Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Wenger: no truth in Morata stories

Wenger: no truth in Morata stories

Arsene Wenger has denied that Arsenal have completed a loan deal for Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata. There were reports from sections of the Spanish media which suggested the Gunners had already come to an agreement with the Spanish side for a January move, but at his press conference today Wenger denied it flat out.

“There is no truth in that,” he said. “That is all I can say. I have not been in touch with them.”

Morata has made 12 appearances this season for Madrid, scoring two goals, and when you consider the depth they have in the forward department, that’s hardly unused.

Arsenal’s need for a striker is certainly going to drive many a transfer story over the next few weeks and into the month of January when the window opens again, but it seems as if this is a name we can cross off our lists.

The boss also denied a move for Brazilian Alexandre Pato. The Brazilian press said Corinthians had turned down an €8m Arsenal bid.

Adi Akinbiyi FTW!



  1. “I don’t know Morata”

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  2. Arsenal FC ‏@Arsenal 28 Aug 11
    Wenger: “No truth in the links with Arteta”

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  3. You mean we’re not going to be signing every player we’re linked with?

    By marrying past experience and journo logic, I’ve come to the conclusion that Arsenal will not sign anybody in January…and it’s already 3rd December! Why do we not have 25 loan signings lined up?

    I call crisis, we’re doomed.

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  4. And so it begins….

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  5. So when exactly did we start listening to anything Wenger said regarding transfers?

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  6. Oh god, not this bullshit again.

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  7. Wenger will go for Suárez in January. All thise links to Morata, Pato and others are bollocks. Suárez is Wenger’s man. Arsene loves him and has his heart set on him, and it’s no surprise, the Uruguayan is absolutely sublime and is taylor-made for the system Wenger has us playing.

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    • Funny, I thought the system we’re playing at the moment was tailor made for Giroud? Suarez and Giroud couldn’t be more different.

      p.s. Not that I’m saying different would be a bad thing as back up for Giroud. Just, that whatever that “different” is, it sure as hell ain’t Suarez.

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      • Suarez is a better striker than Giroud will ever be. He will make us a god-tier team. Giroud is good and all, but let’s not overrate him.

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      • I actually think the system we’re playing in is flexible enough that Giroud adds to it, but it isn’t designed for him alone. We could put in a striker with different attributes and it would still work.

        We could have a clinical finisher like Chicharito, a creative striker (like Giroud seems to be) like Suarez or a rampaging striker like Lukaku or Benteke and it would still work well within the system.

        What’s not being realised is that we need a striker to do what Giroud does at the other end of the pitch – and help defend. In that sense, we need someone like Drogba (not actually Drogba obviously) and Giroud – deadly at one end and a saviour at the other.

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    • We are not getting Suarez in Jan. Period. Liverpool are competing well this season and with Sturridge out, there is zero chance they’ll sell him to us. However, if they miss out on CL, good chance we can get him in the summer.

      Still think we should’ve got David Villa, perfect backup/competition to Giroud. Killing it at Atletico. And he cost 5m.

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      • Good grief. People talk so much clueless waffle about transfers, as if buying players is simply a case of deciding who we want and telling the other club. As you say Hugo, who on earth would Liverpool sell Suarez to us in January. They werent about to do it in the summer, and now they are more competitive, so absolutely no chance, or need to sell to anyone, let alone one of their main rivals.

        People, we dont live in a Championship Manager world.

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    • I think there is 0% chance of signing Suarez this year – he is too important to Liverpool. I think we’ll take a striker on loan from a foreign club who is cup tied and therefore cant threaten their own Champions League chances….

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    • Taylor is an arse.

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  8. AW: Diaby will be like a new signing for us

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  9. I would be very impressed if we signed Suarez in Januray. He gives us different options and would turn us into Invincibles Mk II

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    • Quick opinion poll…

      if Suarez was available at 50mill in January. Who on here would want him?

      Green for Yes
      Red for No

      For my two penneth. He wouldn’t replace Giroud but support him from wider positions running from deep.

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      • If Liverpool weren’t gonna sell in pre-season there isn’t a hope in hell we’ll get him now.

        Everyone knows we need a striker.
        Everyone knows Saurez is a fantastic striker.

        But considering the amount of disagreement there was when we were clambering for a signing, any signing, as the Wenger-out brigade got going again, and considering our excellent (table topping – get in!) form I don’t think people will suddenly be changing their tune.

        Either way; it ain’t happening.

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      • Cele, that’s true, but the question was “IF Suarez was available for 50 million …”.

        My response is NO, not at that price.

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    • “would turn us into Invincibles Mk II” despiite us losing this season or do you mean next season when the squad harmony we’ve created is ruined by Bitey McTeethy’s attitude?

