Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Wenger pays homage to Suarez

Wenger pays homage to Suarez

Arsene Wenger has reasserted his admiration for Luis Suarez claiming the in-form Liverpool striker’s Jekyll and Hyde personality has helped him reach the top of the game.

Revealing that he compiled a file on the Uruguayan’s personality prior to Arsenal’s failed summer bid, the boss told Telefoot that he’d have had no problem working with a player who has both the ‘angel’ and ‘demon’ about him.

“He has a strong, provocative personality. From the information I gathered on him it appears that on a day-to-day level he is really easy to work with.

“Also that he’s respectful, he loves training, he’s an angel. He turns into a demon when he’s on the pitch. We all dream about having players like that.”

Suarez bagged another brace in Liverpool’s 5-0 humbling of Sp*rs yesterday taking his total to 14 goals in eight Premier League games since returning from his ban for biting.

“I think that every defender in England hates playing against him,” noted Wenger, whose own team managed to keep the 26-year-old at bay.

It’s worth noting, that just because Wenger said pleasant things about Suarez he has in no way indicated he’ll be trying to launch another bid for him.

Indeed, you get the feeling that talking so openly about Suarez is as clear an indication yet that the boss knows that ship has sailed. Well that and all the stuff he said in the summer about this ship having sailed.

Naturally that won’t stop ridiculous speculation snowballing from this…



  1. Can I make the tired joke that all the sky commentators make when he scores a goal? I think I will:
    ha ha, he must be more than 40 million and one now, Andy/Martin/Stewart.


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  2. Dream signing.

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    • Might as well dream because there’s absolutely no chance of it happening.

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      • I agree. In August though £50M would have done it. now its never ever happening he’s surely worth as much as bale and liverpool know that now if they weren’t so sure last summer!

        Oooh suarez!

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        • Why is my name required

          Suarez, Aguero, Lewandowski, Diego Costa, Falcao, Benzema

          These are all world class strikers, but i think there is no chance Arsenal will splash out crazy money for them

          so i think we need to pray that Arsene will go out and find another Eduardo..

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        • I don’t think they’d have have sold him yo us for 60 million in the summer.

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        • yeah. All of them in a single transfer window might be a overkill.

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      • Don’t mean to be facetious here but that was my exact response sometime around August 20th when my flatmate told me Arsenal might be in with a shot at getting Mesut Ozil.

        Not deluding myself that Suarez might actually happen, but I’m just saying..

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      • We won’t get saurez but we might give Real Madrid another little bit of funding towards his signature by getting one of there stars.

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        • That’s what I’m hoping will happen. Plus, I had seen an interview with Ozil where he said that Wenger’s plans are big but couldn’t divulge information as it was ‘between them’. Also, Gazidis coming out with statements saying we want to ‘be like Bayern Munich’ and ‘up there with the best in Europe’ sounds like interesting things are to come.

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    • Blogs, honestly you wish you had suarez toying alongside Giroud, despite all the baggage. Dont you blogs.

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  3. Yes I think that horse has definitely bolted, perhaps he’s just trying to wind wee Brenda up. It seems to be an easy thing to do.

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  4. If wishes were horses, we’d be riding suarez right now……. Oh well #sighs#

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  5. I don’t mind if we have him, he is a good player and can improve our current squad.

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  6. “Let’s move on and sign Higuain”
    “ok maybe not, let’s sign Jovetic”
    “oops my bad forgot…might want to settle on Suarez in the end”
    “50 million? Not any lower?”
    “jeez I guess the Danish and Korean will suffice. Sanogo getting ready, Diaby should be back soon with Chamberlain…ALRIGHTY THEN”

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    • “Let’s buy Fabregas! He used to play for Arsenal. That’ll make the fans love me”
      “I know they SAY they won’t sell him, but they might be lying”
      “Whadaya mean he dunnit wan ter come? And whadafoock is a buy-back clause? Jesus. Never ‘ad to deal wuh’ thuys shit a’ ‘Ayverton”
      “Cesc. Nehm kinda soonds like ‘sex’. Heh. OCH AYE!!”
      “Wha’s this ‘un’s name? Anderrera? What kinda bloody name’s tha’ thayn?!”
      “Leighton, listen, we’ll pay ye double I say, doub-wha? Wha’s tha? Leighton? I thunk ye may’ve inadvertinently cut me off me lad. Leighton? LEIGHTON????”
      “Fook i’, this Bale lad look the BIZ. Wooonder whay no-un’s coughed up a few quid *OCH AYE, oh goodness, par’un meh*, I say, coughed up a few quid fer ‘em. Mahlcolm. I SAY MAHLCOLM! Try get this fella fer us will ye lad? Tha’s a good lad.”
      “Fook. Fook fook fook fook fook. OCH AYE!”
      “Course I wanted ye all along Marouane, i’s jus’, Mahlcolm, ‘e made me wait ta see if ye’d cut yer hair, mighta brought doooun yer valuation is all. I lov ye meht. We’ll cunquer tha wuruld tegether, ye’ll see!”
      “A-Alex? H-hayulp me. Pleeze.”

