Thursday, September 11, 2014
Grimandi pictured scouting Ntep last night

Grimandi pictured scouting Ntep last night

Reports in the French media confirm Gilles Grimandi, Arsenal’s chief scout in France, watched from the stands as Auxerre striker Paul-Georges Ntep helped his side progress to the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France with a 3-2 win over Dijon.

The France under-21 international scored in the second half to give his side a commanding 2-0 lead before Dijon fought back with two-goals to take the game to extra-time. The home side eventually sealed victory in dramatic style when Lynel Kitambala netted a 121st-minute winner.


Grimandi keeping tabs on Ntep at Stade de l'Abbe Deschamps, 23 January 2014

Grimandi keeping tabs on Ntep at Stade de l’Abbe Deschamps, 23 January 2014

Arsenal have been strongly-linked with a move for Ntep, who has attracted interest across Europe, throughout the January window but have yet to make a formal bid, despite suggestions he’s already held talks with Arsene Wenger about a move.

It remains to be seen whether Ntep joins Yaya Sanogo as the second Auxerre striker to move to the Emirates in quick succession, but the interest certainly appears to be real.



  1. Hope that we don’t get accused of N’tepping him up.

    *Gets coat

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  2. I guess we’re ntepping things up a bit

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  3. I reckon Ntep is all we are going to get this January window. Let’s hope he’s the next best thing since sliced bread.

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  4. Unnecessarilystupid

    NO NO NO NO, Please can we stop with these ntep jokes already? They’re awful!

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  5. That isn’t Grimandi in that photo – It’s clearly Gilbert O’Sullivan.

    Well known for his love of dogs, some bird called Clare and French cup football.

    C’mon, you should know this shit, Blogs.

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  6. I can hear his song already (think Hanson)

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    • No way his song wil easily be “Here comes the N’teper , murde ra”

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      • Here comes the N’teper, murderer
        Ready to score a header, murderer
        Pick out the big man in the area, murderer
        Ashley Cole is a twaaaat, murderer

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  7. I was going to make a joke too but i didn’t want to Ntep on anybodies toes

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  8. Sarson Vinegar's frightening Sarnie

    Hahaha Nthese jokes are Nthe besNt!

    And I jusNt canNt believe how easy Nthey are Nto do!

    (Am I doing iNt righNt?)

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  9. I would love to see him in Arsenal.He is quick,skilful and comfortable while finishing.his ability to shoot accurately from a distance and use of set piece balls are amazing.Please get him soon Arsene! Do not let others come and take him from our hands.Either sign him and bring him to the emirated immediately or sign him and give them back on loan until the summer only.

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  10. Thegunninggunnerthatguns

    Grimandi scouting or enjoying a game, depending on how you ntepert things.

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    • He watches game ALL the time. He watched players ALL the time.

      He said as much in the interview posted here the other day.

      It doesn’t mean too much.

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  11. Hopefully he isn’t inept infront of goal

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  12. I’m suprised he got a seat

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  13. No mind the gap jokes please.

    Who’s he’s favorite band? Ndubs?

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  14. This could be real. After Arsene went to Spain to personally confirm that messi is not TGSTEL

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  15. Wenger needs to sign someone who has experience not another Nt-ing youngsters.

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  17. We don’t need him. We need a backup. Somebody that has experience already. I don’t want to say that he is not a good player but at the moment we need a player that will come in and be a good backup.

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  18. Look at Grimandi, so badass. Other scouts attend the match with all sort of gadgets, he just simply brought his duvet along.

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  19. Are you sure thats not Stephen Rea?

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  20. Here comes the hot Ntepper…murderer. Sorry, that was poor…*hangs head in shame*

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  21. Can someone explain to me the point of a scout the whole world can recognise? Aren’t we tired of the Chel$kis of this world hijacking our deals? FFS he could at least put on a fake moustache or something.

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  22. gunner for ever, could you link to the four minute YouTube video you have seen of Ntep?

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  23. Does anyone know when he’s striking a ball does he use his laces, the outside of his boot or his (you know what’s coming dont you….) Ntep.

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  24. After a night out with the lads, does he pick up ntep? You bet your ass he does.

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  25. If we sign him, and with Sanago already here, we’d have young French talent Ntep.

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  26. He’s got a perm
    He’s got a perrrrrrrrm
    Giles Grimandi,
    He’s got a perm.

    (Although I would NOT point that out to him directly)

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  27. I think we’re showing real iNteptitude at pun making here folks…

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  28. Is that linford Christie in the picture?

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  29. I’m pretty Nteptical about the whole thing. Don’t think he’s the drop-in striker we need to finish the season with. My vote would be a Sa- no go.

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  30. My first language is French. Can someone Nteprete these jokes?

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