Henry hoping ‘star man’ Rosicky is Gunner stay


Thierry Henry believes Tomas Rosicky is one of the stars of Arsene Wenger’s squad and hopes the 33-year-old signs a new deal at the Emirates.

Playing with a boyish enthusiasm and – recent nose break aside – doing so free of niggly injury problems, Rosicky has proved himself a dynamic part of Arsene Wenger’s interchangeable midfield this term and a popular player held in high regard by the rest of the squad.

It’s not gone unnoticed by Henry, who speaking at the launch of PUMA’s new evoPOWER football boots, told FourFourTwo:

“Tomas Rosicky has the respect of the dressing room, and that’s all you want as a football player.  He never put his head down, he carried on working and being at the service of Arsenal Football Club and he always gave his all.

“The fans at Arsenal love him and the players love him. They all know what Rosicky can bring. Unfortunately he had some trouble with injuries, but you can see what he can do when he’s not injured.

“Great attitude, great professional, he gives 100 per cent all the time. For me that’s the type of player you want to stay at Arsenal for a very long time. As an Arsenal man and as an Arsenal fan now, he is a star for me.”

Echoing the fond words of manager Arsene Wenger who made clear earlier in the month that the midfielder remains in his plans for the foreseeable future, Henry continued:

“You can see when he loses the ball he chases the ball down, he works hard for his team. When he has it he’s also clever with it. He always goes forward, passes the ball through the lines.

“He always likes to feed his strikers and that’s what you want from a midfielder. Rosicky gives you that and I hope he can stay at Arsenal as long as possible.”

Arseblog News will raise a glass to that.


  1. I reckon he should never play with less than a weeks break between games, hopefully to maximize he’s career with us, he deserves to be a part of a winning team

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  2. The Arsenal legend speaking about another arsenal legend…I hope he’s gonna end his career with us…love this little mozart!

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  3. At 33, he has the speed of a 21 year old. Cant help but notice how much he wants the team to succed! Strongly feel injuries prevented him from beign an Arsenal captain in his time. LEGEND!

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  4. Absolutely adore the little Mozart! Love his energy and his drive! One wonders how our past seasons would have been like if the injury gods didn’t curse him…

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  5. After his first couple of seasons I was unconvinced, mainly due to his injuries and inconsistencies but for the last few years he’s improved hugely and his apetite for the game, energy and at times reading of it have helped make him an integral part of the squad

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  6. I really love Tomas Rosicky, it’s such a shame his career has been plagued by injury. Imagine the difference he could have made in certain seasons. I suppose that’s just the intrinsic risk of playing football with humans rather than cyborgs who never get injured – or who can instantly regenerate parts of their body so it’s not an issue. Hamstring strain? Give me 3 seconds and I’ll repair that. It’s going to be doable at some point in the future. Instant repair to the human body as we live longer and stronger. In a way I’m glad I won’t be around to see it because getting to that stage will require some experimentation and as we all know experiments go wrong and some of the unfortunate victims of that will die horrible, painful deaths, or live as mutants for years, until the process is perfected. I’ve often thought about cryogenically freezing myself to be revived at a later date but I’ve probably past my physical peak at this point. Unless I’m brought back in a time when full body transplants can happen, I fear it’s too late for poor old Pete.

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  7. I love seeing him playing such a big part this year. The whole dynamic of the team changes when he is in the lineup. Everything speeds up a notch or two.

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  8. great pic. he looks like me at 10am on a saturday morning.

    deserves to stay at the club till he retires, with trophies under his belt. hope he does.

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  9. He’s like the fookin energiser bunny. When he’s on the pitch we play with tempo. You just have to love the rotation we can do in midfield this season.

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    • Yes, but the best part is, you just know when he’s going to foul someone. It’s like, ‘target locked. Honing in. Bam. Target lying on arse. Completed Mozart back to base.’

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  10. He will sign. We know that. He’s a true gooner. And I also read some tweets about sagna signing 3 yr deal for 80k a week?

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  11. I hope he gets a trophy (or few) with us that his quality over the last 10+ years (Dortmund & Czech rep included) has deserved.
    I hate it when players of his quality don’t have the medals, and then an average player like Carrick for instance, has shit loads of medals to look back on

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    • Carrick’s actually a good player, in the same way that Arteta is a good player. He’s what the Americans would call valuable.

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  12. I feel robbed as the little man has proved when fit he is a magician with a little bit of a devilment.
    Hopefully he remains fit for our push towards trophies this year.The nearest thing we would have had to Bergkamp if he had stayed healthy.He brings tempo and that extra class to this great team. Heres hoping
    he stays and gets the contract he deserves.

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  13. Absolutely love the guy – Sagna too. Stayed with us in the bad times so I want them still with us in the good. Sure Rosicky looks like a hobbit but he is OUR hobbit.

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  14. Love Tomas, great player, plays for the shirt and seems a really likable and friendly guy. But I have a question. If he is Little Mozart, does that make Luka Modric, who was for a while the poor man’s Tomas Rosicky, Little Tim Rice?

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  15. I can’t understand his incredible pace, and because of that I usually ignore the fact that Rosicky is 33.

    Folks, I wanted to get your views about Toni Kroos. It’s obvious we have an incredibly rich midfield, filled with talent. I was thinking, however, that if we consider some of the players are older, and that the squad could do with players of quality regardless of position, does anyone think a classy, savvy player like Kroos might be worth going for? His contract expires next year.

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  16. Hopefully we will resign him, good solid pros need to be retained. The biggest mistake we made with our previous generation of stars was to let them leave and not find new roles for them. Bergkamp, Henry, Pires, Adams even Vieira should have been found roles to help create and enforce the right culture and mentality. Hopefully Mozart will be with us for quite awhile longer

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  17. The smile on TR7 face….when he lifted the PL trophy passed to him by Per/Arteta in May. That is what I wanted most to see. COYG!

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