Oxlade-Chamberlain returns in U21s win


After Arsene Wenger revealed Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain would be back in the squad for the trip to Aston Villa, the midfielder got some valuable playing time under his belt tonight.

He turned out for the U21s against Fulham in the Under-21 Premier League Cup and played for 45 minutes. He was, according to reports, bright and inventive, and almost scored late in the half.

Arsenal went on to win with a second half Thomas Eisfeld, but with Theo Walcott out for the rest of the season having Oxlade-Chamberlain sharp as soon as possible will be a priority for Arsene Wenger.

Earlier, Carl Jenkinson, who also played in the game against Fulham, said, “He’s a fantastic player who brings an awful lot to the team.

“To have him back in and around the group is a boost for everyone – he’s only young but he’s a key member of the squad.”


  1. I really hope he gets back to the form like he was showing for half an hour vs villa, I’d love to see us get the best out of him for the remainder of the season, he has exceptional talent, great technique, pace, and strength! good luck chambo!

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  2. Hard to imagine the heights chambo would have reached this season if he would have stayed fit. remember the few minutes he had on the pitch vs villa, absolutely bombing on that rightwing wasn’t he?

    It was on the back of a proper season and everything was just right for him, then diabys demons stepped in. shame.

    But he’s back now and i’m excited for him and us. come on Ox!

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  3. I love the idea of Corporal Jenkinson describing Ox as “bringing an awful lot to the team.”

    While sipping English breakfast from bone china and pushing things around on war maps with those long pointy cue-stick things, no doubt.

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    • I know it’s pernickety, but…a corporal would never be making the tactical decisions you’re alluding to. He would however be particularly good at taking down the enemy at all costs (and giving his brothers in arms a good bollocking when needed)…tallypip

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  4. Reminds me of the 2002 title winning season when after xmas we lost what most people would have seen as a vital player, Robert Pires, to an almost identical injury to Theo’s. Then a another young man with a red stripe through his hair stepped into his shoes and the rest is history.

    Step forward Ox…

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  5. This lad made me watch all England (england! i know)Friendlies back when he was getting his 20 minutes cameos etc then went on to start afew matches on the right when theo was out. i remember it vividly infact.

    we had seen what he could do at Arsenal but Wenger utilised him sparingly and we all wondered why he wasn’t starting or featuring in matches? (so the little i saw of him turning for England was so satisfying ) and it went on for a while. we were excited of this young lad needed to see what he could do but Arsene kept him grounded much like he’s doing to Gnab. But soon after he made him mark and became very much of a regular at some point even ahead of poldi on LW. i feel that he’s like a new signing now that he’s back. HONESTLY!

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  6. Absolutely delighted to have him back. I just hope that he finds his form sooner rather than later, we really need him to make an instant impact to our title charge.

    And on another note, and sorry if this is inappropriate for the comment section, but if you search hard enough, you will find the Arsenal Legends documentary about Henry in the internet. I just watched it and it´s absolutely must see for every Arsenal fan. Amazing.

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  7. Fantastic news!.. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll keep bringing it up every so often… the game that Ox and Gnab shall play on the wings one day when both are in form… *drools*

    It’ll make the Ribery-Robben connection look pitiful.

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  8. I feek sorry for TW14 but i have a good feeling Serge Gnabry and the Ox with take their chances perfectly and one of them will cement a first team position soon at the expence of Walcott… I see a Vermaelen situation with this one.

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    • Blue. With a skeleton bone structure.

      Imagine Ox running at some never – will – be chump in some other club’s reserves with those on.

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    • Heh. I saw that!

      “….and in the 94th minute, 30 seconds to go, it’s still 0-0 at the Emirates… Arsenal make a substitution…it’s Eisfield coming on!! Will he get on the pitch before the final whistle goes??!! Yes he does!!1-0 to the Arsenal!”

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  9. Great to see him back. His set of skills and mentality is exactly what we need on the pitch for the upcoming fixtures. I think he can ad to the great atmosphere in the team, and find his good form, from early on to help our cause. I wouldn’t go as far as some, by saying he can cover up-front, but our wing positions are certainly significantly stronger with him back in the squad. Hope it won’t take long until he’s fully fit.

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  10. Isn’t it Ironic, he got injured against them and now he gets to make his comeback against them, piece of advice Aston Villa, don’t appear for the match because the Ox is very pissed! A word is enough for the…

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  11. Why Eisfeld hasn’t started in the first team or gone on loan. I wonder if he’ll replace Rosicky when he goes, the legend.

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