Wenger: You stay classy Arsenal


Arsene Wenger channelled his inner Ron Burgundy to label his squad ‘classy’ after an encouraging 2013 which saw Arsenal accumulate more points than any other team in the Premier League.

Praising the grit and determination of his players, who have secured 82 points over the last twelve months, the boss hailed an upwards trend which has seen them progress from Champions League contenders to title challengers.

“As you know it’s not a trophy but it shows the consistency and the trend for the team,” Wenger told press ahead of the New Year’s Day showdown with Cardiff.

Just about suppressing the desire to boldly declare, “Don’t act like you’re not impressed,” he continued:

“If you can manage from January 1 to December 31 to have that trend it means we are going upwards. We want to transfer that trend into 2014 and to have a great race for the Premier League title.

“In 2013, we have been relatively consistent, and that makes the belief stronger. Personally I must say, this team has a remarkable attitude and as a manager for me it is a privilege for me to manage them as a group of players on the pitch, but also off the pitch because they have a classy attitude.”

Pinpointing the 1-1 draw 1-0 win at Newcastle on the last day of last season as his highlight of the year, the boss explained why securing Champions League football was so important.

“A high point, even though I understand people can say we over-celebrated, was when we won our last game at Newcastle because it was at some stage an impossible achievement.

“For me it was [because] it maintained the club in the Champions League and to have such a consistency at that level meant it was one of the highlights of 2013.”

And with that the boss grabbed a glass of Scotch and yogged his way to the changing room where Nicklas Bendtner was trying to skewer Emmanuel Frimpong with a trident. Apparently the Dane was incensed by suggestions from the DENCH midfielder that “60% of the time, he worked every time”.

In Nicklas’ world, those stats just don’t add up. It had escalated quickly.

(Yeah, we’ve we’ve stretched this gag too far)


  1. Steve Bould was then asked what players at Arsenal he admired the most,
    “I love, Mertesacker….I love Arteta…..I love Bendtner”
    “Are you just saying you love Bendtner because he’s in the room?”
    “I..love…. Nik Bendter”

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  2. I know it’s off topic, but I’m really annoyed with the refereeing so far this season. The amount off wrong calls made week in week out is just incredible. And as it so happens Chelsea have benefited massively. And still the media clowns suck up to Maureen’s every word like little school girls.

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    • Howard Webb has got new employees from the looks of things now that old Blue Nose is no longer in the picture. Chelshit seems to have made the biggest offer to him because some of his decisions in the Liverpool match bordered on full on bias.

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    • I agree Denys. Its very inconsistent. That PK that wasn’t in the West Brom v Chelsea game. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve benefitted as well, but its the inconsistency that is getting to me this year. Mertesacker getting his shirt tugged in the box and getting a call, while Martin Skrtl tries to steal every forwards shirt before the game is over. and if you would, let me rant for a sec, does anyone understand what a handball is? The announcers dont. Some say ‘intent’ some say ‘natural position of the arm’ some say ‘he couldn’t get out of the way’… It would be nice to see those called consistently, in the box and everywhere else on the field.

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    • How about a compilation disk to send to the FA – they’ll do FA about it, but it would have been done – along with a petition of some sort.

      There is no other form of paid entertainment that leaves you feeling cheated. You cannot simply forget about it, move on or expect it to never happen agai. All this by an official who should be enhancing your experience.

      An embarrassing collection of decisions could also be made into a viral video.

      Any action has to be a collective effort from supporters. Otherwise its dismissed as bias or disgruntlement.

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      • Agreed. I was sure hoping the last world cup would be a catalyst for change. I know many non football fans who watched games and were like, what the fuck is this? The diving in particular turned a lot of people off and that goal England scored that was over the one but the refs didn’t see it? Unbelievable that goal line technology at least hasn’t been introduced yet and maybe some sort of limited instant replay (perhaps a challenge system as in tennis or nfl?) Unfortunately it seems it’s going to take a lot more ruined games/tournaments before something is done. Sad

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  3. Want to wish all Gooners and their families the best of wishes in this coming new year. Plus Arsenal better clean the trophy cabinet for the 2013/2014 EPL Trophy that’s due at the Emirates soon.

