Wednesday, March 19, 2014
The 5 teams Arsenal can draw in the round of 16

The 5 teams Arsenal can draw in the round of 16

After the 2-0 defeat to Napoli, Arsenal finish 2nd in their Champions League group. It means we can draw one of 5 teams in the draw next week:

  • Real Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Bayern Munich
  • Atletico Madrid
  • PSG

It’s a shame that we had to make it awful for the fans by ensuring we got a draw against one of the lesser lights in European football, but hey, we’ll just have to cope.



  1. Sod it, there are plenty of teams throughout mainland Europe, Merseyside and even North London who would love to be facing the prospect of those Midweek Clashes.


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    • The depressing thing is that we could have so easily won tonight and been drawn against Leverkusen, Galataseray, Olympiacos, Zenit or Milan. Poor tactics by Wenger who used defensive substitutions to hold for second place while we had Walcott and Wilshere on the bench to get that goal. Not happy with Arteta either, he does this time and time again and a player of his experience should not be taking such risks. I wanted Wenger to replace him with Ramsey at around the 60th minute, seeing as he got the yellow so early on, just to be safe. But I guess the team as a whole was also responsible. We were far to casual, complacent and showed a lack of ambition to win the game. Giroud was slow and we lacked a striker with a real eye for goal, while Jenkinson looked lost at times tonight.

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      • Sorry for being so depressing, just really pissed off. I guess we have a chance at beating any of those 5 teams and we would have to play a big team anyway if we want to win the damn thing. Hoping we get PSG, if not then I reckon we could beat Real or Barca who look exposed at times while we have one of the best defences in Europe to stop them.

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      • Rightly said. We were very casual in our approach. We have to be aggressive. I wish we had a fierce striker, someone like Robert Lewandowski or players like Ribery or Robben. I think we were hardly anytime in Napoli’s Box. If we want to score, we definitely need a strong striker. I wish we had Ronaldinho. Hats off to Koscheilny and Mertesacker for excellent defensive work, apart from Higuain’s goal they did their job extremely well. Jenkinson was weak link in our squad. He couldn’t even supply a decent cross. We need Sagna, Please Wenger don’t let him go. I think we stop fearing and play no matter who the opponent, we will win. Arsenal players need to believe in themselves. We can do it… GO GOONER…

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  2. I would prefer if we got…oh, wait.

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  3. Bring on Barca!

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  4. Oof.

    To be fair we can hold our own against the big guns, we’ve beaten Dortmund away this year and Bayern away last year.


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  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  6. We should have held on for a draw!

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  7. Revenge on Bayern, please.

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    • Exactly. Fuck it, bring the toughest sons of bitches there are and if we can beat them, we can beat anyone. If we can’t, we got eliminated in the round of 16 except in the semifinal by the same team.

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  8. It was gona be one of these teams at some point if we moved on.. and ya know what, as much as we would love to win UCL this year, this may very well HELP us focus on realistic trophies like the League and FA Cup this year. I think we are still a couple more signings away from a strong UCL run.

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    • I agree, kinda. I feel that if our schedule was equally less hectic than most teams in the CL it’d be fine, but we need several of our rotations to slot in better. I think Jenko is great, but its clear that he was out of his depth yesterday, although arguably not by much. Still, I don’t think we should discount our CL running yet this year, but still, hectic times like this week will come again during the season…

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  9. We’re a better side than either PSG or Atletico, and we’ve beaten all the others in games in recent years too. They will all be hoping to avoid the Arsenal.

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    • PSG, probably. Atletico, not sure. Think they are playing better than Real Madrid right now.

      Also, I’m sure all of those teams are not happy that two of them will draw us and City in the Round of 16.

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    • Podolski's Left Foot

      Atletico are very strong this year and PSG aint exactly easy but I reckon we could take anyone if we play our best, Bayern are the hardest of those teams and we almost put them out last year. I hope we draw Barca just because beating them would be very pleasing indeed.

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      • Agreed. This is the best time to play Barca in years, I think we’d have a fantastic chance. Bayern would be the worst draw but this is what it’s all about.

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    • So true mate we are the team no one will want to draw but we still shot ourselves in the foot big time

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  10. I was right down in the dumps but that picture cheered me right up. Cheers Blogger. Let’s hope we get our bloomin’ act together for City.

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  11. The one upside is that the barbaric cunts that are the Napoli fans won’t be seen around North London again for a while. Anything that upsets them is alright in my book. And as for those five shit-storms-we’d have to play them sooner or later so it might as well be sooner. If we go out, we go out, but at least we’ll have the small matter of winning the league and FA Cup to fall back on.