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      • Parisian Weetabix

        I don’t believe Suarez is actually disruptive to squad harmony. Listen to the noises coming out of the Mugsmasher camp and it seems like – from the perspective of the team he represents – he is a model player. He works incredibly hard on the pitch, all his team-mates seem to love him and he’s incredibly talented. I would have certain misgivings about the purchase of Suarez, but disruption of our team spirit would not be one of them.

        My misgivings would more likely be that he would do something stupid like display his cannibalistic tendencies, or be racist to a member of another team. Or – worst of all – not shake someone’s hand. Because these things could get him a lengthy ban, which WOULD disrupt the team. But from a footballing perspective, I would totally take Suarez. He is the most talented player in the Premier League on his day.

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        • Very much like el hadj diouf in that regard. He had an equally abhorrent reputation but for many of his post-Liverpool clubs, he was seen as a good guy in the dressing room.

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        • Suarez is a fighter. He is giving everything for a team. The only problem is that they are never feeding him with food before the game. That’s why he struggles with balance in penalty areas and that’s why he bites other players… obvious…

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  10. Podolski and Walcott can put the need of a new striker to bed.

    Hope they will.

    Otherwise, AW will have to do something about it.

    Even if Giroud’s supper fit, we need back up (not necessarily the same type) to avoid being too cautious about playing him. Tactics become rigid. Games become more difficult than they actually should be.

    If we keep playing Giroud all the time, there’ll come a crunch time when some thugs will threaten to snap his legs because they know we’ll be very worried.

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  11. Suárez is perfect for our style of play because his movement, link up and ability to take on defenders and go alone would suit our creative midfield down to the ground. That’s wht Wenger passed on Higuain, who’s just a box striker or poacher type who won’t contribute much to our collective play, and instead went all out for Suárez who’s a complete forward, and would be Henry-esque for us.

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    • “ability to take on defenders and go alone would suit our creative midfield down to the ground.”

      LOL :D

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  12. Suarez is fine for any team’s style of play. Even in the eighties Wimbledon team he still would have scored buckets of goals.

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  13. There is no way liverpool are gonna sell suarez to arsenal after sturridge just got injured for 2 or so months. Wenger might look for a striker outside the prem. Hopefully someone like Diego Costa!

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  14. So how much truth is there to the Akinbiyi rumours? Is he the new fox in the box?

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  15. Also Suárez’s body language and general attitude towards his teammates against Hull was indicative of a man who realizes he’s wasting his talent away playing with a bunch of mugs and a fruitcake of a manager. If we put a hugw bid in January, Suárez will force the move. He won’t pass up the chance for a second time.

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  16. My money is on Morata to come in on loan. Wengerisque kinda signing. Comes in on the cheap, does a good job (hopefully) for six months and goes back to Madrid while we hunt down a world class predator in the summer. Don’t pay Wenger’s denial any mind. If his beak was to grow .000001 inch for every denial he’s made, Pinocchio’s nose would look like a bug bite in comparison.

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    • Madrid will not loan Morata, it’s a very very long shut. They would rather sell Benzema. I think Suarez is our Man. Today I would argue we have a chance at the title but with Suarez in this Arsenal team,I would stake my house we will win it. The will is there for him to leave, the price tag is gonna be the issue there.

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  17. Mirko Vucinic on loan from Juventus would, I think, be an ideal signing.

    I just don’t see us able to get a big name striker in January. You are looking at other team’s sub. bench’s. Like Dzeko, but from a team you can actually buy from.

    So get someone with an awesome record like Vucinic, who can link up well too!

    The over 30 thing seems a problem, but I don’t think there are many younger strikers (except those in their prime, and so probably unattainable mid season) who have the expierence / ability to fit in and play the arsenal way.

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  18. I’ll play for you, please don’t make me go to west ham

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  19. What a load of plonkers wrote into this site goodlayers move in the summer only players clubs want to get rid move Xmas always want more a team playing for each other is worth 7 tranfetrs look at spurs

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  20. Where is Sanogo for fucks sake!

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  21. I’ve given up on all the transfer bullshit. As long as the team is performing then I’m happy. If someone comes in then great but I’m not going to believe anything I read about transfers until something is actually announced on the Arsenal website.

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  22. Should have gone in for llorente or gomez imo, though given that gomez wanted to go to fiorentina the point is kinda moot…

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    • Woolwich Peripatetic

      Llorente would be a good like-for-like replacement for Giroud. But he doesn’t really offer anything different.
      Also, his work-ethic is somewhat suspect, compared to the HFB who is both main striker and third centreback at set pieces.

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  23. Don’t think Suarez is a good enough fit for the club…. Long term, he’d be a waste of money.

