Southampton 2-2 Arsenal: by the numbers


6 – Number of times Arsenal have conceded first in League play since the away win to Bayern
2 – Number of wins Arsenal have managed in those 6 matches
2 – Number of draws Arsenal have managed in those 6 matches
2 – Number of losses Arsenal have managed in those 6 matches
90 – Number of minutes I had doubt Arsenal would get 3 points from this match
1 – Number of times this season I have felt that doubt
10 – Number of minutes into the match I could tell something was deeply wrong

3 – Good saves Szczesny made today
1 – Crucial tackle Szczesny made
7 – Minute before Szczesny made his first good save of the game
37 – Minutes it took Southampton to take 7 shots
90 – Minutes it took Arsenal to get 7 shots
1 – Shots Arsenal took in the first half
6 – Passes Özil completed in the Soton final third in that first half (of 10)
17 – Passes Özil completed in the Soton final third in the second half (of 19)
1 – Shots created by Özil
1 – Shots created by Sagna
4 – Shots created by Steven Davis¹
4 – Successful dribbles by Özil (of 7)²
4 – Successful dribbles by Schneiderlin (of 4)¹
2 – Number of feet Flamini used to tackle Schneiderlin
3 – Number of times I can think of off the top of my head that I have seen Flamini get away with that tackle this season
3 – Number of matches Flamini will sit out and think about what he done
23 – Final third passes by Özil¹
21 – Final third passes by Schneiderlin
2 – Successful tackles by Özil
6 – Successful tackles by Schneiderlin (of 11)¹
1 – Assists by Özil, Sagna, Rodriguez, and Shaw
71 – Passess by Jack Cork (of 78)¹
52 – Passes by Nacho Monreal²
20 – Passes by Monreal to Cazorla (top combination)
15 – Passes by Cazorla to Monreal (second most common)

3 – Number of times that Arsenal have conceded more than one goal in a game so far this season
11 – Goals Arsenal conceded in those three matches (3 Villa, 6 City, 2 Southam)
10 – Goals Arsenal have conceded in the other 20 matches. Yes, you read that right, the other TWENTY matches

This is what being comprehensively outplayed looks like:

southam @7amkickoff

¹Led all players
²Led just his team

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Runcorn Gooner

Let’s not forget that Southampton are a decent footballing team that have drawn with Man C and beaten Liverpool.
Now a result like this against Palace would be a worrying sign but it won’t happen


It burns.


Again, a game in recent seasons where we may have capitulated. Lets get behind the team, our time is coming!


I admire the positivity, but we pretty much capitulated here. These are not the games we can afford to draw if we want to win the title.

Suit up mesut

With the motivation of going top of the table, spuds will get a shellacking tomorrow. Good and bad at the same time.


Yes we played poorly and could maybe nikkede the victory if it wasna for flamini stupid dobbelfooted tackle. Yes he got the Ball but redcard is deserved. Let hope sp*rs can stur things up against City!!


Twice (this season), we not been able to hold on to a lead for only for a few miinutes and have had to settle for a draw.


We were shite. Not sure why but we were shite. But we got a point. Maybe that will mean something before it’s all over.


If it makes people feel any better, Southampton comprehensively outplayed Manchester City in similar fashion in early December, which resulted in a lucky point for the Mercenaries.


The way S’ton press and win possession, it will always look like they ‘outplay’ opponents (they do have excellent offensive players too like Lall, Jay and forward-minded FBs) but note that it needed an Osvaldo wundergoal for S’ton to score one against Shitty and for all their outplaying, that’s all they scored…


Yes, we were shit today. Call it a bad day at the office, get back up, and start winning again. We can all grumble about it tonight, then let’s just put it behind us. Our destiny is still very much in our own hands.


I don’t know if i should be saying this but, Come on Spurs!!!!


Shiteh and chelski draw… points back to the same. Then we just hot to worry about the performance or lack of.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004
2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Never thought I’d say this…

C’mon Adebayor!

C’mon Fat Sam!


In my 20 years of supporting Arsenal,I’ve seen a character in wenger who never learns from his mistakes.Again and again and again.I’m talking about playing Arteta and flamini together.Arteta was disgraceful today,and flamini even though tried at some point I knew he would lose the plot.Our system is getting annoying to watch.Passing around in circles,and not capitalising on it.I was crying out for wenger to take either of flamini or arteta and get podolski,put cazorla at CM.But all match it seemed wenger didn’t want to win at all,he seemed more than happy with a point.


Totally agree on that about Wenger.. I don’t mind admitting that unless he leaves, Arsenal will never be able to nick matches like this let alone a trophy.. Amazed at ppl. praising S’ton on their display – their style of play & intense pressing is well-known by now and it was up to us to withstand and counter them.. I guess we are all resigned to what is to follow in the coming weeks..

