Wenger compares Ozil to French deity


In the type of statement that would usually be deserving of a slap across the chops, Arsene Wenger says Mesut Ozil reminds him of the incomparably lush demi-god Robert Pires.

Presumably talking in the football rather than physical sense, for reasons more obvious than are necessary to outline, the boss underlined how the German midfielder can take heart from the ex-Gunners’ Premier League legacy.

“I believe that he has a personality,” said Wenger, seemingly quite chuffed that he’s not signed a robot.

“He works quite hard,” he continued, which sounds to Arseblog News like a back-handed compliment if ever there was one.

“He is adapting to the physical challenges of the Premier League. He looks to me like Pires.

“It took a while for Pires to adapt to the physical side of the game. Once he had adapted he was absolutely amazing. He is a similar type of player.”

Robert Pires scored 84 goals in 284 appearances for Arsenal. He won the Double in 2002, scored the winner in the FA Cup in 2003, was an Invincible in 2004, Cup winner again in 2005. Oh and a World Cup and European Championship winner to boot. It’s fair to say that for all Mesut’s talent and his impressive CV, if he achieves even half of what Bobby did he’ll be deserving of a pat on the back.

He can start tonight by making John Terry cry.


    • i think he should carry a golden horn slung across his back. it would freak his marker out at least… COYG!!! excited about tonight!

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    • Wenger when he signed Rosicky: “He can be the next Pires”

      Wenger when he signed Nasri:
      “He is very similar to Pires”

      And now özil. Just shows how godlike Pires was!

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      • I’m getting a different vibe to this…..Almost like you’re trying to say Arsene doesn’t know what he’s saying. shame on u.

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    • I knew you’d get thumbed down for this, but I totally agree. Big matches require the big players to really up their game. We need our playmakers to have scorchers tonight.

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      • Agree that Ozil has to have a good game tonight, but so does everyone else. And this perception that Ozil goes missing in the big games is starting to grind my gears. His stats from the El Classico meetings during his time at Madrid were very good, as they have been here. He is such a good player that even during his supposed invisible spells he is creating chances, setting up dangerous moves with key passes and pitching in with important goals too. He almost always does the right thing with the ball which is the sign of a truly great player. Our downfall in our losses this season is more attributable to other players conceding posession far too easily. What we need tonight is a stellar perofrmance from all of our players and especially our midfield. The better everyone else plays, the better Ozil will too. The intensity has to be matched with quality. Really, really hope that we win tonight. It would be a huge victory.

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        • Absolutely not saying he goes missing in big games and as someone who has been forced (by a latin girlfriend) to watch Real Madrid every time they played, I’m well aware of what this guy is able to do when the pressure is on. My point was more that in games like this, you really need your big players to really step up. Despite the great work we have had from him in an Arsenal shirt, the best is yet to come from him & this would be a great opportunity for us to see it!

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  1. One other thing about Robert Pires – He scored in five consecutive premiership matches at Shite Hart Lane from season 2001/2 – 2005/6 inclusive.

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  2. Ozil is more of a fabregas if anything.bobby is bobby.just like how titi is titi.neither ozil or walcott will ever gona emulate them.cus they are,GODS

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  3. “Oh baby all I want for Christmas is Girooouuudd……….to score a hatrick”.

    That didn’t really work but you get the point!

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  4. I really hope we smash them tonight, can not deal with the Chelsea supporting work colleague and friends annoying the f*ck out out of me over Xmas

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  5. So its D-day ey?

    Time to batter those scummy cunts

    they sure as hell deserve it dont they?

    John terry slipping?, surely worth a punt.

    Christmas to come early? hohoho! Wahey!

    come on u reds!, time to set things right!

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  6. Őzil has a better chance of matching Pires’ legacy than Wilshere…because there’s a World Cup and a European Championship in that illustrious list of honours and I can’t see England – even with our Jack in the midfield – winning either of those.

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  7. I think Ozil has been missing the link to get his whole act together. If Theo starts again tonite, the link will be more evident then in previous game vs ManCity. But even that, Theo equaliser from Ozil assist clearly showed that he delayed his pass before sending it to Theo, when Giroud was already available in front of him. Im not saying Ozil-Giroud does not click but Ozil needs a runner (really pacy one) and a deadly finisher to get to the end of things created by him. One pass to Flamini & BOOM!! GOAL!! One pass to Theo & GOAL!! That is what he is looking for. But sadly & hinestly, playing with Giroud in front of him is actually stiffling Ozil’s creativity & precision thru passes. Just my thoughts.

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  8. In that ‘Best of Enemies’ documentary, Vieira’s description of Pires sounds like it refers to Özil too. That makes Henry, Wenger, & Vieira.

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  9. I’m feeling really confident about this match. Chelski have been shit away from home, and even if they park the bus we will find ways to score. 4-0 to the Gunners, let’s go!

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