Friday, September 19, 2014
Arsenal to announce Puma deal on Monday?

Arsenal to announce Puma deal on Monday?

It looks as though Arsenal will publicly announce the club’s new kit deal with Puma on Monday with invitations to a ‘special media conference’ dropping in press email inboxes this morning.

The club have thus far stubbornly refused to comment on reports of a new long-term commercial partnership, likely because of contractual responsibilities with current provider Nike, despite images appearing months ago of Thierry Henry and the current squad modelling the new kit and training gear.

The Puma deal, which ends a 20-year relationship with Nike, is understood to be worth £30 million a year over five years and will kick-in at the end of this season.

Last month Arseblog News confirmed details of the new kits revealing our third shirt will involve a blue and lime colour combination.

A few of the leaked images below…


LdMNqDL puma2



  1. Mildly Amusing Name

    Let’s hope they don’t bring an actual puma to the presser… we have enough problems with injuries as it is.

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  2. Now I have get rid of my Nike gear, it’s not cheap being an arsenal fan ;)

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  3. Can’t wait for the Cameroon-esque tank tops

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    • I don’t like the look of that top with the zipper neck that Giroud is wearing in the first pic. If it doesn’t look good on him what chance do the rest of us have. The team are playing that well at the moment they could be wearing red and white potato sacks and i wouldn’t give a shit.

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  4. Love the close fitted style of Puma tops, but I’m guessing there are going to be quite a few fans buying several sizes larger.

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  5. VictoriaConcordiaCrescit

    Hope both the white/yellow splat and the red/purple kits are just training ones

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  6. I just don’t think I can stomach this. Arsenal have always been associated with Nike throughout their 100+year history. What am I to do?

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  7. First january signing despite Wenger claiming otherwise?

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  8. Why is my name required

    Ahh…i can look all manly with these tight puma shirts and bring home a few chicks

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  9. Obviously stomachs like mine weren’t taken into consideration

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  10. Nike will be regretting this big time in the future…….ARSENAL ARE BACK and our famous red and white shirts will be shown parading trophies around the world on tv for years to come without the iconic swoosh.
    They’ll be fucking kicking themselves !

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  11. murray's whale ale

    Yellow splat on white looks horrible. Like a bird having a massive diarrhea on a Tottenham kit

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  12. Special conference on monday to showcase our new signing, Juan Mata..!!!
    Ohh someone please hijack Utd-Mata deal.
    Its just WRONG..!!!
    They need to rot for another couple of season. Someone stop it plsssss…

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    • You must be seriously deluded if you think Mata can stop the rot at Old Travesty.

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    • Desperation signing there defence has a big hole in it. Don’t see how he solves that problem.

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      • Yes, Moyes really wasn’t thinking clearly there (I know, I’m being redundant again). Mata plays exactly the some role and position as Rooney. He’ll never be able to fit both of them on the pitch at the same time without one or the other’s being in an unfamiliar position.

        Maybe it was done with the knowledge that Rooney is leaving at the end of the season?

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  13. Thierry does wear his pants awfully high doesnt he, maybe I should do the same?

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  14. What the hell is that yellow splat? A map of France?

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  15. Im going on the treadmill before I buy that

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  16. Puma Kings – the best boots of all time. Hope some of our boys hit them up next year.

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  17. im looking forward to the puma team bringing cesc back

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  18. Gross.

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  19. The lost sleeves of Mathieu Flamini

    Pity, I was hoping the Congolese Sapeurs would be behind the kit design What a press conference that would make!

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  20. I think that guy in the picture is Linford Christie

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  21. In other good news, for the first time we are no longer top of the injury table

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  22. Never been a fan of the tight puma jerseys. Doesn’t look for us fans……with pot bellies.

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  23. Pennant's forgotten Porsche

    Seeing “1 Champion League final” breaks my heart

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  24. How is this one going to help us win the league? Nothing / just Nothing and thanks for wasting our time.

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    • Unnecessarilystupid


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    • Mills (The Other One)

      Well, if they give us more money to spend each year, we can get better players and therefor have a higher probability of securing top spot in the PL and CL and FACup and COCup … Time unwasted :)

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    • Canadian Arsenal Fan

      tight jerseys+walcott= people on the other side feeling gale force wind

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  25. Looks like Thierry spilt food on his shirt…

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  26. Ugly as fuck.

    I’ll get my coat.

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  27. The one with giroud in the catalog isn’t too bad. I mean it’s not the iconic swoosh, with their classy simplistic approach, but hey! Upwards and onwards for the AFC, on and off the pitch. Just a kit people, won’t have anything to do with the performances inside the emirates compound.

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  28. That yellow splash consists of tiny pics and signatures of club legends and managers. Not minding also the Highbury emblem in the background of all those historical images

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  29. i want to boff bendtner and I'm not even gay

    TH14 looks like someone has chundered on him

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  30. Is that Linford Chrisite?

    Old Joke.

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  31. Looks like Thierry had thrown up over his shirt!
    Or had a really messy curry.

    And I’m not sure about the one Giroud’s wearing either. Red and blue don’t look right.
    But hey, it’s been years since I brought a kit/shirt so it’s not like I’ll be spending any money on this one.

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  32. P.S who IS that between Sagna and Henry?

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  33. so a war of the brands for the premier league title?

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  34. Anything’s fine as long as Puma’s paying loads to fund our spendthrift ways.

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  35. In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

    Imagine the number of promising teenagers the boss can poach from Ligue 2 with the Puma money!

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  36. Striped socks??

    I’m buying the whole damn kit this time.

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  37. Am I the only one thinking that as Thierry’s in the pics, that must mean he’s coming back home to finish his career?

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  38. Good to know, thanks.

    (I was only joking by the way)

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  39. Like a new shirt supplier

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  40. The new gold away shirt with puma is the best iv ever seen can’t wait to buy it C’mon ARSENAL

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  41. I sur ehope these leaked pics are fakes … the only only that looks okay is Thierry’s home kit. The away kit looks like someone puked on a Tottenham jersey.

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  42. Why does Titi have mustard on his jersey?

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  43. Sammy Nelsons Arse

    Nike will be kicking themselves if Arsene manages to do the zip up on his shiny new Puma coat next season !

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  44. Look at the kit deal a none top 4 club such as Liverpool got, why cant we get double the amount?

    We are top of the lesgue, on the up and have players like Ozil in our squad our kid deal should be a lot more than 30 million a year.

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  45. Yeah just checked Liverpool get 25million so we make 5 million more thats it?

    Last time i checked Liverpool aint even a big club anymore..

    Last time i checked finally we cant b matched only by clubs with oil rich owners.. we are top of the league and we have players like Ozil yeh we only make a bit more in our kit deal than Liverpool.

    What a insult!

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  46. Love how Thierry doesn’t even play for us anymore and still models for us. Just shows you what a legend he is !

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