Sagna contract hold up is a money issue


Out of contract in June, and able to talk freely to other clubs since January 1st, Bacary Sagna’s contract issue is one that will be vexing many Arsenal fans.

The right back has come back into form after some struggles, much of which were down to him having his leg broken twice in one season, and Arseblog News is aware that he does want to stay at the club.

There’s a two year deal on offer but at the same salary as he’s currently on. Given his experience, consistency and reliability, he’s looking for an improved offer from the club before putting pen to paper.

It remains to be seen if the club are willing to negotiate further, but one would hope that the lessons of squad stability are being learned, and to keep one of the key components of the best defence we’ve had in years would a very good thing.

It has been suggested to us that a decision could be made inside the next two weeks, but it remains to be seen if that’s definitive.

Sign him up, Arsenal.


      • Thats fucking shit.. Hes in top 2 RBs in the premier league.. Fuck off Arsenal ,if you want him to sign another contract at 60k pw

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      • Probably the 3/4th name on the team sheet when everyone is fit, yet he’s on half of what Theo is… Too right this is the issue..

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      • We should increase that for his final big career deal. He plays – well – Diaby doesn’t play at all. It makes no sense to offer the latter the same terms whilst denying Bac a pay rise.

        Todays editorial says all the reasons why we need to keep him. And Rosicky too. With all the money the Club are sucking in not to mention the additional 3% from the sheep – sorry fans – it is perverse not to offer him a raise.

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        • We should have paid Ashley more aswell. Then again we had clichy and gibbs in the background so that was ok. We have got to give sagna a better contract jenkinson isnt quite the finished article as yet.

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      • Well if it is accurate on Bac’s Salary then he’s right to stick around for more. To put it in context, Cashley left us because they “only” offered him £55k a week and that was nearly eight years ago. Bac’t gotta be worth 90 a week at least?

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        • I have seen different values in that Mertesacker is on around 80,000, so I would take any wages with a pinch of salt as they aren’t going to publish the actually amounts and most people will guess (even those on Football Manager are guess work).

          I’d say he’s probably worth 80k but I’d be inclined to pay the while defence near enough the same due to their developing bond and form this season and last.

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      • I don’t know what’s more disturbing, the thing that club doesn’t offer raise to Mr Bacary “Consistent” Sagna who was always top right defender of the premier leauge since 2006 or the waste of 20.000 on the likes of Mr Emmanuel “Twitter Executive” Frimpong or Mr Park Chu Young that gets 50,000 for PR of Asia.

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      • Given the fact that website can’t even spell ‘Contract’, and list Santi’s as expiring this year, I would be very sceptical of those numbers..

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      • I read somewhere that Diaby has stalled his wages until he returns fit. I can now see why – £60,000 a week?!?! Taking us for a fucking ride. Jesus.

        As for Park banking in £50k a week. Still the most bizarre bit of business under Wenger’s reign.

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        • Yeah, supposedly Arsene is bringing Cazorla’s contract up for review during this window to give him more money due to last season’s performance. Ozil earns the highest wage due to his bloated salary at Real Madrid. I heard that Bac wants a 4 year deal to take him up to 35 (he turns 31 in a few weeks), and Afc are only willing to give him 2 years. His wage demands are also a little higher than what he’s earning now I’d assume (as most people ask for more..), but I think if you gave him the 4 year deal he wouldn’t ask for more money. Has to be some give there.

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        • Playing rightback at the age of 34 or 35 is a bit of a stretch. But he makes for a damn good centre half as well especially in “backs to the wall” situations.

          Unlike that little whore Nasri, when Manchester City came calling a few years ago offering to double his wages, Bacary Sagna turned it down to stay at Arsenal.

          Considering his performances, his loyalty and his fitness (what a body!) a 4 year extension at GBP90k-a-week sounds fair.

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      • They seem a bit off. I’m pretty sure the Corporal was generally reported as now on £35K, and thought Wilshere got £80K. Also seems unlikely that we got the BFG on £60K.

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      • Now THIS is offensive.
        Name and face.
        MancChavski tosspot.
        Bac definitely worth more than £60k a week.
        Not sure the Corporal’s quite ready yet plus Bac covers CB well when we’re short.
        Sign him up Arsene.

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      • Really hope that isn’t accurate. If Sagna (who plays virtually every game) is being offered only 60 when Vermaelen (permanently benched) gets 70 and Podolski (not played 90 minutes since he arrived) 107, then I’m not surprised Sagna feels under-appreciated.

