Walcott excited by Sp*rs showdown


Theo Walcott says he can’t wait to play Sp*rs in the FA Cup and believes the attacking intent of Tim Sherwood’s side will make for an open game at the Emirates.

Saturday’s clash at the Emirates marks the first time the two teams have been paired in the FA Cup since Arsenal’s victory in the 2001 semi-final, and with both teams in decent form following a hectic Christmas Walcott spoke enthusiastically about the challenge ahead.

“I think it is going to be a bad time to play us as well. For the neutrals it is going to be a very interesting battle. The FA Cup is always special, for me, being English as well. I love the FA Cup.

“I can’t call it. It is one of those games that is going to be very open. Tottenham, since their new (managerial) appointment, have done very well to be fair to them but, like I say, they won’t want to play us.

“It’s at the Emirates, we’re trying to make our stadium into a fortress and we are starting to do that.

“These are massive games, the games that everyone wants to be part of. We’ve had a busy festive period going into the New Year and everyone needs to recover well which we have been doing. Hopefully players can come back but [for] Tottenham, we’ve got to be right up for that. I can’t wait for that game.

“Hard work will decide it. If everyone’s doing their jobs right and working hard for each other – that’s what it comes down to in the end.

“We have that trust in the dressing room. Everyone trusts each other and when you have that you’re going to build on that and go from strength to strength.”

Walcott has been in impressive form since his return from injury last month netting five times and providing two assists. Given the paucity of attacking options at Arsene Wenger’s disposal he knows he needs to deliver a big performance to further cement his credentials as one of the club’s big game match-winners.

With five goals against Sp*rs since he moved to Arsenal, including three across the two 5-2 wins, he certainly knows how to do some damage. Let’s hope he can produce the goods again.


  1. If Sp*rs go gungho like they have been recently we could absolutely destroy them on the break. In that case Ryo, Walcott and Gnabry as the front three on the break could be quite fun to watch.

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      • Ryo is still not physically strong enough to ward off fullbacks stuck to him like glue, as witnessed in the Carling Cup loss to Chelsea in October.

        However Kyle Walker is a shit defender and who is constantly marauding forwards brainlessly. Ryo’s speed and decent crossing of the ball could be dangerous against Sp*rs tomorrow in what should be an open FA Cup game.

        Wenger thinks England are shite in World Cups and Euros partly due to a lack of a winter break and I agree. Ozil/Ramsey/Giroud/Gibbs are all getting two weeks off which could be vital when we face Bayern Munich next month. Wouldn’t mind if Cazorla/Koscielny/Mertesacker/Scheczny all rested tomorrow too.

        Viviano (the bloke deserves a game)

        Jenkinson-Sagna (centre half)-Vermalen-Monreal

        Arteta (subbed at HT by Flamini) – Rosicky (subbed in 2nd half by Zelalem)

        Gnabry-Wilshere-Ryo (subbed in 2nd half by Podolski)


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  2. I’m glad we’ve to this tie as I’d become too blasé about the FA Cup in recent years. Here’s to thumping the Spuds and their overrated former cone-collector Sherwood.

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  3. I would throw in this team: Sczc; Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Koss, Monreal; Flamini, Zelalem; Podolski, Wilshere, Walcott, Akpom.

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  4. I read somewhere, amongst the many NY resolutions, that the difference between try and triumph is the ‘umph’. give it some umph Theo. Go on then. just some umph.

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  5. Gilberto silva is back trainning with Arsenal.All the way from Brazil mind you. the awesomeness on the trainning ground tho?

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    • was just wondering if it could really be him as i tried to get a closer look at the out-of-focus training pic! dint hear anything about it though.

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  6. With 9 days to Villa we should put out as strong a team as possible, Cazorla is still working his way back to top form as is Podolski. Wilshere should be very fresh also.

    The Cup will be 3rd of our priorities but we have an opportunity to knock out q potential winner here, I’d certainly like to have the option if winning this trophy as a back-up!

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  7. Hopefully as ‘our man on the inside’, Mr Sherwood will do what he has to do.
    But we have to accept that he needs to at least pretend to the press eh?

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    • It would be sensible to play Verm instead of BFG just to guard against injuries. Gnabry on the left? or central with Podolski on the left? They will set up to counter I think. Rosicky, Wilshere, Flamini as midfield trio.

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  8. Surely you put your best team out to keep your run going. We have just won two games in a row so need to make it three to keep confidence and form up

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    • Not to mention how much fun it wud be to defeat spuds just when they have beaten Utd and think they have turned a corner and are dreaming of top 4. A spud with hope makes for a tastier meal than one without.

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  9. The sort of ‘adventurous’ game Sherwood has Spurs playing at the moment may suit Podolski and Walcott on the break.

    The trick will be to hold solid defensively against their two strikers (should they elect to do so) and be able to hit quickly on the break.

    Rosicky, Santi and Jack (+Arteta) will have to transition us as quickly as possible and find BOTH Podolski or Walcott as outlets working in tandem (closer to a 4-4-2 for us in that respect)

    Spurs will likely try and pack in the middle with their surfeit of ‘tall bruising DMs’ (orcs)

    Thereby our outlet must be out wide and the support of both Sagna and Monreal going forward will be crucial for the front pair of Poldy and Theo. judging by the fullbacks’ performances against Cardiff, this augurs well for us.

    i don’t think it was fair to think that Podolski (and the team) would have been able to adjust to a slightly different style of play without Giroud (or Bendtner’s) strength so quickly.

    Where Giroud/Bedntner are useful for 80% of teams we face who sit back and defend deep, I think a team with serious delusions like Spurs may be ample opportunity for us as they try to come out and duke it out with us toe to toe.

    There will be space for both Podolski and Walcott to profit from but the key is to release them quickly. If our build up form midfield goes through the middle solely and is ponderous, they will get the better of us

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  10. ………………Podolski………………………….

    * or Arteta. Think for rotational issues maybe Flamini but Arteta offers better balls out from deep.

    The key is to release both Podolski and Walcott

    if they drop deep, Podolski should likely come slightly deeper for the ball but we then must have at least a presence in the box in either Walcott darting in or one of Rosicky or Jack into the 6 yard which means both players have to move up quickly in support.

    Santi will likely dart in field where he does damage and is harder to track which means Rosicky has to pair up with Monreal on the left to offer width there. It will otherwise restrict our outlet to RW and Walcott and make it easy for Spurs to congest the area.

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  11. Let’s see. We plays the spuds tomorrow…at the grove…then have nine days rest till the next match…I really do not see why there shouldn’t be a full strength team tomorrow.

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