Ramsey to miss 6 weeks with recurrence of thigh injury


Aaron Ramsey is set to miss the next 6 weeks after suffering a recurrence of his thigh injury in training. Arsene Wenger said after tonight’s game against Southampton, “Ramsey is out for longer than we expected. He had a little setback in training. The same muscle.”

The Welshman was due back this week but picked up the knock and is set for another spell on the sidelines. He’d been out since December 26th with an injury picked up against West Ham and this latest issue creates a big problem for Arsene Wenger.

With Mathieu Flamini now banned for 3 games, meaning he misses Palace, Liverpool and Man United; and with Jack Wilshere out for an undetermined period with an ankle problem, the Gunners midfield options are dwindling at the most important time of the season.

More on this when we have it.


    • Big trouble. We have one CM, a seemingly unfit and out of form Arteta. I assume Ox will play deep if Wilshere doesn’t return but we really are very thin all of a sudden. Probably also means Frimpong won’t be leaving this window.

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    • From John Cross @ The Mirror

      Aaron Ramsey has suffered a setback in training – but nowhere did Wenger say six weeks. They’re hoping it’s much shorter and small setback

      Where did the 4-6 weeks come from? That tosser @ goal.com?

      Just watched Wenger’s press conference, definitely didn’t give off the impression it was serious setback.

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      • I’m also hoping this is the case, TV5. Wayne Veysey (and goal.com in general) has a tendency to pluck sh*te out of his arse – so I’m hoping that Ramsey’s ‘setback’ is more like 2-3 weeks.

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    • It just keeps getting worse and worse.

      First Walcott for 6 months, now Ramsey for 6 weeks. We keep getting injuries left and right.
      Rosicky broke his nose, then Wilshere has an ankle problem, unbelievable, all key players who offer the most attacking threat. Who’s next now?
      With Flamini banned for 3 games, our midfield seems light once more. God forbid, i hope Ozil doesn’t get any injuries.

      Market is still open, Arsene. Do something before it turns to regret.

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    • Where did you get the 6-week timeline from?
      This is what Arsene said after the match and in the post match press conference
      After the match “He had a setback yesterday in training. I hope it’s not for too long but certainly not for Sunday’s game.”
      Post match press conference : Aaron Ramsey is out for longer than we expected because he had a little setback in training yesterday. So I couldn’t bring him here. It’s the same muscle he did a bit again so we have to be cautious this time.

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  1. If true, it could be a huge barrier for us in the title race. I have all confidence in the rest of the lads stepping up but some injuries are simply harder to overcome than others.

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      • Especially such an experienced player.

        I think that Flamini has got too caught up in being the bad man of our midfield and he just needs to concentrate on the football sometimes.

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      • In fairness Flamini and Arteta ruled the midfield against Napoli at the Emirates, so not strictly true….it definitely didn’t work for the first 45mins tonight though. No argument there.

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    • No, we have Szczesny, Fabianski, Viviano, Sagna, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Monreal, Gibbs, Rosicky, Arteta, Cazorla, Zelalem, Frimpong, Chamberlain, Ozil, Gnabry, Park, Ryo, Podolski, Bendtner, and Giroud.

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        • Well, I figured if I left him off the list, someone would chime in with “You forgot Park!” 🙂

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      • And you honestly believe they will see us through against the wealth of world-class players that the sugar daddy City and Chelsea have at their disposals?

        Like I said, there is hope. We can do it, just like any other team that mathematically can. Realism and probability is a whole different matter, though.

        When you start throwing in names like Park, Ryo and a talented but too-young Zelalem, as if the quantity of names make up for something, you know we’re massive underdogs.

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        • We’ve always been massive underdogs; since the beginning of the season till the point we “were” leaders. Nothing has changed on that front. That’s the way we like it. Less pressure that way and more glory when we pull it off, which I have the confidence we will.

          I won’t be too devastated if u don’t pull it off either. We’ve come a long way this season from whence we were the past 2-3 seasons and there’s only good things to come in the near future.

          Heads up high, Gunners!