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    • Well they are in the Thursday League now so who knows, there is a certain north London team still playing there.

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  12. Get me bayern, no athetico ,no wait Barcelona no PSG, no real madrid….

    Get me out of here!

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  13. Very pleased to have gotten through, kind of ashamed of all the ‘fans’ slating the team for getting 12 points and getting through a tough group though. Also Arteta only had 2 fouls i believe so it was just poor refereeing rather than bad decision making that got him sent off, give him a break he has been a star player in recent weeks!

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  14. Atletico madrid please? oh what the hell, we’r gonna get Bayern…..

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  15. And wow, Paul Scholes has let himself go.

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  16. It was a terrible game, we got exposed on our weakness…We need Sagna ASAP! Now I am dreading man shitty game

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    • On our day we can beat anyone, and Manchester City are not invincible. I agree it’ll be a test and we may well come off worse, but I think if the team go there with an imperious mindset, we have a shot.

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    • Bingo. We got run over for the first 35-40 minutes by Everton last weekend because it looked like we were still trying to sort out how to do everything in our power to make sure Lukaku didn’t make Jenkison his bitch.

      Think the kid will still come good, but he seems to have regressed. Sagna might be our most important player after Giroud right now.

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  17. We’ll have to play them eventually, so why wont we start the arsekicking right away?

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  18. Bring them on they beat us we concentrate on the league and fa cup we win well and good …bring anyone on

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  19. If we cant beat the best, then we dont deserve quarter finals. I just dont want to face bayern, and to some extent barca. But madrid and others dont have us in fear. Atletico are tricky but i am 100% sure we can make it. NO FEAR!

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  20. Barca arent that scary anymore. Aging defense, Xavi slowing. Now let’s hope Leo is just getting fit and we got um.

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  21. Why not wallcott in the last 20 minutes or sooner. Giroud is ok but limited by lack of pace. January a striker please Wenger

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  22. The greater the odds the greater the glory!!! To the hell with all you whimpering fans calling for a soft draw!

    I want a glamour tie so bring on Real and Barca!

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  23. Positive Mental Attitude.

    Who ever we draw, it’ll be great viewing for us fans and a cracking game.

    Here’s to the Quarter Finals and us knocking out Manure :)

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  24. If we finished top who were our potential opponents?

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  25. Rather play these sooner than later. We win=we’re on. We lose=we can concentrate on the league.
    thin squad=have to be realistic.

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  26. It does not really matter does it who we face in this :
    Real – Ronaldo and Chimp. But they are capable of f*cking up if required as seen by their draw to 3rd div team
    Barcelona – A true enemy. Messi and Neymar. Got 7uP last year and I guess Pique and co will help
    Bayern – Bayern 0-2 Arsenal. Enough said.
    PSG – A bunch of expensive individuals bought using Oil Money. Benfica beat them… so can we
    Atleti – Surprise package of La Liga and UCL. But they had an easy CL group and lack experience.
    I believe that except for Barcelona all teams offer some hope of being beaten (PSG and Atleti can certainly be beaten). So we can just hope for the best and prepare for the worst. A win this season against one of them will mean that they will start fearing the Arsenal as opposed to the other way round

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  27. It’s the Champions League for a reason, of course we’re going to have to play great teams. I for one am thrilled at the prospect of playing football giants, the games will be so exciting (hopefully). Our squad is also getting healthy at the right time.

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  28. I wouldn’t mind any of them. Want to win the biggest prize? You got to win against one of the big boys sooner or later. So bring them on. COYG

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  29. Bring em on we ain’t scared we got guns and bullet’s we,r going on a bear hunt

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  30. sucks for the team that has to face us

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  31. Bloggs, love the use of the image of Beaker for this thread. I am sure it refers to the opposition’s sinking feeling once they learn they have to overcome The Arsenal, doesn’t it? ;•)

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  32. Gotta give the guys credit for making it through that group.. Showed character, bring on barcelona.. Our best chance.. N would love to see fabregas and song back in the emirates!

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  33. Henry really fucked over Redknapp tonight on Sky Sports! Superb. We’ve beaten all these teams before in recent history….they’ll be shitting themselves if they draw The Arsenal.

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  34. Don’t forget that barca Bayern real will be hoping to avoid us as much as we are trying to avoid those three.
    NO FEAR. We can hold our own against big clubs now.

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  35. odds on our next opponent. looks like a repeat.

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  36. wanna beat bale! BRING ON REAL!

