Arsebang: Arsenal 2-0 Cardiff City | Arsene Wenger Speaks


Hugh Wizzy does his stuff again …

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  1. Good business, providing Berba doesn’t just come in, score two goals then simply switch off. He had a great spell at Man U, but at Fulham to often he went missing. Question: Does he still have what it takes to be a team player?

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  2. Who the guy in the first interview I always see him at the games all the way from cape town lol I can remember when RvP score that great goal against Chelsea in that crazy game,this guy then got RvP match shirt then RvP went to ManU, I always wanted to know does he stil have that shirt.

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  3. I know I will get a lot of stick for that but here we go… I know Berbatov has played for United and Spuds but I’m German and for me he’s still the Berbatov from Bayer Leverkusen. That’s where I saw him first and where he played some pretty nice football. I really liked him at that time and I still think that he’s a really good player when fully motivated. And what would motivate more than fighting for the title? There are certainly other options but if it would be Berbatov in the end it’s not that bad as many of us Gooners might think!

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