Bellerin extends Watford loan


Hector Bellerin is to extend his loan spell at Watford until the end of the season.

The Spanish right back initially moved on a short-term basis until this month, but he’ll now stay with Hornets until the end of the current campaign.

Speaking on Twitter, he said, “So happy and grateful for extending my loan with Watford till the end of the season. Now, time to put in work!”

The former Barcelona youth has made 7 appearances so far since arriving in November, and is highly thought of at Arsenal. Gaining valuable experience, especially at a time when there’s still doubt over the right back position for next season, could stand him in good stead.

Good luck to him.


  1. Didn’t I read somewhere yesterday that Wenger would do all he could to extend Sagna’s contract, and that they were not too far away doing that?

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  2. This is a good thing.

    I have a few Watford-supporting friends and they are pretty impressed with him. They reckon he’s been MotM in a couple of games already. I have high hopes for him.

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  3. We will be extending Sagna’s deal if we cant find an experianced replacement this loan for Bellerin makes total sense for experiance even if Sagna does stay gives Bellerin more time to develop rather than being rushed through. Only problem is what to do with Jenks

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    • Keep him to fight it out with Bellerin in a year or two if Sagna stays as he’ll inevitably shift towards the middle.

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  4. good news if he’s enjoying himself there. next season will be far too soon for him re: arsenal 1st team. but considering Jenks’ shaky appearances (by a reasonably high standard he set with is moments of quality last year) maybe a solid squad position with cup time is up for grabs in the short term…..

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  5. Very talented boy. He’s so good going forward he could probably play as a winger. Hopefully he can become the next Dani Alves (except better defensively and not a diving cunt)

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  6. He is competition for Jenkinson.

    Preferably Sagna will extend a couple more seasons which will afford time for both pretenders to his throne to be assessed (Bellerin and jenks)

    if not, and regardless of Bellerin or Jenkinson’s development, we should be in the market for a RB in the summer. Coleman at Everton and Debuchy must surely be on the list.

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    • Why? If Sagna signs a new contract, why sign another right-back?… they wouldn’t play if Sagna was still here/why would Sagna sign a contract if he wasn’t in Wenger’s first team plans for 2014-15? And by the start of 2015-16, I’m sure Jenks/Bellerin will be more than ready…

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      • I think he was saying we should be in the market for another right back if Bacary doesn’t extend or sign a new contract

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  7. He is playing on the right wing at Watford I believe… wish he was playing right-back… he is great going forward, but would be good if the defensive side of his game also benefitted from the loan. Either way, he is a great prospect…

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    • He has played right back and right wing back but not right wing – he works in a 442 or a 352 (as one of the 5) – miles better than Jenkinson already and a certainty to make your first team in the next couple of years.

      Now when are you guys going to sign a striker – if you do the league is between you and city – if you don’t then you might finish 5th – be realistic you won’t get a last 5 minute goal every week and neither Bendtner / Podolski or Walcott are the answer.

      If you are going to keep Ozil happy- you must win stuff and that requires money

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      • Ozil won’t be looking back sooner than next January – the change is too big for him to have time to think about anything else than hard work. And I think you are underestimating chelzs, they will be in the mix until the very end.

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  8. Bellerin is a great prospect. And to Jenko: we are club with high ambitions. If he want to play he has to live with the competition. And I don’t feel that he gave up.

    Tbh Bellerin has a bright future. Jenko has to fight to earn his place in the starting line.

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  9. Wouldn’t connect this to the Sagna situation. The kid needs to develop regardless, and if next season he’s in a position to compete for a first-team place, then great.

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