Gunners tracking young Spanish right back


Reports from Spain say that Arsenal are keeping their eye on Atletico Madrid’s young right back, Javi Manquillo.

The 19 year old has caught Arsene Wenger’s eye and according to AS contact has been made with his ‘people’, but with just 2 first team appearances to his name this season, his inexperience might be a factor.

The right back situation is one that clearly need some consideration right now because although contract discussions ongoing with Bacary Sagna, there are doubts over his long-term future.

Carl Jenkinson has been fairly reliable back-up to the Frenchman but it remains to be seen if the Arsenal boss sees him as the long-term replacement, while on-loan Hector Bellerin has impressed at Watford but again lacks experience.

However, while we know that Arsene is good at unearthing young talent in Spain, we suspect this might be one for the summer, depending on what happens with Sagna and beyond.


  1. I’d rather just back Bellerin in to play a role if required and have Sagna sign a new contract. All going to plan, we have a fairly good succession plan in place as is at right back so it’d be an odd one.
    But hey, I’ve never seen the guy play so I can’t really judge.

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  2. Hate to play devils advocate. But my assumptions are, If Rosicky has played well enough to earn himself a new contract (it seems that way), then I’d say Bac has done well enough to warrant talks aswell.
    So perhaps it’s him causing a problem. Which dosent add up because you feel he loves the club (his distain for spuds is reason enough).
    Ohhhh I don’t know, one of the many Arsenal mysteries we must ponder.

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    • According to the fact that this guy has only appeared two times this season already, and from the vague source of ‘reports in spain’, we still can’t fully gauge the situation. People know our right back problem currently and headlines like etc ARSENAL INTERESTED IN MADRID RIGHT BACK MAESTRO would catch anyones eye…

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  3. It seems like we are after a lot of Atletico players at the moment. If we believed everything the press tells us we want Manquillo, Niguez and Costa.

    A young chap like this, relatively unproven and still quite raw will need to be given a lot of time to adapt to the league. If we are willing to be patient enough with Manquillo to allow him to get up to speed I’d rather we afforded the same opportunity to Jenkinson.

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    • Jenkinson..buhahaa,so one dimensional though you can’t fault his effort but that’s not enough for a pro footballer

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      • you were probably saying the same about ramsey… jekinson is young right back who get call to first team once every 2 month.yes let judge him on few match he play.

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  4. I read somewhere that we were also looking at a young England youth international, Jamaal Lascelles (or something like that) who plays at CB, and this rumour interests me a lot more.

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  5. Well wenger hasnt come out and said hes stayin like he did with rosicky. So i suppose its not looking to great at this moment. I guess if he agrees a deal this month we’ll find out about it. I wouldnt hold a grudge against him trying something new elsewhere, be a shame though.

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  6. Why on earth would we want a young Spanish right back with a lot of potential when we already have a young Spanish right back with a lot of potential.

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  7. Wengers wants to build the confidence of this young lad, make him approach games with abit of that extra oomph! whilst at the same time put him on Joacheim lows radar for the future because otherwise in my mock Germany squad either of Schurlle or poldi could miss the W.C so for Gnabry to go ahead of this 2 would be abit of a stretch…but what do i know anyway.

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  8. Has Wenger given up on Yennaris? I liked him there, but honestly haven’t seen him enough and I never knew what position Wenger wanted to play him either

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  9. Wenger, please please give Sagna the bloody contract extension. Always gives a 100% on the pitch. His experience and leadership can’t be quantified. Get it done already!!!!!!!!!

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  10. Right back succession is sorted provided Sagna signs: Sagna, then he moves to CB with Jenks (if he’s still around) battling with Bellerin, who’s incredible. Beyond that, Tafari Moore who’s only 16 but playing for the U21s will be ready for the first team in 2-3 years, watch this space.

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  11. right back acquisitions shouldnt be where our focus should be. if we are going to be realistic about winning anything this season we need options in midfield, at least one recognised striker. tiote could add some muscle and if draxler is an option then wenger should stump up the 40 mill. janusjaz at utd is proof that age is irrelevent! coyg

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  12. sell Jenk and let Hector learn from lasagna. Probably buy Uchida (would have said Montoya but Wenger doesn’t really encourage international competition within his squad)

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