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  24. we dont need suarez the cheating-bitey-racist-cunt, he does not suit arsenal contrary to popular belief because he is too weak to hold the ball up as is needed in our current system, yes he scores alot…he shoots alot and misses alot too, and every time he misses its their possession again, as we defend first and foremost by having the majority of possession he is a bad-fit. he is also, and dont forget this, A CUNT, like for like signing please, podolski and walcott are enough to change things up if we need to, if the ne guy must be different then take Benzema and let real madrid take suarez, doing us another favour!

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  25. Oh God!
    I can’t tell you how SICK I am of the sheer quantity of utter bollocks that seems to be written around transfer time. Probably by intern child typing-slaves, for websites with no reputation to loose, with sneaky-snide headlines, just to get clicks, and sneaky-snide pages designed to accidentally get me to click their adverts. FORGET IT, I vow never to visit these sites or the aggregators again. EVER. I will hereby stick to Arseblog and its decent journalism. I recommend you all do the same! Done.

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  26. 2013-2014 = 2003-2004

    I hope we sign nobody in January. Lukas Podolski is a clinical, world-class goal-scorer. The modern-day winger has to track back and defend opposition fullbacks and he’s getting a bit old for that.

    Poldi only needs 1 yard of space to rocket the ball into the back of the net. The reason he was ineffective in a striker role last season was because two defenders were constantly glued to him.

    Now that our midfield is even more dynamic and dangerous than ever, striker Poldi could have that 1 yard of space to bag a lot of goals.

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    • He did well at Koln up top on his own so don’t see why he can’t be used more forward if properly supported by Ramsey, Ozil and critically Walcott.

      I think the decision to load another striker in jan will depend :

      1) On how quickly Poldy comes back into the fold (scoring)
      2) If Giroud does sustain a knock
      3) if there is any value at all in January to buy ahead of World Cup (not likely). Agents will likely put the players on market after Brasil if they are any worth. Wouldn’t you?

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  27. Wenger has always liked diversity and the player’s ability to function in many roles, so whomever he chooses to go after; any potential addition to Arsenals attack is going to be a player who can be on the pitch at the same time as Giroud. I’d say Suarez is very much that player and would be particularly interesting on the left.

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    • Suarez is a very expensive player to have as an option or simply out left.

      Don’t see it happening as Liverpuddle hold lofty ambitions to at very least finish in top 4 this year. That is not a guarantee for them even with Suarez.

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  28. Zaharaddeen Getso

    I don’t really know how the addition of Moratta will benefit our squad when we already have sanogo. Lukas Podolski is coming back and he will be a decent cover for giroud

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    • Plus he is supposed to be interested in a loan to add playing time.

      We cannot guarantee anymore playing time for him and he may even be better off on the bench for Real.

      Media fantasy. Chris Samba, Felipe Melo etc etc.

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  29. As a brazilian I’d hate to see us spending money on Pato. He’s been absolutely rubbish lately, he would be crushed in the Premier League. He’s young, but I don’t see him shaking off the rubbishness in the next year or two.

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    • You are right.

      It is a massive risk to expect him to adapt to England. If his attitude is not enough to convince fans in Brazil, he may struggle with the ‘distractions’ in London.

      Fantastic pace, highly gifted but also very fragile. Not what we need surely. he is also a bit on the small side (5’10)and may struggle with the physicality in England given his injury history.

      UNLESS price is absolutely bargain, rather someone already blooded in the PL.

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  30. A loan deal for Morata would be cool :o) i don’t think out system is made for Suarez though. There are many reasons why we are top of the league and Giroud is a big part of that. You can say that Suarez is a better player than Giroud, and I would probably agree, bet Giroud is a pivotal cog in our current system and if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

    P.S. + Giroud is a stud and Suarez is an ugly fucker

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    • Adjustment issues.

      Young striker could back fire.

      We need a more certain back up.

      Someone preferably either extremely experience (Ozil) or someone already playing in the league.

      Benteke is one but I feel he is a bit too similar to Giroud. Michu IMO would be good enough as a short term solution and he can also be re-roled to midfield should we bring in a younger striker in the summer.

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  31. He's got not hair but we don't care...

    A young, hungry, back-up impact player to help ease the pressure on Giroud is what we need, not someone who puts him out of the team on this form.

    I was in Madrid at the weekend and saw Real play. Morata looked very good indeed when he came on. He’d be perfect.

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  32. @mike

    With all due respect you’re clueless. Suárez is weak? Head’s gone. Misses a lot? Giroud misses more. He’s a cunt? So was Vieira, Keown, Davis, Cole, Wrighty, etc etc.

    At the end, Wenger wants Suárez and you can do nothing about it.

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    • Don’t mind Suarez but Liverpool hold delusional ambition of winning the title (never mind the top 4) so there’s nothing you can do about that.;)

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  33. Don’t forget that Podolski and Özil haven’t even played one game together for Arsenal yet. That relationship will be absolutely immense. Can’t even wait.

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    • I think if Podolski is played, Walcott may be a critical link as well. It will be a more mobile partnership built for striking on the break.