        And on the subject of loyalty, dependability and hard work, what’s Bendtner getting? I couldn’t see him on that list but I fear it won’t be less than 60 given the reluctance of clubs to pay it. This is a player who has said he never wanted to put on an Arsenal shirt again, who has being in constant trouble off the pitch (drunk-driving, photographed with his trousers round his ankles, beating up pizzerias, swimming pools and an entire street of cars), who wants to play so little he wasn’t prepared to take a wage cut for even a season, and who’s so useless only the lowliest and most desperate clubs (Sunderland, Palace, Eintracht Frankfurt, Malaga) would even consider taking him for half a season. I don’t suppose anyone at all has come in for him in this window, more’s the pity, so we’re stuck with him.

        I noticed on another thread people saying that Ryo wasn’t good enough to play for Everton or for any top-half Premiership team. Well, nor’s Bendtner. I can’t get my head round the way people suddenly seem OK with him playing for us. Ryo may not be particularly useful at the moment but at least he’s a nice, well-behaved lad who works his socks off, is grateful for the opportunity he’s getting at Arsenal, is very determined to improve and isn’t unhinged enough to imagine he ought to be at Real or Barca.

        I think Ryo ought to go on loan to the Netherlands. He did really well there , better than at Bolton, and was happy and loved by the fans. Another successful loan spell there and Feyernoord or someone might make the deal permanent.

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    • agreed. an increase, within reason, is surely more cost effective than searching for a new world class RB (who can do a job at CB)

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  1. I also get the feeling that he is waiting for Wenger to sign a new contract before he commits himself. Things are not always merrier under a new manager. Just ask that Robin cunt.

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    • Speaking of Judas am I the only one revelling in his current state? Acted like he’s too big for the club and now we’re shoving it right back in his face! He won one trophy with us and it seems pretty much he’ll end up only winning one PL medal with United. Hardly the trophy haul he was expecting. Meanwhile we look like we can push on for a number of trophies, and deservedly the loyal players (I hope) would see this come to fruition.

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  2. I find it hard to believe we’d offer him a new contract on the same money. That’s an insult to the player in my opinion.

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      • Disagree. There has been no substantial drop in Sagna’s quality inspite of being over 30. Probably reduce the length of contract but offering him same wages is ridiculous.

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        • Well, we’ve made a habit of giving players over 30 only one year rolling contract extensions. Not to keen on the idea of giving what’s effectively “pay-as-you-play” contracts to guys who’ve given everything in their prime to the club. Loyalty needs to be rewarded!

          AW, sign him up!

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  3. Pay him what he wants. I’m sure he won’t be taking the piss in how much he’s asking for and he’s been an excellent servant for us. P.s sign da ting isn’t offensive

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  4. You are our Sagna, our only Sagna,
    You make us happy when games are grey,
    You have no idea how much we need you,
    So please don’t take our Sagna away!

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    • Your small poem or what ever brought to mind the last match Lescott played for Everton. It was the first match of the season and it was also against us, City has turned his head and he had made it clear that he wanted to leave. In a last ditch attempt at showing him how much he was loved at Everton, they arranged for a fat lady to sing a song composed and dedicated to Lescott. The only thing I still remember from the song is the last line that went as follows: “…Joleon Lescott please don’t go.” After that line they whole stadium erupted in cheers and in return we spanked them 6-1 with even Denilson scoring giving them a good reason to cash in the next day before news of the demolition and the woeful performance by Lescott got to the ears of Mark Huges.

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  5. Vexing indeed. No fucking brainer – pay what ever it takes! He can’t be looking for a significant wage rise; likely just a tidy improvement. It’s all relative; he’s experience, form and loyalty more than justify his demands. It’s actually a relief it’s a money issue and not Sagna wanting to leave. We’ve got the money, sign him up!

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  6. i’d imagine it’ll happen-he has every right to dangle the psg money for more dough, he more than earns it- and he’s a better centreback than you could buy for 15mill, he’s still got 3 top years in him

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  7. I’m sure lots of thought does go in to the contracts being offered and all of that but, offering him a contract at the same money is kind of offensive to me (assuming of course it’s not already a stupid high amount).

    It’s as if to say “Bac, you’re only as important to us as when you last signed a contract” which I for one think is completely fucking untrue.

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  8. Can’t believe we have been thinking about this for so long.
    We should have offered him the amount he wanted, as soon as possible.
    I’m sure Sagna wouldn’t be asking for Crazy money. He is clearly in top form and one of the best Right backs in the world.
    Give him a 2 year deal, what’s the hesitation?
    One of the most consistent, hard working and loyal players at the club.
    Worries about his injuries have been put to rest, surely. Lets hope the club isnt haggling over a few thousand pounds.

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    • I couldn’t agree more. Sagna is one of the hardest working, most tenacious team players in the whole squad. He has been at the heart of everything this season (eg his parried header that led to Bendtner’s goal against Cardiff). Furthermore, we have no real back-up given that Jenkinson is still some way off. Any new RB worth his salt will demand at least that much and more. Arsenal would be crazy to let Bac go.

