Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Wilshere could face ban for gesture

Wilshere could face ban for gesture

Jack Wilshere could face a ban after, apparently, giving Man City fans the finger during the game.

While we here at Arseblog News don’t necessarily blame him, it would be the poo flavoured icing on his vomit-soaked cake of a performance.

He certainly didn’t play well and let frustration get the better of him by giving their fans the middle finger. Maybe they all looked like Nasri or something.

Jack Wilshere finger

Jack Wilshere finger

Players have been banned in the past for similar incidents but Arsene Wenger was sanguine when asked about it in his post-match press conference, saying, “If he did it and is banned, we will have to accept it.”



  1. wasn’t that for the ref?

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    • That’s pretty much what I thought when I saw it, although I thought it might actually have been directed at the linesman. I understand his frustration, but really he needs to be better than that.

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  2. He’ll definitely get a ban, 100%. There’s precedent for that sort of thing. Why would you do that when you know there are cameras everywhere?! Such an idiotic thing to do especially with big games coming up

    Did anyone see his recent retweet from a City fan? Why on earth does he get involved in that sort of thing?!

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    • How big a ban? A game, 3 games, 8 games like Suarez or what? Or just a fine (like cricket?)

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      • Probably a one-game ban and a fine.

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      • There’s a bunch of scousers acting the victim in my facebook feed about this because Jack hasn’t already been thrown into the tower or something. I think they’re on the verge of phoning Paul McCartney up to record a song about it or something.

        Not that his gesture was a good idea or should be ignored of course, but its pathetic to see them carry on… It makes me laugh how much fans of _all_ clubs will heap the most hideous abuse on a player for the entire length of a game then run to the press/police shrieking and crying like they’ve just been the victims of attempted murder if that player so much as raises an eyebrow, never mind a finger, in reply.

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    • Jack is a silly boy, but he didn’t try to bite anybody.

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  3. Fuck you.

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  4. Given his performance, maybe it’s best he is left out of the chelsea game, and who wouldn’t want to give those cunts the finger?!

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  5. By the way he played today he could do with the rest

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  6. Let’s face it, we fell apart today. It’s scary how easily that can happen to us.

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    • yeah, like after the games versus everton and napoli, against a team that seems almost impossible to beat at home at the moment who managed to rest 2/3 of their most important players in a cl tie played a day earlier than ours.

      so easily.

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    • We lost the midfield battle today, which you can never afford in any big game.

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  7. I think he needs the bench for a while. he’s playing and acting like a schoolboy all season. he needs to step his game up if he’s going to become a regular in the side. arsene showed a lot of faith in him today picking him ahead of cazorla and rosicky and jacko let him down badly. time to grow up son!

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  8. Would anyone of us not love the chance to to do that and have it known all around the world. And also, there has to be some thought as to what provoked him. Judging by the tweet the scum fan obviously did something vile.

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  9. Can’t blame him though. Nothing seemed to be working for him today but Wenger just wouldn’t put an end to his misery by subbing him off.
    If true, the frustration got to his head

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    • Nothing has been working for him all year save a few spurts here and there. Is it me or does he seem to have lost that little burst of pace he used to have to allow him to just glide past his man before the injury. I know that he was no barn burner to begin with but it looks like his thighs are too big for him and he is running with logs attached to his legs. I wonder whether Wilshere didn’t overcompensate on the leg workouts during recovery from ankle injuries. Nevertheless, there is no place in the game for that kind of ill-discipline and he should be duly punished.

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  10. Wilshere should concentrate on his game. Seriously, the hype is getting better of him. Isco/ Thiago >>> Wilshere.

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    • Ross Barkley >>> Wilshere at the moment!

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      • The english press has developed a habit of generating a hype when it comes to young raw homeland players. Most of them (especially these two) are projected as savior of english football. Had he not been our academy graduate most of us would have criticised Wilshere for sure. Don’t get me wrong, they have the potential. But like I said before, hype and (unreal) expectations are getting better of Wilshere. A strong heart needs a calm mind.

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        • in fotball nowadays every fan is comparing the players against each other. ronaldo >messi, wilshere > cleverly etc.. the thing about fotball is that everyone has their own piece of qualities, thats why theyre professional fotballers.

