Eduardo plays down Arsenal return


Former Gunner Eduardo da Silva has played down any potential return to Arsenal. After media stories linked him with a move back to the Emirates, the Crozilian said, “I do not know anything about it, other than what I read in the media.

“But of course, who would not like to go to Arsenal? Everybody knows that when I left, everything was done in a friendly manner.

“We are still friends and after leaving I spoke several times with Arsene Wenger. I still have many friends in London but of course this does not mean that I will come back to Arsenal.”

Indeed, and the reason he was let go was because of how badly that injury impacted him and his ability to play at Premier League level.

Not much will have changed in that regard over the last few seasons, but he remains, rightly, a popular character amongst Arsenal fans who cheered his goal for Shaktar in the Champions League two seasons ago.

Meanwhile, there have been whispers that Ju-Young Park could be on his way back to Ligue 1 with former Champions Montpellier interested in a loan deal until the end of the season.

Given the only way he’s going to play at Arsenal is if all other strikers, and possibly some midfielders too, contract bubonic plague, it would be a decent move for him.


  1. The skill Edu has is unbelievable, the injury wrecked his arsenal career or would’ve been one of the greats. Would not mind seeing him back in red & white if he’s looking sharp – honestly not seen him play recently though.

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    • Every time I watch the season review, it sucks. The guy was a craftsman, just knew exactly what to do in front of goal. Would have been a prolific scorer for us.
      The fear never left him after being amputated on the field. I recall during the comeback, his expression after he scuffed a ball to score and teammates ran in to congratulate- he winced, it was painful to see.

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      • Bang on, it was never his skill that was questioned rather it was the psychological impact the injury had on him.

        Still one of my favourite players, he loved/loves the club like a proper Gooner.

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  2. Poetic justice for 08 if he came back to us half way through a season when we’re on top and helped us win the league, almost too perfect

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    • I think you must be on crack or something. Class is permanent. In fact, Edu is only 30. In addition, he does not miss chances in front of goal, chances which cost us dearly, like a certain french bloke whose name begins with G and ends in iroud.

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      • In fact, if he were to play alongside Giroud, it would be the perfect combination. Theoretically, they complement each other perfectly. Giroud plays lovely little passes in tight areas, and Edu finds space and never misses his chances!

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  3. Was quite possibly the best finisher in the PL before Taylor came along, oh what might of been. Still, wouldn’t be a bad signing. As for Park,well the less said about that the better….

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  4. He is not playing down Arsenal return he quite clearly wants Arsenal return but at the same tine also inviting other offers.

    would you take him back?

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    • Class player, love the guy. However, I can’t see how he is the player we need right now. He can’t really play as a lone central striker in the system we have, and thus would raise the same issues that Podolski does. With teams mostly shunning the 4-4-2 system nowadays, guys like Eduardo are harder to fit into teams and tend to get shunted out to the wings. And we have a lot of options out wide.

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  5. I would give my right leg for him to score the winning goal last game of the season for us to win the league.

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  6. He’s better than that Manc-Spud Berbatov. Pace might have decreased but the predatory instinct is still there. Such a shame he got injured JUST when he was finding his form. Could have been a truly great player.

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  7. Only 19 goals in 71 games for Shakhtar. He wouldn’t be the best option for us at all. I loved him when he was here, but I don’t think we can afford to be too sentimental.

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  8. “Given the only way he’s going to play at Arsenal is if all other strikers, and possibly some midfielders too, contract bubonic plague”

    Almost choked on my coke!

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  9. Come to think of it, Eduardo is an awesome striker full of goals. He did not need pace or physical strength to bang them in. his movement is awesome and he must be recovered by now to push us through the next 5 months. Plus he looks like Diego Costa

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  10. That goal with the outside of his boot, with the site heel finish: absolutely amazing. I had to watch it a few times to convince myself it had actually happened.

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    • He scored that goal at the first Arsenal match I ever attended live. Astonishing goal! Still one of my favourite goals of all time.

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  11. Eduardo couldn’t perform that great after the injury, but a lot of it may have been down to lack of confidence and mental fear.

    Bringing him back at the position would send his confidence through the roof and might just make him great again.

    He could be our Ramsey #2 and Flamini #2 combined, the first part cause of the difference confidence could make for him, and the latter cause he would be here for unfinished business and help Arsenal win the league.

    If we could bring him home back soon enough we could play him against some lower table teams and against Coventry and see how he does, if he’s not doing that well, we’ll still have Giroud and Bendtner.

    Bring Dudu home, it’s better than nothing.