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  4. Most points in 2013. Now lets get most points from January to May, with some long awaited wins against Chelsea, City and United

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  5. What better way to start the new year than winning Cardiff and ridding FA of our shitty neighbours…. Here is to the new artillery that would be bought this january to boost our Arsenal. *cheers*

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  6. “Oh Mesut, you are my little gentlemen. I will bring you to foggy London town, cause you’re my little gentlemen”

    For all wondering about that phone conversation Arsene had with Ozi before we signed him up…

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  7. Off topic but it is my birthday today. And I will look forward to a belated birthday present from the team; will be there cheering as they beat Cardiff tomorrow.

    Go Gunners!

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  8. I hope Wenger is not denied a bank loan this month like the human torch was, so we can get another striker on loan, then buy Costa in the summer!

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  9. The news is looking more interesting but still as a gunner supporter it is good to see the team at top of prem, listen to all the other teams wishing u know that they topped table coyg.

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  10. Happy new year gooners. from the thumbdowners to the thumbupers to the keyboard warriors and to the foul mouthed ones yall keep me…….and fatgooner going.

    Hopefully the lads deliver tommorow!

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    • I know you’ve been trolling hard and often recently, but don’t start to think you’re as infamous as the fatgooner himself now. You’re a long way off, but if you keep working hard for the rest of the season, and fatgooner keeps as quiet as he has been, then maybe you can put yourself on the same scale of depressing, hate filled, pessimistic Arsenal fans. Whatever drops your drawers I suppose.

      Happy New Year buddy

      And the same to the rest of ya!

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  11. I wonder if Arseblog News will post a Happy New Year news where fans can leave a message.

    Anyways, Happy New Year from Lethbridge, Alberta.

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  12. Making it a duo of Canadian wishes, happy new year from Vancouver BC. May your 2014s be happy and prosperous, and filled with Arsenal victories, Spurms defeats, more Arsenal victories, and Arsenal trophies. We are going to win EVERYTHING this year!

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  13. Time the Liverpool dominated media start taking note.

    Rather than lauding the likes of a team (Newcastle) that celebrates coming back to 4-4 against ten men and castigating us for celebrating scraping into fourth from a disastrous start.

    Or lauding the world class line up of Spurs where no Arsenal player can get in to the team.

    Or Liverpool where they have now adjusted the sights conveniently and mentioned how unexpected their title charge has been where 5th where the lie now was more than progress for them.

    Or City despite scoring a ton of goals are still unable to pip us for the top slot.

    Or Chelsea whom the y praise for being resilient in staying third where our top spot counts for not considering every media pundit lives in yesterday one season or two past. Apparently they haven’t hit top gear and apparently the implication is that we have.

    Well done Arsenal. Keep digging in and winning. Half way there and better to come from us…but of course, we are the team that apparently never improves.:D

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  14. I hate hyperbole more than anything else in the world, that being said thanks to all at blogs towers for the absolutely superb journalism throughout the year it really is a breath of fresh air in a fog of nonsense.

    Happy new year from Caaaark beeeey!


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  15. I want an arseblog transfer gossip column. Written on a daily basis, blogs will go into great depth of all transfer stories from all media outlets with evaluation of the player, his perceived impact in our team and the chances of him signing.

    Possibly he should also find YouTube clips and edit short videos of goals and skills chronologically from the beginning of their career to the present day set to a soundtrack of desperately poor r’n’b or European house music.

    That’s what an award winning site would do.

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  16. Dost remember ye, that skybet had us at 10/1 for the league before season yonder – so thus my £50 bet on doing so will likely yield a receipt on all the years I have kept the faith. Happy New Year to every single one of us gloating that success is borne from patience and shrewd fiscal management – here’s to a decade of Gooner Superiority

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  17. A prosperous New Year to all Gooners world wide. Can’t wait to see the boys lift a trophy this year.
    Victoria B.C. Canada

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