Gazidis confirms Wenger contract extension


Ivan Gazidis has confirmed that Arsene Wenger will be signing a new deal with the club.

Speaking at today’s kit announcement, in which the £150m PUMA kit tie-up was confirmed, the Chief Executive left onlookers in no doubt as to the manager’s future.

“We are comfortable and relaxed,” he said in relation to a new contract for the Frenchman. “Arsene will be extending with us and at the right time we’ll announce it.”

It’s hardly a secret, but with Wenger still to publicly confirm his decision, this confirmation from Gazidis is about as official as it gets.

He was also keen to stress that the PUMA money would be used to strengthen the team, saying, “This money will be available from the summer for the manager to spend.”

Of course, if you know money is coming there are ways of budgeting for that if you want to spend earlier, but it remains to be seen if the club will do business in January.


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        • Although, that isn’t taking into account the new sponsorship deals with the Emirates, Huawei, etc…. which I’m sure could bring it closer to the £75/£80million mark (depending on how much they are worth).

          Our big ones are:
          Puma – £150m* over 5 years
          Emirates – £150m* over 5 years


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        • Wasn’t the Puma money given to us in one lump sum last year… or did I read a load of ol’ tosh? I thought that was why we had the finances to get Ozil.

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  1. Decide to take a Monday by the horns at work, what happens… you eventually find the most arsenal news on a Monday ever.

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  2. He never grows old, he nover grows ooooooooooooold,
    Arsene Wenger, he never grows old!!

    Looking forward to the next 17 years lé prof!!!

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  3. Great ….. I mean what has he ever done for us and now it looks like we’re stuck with him for a few more years.

    Just great !!!!

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  4. In Arsene we’ll carrying on trusting… Title AND Champions League during this tenure please Boss and Immortality is yours…..

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    • You’re right. I mean, you make a very compelling case with your facts…

      10 years of utter pain and misery, finally coming to fruition. Just signed the greatest ‘CAM’ in the world with a age of 24/25. His proteges such as Wilshere, Gibbs and Ramsey are all getting on a bit, heck, some of them are nearly 24 themselves. He’s also spent the last 15 years planning and building us a stadium, which we’re now over the financial constraints of, he has money in the bank and said some secretive ‘plan’ to Ozil that encouraged him to stay. You’re right, 2 years and he’ll be off. Hearts not in it anymore as he now looks far more hungrier and healthier in the past decade. Glad you backed it all up with facts and you weren’t just talking out of your hole.

      Oh hang on…

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  5. Wait! You mean they didn’t SACK VENGA?

    I saw an interview of the boss after the Coventry game, and I felt really happy to see him smile. Those Almunia/Denilson years and last year’s exits to weak opposition started to really take their toll on him.

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  6. Probably last contract Arsene has with the club. I’m assuming it’ll be a two year extension so a new manager for the ’16/’17 season? Fucking wierd. I was 8 when Wenger took charge, I don’t really know any different! I’m sure he will do as Fergie did and play a massive part in the rescission on the new guy but hopefully with better results.

    I’ve had this bet with my mate since his glory Bolton days that it would be Owen Coyle who replaced him. That gives him two and a half seasons to redeem himself.

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  7. I’m confuuuuuuuuuused!
    “Arsene will be extending with us and at the right time we’ll announce it.”

    Isn’t saying he’s going to sign his extension announcing it??
    It’s like me telling everyone “I’m going to have steak for dinner tonight, but I’m not going to tell anyone until later”

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  8. Arsenal deal with Puma into context per year

    Madrid – Adidas £31 million.

    Arsenal – Puma £30 million.

    Barça/United – Nike £27 million.


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  9. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t Wenger’s 1000 game in charge at Arsenal coming up? Maybe he is waiting for that – to make a special occasion even more special.

    Update: Wenger has coached 988 games with Arsenal.

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  10. It’s ironic that they are announcing Wenger’s contract extension at the same time as this new Puma deal, which will bring in so many millions. We have the meanest, tightest manager in the Premier League, and at a time when we are absolutely desperate for a couple of new signings which would probably take us over the line.

    If we don’t sign a goalscorer by Friday, and then blow the league, then that extension will look like a very bad bit of business.

    For fuck’s sake, sign somebody, Arsene!

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    • Probably because he’s been asked the same 3 questions by the media…
      1. Are you going to sign your contract?
      2. Is Sagna going to sign his contract?
      3. Are you signing anyone? If so, is it Julian Draxler?

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  11. to be honest i would be happier if at least some of the money was used to reduce ticket prices and ensure that the real fans can continue attending games and bringing the younger generations along with them. i love seeing us signing players and competing at the top but the madness has to stop at some point or we’ll just become another city/chelski/united. doesn’t make sense to me that ticket prices are going up again when we have all this extra revenue coming in…

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  12. Seeing that Le Boss is now over 30, doesn’t that mean we can only offer him a years ‘rolling’ extension contract?? :p

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