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  12. It’s funny how all the other tabloids interpret the same quote as “Eduardo wants Arsenal return”.
    It would really be a fairytale if he does come back and help us to win the league. And, even if he is nothing like what he used to be, he’ll probably be a positive presence in the dressing room and welcomed back by the team. Oh wells, it’s highly unlikely though :/

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  13. Think we’re putting our emotions ahead of our brain on this one, it’s a no from me.
    Just because he suffered a terrible injury doesn’t mean “faith” has it he’ll win the league with us.

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    • Yeah, I think if I’m honest I probably think the same. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t love for him to come back and score 10 or so goals before the end of the season.

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  14. A real arsenal man,Eduardo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you have my respect and love.wish you all the best in you career.Many media outlets keep on fabricating false news coz that is the only way they increase the number of readers on their site.pooooooooooooor them! The way Eduardo replied shows how respectful and wise man he is.thank you eduarodo!!!

    I know Park is just on the bench but we have never heard bad words from him.He just respected we the fans and the club and just do all his talking with the boss.The good thing is at least we check for his presence on pictures from training ground.i really hope AW will give him a chance.Loan or permanent move is another option for him.anyways,as he respected us,we must also continue dealing with him with respect.i have never heard fans complaining about him.

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    • I’m sure that Park’s pay packet is such that he has plenty of motivation not to unnecessarily rock the boat. If he really had the desire to resurrect his career, he would take a pay cut and play somewhere else. Easy for me to say, I know, and it’s really Arsenal fault for giving him such an unmovable contract, but still.

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  15. He came to us when Henry went
    Edu, Edu
    He scored more goals than Darren Bent
    Edu, Edu
    He broke his leg, but now he’s back
    And Darren Bent still is cack
    Eduardo Silva
    Arsenals number 9.

    Loved that song!

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  16. If this is any consolation for Park, one player contracting bubonic plague would likely result in most of the squad contracting it also. This would give him an unchallenged run in the first team until he himself contracts the plague or he leaves 🙂

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  17. Eduardo never missed a one on chance with the goalkeeper. Who remembers his second half brace against Everton on a particular Sunday evening?

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  18. Does anyone know his Shaktar’s current situation and if they would be open to selling? If he is an irreplaceable part of their attack and vital for CL qualification and/or league title, and if the team are well-funded, then we might as well be speculating on what Ronaldo would be like playing for us.

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  19. Cup tied.

    Don’t see the point.

    I don’t think we need cover for Giroud. Bendner is decent enough in what Giroud does.

    What we need is capability not cover and we need someone who can play in the CL, give us a bit of variation/creativity.

    Eduardo fits the bill but is cup tied.

    Saw the link to Greizmann. 10m looks a lot for him. he is a pacy player but doesn’t look like what we need. We have plenty of pace (Ox and Gnabry can play on both flanks) where we need a bit of invention. if we wanted another pacy player there is also Konoplyanka and Cabella.

    We need IMO someone who can operate in tight spaces and create (+ pace) Someone more like our summer targets Higuain and Suarez.

    If his focus is there, someone like Pato on loan (with first option to buy) would be ideal. he is pacy and tricky off the shoulder. Only 24, he is also most importantly NOT cup tied and will give us something extra going into the game(s) against Bayern.

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    • Pato was phenomenal until he picked up an injury and then got kind of fat. However… a calculated risk perhaps at a bargain price? If anyone could turn him around it’s Le Prof.

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  20. Can someone please remind me of how many goals did he score in the season 2007-08 before his injury? Thanks in advance

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  21. Not happening. Wenger has no good reason to wish he had kept Eduardo. He did okayish before the injury and poorly ever since.

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  22. Somehow don’t think this is going to happen. However, I do think this is the right kind if signing we need; Goal scoring experience in the prem, a different option of gameplay, a player with unfinished business, and a solid link with the team. You can spend millions and millions on a player but sometimes a bit of passion and motivation can overwrite that.

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  23. Yes, Northern Goon, and most people weren’t sure if his all round play was good enough for the premiership. His goal return was just about acceptable for a first season.

    I think many fans look at Eduardo through rose tinted spectacles because of the injury and the quality of some of his goals, but he never scored enough to justify his place. Those quality moments didn’t happen enough.

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  24. I will always have loved for Dudu but I’m not sure I would want him back. He struggled after we switched to a lone striker system and now he is a little older and slower, I’m not sure he is better placed to adapt to our lone striker system as he was before he left.

    It’s also worth noting that he became quite timid in his tackling and chasing of the ball. Where Ramsey eventually got over his mental block I’m not sure Eduardo did before he left England so if he returned it might still be in his head.

    Great player and I’ll always have fond memories but it’s better to look elsewhere for me.

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