Huawei traffic at Arsenal


Arsenal’s list of official partners continues to grow with the club announcing a new sponsorship agreement with Chinese smart phone company Huawei.

The deal with the global technology and communications market leader (apparently it’s pronounced WAH-WAY hence our awkward attempted pun) will last two years and sees the Gunners strengthen their foothold both in the Chinese market, where successful pre-season tours have been held in the last three years, and further afield.

Speaking about the deal, which fingers-crossed swells the Emirates coffers to the extent Sir Chips can swim in a pool of cash like Scrooge McDuck, Chief Commercial Officer Tom Fox remarked:

“We are delighted to welcome Huawei to Arsenal as an official partner. This is the first global deal we have signed with a Chinese brand, demonstrating our long-term commitment to the market through pre-season tours and sustained digital fan engagement.

“Huawei is a genuine leader in its field, serving more than a third of the world’s population with its information and communications technology. We are delighted to be partnering with Huawei at such an exciting time in the development of its brand globally, and in particular in the UK and Europe.”

Arsenal’s tally of partners currently runs as follows. Two lead partner; Nike (soon to be Puma) and Emirates. Five official partners; Citroen, Carlsberg, Gatorade, Indesit and Huawei. Nine regional partners; airtel, bodog, BT Sport, Imperial Bank, India on Track, mbna, Paddy Power, Sterling Bank and Telkomsel. That’s 16 in total.

There’s also the unofficial partnership with Haringey Council who allow us to cast a massive shadow over Sp*rs.


  1. Finally introducing the “Wenger Buttblugg”. With it´s soft, delicate touch and an aura of intelligence it will never miss the hole.

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  2. “sustained digital fan engagement”??? oh god shoot me now. i mean in the old days if you wanted to keep the plastic armchair fans happy, you produced a nice shiny hardback annual. bah! youngsters nowadays! etc etc

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  3. Scary that they supply a “third of the world” and most of us hadn’t heard of them – makes you realise how big the market is.

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    • Its because they provide mostly main telecom equipment like routers, switches, antennas etc. The terminal business (what we see daily i.e phones, tablets etc) is relatively a new market to them and they are trying to compete with big guys in the field like Samsung.

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      • Spot on, mate…. I doubt N7 would have heard anything called access/core network before. Your regular person wouldn’t know past the terminal equipment brands. They are hot on Ericsson’s heels, if not bigger now.

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  4. Well if they throw money at us like they have begun to do to make Samsung look stupid then this could be very lucrative, especially if that means all Huawei youview boxes get free Arsenal TV…..

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  5. I was looking for clues how big this sponsorship deal was going to be and I have to admit that the only clue is that P6 on the shirt although I think kit man has got it wrong there. It should read B6, therefore meaning £B6, that’s 6 billion then. Alternatively it can also be Pounds Six but I doubt…

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