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  9. It would be truly awful to see him go to Monaco/PSG to pick up 20k a week more on a free transfer. ESP as wenger wouldn’t sign a replacement, and whilst he is promising he’s not there yet.

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  10. Real stingy Arsenal. for a loyal servant such a Sagna adding a 15k on his current deal shouldn’t be an issue.

    He is close to bendnter in wages than he is to Poldi

    sign him up!

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  11. Apparently he’s asked for a signed photograph of John Terry having his leg snapped twice by Mertesacker before he signs, or that might have been the subject of last nights dream…….

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  12. Obviously, I don’t know the details, but he should get some pay rise. Earned it with his play and has served the club well for many years. Will be a huge miss if he we lose him.

    Plus, his missus….yeah.

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  13. This might be more complex than it seems to be honest. His agent could be talking to clubs like PSG, who are quite capable of doubling whatever we offer, no matter how much it is. That being said, I see no problem with Sagna being one of our best paid players the next couple of years.

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    • i hope there is an element of ‘he wants to stay with us and win’ so we wouldn’t necessarily have to match a mega club, but we would be expected to reward his amazing form, regardless of age.

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  14. Time Park did his national service against the armies of Dennis Rodman and we spunk the saving on Bac.

    Totally agree with Blogs about him being key to the best defence we’ve had in many a season. Our back four had been our Achilles heel for so long. Now it’s fixed, let’s not fuck it up again

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  15. I already bought his shirt in case its his last season 🙁
    My brother did the same with Rosicky
    My favourite 2 players in this squad!!

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  16. i wouldnt mind if he left tbh, hes doing ok, but often gets caught too far down the pitch and them 31 year old legs are getting too slow to get him back to his position,, great servant but i think thats all he can do at right back, as a covering centre back though i think he may be worthwhile for 2 years or so, jenko on the other hand=shocking, he just hasnt got what it takes , thus a new rb in the summer should be on the cards—

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    • He is still one of the best RBs around (can’t think of more than a couple at the all round game), gets back to defend very well, has improved his crossing ability, provides excellent cover for the CB position, can teach Jenko a lot of what he knows and can bring him up … Jenko showed great skill early on, is still very young for a defender (Gibbs bashing should be a reminder of age here) as they take time to learn the trade and arsenal require RB to be pacy wingers as well as great defenders. In conclusion, Bac for a new 2 year contract is a blinding no brainer!!!!!!!!!

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  17. Sagna asked for over £150,000 a couple years ago on Football Manager. As is realistic, the Arsenal board wouldn’t pay it up. And he buggered of to Milan where he got paid just 5k more?? I was truly pissed off!

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  18. Seems to me, a replacement right back will cost about £10-15M plus a four year contract at more or less what Sagna’s making. Pay Sagna a £5M signing bonus and keep him for two years. Then we can see if Jenkinson and/or Bellerin are up to scratch and if they are, we still come out saving money compared to if we had to go out and replace Sagna’s quality. Even if Jenskinson doesn’t prove to be good enough, we’ll know that and can go into the market in a couple of seasons.

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  19. If he’s on the reported 65k a week, he deserves a bit of a pay-rise. There isn’t many better right backs about than Sagna on his day.

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    • I agree, he’s still one of the best right backs around, as well as a useful and reliable centre back, and he probably will be for a couple more years, at which point Jenkinson or, more likely in my view, Bellerin will become our first choice. A long contract, no, a pay rise, definitely yes – anything else is an insult. It’s beginning to look like we’ll lose him, I’m afraid, as PSG have been sniffing around and they will offer him what he’s worth without a moment’s hesitation.

      Who’s the full back with the hair who played in the FA youth cup? Ormonde-Ottowille (or some name like that)? Looked pretty promising from the highlights.

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  20. Pay up, what’s it going to cost to replace him, proberly the best right back in the country with zabaleta

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  21. Pay the man! A dedicated and loyal servant of Arsenal Football Club, a fantastic player, and most importantly a man who hates the gash down the road.

    Do the right thing, Arsene!

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  22. It comes to a point where you don’t pay a man for what’s he is doing, but what he has done. This doesn’t seem like the greatest business model, actually it’s quite awful. Still there are members of an organization that deserve compensation for loyalty and years put in, somewhat of an arranged bonus. Sagna and rosicky are both deserving of a bumper pay raise and a classy send off. No need to create unneeded tension by arguing over a few extra thousand quid. Pay the man, he’s represented the crest in the most respectable manner. It’s time we reward loyalty, rather than stick to some bogus pay scale than over time is going to have to go if we want to take the next step in transfer and wage markets we are dinosaurs in this realm of the football world.

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  23. As you say, Blogs, I really hope we learn the lesson re: squad stability/experience. Would love to see Sagna and Rosicky sign on. In fact, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’d cry a bit if the Little Mozart left.