      We can now absorb pressure (don’t tell the media) and cede possession without too much detriment. Therefore someone who can be quick and direct on the break (or two) could be lethal. With Ozil (and Santi) releasing, Walcott or Podolski springing on the counter, another way tos et up and keep opponents fearful.

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      • In that sense the Giroud set up is more for knocking the door down or breaking through gaps with finesse using the big man as a crowbar of sorts to open up the channels.

        Giroud and Podolski are built for slightly different approaches.

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  34. Don’t think Real would let him go even on loan. He is more popular than Benzema.

    Plus he may have adjustment issues and is young.

    Not what we need in January.

    Loan landscape looks a bit bare at the moment.

    read some rumour of Pato but the bloke has an attitude issue and is fragile. May be a risk in the hurly burly of the PL.

    Rather we be realistic and if we think we need to back up Giroud and poldy, then get someone as a stop gap who will be reasonably OK rotating off the bench and re-roled to midfield if need be.

    Michu to me (if we strike a good bargain at 100-12m for a 28 yr old with Swans) represents a good enough solution where we can bide our time and see how the market churns in May-August (particularly with World Cup in mind)

    He is tall (6’1) quick on his feet, plays creatively and blooded in the PL so no adjustment issues. Also not cup tied plus familiar with Santi. As mentioned, when we do decide to bring in a younger and more permanent striker solution down the line, he can easily be re-roled to midfield ala Pires style bearing in mind Rosicky may face legacy issues (albeit he isn’t showing any at the moment)

    As they say, perfect the enemy of good enough.

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  35. Three thoughts:

    (1) Poldi was the undisputed frontman for a very good German national side for several years — his next goal actually moves him into third place on their all-time scoring table. To further belabor the point: He was (until a couple weeks ago) tied with Cristiano Fucking Ronaldo on 46 international goals (on 111 v. 108 caps).

    Nevertheless, I see so many people arguing that he is too slow/awkward/bad aerially to serve as legitimate cover for Giroud. And that’s the thing — those criticisms of his game are accurate, but the very fact that they are accurate shows us why he’d make a more-than-passable no. 9 in our system: Yes, he has some severe limitations, but the reason Poldi has been able to establish such a prolific record *in spite* of his limitations is that he is also one of the most efficient, cold-blooded finishers the game has ever seen (chance conversion rates in the 30-40% range from a guy who loves to take a rip from 25 yards out). He doesn’t need to be fast or strong, or any of the rest of it. Our wings and mids are the best in the business at getting the ball loose in our opponents’ box. And he’s made a career out of putting loose balls in the back of the net.

    (2) No one will sell us an elite striker in January. Especially not the Mugsmashers, whose champs league hopes are hanging from the prodigious skin of Bitey’s racist rotting teeth.

    But, as long as we’re having the discussion: How come I can find a dozen articles on how we’re going to pursue Suarez or even Cavani (!), but not one linking us with Falcao? Unlike Cavani, Falcao is genuinely upset with his situation (I would be too if I were a world class no. 9 playing for a mildly upscale version of Fulham).

    He cost Monaco £50 million, and at this point, I would think any significant profit would be enough for them — the number being mooted for Chel$ki is £60 million, which is more than fair for a non-cup-tied elite striker in the January window. The problem is, they’re also fighting for champs league and can’t just sell their top striker mid-season. On the other hand, they have to know that they’re never going to make their money back if they wait until summer.

    Wouldn’t it be a great solution for everyone involved if a club could, I don’t know, offer them £25 million plus a proven international striker as make-weight? If Higuain was worth £35 million in the summer window (which also saw Real decline an offer of £40 million for Benzema), HFB has got to be good for £35 million now. It also can’t hurt that Handsome French Bloke is, well, French and they’re a (sort of) French club.

    I know Olivier’s pretty. But if we managed to land Falcao, I’m sure I could find the beauty in that disfigured, ambiguously paedophilic grin. Not that it’ll actually happen.

    Sigh. I suppose there are worse things than impossibly sexy Frenchmen with unfortunate haircuts.

    (3) If AW wants to hire an American college girl, I put in 14 in 23 matches last year. And I’m pretty sure I’d be cheaper than Morata.

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  36. Sign Luis Suarez!
    Then we can roll over ‘any’ ChAmpions League team..

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  37. Daniella 9

    For a second there I thought you were suggesting we give Monaco 25m plus Giroud for Falcao. Wait a minute…

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    • The ability to single-handedly impose your will on a top-flight match is a very scare commodity. We need it. Giroud doesn’t have it, and we have the cash to buy someone who does. What’s wrong with that?

      I’m not naive, I know we’ll have to wait to the summer window (if at all), but a girl can dream can’t she?

      And, yes, he’s pretty, but the only place where pretty wins you a title is the Manhunt International competition.

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