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        • We should have been more determined in this transfer window – before this injury pile up decimated our squad. From ‘riches of depth’ in midfield to virtually no midfiled in a month. We have no choice now but to get weaving in the transfer market, simply as a matter of necessity. Why is it also that when our best players return from injury they seemingly don’t make an impact? Look at the Dutch skunk last night.

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  2. woah woah! this is all speculation at this point, hopefully from pressing latching on to our poor performance and going overly dramatic. Until I hear it from anyone official i dont believe it, COYG

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  3. Ahhh. tonight makes a little more sense now. Tonight team selection was just bullshit for the opposition. But it looks like we are suffering a bit of a creative midfield fitness crises at the moment. Areta AND Flamini on the same pitch? I thought we learned that lesson earlier this season but this as I said makes a little more sense.

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    • that midfield duo was absolutely absent in that first half. were it not for Ozil driving the team forward in the second we would have not picked up anything. W/o either Wilshere or Ramsey to switch defense into attack we really have no imagination going forward.

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    • I think this time Wenger put the duo together becasue he didn’t have much choice. It’s same story with Arteta every time he returns from injury his performance is so poor. Let’s hope we get back jacky boy or Rosicky for the next match

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  4. Without game changers like Walcott and Ramsey during this period, with a team that (even though we’ve won the games we’ve had in front of us recently) is out of form, I hate to say it, but I think it’s going to be too tough to catch up with City and Chelski. I feel empty.

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  5. Go ahead Arsene, take it easy, lie down and relax. its not like we needed a signing even before this.

    And the result today was a disgrace can’t hold on to a lead? is this 2011 all over again?

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    • Will you do everyone a favour and go fuck off away from this site. Go piss off some of your real madrid buddies for a change. We dropped two points and played poorly god fucking forbid that might happen every once in a while. Jesus people like you pissed me off more than a defeat.

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        • Wenger: “We played in the 2nd gear, Southampton played in the 4th gear – I don’t want to look for excuses.”

          Yet you’re here telling me different? we are going for the league and second gear is what we’re operating on? good luck. we play soton and suddenly we make them look like Bayern munich, shaw is good but we let him be roberto carlos tonight. Is ten men an excuse to say a draw is good enough? not in my or any prem champions books. Yes men like you try to make the best of the worse situation and never ever acknowledge s shit performance. The disgrace is not drawing to sotn but for failing to hold on to a freaking lead!

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    • Calling a point away to Southampton ‘a disgrace’, just makes you sound like you don’t know what you are talking about. Was that the goal?

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    • you’re just of those plastic fans and you also doesn’t understand football so shut up please! calling a point to southampton a disgrace ? they played very well tonight and deserved that point more than us. I think this result came in the exact right time to ring alarm bell for Wenger, he will for sure analyse it very carefully and might now go for one or two names in this transfer market

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  6. Ugh. How many of us thought we needed more numbers at the start of the season? This is pretty disappointing news. Hope tonight wasn’t a precursor to the unraveling. It would be really, really nice to see us fuck Crystal Palace up massively on Sunday. We could really do with thumping someone for once rather than just hanging in there or barely scraping by.

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  7. We really missed Ramsey and Wilshere tonight and Rosicky of course. Those boys bring a lot of spirit and energy to the team which we were badly lacking tonight.

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  8. funny how ppl are calling this black tuesday already. We will still pull through. This is a game we should have lost. but even as bad as we were i saw some fight in some players like Ozil today. something that doesnt happen too often IMO

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  9. Can’t be arsed to read all comments so maybe this has already been said but Flamini is out for four matches, he’s been suspended once already this season.

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  10. Am I the only one who thinks TV5 has the potential to fill in well for Flamini? Good mobility, strong passer, and plenty of steel . . .

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    • Been saying this for two seasons now, & also think we need Zelalem to step up potentially, there are matches in PL where he could absorb twenty minutes or so… Feel like the team response to the Ramsey news if the reason for lack of passion in first half, is worst news of the day! We are better than that surely, too many win ugly performances of late…

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  11. And suddenly the midfield looks a bit light, considering the run of games coming up. Nevertheless, this is where our mental strength needs to step up.