Half-time was crying out for a bold sub – Gibbs for Nacho would have been a statement sub.. And it was clear Arteta was clearly only 50% fit.. a Poldi move around the 60 min mark was what would have sent a clear signal.. once again, a match lost IMO due to Wenger’s pathetic man-mgmt skills in big games.. He just sticks to people for 80 mins no matter what dreadful game/performance they show on the day.. And Scz shows once again that he is a keeper without all the basics needed for the role – he got away with rash charges out of the line but shows he can’t be trusted to do basic things (beaten with simple header by near post) right in big moments..

Apart from that, very worried about Per y’day – looked like he was playing through some pain/discomfort.. And Gnabry could easily be our next RB/RWB – no offense, but the lad is strong and rather good defensively..


I would like to respectfully offer the following counter-arguments:

1. You don’t understand what man management means
2. Gnabry at RB is possibly the most idiotic thing you wrote, and that’s saying something
3. Szczesny has been one of our best players this season and a major part of our excellent defensive record
4. We’re still top of the league

To conclude, stop spouting utter drivel, you doom-mongering spunkbubble.


And to counter yours (perhaps not too respectfully):

1. Did you even watch the match? If you had, perhaps you would have learnt how different man management by Wenger could have well changed the outcome.. If leaving a player on the pitch for 80 mins no matter how bad a game he is having and starting a player on form in the 90th min is your idea of stellar man mgmt, then I’m sure you whooped in delight at the final score..
2. Do you always need a smiley to understand what I meant by the Gnabry thing? For a start, I was praising him on his defensive work.. Got it? No? It is OK – you will grow up..
3. Again, have you watched all the matches he played? Scz’s rashness is rather well-known and when you get beaten on the near post by a soft header, you are right to ask questions.. Scz sure has had a good season and you are convinced by him but well, I’m not. And I’m entitled to my opinion just like you are.. So piss off.
4. “We’re still top of the league”??? This is your counter-argument to exactly what argument? I hardly said otherwise..

You wrote “doom-mongering spunkbubble” and I’m sure that is not the first time you wrote it – you must have been hurling it for the last 8 years at anyone who was pointing out real problems when we didn’t do well.. and called them Spuds when, in truth, you are really one..


1. Man management is dealing with players on an individual level. You are talking about tactics. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to see changes earlier too.
2. Well at least you were being sarcastic. It was a little hard to tell where the idiocy ended and the sarcasm began.
3. Szcz is 23 years old. I’m not saying he’s perfect, but you said he lacks the basics required for the role, which is wrong. He was at fault for their first goal, but he’s saved us plenty of points this season.
4. “We’re top of the league” was my response to your suggestion we’ll never win anything again with Wenger in charge, and can’t win tough games. The Newcastle game wasn’t a million miles different – conceded most of the possession, played poorly, got the win. Half way through the season, Wenger has got us to the top of the league, so crying over one result is pathetic doom-mongering.

I was well in the camp that wanted Wenger gone in the summer after all the inaction, but the fact is he’s built a squad that’s currently top of the league and doing very well. Don’t throw your toys out the pram just because we drew with 10 men against Southampton.


Don’t want to stretch this too far but:

1. There is no great deal of difference b-w tactics & man mgmt. Call it what you will – but not bringing on a player full of fire and with 2 goals to his credit till the game was almost over is both poor man-mgmt and poor tactically if you are going for the win.. unless a player has glass legs
2. I wasn’t happy with Gnabry’s offensive work in first half (nor for that fact anyone else) so I was sarcastic but he did do a good defensive job and seems up for it.. To tout him as a RB/RWB may sound crazy but hey, stranger things have happened in football
3. As I said, I disagree when you say he has got *all* the basics.. only time will tell who is right and I would love to be proved wrong but IMO, we need a better keeper than him..
4. The past speaks for itself on this: what has kept us in the hunt so far this time is stellar defense and the offense (Wengerball) has been very sub-par.. maybe you were happy with the Newcastle win (and similar 1-0, 2-0 wins) but I wasn’t and such displays can’t cut it when oppn. teams are up for it (like y’day) and we have to depend too much on luck (like the Newcastle game when anything could have happened in last 30 mins).. You will come around to that view when we are done with the next month fixtures..


I’d be happy if we won every game this season in the same fashion as the Newcastle game.


So many sweeping statements ArsenalFan, too many.


@AmauryBischoff: I know maybe but I do believe in the crux of all of them: Wenger’s inaction, Nacho and Scz’s woeful performance and the baffling sentiment that we actually got a good point !!!

I really can’t shake the feeling that when it comes to the crunch, we are simply not up to it…