      Be grateful for what you have, sir. It could be so much worse.

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      • Is “A Glimpse into the Future” a manure? Otherwise i fail to see the point of posting the failures of those cunts on here. It did make me laugh but he has a point when it comes to our failures of signing a striker.

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  7. The only way we’re going to sign him: Win the league and hope Liverpool don’t finish in the top four.

    And still, he might sign for Madrid. So yeah.

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  8. arseblog, you are right. As soon as Arsene talks about a player he admires, you can kiss your chances goodbye of that player ever signing for Arsenal.

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  9. I brother can wish….Ozil, Ramsey, Sua…oh hell!

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  10. Cant wait for chelsea game. Its gonna be epic……hopefully

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  11. I’ld take him or diego costa anyday anytime, but there’s no doubt luis suarez is the best striker in the BPL and for me the best in world football. Oh! What i’ld give to have him leading our line week in weekout. Absolute beast

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  12. Special thanks to suarez for dispatching filthy sp*rs. they’re so going down, soon they will be discovering oil.

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  13. Sorry to say this but I think he was using us to get a move to Madrid
    Sure he will be there next season

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  14. Just not a realistic target anymore. If Liverpool wanted 50-60 mill for him in the summer, there’s no limit to what they might ask for a year later.

    Can only see Madrid or Barca snapping him up now.

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  15. If we were to win the league at Anfield with a 4-0 thumping then Suarez is in the bus back with us to the emirates. Brenda is crying as he watches the bus leave and follows it afew metres before a patched up Gerrard comes to console him.

    Meanwhile suarez with all his teeth smiles through the rear bus window.

    That my friends is a fairy tale….

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  16. But yea I admit suarez will never happen, so shouldn’t we be looking at diego costa? I watched him last night vs valencia he was absolutely terrific even after he missed a penalty(which in truth should never have been a penalty) but he still got a brace. I just wonder when we’ld get a striker like that to give us another dimension. The guy runs and hustle on the pitch through out the whole 90mins like he’s on drugs! Absolute beast!

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    • You gotta feel for the Atletico fans, they snapped up Aguero, saw him leave. Snapped up Falcao, saw him leave and it won’t be long before Diego Costa is shipped on. Us fans were hurt badly after the whole van Persie stunt, yet they have watched their best players leave time and time again. On the flip side, can’t we just snap up whoever it is that keeps finding these players at Atletico??

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  17. Arsene made us look absolutely like idiots with his summer bid. Shame youre attempted muggin of lfc backfired and mude us a laughing stock.

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  18. OMG we’re going to sign him!!

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  19. On another note. Diego Costa……would be a handy addition no? Thing is with our striker situation, I am one of the few that believe that Sanogo and Campbell will do well for the club. Just atm were not in a position to let either a decent shot with the pressure of a title race that were in. I love giroud and his team play and work rate is second to none in our league in his position. I just think we have lots of good team players, who are capable of opening teams. What we need is a striker with pace, killer instinct and that typical greed that normally makes a great goalscorer. If not for a plan b.

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  20. Arseblog still happy we didn’t sign Suarez?
    Had we put up £55-60 mill he was probably ours….
    When will we learn?

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    • You’re right. Arseblog was extremely antagonistic to the prospects of acquiring Suarez in the summer. It beats me why we would allow sentiments cloud our judgement on bringing one of the finest talents in Europe on board.
      What Suarez brings to the team is unbelievable. Imagine what impact he would have had in Arsenal. He unequivocally stated his desire to move to England. it’s strange the Arsenal board decided to make a ridiculous bid. That move still vexes me till date. A move that appeared to be tending towards imbecility!
      That being Said, Giroud is an ok-striker. But we need one who’s more direct. His hold up play, flicks et al do not look so amazing any more because the opposition know his style.
      We need a different approach upfront, or better yet; Giroud needs to step up his game.

