Ryo set for January departure


Arsene Wenger says that he’ll consider letting Ryo Miyaichi go out on loan during the January transfer window.

The Japanese winger is out with a hamstring problem at the moment, but the boss says that he needs to get playing time under his belt and that if the right club comes along it could be the best option.

“He needs to play in the second half of the season,” said Wenger. “If I find a good opportunity for him, I will consider it.”

Ryo has made just five appearances this season, the last of which was in October in the Capital One Cup defeat to Chelsea.

And if we’re being realistic, he still looks a good way off the level required to compete for a place in this Arsenal side right now. Last season a loan move to Wigan saw him make just 6 appearances for the Latics before his season was cut short by injury.

At this point a loan move is probably make or break for him in terms of his Arsenal future, because with Walcott, Cazorla, Gnabry, Podolski and a soon to be fit Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain ahead of him in the pecking order for a wide position, he’ll have to make a real impact somewhere to convince the boss he’s got what it takes.


  1. Good. Hope it’s to a premiership side so we can all get a look. Perhaps be our version of Lukaka by the way of making points off rivals. Hopefully Chelsea.

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      • I’d go with Everton, as I think Martinez plays a good attacking style. Yes he was manager of Wigan but he wasn’t at fault for the injury. With them going for at least 4th, he may do well at getting game time

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        • Can’t agree that he is not good enough for Everton. Martinez himself said he would take ryo with him anywhere. Not to mention if you saw the few early season Wigan games he played, Martinez was running Wigan through him. He just needs a run of games in a team not fighting for their existence. The Swans or Everton would be perfect fits. Even stoke could be a good loan experience for him.

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    • Why are people acting like we’re going to choose what club he goes to?
      I mean, I love the guy and seen him play quite a bit, but I don’t think he’s at the level where a club like Everton would pick him up and give him decent playing time.
      A mid-table team maybe.

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      • Agree. But i dnt want him to be any where near the Dutch Skunk or fking Adebayor.

        Maybe to one of the other mid table clubs, then.

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    • Its good he looks very far from ready , when he first came and was Loaned to (Bolton?) he looked ready after that he has regressed .. so a loan is a good idea , even to a championship team.

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  2. Would love to see him break into the team (though I think that of every youth player we have). Has lots of good qualities, lacks in some crucial departments by the looks of it.

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  3. Why not Everton? Roberto Martinez looked after him at Wigan, so he knows him well. As such Everton do have a lot of loaned players

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      • I’d actually disagree and say that he needs to show he can cut it at a lower fighting for 4th team, if he’s going to play for a team fighting for the league. Everton would be a good team to join as he would have experienced heads around him and a striker to aim at in Lukaku.

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        • If the whole point of the loan is for him to get games.. Thats an awful idea he wouldnt get any game-time in any of the teams in the upper half , from what I’ve seen this I’m actually doubting he could get regular time at any premiership team but his first loan to a premiership team was rather successful so what do I know .

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      • i like how people are talking out of their arse as if Ryo gets to have his pick of prem clubs to join. Nobody wants him and Arsene is trying to get him a club. i’d he surprised if he lands a prem club a top half team anyway.

        So much promise but so far nothing really to write home about.

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      • For me, until we bring in someone else to cover for Walcott’s absence he ought not go anywhere. Sometimes the best way to realize a player’s potential is to throw them into the fray when it matters.

        If we secure someone else (I’d settle for someone who could play both up top and out wide or one player in each position, and I say this as someone who was content to not bring in anyone until Bendtner and Walcott went down) then fine, send him out wherever will take him.

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  4. Everton? Where Martinez is now boss? The same Martinez who was at Wigan where Ryo didnt get a sniff!

    Cardiff, Swansea, Norwich, Villa, West Ham, Fulham would all be good shouts for him IMO.

    I hope he makes it as he is more of a traditional winger than what we have currently. Him and Theo on either flank would be a fantastic attacking threat for us.

