Saturday, September 20, 2014
Flamini eyes second FA Cup triumph

Flamini eyes second FA Cup triumph

Mathieu Flamini says watching Patrick Vieira stroke home the winning penalty in the FA Cup final of 2005 remains a cherished memory of his first spell at Arsenal and insists that English football’s most prestigious knockout competition is still worth winning.

The French midfielder didn’t feature in Cardiff as the Gunners overcame Manchester United in the first Cup final to go to a penalty shootout, but watching from the sidelines in his suit he says the moment of victory is one he still savours.

“Of course I remember Patrick Vieira scoring that penalty,” Flamini told the FA’s website.

“To win the FA Cup in 2005 was a real pleasure for me. It is such an intense and good memory.

“I can’t believe it has been so long [since Arsenal last won a trophy]. Time is passing quickly and when you have so many games it is difficult to realise how lucky we are.

“It would be amazing to win the FA Cup. It would be the second one for me, which makes it an extra pleasure if I win it another time.

“When you are a top player you work hard every morning, and you do it for titles. Here we have the opportunity to win one and you have to give everything.

“When you are at Arsenal you have big ambitions and they are simple – you want to win every game, every trophy and we have to fight for that. The FA Cup means a lot to me.”

It’s amazing to think that from the current squad only Flamini, the foetal pairing of Kieran Gibbs and Jack Wilshere and a teenage Nicklas Bendtner were on the books at Arsenal when we last won a trophy.

It really is time to end this fucking drought. It’s getting on the collective tits of the Arseblog News team.



  1. No mind the gap jokes please

    Can’t believe that picture was the last time we won a trophy!

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  2. The upward spiral begins this season!

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  3. All our tits will be unencumbered this year

    We are gonna win the league tm

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  4. Let’s fucking do this.

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  5. Collective tits? C’mon…

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  6. ‘It’s getting on the collective
    tits of the Arseblog News team’

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  7. I’ll always love that FA Cup win.
    It was pure daylight robbery.

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  8. You can see he is a winner something we have been missing for a very very long time!

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  9. C’mon lads let’s put this drought to bed!!

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  10. according to John Cross, Schz is being rested today

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  11. For those of you that haven’t seen it yet or don’t particularly want to pay for the arsenal legends Henry doc on ITunes here is a link to download and watch it (not the same doc as the one on YouTube)

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  12. DöubleDöubleDöuble

    Tim Sherwood will be a happy man at the end of today.

    …he’s a lifelong Arsenal fan.

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  13. “It’s getting on the collective tits of the Arseblog News team”.


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  14. Eric Irish gunner

    Let’s knock these cunts out and end their season :)

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