Friday, September 19, 2014
Video: Arsenal team warm up for training

Video: Arsenal team warm up for training

The Arsenal team warm up for training ahead of their trip to Napoli.



  1. I see Ryo on the left, so the Asian guy on the right is Park? Whoa!

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  2. That is brilliant! Good to see team spirit with the lads

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  3. cazorla always smiling :)

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  4. Looks like Flamini has done it again. #joggersgate, anyone?!

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  5. They are like a bunch of kids. Good spirit!

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  6. Ozil in the midst of all that is like being the only girl in a construction site.. Everybody wants a piece of him.

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  7. you give some random group of boys or a team of ridiculously high-paid pros a ball…and you couldn’t spot the difference

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  8. Wenger looking on like a proud father….surely he’ll sign a new deal.

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  9. Hope these fellas realize how lucky they are to have been gifted the skill and opportunity to be where they’re at. Living all our dreams…keep it up lads COYG!

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  10. Italy looks a lovely place this time of year!

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  11. Would love to take part of a training session

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  12. It always warms my heart to see millionaire professional footballers struggle with training bibs.


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  13. Sure Nacho gets his chorizo out at 0:37….

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  14. Podolski.

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  15. at lease Park is having some fun

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  16. The real United team..COYG!!!!!!!

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