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  37. League is the priority, CL is a bonus

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  38. Never keen to critique the boss but perhaps it would’ve been prudent to field the “B-squad” (e.g. Bendtner, Walcott and others not expected to start against City) and have them go out and play with the petal down in order to ensure a result. It seems though that AW thought putting out his “A-side” (minus Ramsey) and have them play at half-pace in an effort not to lose by three goals was a sensible strategy. Unfortunately this strategy was less than successful today and as a result, we’ll have more difficult potential opponents than we should’ve had; not to mention some jaded first teamers on Saturday. I’m optimistic though of our quality this year. And given my critique, if there’s any manager more adroit at recognizing strategic and tactical mistakes, it’s Le Professeur!

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  39. When is the draw for the knockout stages?

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  40. It isn’t going to be easy, however, to be the best you’ve got to beat the best.

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  41. Does it really matter who we draw? On our day we beat any team in the world. On an off day, we can lose to anybody. Up the arse.

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  42. Did anyone see Higuain in floods of tears after the game?. Bizarre

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  43. He wenger,wanted Napoli to qualified I think..thinking BVB can lost in France..well it didn’t happened,now we pay the price of our displayed!!

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  44. Blah, blah, bloody blah! Why whinge about what we could or couldn’t have done. Job A was to qualify, Job B was to avoid injuries and Job C was to avoid over exerting ourselves. We achieved them all. Just how far does anyone think you can go in the CL without playing the big teams? Playing small sides in europe is what the Europa is for!

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  45. You are right poldi. If we are to win the cl we meet and beat all of those 5 teams. Who won the cl with out beating those clubs? We are going to get rid of who so ever come across us.if not then let us keep quiet and forget about cl. GUNNERS 4 LIFE

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  46. Consequence of not topping the group:

    March 15 Tottenham (A)
    March 18/19 Bayern/Barca/Real/PSG/Atletico (A)
    March 22 Chelsea (A)

    3 difficult away games.

    the FA surely doesn’t regarding fixture congestion, also the major continental leagues get a winter break.

    when will the FA learn…..

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    • Won’t matter as we will stuff them at home in the first leg. Chelski will probably have a new manager and the spuds will probably have another £100 million of average trash struggling to understand one another.

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      • lol, don’t get me wrong, i am not doom and gloom. yeah would have preferred to be top of our group but hey it didn’t happen.

        The narrative of us overcoming ‘obstacles’ is just being set… me feels.

        here’s hoping its not just going to be a good season for the boys in red and white, but a magnificent one!

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  47. * doesn’t help….

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  48. Real, Barca great going forward but average when defending. PSG full of ego’s Bayern just lost there invincibility tag last night and Atletico could be stripped a couple of players in the transfer window. It’s not an impossible job!!!!!

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  49. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, PSG.

    From what i see, this is the list of team that regret getting top of group after todays result

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  50. I seriously believe that some of these games are fixed. Some players or clubs are taking bribes to fix the results somehow. O e day i will prove it.

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  51. If we avoid bayern we can win ucl.

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  52. @ AlaminIImam, English please!, as long as the BFG’s lanky height remains, the teams we draw in the UCL are doomed to fail.

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  53. Kinda feel other teams should be scared of this arsenal team, especially when we have a full squad in the new year. In them I trust!!!!

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  54. If we want to win it we need to play these teams at some point, bring them on I say, we shouldn’t fear anybody

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  55. Newsflash. The Champions League is hard.


    We’ll kick the shit out of whoever they put in front of us.


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  56. Let’s just prepare for the ‘tough’. I have a feeling we will draw RMA. I fear their attacking firepower solely bcos of Ronaldo. If we draw Barca, I will be scared ‘cuz of Messi. These two players add super-strength to their respective teams. Without them, you fancy your chances against them. But as a fan, I want PSG. They look the weakest of the five. Good luck to the Arsenal on Sat. Lest I forget, let’s nt be too disappointed ‘cuz we can’t win every match. Love u guys…

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  57. I swear, The Arsenal love to take the hard road. I’d like to see that average life expectancy of each teams fans. I would wager Arsenals are alot shorter. Cut short by heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, hyper tension, heart failure, all brought on by the mental stress and anguish we have to endure……

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  58. I’d rather we played a big team. If we’re not good enough to win the competition and get beaten, then we can focus on winning the league. If we win, then we know we’re in with a good chance of winning the whole thing. Praying for easier teams only to get beaten in the later stages achieves little and is a distraction.

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  59. Not only am I pleased that we went through, but absolutely fecking overjoyed that Napoli didn’t.

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  60. What in the name of Mark Randall is wrong with Arsenal FC, I don’t pay the highest priced tickets in the game to watch us entertain the likes of Madrid, Barcelona & Munich. Might as well as stay home and let the wife suffocate me by telling me about every single pointless thing that has ever happened to her.

