Ozil channels his inner Sunday League player


Most of us, at some point in our lives, will have considered the idea of playing football at a much higher level.

For some the skill is there but the application is not; for others they have the fitness but they kick a ball like a special needs mule; and most of just don’t have the talent. However, if there’s one thing I think we all have in common, it’s that playing is much better than training, and Mesut Ozil is on our side, folks!

Speaking to the official site about settling in at Arsenal, and playing over the festive period, the German international said, “Of course it’s out of the ordinary because I’ve always had a winter break in previous years. In the Premier League, you play every few days – you don’t get a week to relax.

“I’m very pleased that I’m in this league because you go from game to game very quickly. You play every two or three days and for me it’s better to play more games than train because I love a challenge and here that is perfect.”

Yeah, he loves a challenge. Sure. We all know he loves playing because it’s better than training, doing laps of the field, shuffle runs, sideways jumping, dragging tyres behind you, having to carry the boss’s fat assistant on your back, doing press-ups while all the other lads play 5-a-side, changing the manager’s punctured wheel, collecting the cones, filling the water bottles, … wait, maybe it was just my training that was the problem.



  1. I’m not convinced the winter break would do much for the Prem or England, Look at Real Madrid and PSG going to the middle east for a friendly, does that really help? Maybe the league should start a week earlier and finish later so games can be more spread out and not bow to tv demands, but oh well what can you do.

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    • Pampering yourself to a week of warm weather during the festive period, almost certainly, ‘helps’.

      I, for one, was in London the entire festive period and as a result spending more time on this blog than doing work.

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    • Well, a break doesn’t mean a total rest for two weeks on your couch indulging in crisps and a six pack. Professionals still train to maintain fitness, but it’s something entirely different from actually being required to the full stress of comepetitive games.

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    • Besides that, a full break isn’t realistic due to the money involved, but yeah, the league should at least try to spread the number of games, maybe move them to the warmer months of september and october.

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  2. I still remember when I was 17 and trained with a local under 15 team. I initially started training as a striker, but was so good that the only match I managed to feature in was during a match when our goalkeeper got injured and the reserve goalie was just 11 and couldn’t jump and touch the crossbar so I found myself playing as a goalie and that night I dreamed that I was playing for France in the 1998 worldcup and Barthez who was our(french) right back scored a set piece own goal that gifted the world cup to Mongolia by arm wrestling of which our arm wrestling champion was the 11 years old assistant goalie who had puked on Blatter when he came to shake our hands before the match.

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  3. It’s amazing to think it’s only been 4 months since he arrived. We still haven’t seen the very best of him or this team. These next few games against lesser opposition give us a perfect chance to build momentum and a real head of steam. I feel we are really close to thrashing some poor small team 5 or 6-0. (Could be Man United on February 12th!)

    Can’t wait to see this group continue to improve. It’s exciting knowing that there’s still a lot more to come from our team.

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  4. Hey Bishop…Barthez can’t score a set-piece own goal. If he kicks the ball into your own goal from a set piece, it’s a corner for the other team. If he kicks it at your own goal and its touched by that 11 yr old glory-stealer and goes in…then it’s that twats fault.

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  5. Just gotta love Mesut.I’ve always thought he’d get in a World 11 and you know,it’s just dawned on me that finally I actually CAN believe we’ve signed him.
    Mesut is a Gooner.Thank Dennis for that.
    And get better soon Theo.

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  6. Tbh Ozil hasn’t impressed me that much.
    He looks letharhic time after time and
    after the winter break he was afforded i
    expect him to kick it up a notch. he owes
    it to himself aswell.

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