Video: Wojciech Szczesny – best in the league?


Very nice video from @william_sass, showcasing the skills of our Polish stopper.

Wojciech Szczesny 2013/2014 – Best in the Premier League? from William Sass on Vimeo.

If you appreciate the video, give the man some props on Twitter. It’s always nice to say thanks for people’s hard work – and check out his YouTube channel.


    • It was a typo, was supposed to read “best in the league.” But, since you asked, it’s a question because there is a question mark at the end of the phrase.

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  1. A very nice showcase of his skills this video is.
    He is definitely a terrific talent and has the potential to become the world’s best in a few years but he is yet to reach his peak. Even now I would say he is the best in the PL (our among the 2 bests) and he is getting just better and better.

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  2. Would never have imagined, this time last year, we would even be talking about him being best in the league what with the silly errors and being replaced by Fabianski. What a player though! Easily top 3 in the league right now, could well be the best!

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    • Its important to remember the terrible experience he had at Euros ’12. As one of the biggest names for the host nation, he gets sent off in the first game and never regains his spot. For a young keeper that had to be a huge hit to his confidence, and its not surprising his form was down last year.

      He’s a huge talent and loves the Arsenal, so hopefully he’s around for the next dozen years and becomes a Arsenal legend.

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  3. He has Ten clean sheets in the league and dirty ones at home, i mean have you seen his girlfriend?

    Ofcourse he’s the Best in the League!

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  4. When he saved that header near the ground some time around christmas, that was an amazing save, and very important. Who was it against, anyone?

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  5. Great keeper, and a nice bloke too. If he can cut the moments of madness out of his game, he’ll be one of the best 🙂

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  6. Great saves. Consistently at a good level this year. Bit lucky a couple of times. But he has easily gained us 6 points already. On course to be world class. Dominates the area and good communication.

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  7. The only criticism I’d make… Is that he tends to bat away balls more than seems necessary. I mean you want your keeper catching the ball, of turning it round the post. Ches seems to almost have too strong a wrist.?

    Don’t get me wrong… He is a country mile ahead of the other pl keepers…

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  8. He would have saved all but 1 of Uniteds goals today so yeah he is the best, Way ahead of that Llama De’gea and that masked chelsea cunt.

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  9. Noo way hes the best in the league… annoys me his decision making still a bit off i say hes deffinately a tallent he has potential, hes benefited from a better defense in front of him but still has a long way to go.

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    • Now by no means do I agree with you entirely, but your point about the defence is spot on, they are a unit , have improved as a unit, and hopefully will continue to perform as one. If they keep doing that, well then we have a chance this year, lets enjoy the ride.

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  10. Also remove the rating system its fucking shit people comment purely wanting to get likes instead of putting interesting creative comments… thats why i never criticised fatgooner cause atleast he waa never afraid to speak his mind.

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    • I do love when people come on and make commands as if they fucking run the place or something.

      We won’t be getting rid of the ratings system. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. And quite what it has to do with what people say in the comments is beyond me.

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      • LOL

        jason may have a point (but a cunty way of making it), and its a little half assed. If you removed the rating system, people can still reply and say they are against you.

        There is a bit of village style censorship here though. For instance, it is a bit ridiculous to say “best in Europe,” but anyone who responded to that might have been hounded off the blog. Have to say, you can make slightly ridiculous statements with a nice nick hailing Tomas Rosicky.

        That said, whenever I have expressed a contrary opinion, and I don’t post often, people have been largely civil in their responses. Might have something to do with the tone of the comment, which jason needs to recognize.

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        • People are more willing to express themselves and then people give proper duscussions, reasons and explanations, instead of loads of people disliking, then sheep following the crowd and then their comment getting hidden… I remember this site god rid of the rating system for a short period not to long ago for whatever reason cant remember why and the standard of posts greatly improved… and there were even comments saying this and i also find its the case on other forums..

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        • Good comment but I like to be confrontational.. nothing wrong with being blunt sometimes i find on this site you have to have a very nice tone about everything u say, i often find on this forum i have to b careful how i word thing or how i go about a point because if i say something a bit harsh or not put a nice swing about a subject its often disliked..

          All im saying is the rating system stop people from speaking their mind just say it how it is cause regadless of how many likes or dislikes people get on here its just a opinion its not fact.

          So i dont see how my comment is disliked or a bad comment for just stating my opinion.

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        • If you like to be confrontational then this isn’t the place for you.

          Even the most dissenting opinion is read and understood if its expressed well. You use fatgooner as an example, but while he does get a lot of red thumbs at times, he makes his points with clarity, precision and good manners.

          As Kafka right says: It’s about how you state your opinion as much as what you say.

          Finally, please read the comment policy regarding use of text speak like ‘u’ instead of ‘you’. Thanks –

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      • Hahaha Arseblog a man after my own heart. I told this same thing to another bloke. if you don’t like what you see simply

        1. Create own blog
        2. Don’t include thumbs in blog.

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      • See as example on other forums in the past iv been a member of people wouldnt b afraid to give arguements against me saying how hes not the best keeper in the league, and discussions and a middle ground normally reached… on this forum its a simple few dislikes with no explanation why… all cause hes a arsenal player doesnt mean i have to agree with the hype hes simple not the best in the league in my eyes not yet anyway.