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        • Jack has got plenty of ability. It’s just poor form guys!

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    • Can we please not start this shit again.

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  11. I like the fact he gestured at the nasri loving scum, the fact he will miss a few games ain’t too big a deal what with his recent performances!!!!

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  12. Childish really jack. Focus your frustration into having a better performance. Now missing chelsea game. Have a good rest boys. Its now a must win game. COYG

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    • i would say it’s a “must not lose” game. a draw wouldn’t be a bad result with only half the season gone. winning the games against the teams outside the top 4 this season will be the most important thing.

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  13. ask me i will say i like it.

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  14. anyone saw the ozil-metresacker incident? what d’you make of it?

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    • I'm a gunner...nice

      yeah, disappointing to say the least.

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    • He’s spent a few years with maureen for prick heads madrid. Maybe he picked up some ego issues there? I really dont like the way he ignored Mert aswell.

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      • I'm a gunner...nice

        if youve got to share a spotlight with guys like Ronaldo youre going to get a bit of an ego, just for your own self-esteem. No excuses, you dont ignore your captain and especially not your supporters. Fuck it, this days getting too much. Top of the league, the rest of it can fuck right off.

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        • I meant to hit thumps up there. Not down. Sorry. But I agree. and considering how casillas and other players got, treated by the ugly one özil might see it as normal for unrest in the dressing room. But hey damn right, still top of the league. PRAISE THE ICEMAN AMEN!!!!

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    • lets hope they dont make a big issue out of it and get it sorted asap

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  15. The linesmen and ref deserved that up theirs useless arses.

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  16. Nice job, Jack! Supporters like to forget that hotheads like you are needed in every team.

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    • Nonsense, one can be a hot head without being a jackass and a poor sport. There are thousands of kids watching Jack including my two boys who both love him. What a way to set a bad example! We are Arsenal, win lose or draw, we do it with class, and this was classless and bush-league.

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  17. He needs the rest

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  18. What an idiot, the day just goes from bad to worse.What this and the Ozil/Mert incident shows is that there’s still a severe lack of discipline in the squad when we’ve got our backs against the wall. It’s certainly not the sort of thing potential champions do. Keown would have killed both of them then eaten them for breakfast.

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  19. I have a feeling we’ve lost to this season’s champions.

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  20. He might be a bit of a shit at times but he’s OUR bit of a shit.

    Needs some bench time anyway… And a good talking to.

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  21. Angolan Girl who Loves The Gunners!

    i would have done the same

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  22. https://vine.co/v/h2DXPO3LUWp

    Ohhh me love this, the BFG really looks like BFG, scolding Mesut for ignoring away fans.

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  23. Jack was very poor first half, but was much improved in second half until legs gave out near end. Is not fit enough to play 90 and should have been subbed. Things would have looked very different if Giroud had done his job and finished those easy chances.

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  24. I don’t get why everyone’s so critical of Ozil for not ‘clapping’. He’s probably too frustrated with the game more than anything.

    Leave him be Merte, it doesn’t help the dressing room.

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    • Ozil sulking away from the excellent away fans after a shit team performance required a good scolding. As did Jack. I would prefer the dressing room full of fury after today. Chelsea in 9 days should be their release.

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  25. Better off without him. He needs to grow up and concentrate on his game.
    Has been shit all season. Looks good against Norwich but not in big games. Waste of space out wide…ridiculous Wenger!

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  26. Very disappointed with Wilshere this season. Would be nowhere near our best XI. He doesn’t really have any great qualities. If he wasn’t English he would not be rated anywhere near what he is. He is decent but overrated imo.

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  27. People forget Jack is still very, very young. He’s got the time to be naive and stupid. That’s how they all learn and be better.

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  28. The officials started him,

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  29. hope some of us dont get on ozil, wilshere or other players’ back. they need our support now as this is a difficult patch that we must go through. Victoria concordia Crescit

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  30. Christ, why’re people so quick to jump on players’ backs? Yeah, he had a shit game, and hasn’t been great for a while, but rewatch the win over barca in 2011 and tell me he’s not got the potential to be unreal. Players dip in and out of form, particularly when young, and playing out wide for a while didn’t seem to do Ramsey any harm. Agree he seems to have lost a bit of speed though.