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  61. You know what, I really don’t care. So far this season, the usual idiots:

    1). Wrote us off at the qualifiers as we wouldn’t have a hope away at Fenebace (who suddenly became terrible when we put 5 past them).

    2). Consigned us to the Europa at best when the groups were drawn. (Now all of a sudden we screwed up not to win it in on 12 points).

    Now its the whole ‘shit look at who we can draw.’ To earn the trophy, we need to beat maybe 2 of them at some point, so bring them on. Going out in the first knockout sucks, but when it takes the winners to beat us; I can live with it.

    As others have said, there are 5 sides now pissed off their reward for winning their group could be to get us.

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    • ^This. We had a bad day. Happens to everyone by my estimate. Wonder where these moaners crawl out from after one bad result.

      And why are people moaning about drawing a ‘big’ club in the round of 16 if you are not going to moan about drawing the same club in the quarters. What fucking difference does it make. Either you believe we can beat those teams or you don’t.

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    • “As others have said, there are 5 sides now pissed off their reward for winning their group could be to get us.”

      After seeing the way we performed in the last 2 games, I think those 5 teams would fancy getting us.

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  62. If you look at it from the five teams’ point of view, I don’t think any of them want to face the Arsenal.

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  63. I am Gooner, win, lose or draw – I am 101% behind the Cannon. You plastic fans can FUCK OFF now.

    Regardless who we draw next, we have to beat them anyway to claim the coveted Trophy.


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  64. Whoever we face next round, well.. they didn’t get an easy draw either..! Everybody knows what we are capable of..! Now ,we are the team those so called big guns want to avoid!

    Anyways, you want to be the champions? then beat the best..doesn’t matter round of 16 or 8 ..!

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  65. Poor performance.

    Poor choices.

    Atheletico are our best bet. And they will not be push overs particularly if we played as timid as we did against Napoli.

    Think we need a bit more teeth in January if we are going to take a chunk out of the teams we may face and compete for the PL title concurrently (not to mention FA cup). if Podolski comes back firing, great. But Giroud was very slow up front for us today and Wenger for some inexplicable reason refused to play Walcott.


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  66. Real madrid please :D

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  67. What the hell…let’s have Barcelona. Worst case scenario…we exit early. Which is ok by me. The league and the FA cup are very achievable

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  68. I say the title should’ve been – ‘Five Teams that can draw The Arsenal in last 16′. We (the fans) have to get rid of this lower rank team mentality. We are the Arsenal and we have been terrific this season. If we are supposed to be scared, we should be knocked out right away.

    Either you have the confidence to win it or get out early so you may focus on other things. Period.

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  69. I’ll tell you one thing; every one of those five is also saying “I hope we don’t draw Arsenal”…

    No reason to fear any of them. Respect but not fear.

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  70. I know this might seem bizarre, but I’m pretty confident we can pull off a win against any of those 5. We’ve improved immeasurably defensively, and I’m a sucker for a good defence.

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  71. It will be Real… Ozil Returns… and knocks them the fuck out.

    This kind of shit is written in the stars.

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  72. There’s no reason to be very disappointed. The disappointing part is that we could’ve controlled our fate but we still went through and that’s what’s important. We will face a tough draw, but so what? If you can’t beat the best of the best, you won’t win this competition, even if you get past the last 16. I would much rather lose at this stage, then go onto the semis and lose to the same team we would’ve lost to in the last 16, because you can turn your attention to the league at an earlier stage. I would much rather win the premiership rather than any other competition and if being out of europe early is what it will take to do that, then so be it. If we go through and that’s great too because we will be considered very strong contenders for beating whoever we do beat. And if ANY team can beat the likes of Barca, Real and Bayern, it’s Arsenal, they have beaten them all before.

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  73. Lets get PSG, then Man U in the Quarters, Barca in the Semi’s then Real in the final. It’ll go to a sudden death penalty shootout with Jenks scoring the winner.

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  74. To everyone moaning about finishing 2nd, are you not missing the point somewhat?
    Firstly none of those 5 teams will want to draw Arsenal as we’re one of the most in form teams in Europe.
    Secondly if you’d asked any fan after the Villa game if they could go through the CL in 2nd and be 5 points clear in the league at this point they’d have bitten your hand off! Let’s have a bit more belief!

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  75. Yeah i get all this stuff about having to beat the best at some point in the competition and I like the positive attitude, but had we drawn a weaker team by topping the group then we could expend less energy getting through which would be a good thing keeping in mind our relatively small squad and our chances of winning the league. For instance, had we drawn at home to Dortmund then we would have topped the group and been able to rest players and give others a chance to get match practice!!!!

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