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        • Thing is this – The said user agrees with the poster’s opinion and henceforth has nothing to add to it. And if does has anything to add he does so by posting in the commnets section. To put it succinctly as in this case a “thumbs up”.

          You don’t want all of the 100,00 odd users commenting the same words, now do you?

          And the “thumbs down” is well just that – Again to put it succinctly – You dont want arseblog to become a gory fest of FUCK YOU-YOU PIECE OF SHITE-CUNT-TWAT lingua franca, which I admit, do happen most of the times for which I too, was/is a part of it and hence the change of my user ID. I’m trying to cut down on the swearing you see.

          In that respect, I gave you a thumbs down.

          P.S ; FUCK YOU-YOU PIECE OF SHITE-CUNT-TWAT. Go and have your own blog. This ain’t a democracy. This is Blogs O’cracy. He does what he wants.

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    • are people really so sensitive as to worry about whether their comments gets a thumb up or down? Gosh people, this is the internet… nobody actually knows who you are! You’ll be able to go into the office tomorrow without fear of ridicule because some people didn’t like a comment you made on an arsenal blog…

      regarding the best keeper in the league… well, i think he could be, but he needs to work on his kicking and distribution… almunia may have not made it at the arsenal, and for good reason, but his distribution was fantastic, many counter attacking goals were scored from his throws out…

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  11. Cant believe what wonders Arsene dropping him to the bench did last season for the run in. He seems a different person and player. His kicking game was always always so shakey, now i would say his distribution is a massive strength of ours.

    This boy could be our greatest goalkeeper for the next 15 years. And that saying alot with our long history of class between the sticks.

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  12. I won’t say he is best in the league but he is intelligent and improving very quickly.

    Still prone to a couple of slack mistakes here and there but his positioning and reading of the game is much better, in particular his command of the box and knowing when to come out to collect a high ball.

    OTOH, Stecklenberg was very good against us. If Fulham continue to struggle, would not mind picking him up and letting Fabianski Viviano leave. Stecklenberg and Szsc together would be sufficient for our needs (with maybe one of the young hopefuls from the Academy taking up the third slot)

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    • agreed a improved defense gives a keeper confidence and secuirity..

      Remember in 2007/8 Almunia was good till we started to play very attacking with a dodgy defense he got worse season by season as the defense good worse.

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  13. I have to agree that our improved defensive partnerships are helping our keeper but I felt he himself has done well to make all these great saves and good concentration to read the game well. An exceptional talent who has done well from the setback last season. I look forward to his improvement – he’s still young for a goalkeeper’s age!

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  14. Remember when fans wanted Begovic and Samba instead of Mertesacker…the list goes on.
    I don’t know where Arsenal would be if Wenger listened to fans most of the time like some managers do. I’m so glad Wenger doesn’t listen to the media and the fans who are brainwashed by the media. He knows his players better than anyone else and it’s great as a Gooner to see his faith being repaid this season. Btw that save against West Brom was out of this world.

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  15. Ive always taken an interest in our two polish keepers and its great to see Szczesny doing so well,I always believed he would come good(still not the finished article, especially in distribution),but for his age he is up there,believe it or not but (probably get slated here) I also felt Fabianski has the potential to be a very good keeper as well, as with most keepers ability has to coincide with confidence and experience, which in the past both had little experience and therefore low on confidence. Fabianski will probably leave and go on to show his capabilities.They both come from the same very respected Polish keepers “school” and Fabianski was lauded just as highly as his compatriot by his peers and mentors. Fortunately for Wojciech,he has his father who happened to be another great GK to aid in his development, and he will get better unlike Almunia who was never going to be good enough for The Arsenal

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  16. Who could you genuinely put ahead of Wojtek in the EPL? Cech has history behind him – granted, Hart is glorified for being a pom, De Gea remains largely unproven. Mignolet may be a shout, Vorm has faded away.

    1. Cech
    2. Szczesny
    3. Mignolet

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  17. I can’t thing of anyone better than Szczesny in the PL right now. He’s fantastic. He’s strong, consistent, and smart. He commands the box like no-one else. Every part of his game is top notch.

    Back when Untied signed de Gea, I remember a Manc-supporting acquaintance of mine laughing at me and telling me he had the world’s best goalkeeper and we had squat. Anyone see de Gea’s howler against Sunderland today? He’s got worse with age, and Szczesny’s got better. I know who I’d rather have in goal for us, and it ain’t no Spaniard!

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    • de gea is now very poor, he was responsible for two of the goals v chelski and had a howler last night. There’s no comparison with regard to both of our Polish keepers. They are much better than de gea and Woj Szczesny is the best in the league along with Petr Cech. Our young Pole will now only improve, whereas Cech is coming to the end of a fine career.

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  18. Actually, I think de Gea has improved dramatically from when he first joined United. I didn’t think he would become a solid goalie but I think he is fine now.

    I think all Goalkeepers give up howlers occasionally like he did today but he is still a good keeper.

    I also agree that Szczesny has improved and looks good, but I don’t think he is the best in the league.

    I agree with the previous comment that many keepers are parrying and punching shots and crosses much more than they used to. I don’t really understand this. It seems like the philosophy/culture has changed for the worse in this regards. I see so many keepers parry and punch balls that look very “catcheable”

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    • I think we don’t always see this, but the balls are lighter and move in the air more then they ever did. I think this is why keepers go for the safety first option. Every mistake they make is vilified.

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