Video: Peterborough U18s 1-6 Arsenal U18s


All the goals from the FA Youth Cup clash here, with thanks to Peterborough YouTube channel.

Cover photo by Kieran Clarke


      • Arsenal player has the highlights as well. Zelalem played pretty well nicking the ball a few times and playing some great passes but it just doesn’t show in the assist column. He seems to be playing like Arteta. Without a doubt Crowley ran the show though. Akpom, Iwobi, along with both fullbacks also had great games.

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    • I saw him in a pre-season friendly when they played Sutton Utd. I think he was only 15 at the time but Crowley was easily the best player on the pitch (and the smallest).

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  1. I don’t know who we’ll sign this window, I know he’ll Costa packet, but along as Arsene can Berb his proclivity for penny pinching I’m sure we’ll hear the pitter-Pato of tiny feet outside the Emirates come Feb 1st

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  2. Crowley has incredible close ball control and vision for his age, we have some very mature youngsters coming through and it’s all a little bit exciting!

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  3. Dan Crowley seems to have had a great game. Brilliant assists, and well taken goals. Some of those assists were reminiscent of Fabregas. Fair to say we have plenty to look forward from the likes of Akpom, Zelalem and (now) Crowley!

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  4. So many great prospects don’t make it at Arsenal, so trying not to get excited about Crowley, but why did Villa let him go?

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    • Apparently we paid close to £1m in compensation, which is quite a serious investment for a then 15 year old!

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  5. Were they playing on ground that ought to be reserved for battle re-enactments?!

    Great play though… In between ditches.

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  6. Some seriously class goals there. The third and the fifth were the real standouts for me. What a superb pass on the third, and what a superb shot on the fifth!

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  7. What a performance by the team! A lot of promising youngsters. Hope to see them break through and make positive impact! That’s the Arsenal way!

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  8. As one or two others have commented, they really do look to be just a young version of the Arsenal, don’t they?

    As indeed they should, perhaps, but this is so delightfully encouraging. Very impressive generally, and some very promising talents there.

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