Arsenal formally announce £150m Puma tie-up

Arsenal Puma

Arsenal have today formally announced that Puma will take over from Nike as the club’s kit supplier on 1 July 2014.

The deal, estimated to be worth £150m over 5 years, was announced this afternoon at Emirates Stadium. The home kit is a traditional red and white, and Puma have played it clever with a yellow and blue away kit for their first season.

A third kit will also be revealed, which is blue with green trim, which Puma see as Arsenal’s ‘cup kit’ and is earmarked for fixtures in Europe and in both domestic cup competitions.

Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis said, “We are excited to be partnering with PUMA, a company whose football heritage and record of innovation have a strong affinity with out own. This represents another important step forward in Arsenal’s progression on and off the pitch.

While there was the usual marketing bumph from Puma who said, “Arsenal have been a key strategic target for PUMA for a number of years now. Through a clear commercial vision, a well-defined sports marketing strategy and a relentless enthusiasm within the PUMA organisation, we’re proud to have signed this partnership with a truly global  football club.

“As we enter a new era in our company history, Arsenal represents a major commercial and marketing opportunity to reinforce PUMA’s credibility as a global sports brand, and we have full confidence the plans in place to activate this partnership will have a significant global impact.”

Arsenal already have a number of Puma sponsored players, including Mikel Arteta, Santi Cazorla and Olivier Giroud.


        • Of course it’s more. It would be astonishing if it wasn’t, since our Nike deal was low and tied up for a long time so as to provide a safe source of income during the worst years of the stadium debt. The question isn’t whether it’s more than our previous deals but how it compares with what our rivals are getting.

          The Guardian says it’s worth 30m a year, and as such is better than Liverpool’s 25m. I can’t be bothered to research City, Chelsea and United’s current deals, but I don’t think they will be lower than ours.

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        • It’s the biggest kit deal in the UK.

          However, Man United are due to get a £75m per year deal from Nike, though Moyes is trying his hardest to scupper that deal.

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    • @Herr Blogs,

      With the Puma deal official and Draxler on the brink, it’s about time you’re starting to write your blog in German. Otherwise, nobody’ll öndertänd?!

      Fur unsere deutschsprachige Freunden. 😉

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  1. I cannot believe that nobody has psted a link about diet pills yet…

    We are going to be known as Moobs FC but as long as we are winning not a problem.

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  2. Arsenal already have a number of Puma sponsored players, including Mikel Arteta, Santi Cazorla and Olivier Giroud.

    And Cesc Fabregas! OMG Fabregas return CONFIRMED!

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  3. 30 mil from Puma per season
    60 mil from murdoch this summer
    hopefully it gets better and better from here on

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  4. I understand Puma will be selling an authentic jersey and a looser-fitting replica version for the ‘less athletic’ amongst us. The attached link is apparently a leaked version of the catalogue.

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  5. Good riddance Nike. So many shit kits over the years and a blatant preference for positioning ManUre kits in their flag-ship and lesser stores.

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    • I quite liked the kits of the last few years. It’s not Nike’s fault that I less than like the memories that went with them.

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  6. lets hope the money is made available for the team along with the extra TV money then we can explore future signings of calibre for upfront and the rear guard “COME ON ARSENAL”

    ON SIGNINGS we will announce AW new contract on the last day of the transfer window “who says we dont sign quality in January “There’s only one AW”

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    • It’s about £22m per year more than the Nike deal.

      Not quite a Draxler on its own, but it will buy us one-and-a-half Cazorla’s.

      Half a Cazorla would be really tiny.

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  7. Fantastic news. I’ve always liked Puma kits, and how they constantly try to re-invent themselves. Can’t wait to buy the new kit.

    Now I’m off for a run.

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  8. Quietly hoping Puma design a jacket that has velcro for Mr Wenger, so more time can be spent on transfer targets and less time on confusing zips.

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  9. I really hope Sagna signs a new deal….so then we can see his missus modelling one of these new skin-tight shirts ; )

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    • both team are the leading deal of their supplier . us Puma them Warrior.
      i m sure we could have negociate a bigger deal if we would have won few trophies in the last few years.

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      • Liverpool aint even a top four club.. possible at the end of this season but nothing proved yet and compare us to Liverpool….

        Liverpool simple cant compete financially with us their a thing of the past.. this is a disgrace especially when Man U have a kit deal way more than ours around the corner.

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