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      • The move that Arsenal made was based on information that came directly from Suarez’s agent. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for us to have made the assumption that he knew the intimate details of the player’s contract and any release clauses.

        That he didn’t reflects badly on him, rather than us – even if we probably should have double-checked.

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        • The agent is the person who pushed for whatever contract was put in front of his client. Any agent worth his salt would have double checked what the club put in front of both himself and his client.

          The fact that he led us up the path with such a concrete statement of what the contract stated means he should have been sacked on the spot by Suarez.

          Begs the question though, did he not get the club to sign a copy for his own keeping? What a prat. Not sure what we could have done other than set our legal team on looking at the copy before we agreed to pull such a move. Ah well, live and learn. It’s hardly a surprise the way Liverpool reacted.

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    • According to some gooners Higuain was better than Suarez.

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    • “Had we put up £55-60 mill he was probably ours….”

      In this case, probably means a probability range between 0 to 100%, seeing as that we know fuck all.

      I could just as well say £55-60 mil and he probably still won’t be ours.

      Speculation, speculation. Utterly pointless.

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  21. I think this might be Wengers way of encouraging the current team to be more ‘beastlike’ on the field.

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  22. It’s been pointed out many times I know…but if we had got Suarez, we wouldn’t have got Özil.
    And yeah, we could have probably done with a striker more (that’s a bit of an understatement I know) but I’m happy with the way things worked out.
    Besides, we’ve still got Thors Hammer (or Podolski if you prefer) to come back, I’d say he’s capable of being a decent back up/something different to HFB. Coz when I used him on FIFA as a striker he bagged 40 goals.

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  23. *that last sentence was a joke by the way.

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  24. Mieow lol at all the catty know it alls!!! So we didn’t buy chewy, there are other quality strikers out there!!!

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  25. Forget about Suarez, Gary Hooper is starting to show the type of form that convinved Chris Hughton to bring him to the EPL last summer. This is Wenger’s chance to redeem himself.

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  26. @ danny. band of incompetent muugs. so incompetent we signed one of the best no. 10s this summer. wish fans like you could show more love instead of hate.

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  27. Cant wait to see what pool do with this massive windfall, can they beat the carroll + downing torres bonanza, toon in next week.

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  28. Also, wouldnt mind seeing us go back in for michu, his current troubles should reduce that pesky 20mil asking price from the summer

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  29. AVB sacked! shit. i wanted the man to continue doing his fine job of sinking the sp*rs

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  30. Bastards they have sacked avb.

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  31. Pity, wonder who they’ll go for now?

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  32. citeh vs barca

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  33. Wenger is just trying to make Giroud jealous. ahhhh the french and their lover quarrels. Watch for Giroud to score a hat-trick against Chelsea and reveal an undershirt that warns Suarez over batting his eyes at Arsenal.

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  34. Bayern again! ffs!

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  35. Well we owe them one!!!!

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  36. “Naturally that won’t stop ridiculous speculation snowballing from this…”

    …oh I do hope so blogs. Especially if it winds up Brenda into a hissy fit of rage, and angers those red twats fans, and unsettles Suarez, and keeps his agent busy, and provokes Real Madrid into launching another ridiculous world record transfer bid, and…

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  37. No doubt luis class, afc v bayern so now more tough adventures for gunners team these will be a tough two legs, at least 2or3
    signings coyg maybe marcelo, salah of basel he scores against chavs

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  38. I think if Arsenal put an offer of 80m-90m Suarez will be ours. He is way better than Gonzalo he-cryin!

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  39. Do you think AVB’s still harping on about our supposed negative spiral?

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  40. We dont really need him to come to Arsenal. As long as he enables a Benzema / Moratta , Ill still be happy. But

    WHAT. A. PLAYER. Love him.

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  41. I’ll more interested with Theo scores 2 last game. With 9 days HFB rested, then I believe we will have sharp striker when Christmas come. You see also event bendtner almost scores.

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  42. Why does Arsene say, ‘ We only buy players better than what we already have ‘ and end up buying Sanogo over Giroud?

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  43. An initial bis of 40 plus 1 was to see if he was available. That’s how you negotiate people. If Liverpool wanted to well they would have come back and said 60 or 80. Whatever. There was no pice we were going to get Suarez at depsite his stated desire to come, Liverpool were just not selling. That’s all there is too it. Cristisizing wenger for not biding enough makes no aense. He was not for sale, and. Btw, clearly a good decision by lIvwepool to keep him. 14 goals in 8 games… Wow

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  44. Totally out of topic, may I ask what BFG means.

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