    Speed merchants!

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    • He was virtually injured all season at Wigan. When he wasn’t injured martinez played him… Sometimes through the middle as a CAM

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    • George I agree, he seems way off being good enough. He was very poor in his last outing and never seems to make a big impact for the under 21’s. Let’s not forget that Joel Campbell will also be in front of him next season also. A lesser league I know, but at least Campbell has made an impact there as well as at Sr international level. Top end championship side for Ryo, prob would be the best that we could hope for.

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      • at least someone agrees with me! sometimes the truth hurts, but the fact is he is way off the standard we need form him, Ryo needs to start showing the fruits of his potential, otherwise I feel he will be sold.

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  5. Gnabry, should go out for the second half too. With the way he’s been playing he should get some decent playing time at a decent club

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    • eh – with Walcott out hes likely to get a run now…
      His education is probably best served in and around the first team.. ryo isn’t even on the fringes of the bench so he defo needs a watford or a forest to give him a platform or a shop window

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  6. Hahaha… Lukaka…?
    Anyway it will be wonderful to get Chambo back on the squad.. And of course, can’t wait Ozil to get back on form and bang in the goals and assist!! COYG!!

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    • Actually, while Cazorla’s playing better and better, Ozil can take time to ease back in and hit top form when Feb/March’s heavy weight fights come thick and fast.

      This January seems to be the defining month for us in terms of the PL title. If we can sail through, given the numerous absences we are dealing with, then from Feb on we’ll home in unstoppable.

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      • We are in a title fight mate! Jan – May is going to be defining for us. However, I like the attitude of the team, one game at a time.

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  7. Wenger has said he likes the kid’s game. I think there’s a good orthodox winger in there. Although he’s not especially tricky, he’s pacy, technically good, direct, intelligent, with a pleasing upright style. He seems a gentle soul though, and it may take him a few years to learn how to ruthlessly exploit his own strengths.

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  8. West ham would definitely take him. Be good for him to battle down there. I appreciate sam plays anti football, but maybe this will do him good

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  9. A loan will do Ryo some good but the real issue is keeping him fit. Does anyone know roughly when Oxlade-Chamberlain is supposed to be back?

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  10. They used to call him Ryodinho at Feyenoord, and he seems the quiet and humble type too. He just needs to be injury-free for a bit–with some luck that will happen–and his quality will out.

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  11. Let’s get a striker! Its a critical requirement. Should there be no special one to suit the club style of play get a short term efficient guy in the interim! Eduardo, the ex arsenal guy I am quite he may just not turn down such an offer! Any thoughts???

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    • I don’t know if Eduardo would come back for a loan. If he is getting playing time at Shakhtar before a world cup in a lower intensity league, I don’t think he would come back to the premier league. He probably wants playing time, but also not to break himself in a demanding league like the EPL. Maybe he would come back though, and I wouldn’t mind it one bit.

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  12. After the initial promise, just hasnt developed enough. Like the kid -hes humble and hard working but maybe not at Arsenal.

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  13. people saying Ryo needs to be sold are the same fucktards saying Ramsey should have been sold in the last few seasons.truth is, ryo is probably scared shitless when he steps out on the pitch, because he wants to impress, but alot of our stupid fickle fans are quick to get on a players back..he’s just turned 21. you need to give these younger players some faith, not push them out the door.

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  14. I live in Japan and know a bit about this dude; and years ago I said that — despite most people saying he’s the Japanese Ronaldo — that he probably doesn’t have what it takes. Everyone loves exotic players; and Japan is a land of ninjas, cherry blossom and flying cars to many westerners, whose players train barefoot on creaky temple floors with E. Honda in goal … but sadly the cold reality is most if not all Japanese players in the world right now aren’t ready for the Prem, bar Honda.

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  15. It’s looking more and more likely that Miyachi won’t be an Arsenal player in the future. Best to sell him to Feyenoord where he’s in demand and reinvest in someone who is more developed or simply world class.

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