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  12. Wenger on Ramsey’s injury: “He had a setback yesterday in training. I hope it’s not for too long but certainly not for Sunday’s game.”

    Doesn’t sound like 6 weeks out from this assessment. Hopefully he’s back for Liverpool next week.

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  13. How many fucking times do we hear “picked up a knock” or “suffered a setback” for fuck sake, am on such a fucking downer now, how things can change in just two hours, fucking unbelievable…

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  14. Look at Man utd, with all that quality players on the team, some bad results and they go out and buy a World-class player such as Mata… We should do the same if we want to contend for any of the competitions we’re still in. And no, I’m not writing this because I’m upset with tonight’s result (even though we were awful and, quite frankly, didn’t deserve the one point we got.) AND NOW THIS, THIS SHOULD BE A WAKE-UP CALL.

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  15. Its not how you fall down that is important, it is how you get back up. It may be doom and gloom, but lets be fair and give credit to Southampton for playing well. Yes we dropped points, but so will our rivals over the coming week. Keep the faith.

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  16. The club seems to have this problem every year with most other big clubs avoiding these overloading injuryies simply through squad depth. We should have the money these days to pick up the extra 3 players or so to have this depth, it’s no good in the bank!

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  17. fuck fuck fuck always seems if one of our players even just broke a finger nail it would be a set back and 6 weeks out maybe the new Puma deal will bring good karma when were at our best fast moving passing we are like Puma’s graceful powerful and inteligent “COME ON KARMA WE NEED YOU NOW”

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  18. where exactly does the 6 weeks come from? this site is reporting a calf injury, stan collymore says it’s a tendon injury and some other bullshit site says it’s his thigh. as far as i can see there is nothing official from anywhere that indicates he will be out for 4 or 6 weeks.

    even if he is, we have plenty of cover in midfield so maybe people should calm the f*ck down. a draw is disappointing, especially conceding 2 goals and having a man sent off for violent conduct but it’s not the end of the world and worst case scenario we will be one point off the top tomorrow night with 45 (!!!) points still to play for.

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  19. John Cross @ The Mirror

    Aaron Ramsey has suffered a setback in training – but nowhere did Wenger say six weeks. They’re hoping it’s much shorter and small setback.

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  20. Makes Flamini’s sending off much worse than it already is. Was hoping to have Ramsey back for the Manure and Liverpool game. We really miss his energy and defensively he is one of the best we have. Guess we will have to cope with what we have got. The transfer window is open but its notoriously difficult to get people in. Maybe Arsene will surprise us out of necessity just like how he bought Monreal because Gibbs got injured. And a draw against a very good Southampton side isn’t the be all and end all of our title challenge. Liverpool lost against them. at Anfield. City drew them as we have. Chelsea lost away to Newcastle. And I won’t even mention the shit Manure has been getting into. This is the most open title race in years. Anything can happen. And Even if City and Chelsea win, the following week they face each other so eitherways they both can’t win. Keep the faith. We’ve had blips before and responded. Put this game behind us and focus on what’s ahead. Cmon You Gunners!

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  21. not sure how that will be for our defense.. but Cazorla and Ozil both can play together in the midfield, in front of Arteta, and Poldi can be back on the wing. Versatility is our biggest asset this year.

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      • Yeah that’s a strange one.

        Granted he just got back from injury and played over the weekend, and we were down to ten men with Santi sustaining a knock, this looked like a game of who can score more.

        We erred (maybe correctly) on caution but if you are going to dare to win, then Poldy needs to come on earlier to make an impact.

        Also thought this was the sort of game Chamberlain should have come on for start of second half particularly since he is an ex Soton lad. Gnabry IMO was a bit over played in this game.

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    • One silver lining is Santi carries on his scoring form and Giroud is hitting them in.

      Still think we could do with something slightly different up top, preferably someone who can react quicker in and around the box.

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  22. At this rate, we may need Draxler after all.:D

    Jack and Chambo can rotate to the middle with Rosicky in concert with Arteta and Ozil.

    The bigger worry would be Arteta sustaining an injury in the three games Flamini is out. We don’t really have a third choice for the role (unless Vermalen?) and Diaby is as per usual far from a return.

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