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  31. Jack had a stinker today no doubt, and he’s had a few of late. But we need to remember that he is a genuine diamond of a footballer and be patient. He is still very young and needs an injury free run to get back to his best. A bit of patience will go a long way. Hopefully he’ll learn from today’s shocker

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  32. That will be good ridance to bad rubish. I hope he is suspended for the rest of the season, cos the team is much better without him this season.

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  33. Yes you can blame him. Enough with chalking it up to frustration or what have you. His mental unstableness lends itself to his ability on the pitch. If he’s rattled then his game is and vice versa. Get it sorted. Cooler heads prevail?

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  34. Idiotic to say the least. We have Chelsea next. He was also on 4 yellows, and his reactions all game suggested that he’d pick up another one, missing Chelsea. Irresponsible.

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  35. Does anyone know why they were booing him all through the game?

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    • There was one incident with him and a City player. Can’t be bothered to remember what it was but while watching the game I had the impression it started afterwards, no?

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  36. Its a game in a season consisting of 38. It was a bad day in the office. Put it behind us, focus on the other oil rich club that is managed by something that resembles the Christmas Grinch, for next weekend and increase the gap between us and the rest. COYG!

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  37. Proud of jack cos city fans are just cunts.

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  38. At least if his performance sucks, he has passion.

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  39. Jack at least tested keeper with shot and had several good burst with ball. Put his foot in at times. Wish ozil would test keeper more as he is class. Ozil kept playing in sagna to cross the default setting for our attack.we could have scored more Giroux goal not offside and Milner did a Ashley young/ wellness cheat for penalty. 5-4! City in midfield if not a home there play would have been fouls or cards eg route stamp on ramsey. Favourable reffing at home which explains why city often shit away from home

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  40. From Özil’s FB: Sorry I didn’t thank the fans at the end of the game!

    You have been brilliant to me and I know you had travelled a long way and spent your money to support us. I was upset with the result and know I should have come to you to say ‘thank you’ and I know it is a big Arsenal tradition win, lose or draw.

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  41. I hope he gets a 3 game ban to think over the performances he’s been turning on. Does everyone have to be nutmegged? does he have to take on the whole city midfield when a simple pass could have sufficed? Rosicky, Cazorla need game time. A blessing in disguise!

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  42. Wilshere had a decent spell in the 2nd half but aside from that his performance was disgraceful. Which is a shame because I thought he’d turned a corner a few weeks ago with some impressive displays but alas he still has a long way to go. I wouldn’t bother starting him on the left, he’s definitely better suited to cutting in from the right.

    It’s the same mistakes as earlier in the season, the problem is that he just won’t take the simple option. He always has to try something special be it a more difficult pass or a wild dribble. He was found out today because when you don’t move the ball on quickly against City, they will pickpocket you time after time.

    Still think Wilshere will come good though, he has the gift, just needs to realise there’s a time and a place to apply it.

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  43. Played stupidly, why should his behavior be any different. He’s been shittish all year.

    If he wasn’t English, he’d be getting all kinds of shit. I wouldn’t miss him for a game or two.

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  44. A ban would be good for Jack. Plus a nice long lay off to the bench, to give him some time to think about his future. I realise he’s our favourite puppy and all that, but right now he’s a 24 caret cunt and he needs to realise he’s acting like one. Man up or fuck off Wilshere.

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  45. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms?

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  46. Some people need to get a grip on here. It’s starting again, the fans choosing a black sheep and over reacting when they criticize. Have we not seen enough players make it through? These are young players hence they need time to grow. It’s a trait synonymous to arsenal, breeding and getting young players to break through. We should be proud of it not otherwise. Song, Ramsey, Walcott (to an extent) all proved they can make it if given time. I’m sure Jenkinson and Wilshere will do the same. I’ve seen enough of Wenger to know he’ll deliver and turn these players to fulfill their potential. So yes he did play badly so far this season but he’s played out of position and pretty much gaining fitness again. That’s where it should stop. Calling him a useless SOD etc won’t help at all.