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  24. Please can you give us your sources for your claims in the article.

    Anyway, Sagna should get an increase simply because of inflation, right? At least, I haven’t noticed his performances dropping off. Pay up Wenger and Gazidis!

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  25. Heard on the radio this morning that we were monitoring Glen Johnson. He would demand around 90K a week and with 2 years left on his contract the bin dippers would probably want an inflated transfer fee. Seen as how we could probably offer Sagna less than 90k a week and he is a far better player than I can’t defend Johnson. Come on Arsenal sign him up.

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  26. I don’t get it. We should cave into this man-beasts every demand and do his groceries for the duration of his contract for good measure. Absolute beast.

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    • You just gave our contract negotiating people an idea.

      Sagna: I don’t think I’m being unreasonable here. I would live to stay and I’m only asking for £10k per week!
      Gazidis: Ok . How about a £500 per week raise and we double all your nectar points?! Sign here Bac

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  27. Same money and a two year deal is not worth it increase the wage and make him happy he’s a big part of the team still got a lot to offer

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  28. That seems like a perfectly reasonable offer from arsenal. It’s down to Sagna now, how much does he really want to stay.

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  29. I would really hate to see Bac go. First and foremost because he is arguably one of the best right backs in the league, and has been for a long time. There is consistency in his performances.

    Secondly, from what I’ve seen when he’s tucked in as a Centre Back, he has been putting in performances that would put many “star” CB’s to shame.

    Sure, his pace will be going off, and he will not be able to bomb up and down the flank for 90 minutes every single game of the season, but he is also a true professional, and I see him as CB cover as well as a RB.

    His attitude has been commendable, especially considering the way he came back from injury. You’ll never see him whoring around in the press for whatever reason, and he’s never been one of the players I felt “just can’t be bothered to try”

    As such, he has a future in this team, and I think more importantly, would help set the standard for any youngster hoping to make the first team, both on and off the pitch.

    To me this is a no brainer….

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  30. Hell I am with Sagna on this one. Of course he is entitled toa pay rise, and I would quite frankly be pissed that the team even want to think twice before agreeing to a pay rise. I mean as far as I can tell, since the season he joined he has been, bar none, season after season the best right back in the world, and a more than able Centre Back deputy.

    Why the hell would he not want a pay hike and why the hell would the team not want to give him one.

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  31. Even if you take the sentiment out of it, I can’t imagine that a replacement of his quality would be available anywhere without spending silly money – certainly more than it would cost to keep him.

    When other players have left I’ve thought “Dont let the door hit you on the arse on the way out”.

    If Bac goes it’ll be different. I’ll blame the management, not the player.

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  32. Sure it’s money.

    people have to realise that Sagna, RVP etc moved to Arsenal with comparatively low wages and have been on those wages for a long stretch.

    When they look around at what potentially they could have made had to moved to other clubs (which RVP did eventually), we cannot entirely blame them for watching their futures as footballing careers are comparatively short.

    Thereby Sagna will want the max possible and will weight against a sunset plan say at PSG.

    I think it is a tricky thing where he will go to the wire. if we look like we will win something, he would sign because with the added cache, we could likely get younger players from the increase profile due to the win. But it is also weighed against who will swoop him up in the summer.

    As a hedge for us, there are good options in the market. Debucchy and Seamus Coleman are perfectly good mid term replacements already familiar with the PL. There will also be options outside of England we can bring in so we are in no rush to re-sign Sagna either as good a servant as he has been. We must weigh his experience and leadership against the future.

    As far as long term, Jenkinson will have a fight with Bellerin. The young Spaniard may push Jenkinson out of contention for the second spot. Both will not be wise as neither are experience but either will make a good long term RB for us.

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  33. I don’t normally comment but felt the urge to here.

    What a fantastic servant Bac has been to our club and never anything short of a model professional.
    This is exactly the type of player and man we need to keep at the club and whose loyalty should be richly rewarded.

    It can only be a huge motivation and great learning experience for younger players to train with and learn from Bac, what a terrible shame it would be if he were not to see out his career at the Arsenal.

    Plucking numbers out of thin air here, but if our top non-Ozil earners are on c. 100k a week then so should Bac!

    Sign him up!!!

    *** I know that this site doesn’t usually publish rubbish but I couldn’t see a source for this info, would Mr. Blogs mind sharing?

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  34. This is a no brainer, we’ve one of the best back four, if not the best, which includes Sagna who can play RB and CB if needed and he has at least two more years in him, hesitate no longer, find the money and sign him up now.

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  35. A little rich of Arsenal to up ticket prices by 3% due to inflation etc but not a players wage. I don’t think he’s the type of chump to go to City thankfully, but we need to keep him desperately. Get out your check book Arsene!

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