Wenger always moans says Mourinho…who then moans


Jose Mourinho, West London’s best known grey-haired, weasel-faced, Portuguese prick, has consolidated his credentials as English football’s biggest hypocrite by indulging in a rant about Arsene Wenger’s supposed moaning…before whining himself at length about the injustice of Chelsea’s fixture schedule compared to that of Arsenal.

Yesterday Wenger was asked by the media for his take on the imminent £37 million transfer of Juan Mata from Chelsea to Manchester United. The boss confirmed that he was surprised by the move, possibly given the Blues unwillingness to lend us Demba Ba earlier in the season, while also taking the opportunity to question the necessity of a mid-season transfer window.

“I am surprised because Juan Mata is a great player and Chelsea sell a great player to a direct opponent,” Wenger told his pre-Coventry press conference.

“It opens again a little bit the opportunity of this transfer market because Chelsea had already played twice against Man United so they don’t play again.

“They could have sold him last week but it opens at least the opportunity [to question] the dates of this transfer window. Some teams have already played twice against one opponent and some others not. I think if you want to respect the fairness for everybody exactly the same, that should not happen.

“I just think you would want that everybody is on the same level. Chelsea do not make the rules but maybe the rules should be a bit more adapted to more fairness.”

As you might expect from such a classless little shit, Mourinho’s barbed retort was decidedly more personal. Taking aim at what he called Wenger’s ‘nature’ the Chelsea manager stated: “Wenger complaining is normal because he always does. It’s something that we know.

“When a player plays for a club on August 20th and, two weeks later, on September 5th, plays against the same club with a different shirt, this is normal. This is the market. We don’t do the market, we don’t do the rules. We have just to do according to the rules.

“If Wenger sells [Mesut] Ozil to Man United in this moment, I will be very happy because he’s selling a very important player. I’m not concerned with other things. So, normally, he should be very happy that Chelsea sold a player like Juan Mata. But I think it’s also a bit of his nature. We have to accept the way he is.”

Showing all the self-awareness of a drink-driving Justin Bieber, Mourinho then went out of his way to make clear that the real victims of world football are Chelsea whose run of games compared to Arsenal’s is apparently ‘always’ unfavourable.

“I think what is not fair is that his team always has the best days to play. Always. Always. In the Capital One Cup, we had to play 24 hours after. They had 72 hours. That’s not fair.

“This week, a week without a midweek game, what everyone wants to do is play before to rest ahead of next week. One plays on Friday, another on Sunday. Who plays Friday? Who plays Sunday?

“When you go to the fixtures this season, it’s never fair because they always get the right to rest and the right time to play. It’s fantastic. That’s not fair.”

It’s almost as if the odious toad is rattled.


  1. He’s such a piece of shit. I hate everything about him and judge people who love him as a “character in the game”. He’s a character in-so-far as Piers Morgan is a character – a totally vile pathetic scumbag.

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  2. It’s true that an early Saturday kick off at Man City after Napoli was ideal, in fact I can’t think of conditions more ideal

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    • No – a Checkbook Manager. Lets see how he would handle a Sunderland or a Hull, or anywhere where he had to sign cheaper players, or, Heaven forbid, Bring in youth players…

      Kinda like Harry Redknapp…

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      • I was reading this in Wikipedia earlier, the advert that Herbert Chapman responded to:-

        ‘Arsenal Football Club is open to receive applications for the position of TEAM MANAGER. He must be experienced and possess the highest qualifications for the post, both as to ability and personal character. Gentlemen whose sole ability to build up a good side depends on the payment of heavy and exorbitant transfer fees need not apply.’

        Mourinho would have been screwed then…

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      • I don’t know, he did quite well at Porto, a club without a whole lot of money (though I will concede were not too far from the top of the league when he took over anyway).

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    • In case anyone forgot last season…some of the players of Real Madrid made an ultimatum to Perez to get him out of their club. He must really be hated in that dressing room

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    • I say we take the ‘carrot and stick’ approach with this self-obsessed, narcissistic buffoon.

      1. You take the carrot and you stick it up his fucking arse
      2. Followed by the stick
      3. Followed by an even bigger, rougher carrot


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  3. As much as I despise Mourinho, I’m not against the transfer. I think it shows that Abramovich’s pockets are not limitless and that there is a modicum of effort to balance Chelski’s finances. This is positive for us, because in the match between Russian Oligarchs vs Qatar Petro$ vs. Silent Stan, we lose. Wenger was right to say that once all EPL teams are owned by billionaires, they will realize that outbidding each other is not smart and only benefits agents/players.

    So tomorrow Chelsea will be weaker (+Salah – Mata), and ManU will probably pipe Sp*rs for 4th place. In the short term that’s not a negative. In the long run, we are in a better position than most if financial sanity prevails.

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    • It’s nothing to do with FFP unfortunatley. It’s directly to do with strengthening their rivals, which issort of a back handed compliment. However it’s calculated and may well be effective.
      The issue is that Cuntbollocks, as I like to call him, is the greatest cheat in world football. He’s the closet thing to Dick Dastedly football has and will ever see.
      Watch Inter v Barca in the CL smei-final when Cuntbollocks was in charge, Zlatan was kicked shitless and they (inter) ended up rolling on the floor proclaiming to be him by coins from the crowd to time waste.
      He introduced faking injury after you clattered someone, gave the world Robben and Drogba and on top of that now can’t be arsed to dress beyond the realm of a stay at home Dad inthe dug out(which I am so I know).

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      • It’s partly about FFP. If they didn’t sell someone, they’d have very little – only about 4m, as far as I remember – allowable in next summer’s window. It’s a good deal for them from every point of view.

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        • Haha and you think Chelsea give a flying fuck about FFP? All they have to do is get one of Abramovich’s shadow companies to do a massive “sponsorship” deal like PSG and Man City did … the biggest of all time despite them having a fraction of other teams’ fanbase in Deloitte’s money list. This is not about FFP is about Mouringo being a total dick.

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        • I agree about it being a good deal but I can’t see someone who has only ever worked outside of the realms of normality to care more about improving others rather than the rules.
          Plus the timing is key here, he could of let him go on Jan the 1st or to another european club on the 31st, PSG perhaps.

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      • Out of curiosity, how does a stay at home dad dress? My imagination has thrown up all kind of images and google images doesn’t produce uniform image themes.

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  4. Yeah our fixture list is always FANTASTIC. Like remember that time when we had Everton on Sunday, Napoli on Wednesday, and Man City on Saturday? That was great, I wish we had games lined up like that every week.

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  5. “If Wenger sells [Mesut] Ozil to Man United in this moment, I will be very happy because he’s selling a very important player.” If Mata is so great then why did they sell him in the first place? Does he not hear what comes out of his mouth!

    But anyway nice that he tries to act like Arsene is being a cunt, to only then remind everyone he is in fact the biggest cunt of them all.

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  6. I hate this cunt. The most boring man in football, only interested in Jose Mourinho.

    What’s almost as sickening as him is how the media are so far up his arse, they could tickle his tonsils.

    Can’t wait till he fucks off again. Fuckin wank-stain.

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    • Boring is such an apt description of him really. Back when he first arrived I can see why people found him interesting, but he really is quite a depressing figure now. Spain seems to have negatively affected him.

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  7. Take it he’s seen our upcoming fixtures then? Mou-ve over Jose. Arsene’s Red and White Army are rising again.

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  8. Lets not hate on the chap. He’s such a small-minded insecure piece of shit who secretly wishes he could command half the respect that Arsene trusts. His insecurities always trigger the absolute crap he talks. So let’s not hate on him I say.

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  9. Lol. This stuff makes me laugh. