Ozil channels his inner Sunday League player


Most of us, at some point in our lives, will have considered the idea of playing football at a much higher level.

For some the skill is there but the application is not; for others they have the fitness but they kick a ball like a special needs mule; and most of just don’t have the talent. However, if there’s one thing I think we all have in common, it’s that playing is much better than training, and Mesut Ozil is on our side, folks!

Speaking to the official site about settling in at Arsenal, and playing over the festive period, the German international said, “Of course it’s out of the ordinary because I’ve always had a winter break in previous years. In the Premier League, you play every few days – you don’t get a week to relax.

“I’m very pleased that I’m in this league because you go from game to game very quickly. You play every two or three days and for me it’s better to play more games than train because I love a challenge and here that is perfect.”

Yeah, he loves a challenge. Sure. We all know he loves playing because it’s better than training, doing laps of the field, shuffle runs, sideways jumping, dragging tyres behind you, having to carry the boss’s fat assistant on your back, doing press-ups while all the other lads play 5-a-side, changing the manager’s punctured wheel, collecting the cones, filling the water bottles, … wait, maybe it was just my training that was the problem.


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