Video: Every Arsenal goal from Aug – Dec 2013


Every Arsenal Goal August-December from AFC Academy on Vimeo.

Kudos to @AFCAcademy who must have spent some time putting this together – give him a follow.

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So many quality goals, we have truly been spoilt!


Where is the goal against Aston Villa?

Burn Baby Burn

Excellent. Glad it’s a slow day at the office


Not to be churlish but this wouldn’t have taken much work – it’s the goal of the month competitions put into one video. Still nice to get a good quality video of all those goals! A nice reminder of how good Ramsey had been this year, and how much more is to come from Theo and Lukas


Ok smartass. what day is it tommorow.


I fucking miss Rambo 🙁


Who needs porn when we’ve got this video?
Seriously, so many wonderfully fantastic goals, let’s keep doing that in 2014 too!


someone did the same thing for spurs.

it’s just under 3 minutes long….

lady nina

and they are all the same goals. felt like a compilation of penalties taken by soldado

Remember the invincibles

You watched it? Oh the shame


hey, this Ramsey kid is crazy!


That Wilshere’s goal against Norwich, as I was watching it live that day, I immediately stood up and clapped my hands. Months later today, I am watching it again as a highlight replay, I still stand up in awe and clap my hands. What a goal. What a team effort. What a beauty.


That goal must surely be on the ballot for the Puskas Award. One of the most brilliant goals I’ve ever seen, and it’s ours!


My favourite goal has to be wilsheres norwich goal.

From the “openning my lotion” first touch in his own half to the “climaxing oh oh” finish past the goalie. that was truly erotic




Well, we didnt score many shit goals did we? 😀


I want my Arsenal back


Oh now i really cant for tomorrow bring on the spuds

AZ Gooner

Did Ramsey score any goals? I wasn’t quite sure after watching that… (please catch my sarcasm)


That was very good really enjoyed it I’m going to watch it again 🙂


I think it was Ian Wright (Wright, Wright) who said that the Wilshere goal should be put to some classical music and put in an art gallery.


For some reason the audio plays, but I can’t see the video…
Can anyone help me out?

Jay Bee

Really nice!!!
Arsernal’s in a class of their own!!!
This piece is so goooood, I want to download it; any ideas how to go about downloading it???

K Dogg

Definitely have to say the most pleasing thing about this is that it seems practically everyone in the squad has been directly involved in a goal this season, either thru goal/assist/aleksandrhlebpreassist (for kos and monreal). So easy to forget how on fire we’ve been so far, great vid


great vid, Ramsey you big goal-vid-hogger! People questioning (I know, but apparently these people exists) what Özil does for the club should definitely watch this, if he’s not scoring or assisting, he’s there making a big second or third last pass for a goal. so much class

Wesley Hoolahan

That Ozil goal against Napoli gets so underrated, I feel.

The way he struck it, he knew exactly what he was doing stroking it with his sidefoot. Perfect swerve. Not many players could do that.