ferguson left.

    I wonder if after this contract ends he’ll retire from club football and manage France in the 2018 World Cup.

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  41. Doesn’t klopp’s deal end in 2017 with bvb at the same time? Wenger you clever dog you…

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  42. If he signs a new contract before January I think it means we might make a big move in January possibly for lewandoski

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  43. Big Sam will be available very soon at a fraction of the price we’re paying Wenger and Moysey for only a Pound more than the Big Walrus…i say we get rid of Wenger and get both the Big Walrus & the Gollum to coach our team…squids in…

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  44. Granted I only flirted with the idea of #wengerout but man do I feel like an absolute ass for even thinking about it. We only have to look at manure to see what happens when you scrap continuity. COYG!!!

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  45. My rotund brother will be seething

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  46. Let’s see what happens next. Mr Wenger deserve better from Arsenal. He handles Arsenal like his personal property or that of his father’s. I don’t know the inside part of the story between Arsenal and Mr Wenger. But I do believe Mr Wenger did better for the Club when the club needed someone like that that the most. I have never blame Mr Wenger for the poor performance during the past nine seasons because I know it’s not his fault. He did well to balance the team in such a difficult period. Well done Mr Wenger. Let them increase your wages if they like. You can also leave if you like. What ever decision you make I will hundred percent support you. I love you

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  47. ANOTHER GREAT NEWS… Sign that thing WENGER

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  48. Great news if true! However it may just mean he’s about to sign for Napoli.

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    • Gutbukkit Deffrolla

      Sign the death sentence on their participation in this year’s Champions league. That’s for sure.

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  49. Continuity is bollocks,a myth.The only manager who continued to be successful over time was Fergie,and he is the best ever. This club is crying out for a new man at the helm,a fresh approach,but Arsenal fans are like the Board,staid,unimaginative and terrified of change.Its funny how when Moyes left Everton,everyone was bleating about what a great job he had done,and what would Everton do?However Martinez has transformed them in a matter of months into real contenders. Personally,i am sick to death of never winning the really important matches,the CL knock out ties,the cup SF,christ we couldn’t even beat that shower at OT.Here is a prediction for you;Wengers overhyped team will scrape past Napoli,but will lose to City and Chelsea,and that will be the last time Arsenal will be top of the table.Normal service will resume and the rest of the season will be the usual nail biting scramble for fourth place.Wenger won’t strengthen in jan and will then spend the rest of the season whinging about injuries and a heavy fixture list.

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