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  47. People, some serious perspective is needed here. With regards to the finger, yes it was tempestuous, and slightly irresponsible given the exposure of football these days and the example to young people. However, Jack is only 21 and still learning, both about life and football. Who here can say they didn’t do anything aged 21 they have regretted, or simply learnt not to repeat through experience? These are common behaviours in life (still see plenty of adult fans at football grounds shouting obscenities at players, irrespective of whether children are in the vicinity, to cite one example, road rage behaviour being another) and most of us learn in the end. The difference for most people is that not everything they do is under the microscope all the time. So yes, not a great gesture by him, but really not that big a deal relative to society as a whole, or even football.
    In terms of Jack’s game, I cannot fathom why people don’t learn. He is 21. He had bad injuries which resulted in him playing virtually no football for 18 months. He plays a bit inconsistently upon his return for the first team, especially when out of position on the right. Does this not remind anyone of Ramsey? The parallels are spooky. Ramsey was lambasted in some quarters, people judged him as if the finished article and started writing him off. Then he became awesome. Wilshere will be awesome for us too, there is no doubt in my mind. But he needs time and patience, as he will inevitably take time to reach the heights of the Barca game when he was only 19. Generally speaking, midfielders hit their best years mid to late 20s, so take a breath and relax, jack has a way to go yet and will massively improve. What will not help him, is people getting on his back at the first sign of an underwhelming performance. He needs support, as long term, he has the potential to be a true Arsenal legend. Negative, histrionic vitriol from instant gratification seeking supporters will not help him, nor in turn us as supporters who want Arsenal success, as it will put more pressure on him. Yes, he’s not perfect, but with the correct support and nurture, he will get pretty close. That is all.

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  48. Does anyone know why jack was getting booed every time he touched the ball today?

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  49. worth it

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  50. Jack took the game by the scruff of the neck with the long range effort.

    I think his frustrations were born out of some of the other players not pulling their weight enough.

    Wenger did not help with poor tactical decisions. he failed to rectify our issue at Left back with MOnreal and plug the gap in front of the defense. Flamini was being overwhelmed.

    Rosicky should have been played. Our engine was poor today and the last thing we needed was Bendtner and Gnabry instead. Poor decisions from the gaffer. His abilities in the market covers up for his deficiencies in tactics against ‘better’ teams.

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  51. im not singling out any individuals this is a team game and as a unit we were very poor midfield was over run we were’nt closing down not enough movement and crisp passing, we still created plenty of chances just have to regroup and plan chelski”s demiss “top of the league”

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  52. He can get a ban for all I care. To be honest rosicky is the better player for me.

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  53. Just wondering why we had cazorla and arteta on the bench

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  54. I don’t see the problem with Wilshere letting the city fans know we are still 1st in the league….that was clearly what he was doing right?

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  55. I really think that this is the sort of game that needs to be taken in isolation. Off the back of a hard game in Naples, and playing a team with nigh on infinite resources, things were always going to be tough. Jack’s overall performance, whilst not being anywhere near his best (as he hasn’t been for the majority of this season), was by no means that of a player out of their depth. Those that are writing Jack off now surely must have the shortest of memories, and not very good eyesight, as Ramsey has come through the shit that those exact people threw at him smelling of roses!

    However, the flipping of the bird, as the Americans would say, was definitely below that which you expect from an Arsenal player. Young or not, that should simply not happen. Arsene seemed to brush over the subject, but I think he would have been as pissed off as any of us. I’m sure that once Jack’s form returns we’ll see less of these frustrations boiling over.

    So on to the next game, and I think we’ll see a far better, fresher performance against Chelsea, and hopefully we’ll put some manners on that JT cunty and Jose! COA

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  56. Can’t believe so many of you, get off jacks back. And wanting him banned , sort it out. We need him in the team and as an option from the bench. So leave him be, the boy has passion and attitude plus hunger., jack will be immense so leave him be.

    We were knackered against city, but at least we keep trying to get forward and score goals. I’d rather see that then everyone give up and hide on a football pitch

    Arsenal forever

    F**k the plastic wannabe fans

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  57. Lol, if we have signed Suarez, wondered what he would have done? Bite of Nasri’s ear or something.

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  58. If he was directing that gesture towards the officials, he was just telling them of the average number of their legal parents.

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