Arsenal 2-0 Sp*rs: By the Numbers

Arsenal 2-0 Sp*rs: By the Numbers

533 - Passes by Sp*rs
455 - Passes by Arsenal
- Through balls attempted by Arsenal
- Through balls completed by Serge Gnabry¹ (of three attempted)
- Through balls by Gnabry for an assist¹
- Through balls completed by Sp*rs (of 4 attempted)
- Through balls completed by Jack Wilshere in all League games this season (leads Arsenal)
4/4 - Through ball accuracy by Gnabry in League and FA Cup play this season*
- Accurate through balls by Eriksen (of 2²)
- Key passes by Gnabry¹ (1 assist)
- Key passes per game average by Mesut Özil (third in the League)
- Key passes by Eriksen² (0 assists)
- Successful dribbles by Gnabry
- Turnovers by Gnabry
- Successful dribbles by Eriksen
- Turnovers by Eriksen¹
- Tackles by Gnabry¹ (tied with Monreal)
100,000 - Pounds sterling Arsenal paid for Gnabry
11,000,000 - Pounds sterling Sp*rs paid for Eriksen
- Dribbles by Jack Wilshere¹
- Number of times Jack was dispossessed
- Number of times Jack was fouled (number that Clattenburg actually called)¹
23 - Touches by each of Walcott and Soldildo
14 - Shots by Arsenal
- Shots by Theo Walcott¹ (2 0n goal)
- Shots by Soldildo² (0 on goal)
- Offsides by Walcott¹
- Offsides by Sp*rs (Adebayor, of course)
- Turnovers by Walcott¹
- Number of times Walcott was dispossessed
- Total dispossessed, turnovers, offsides by Soldildo
- Goals Walcott has scored from open play in the League this season
- Goals Soldildo has scored from open play in the League this season
- Interceptions by Koscielny¹
3.4 - Interceptions Koz averages per game (4th in the League)
11 - Clearances by Koscielny¹
6.5 – Clearances Koscielny averages per game in the League (leads Arsenal)
9000 – Numbers of away seats Sp*rs applied to have allocated for yesterday’s clash
5186 – Arsenal allocation for Sp*rs supporters yesterday reduced based on safety concerns
100 – Percent justified Arsenal were in allotting Sp*rs a reduced allocation based on safety concerns given the behavior of them lot
0 – Allocation Arsenal should give them in the future if they are unable to prevent their horrid fans from throwing missiles at injured players


*As far as I can tell, he’s only attempted 4 through balls all season and all have found their man
¹Lead both teams
²Lead just his team

All numbers today via Opta or my personal database

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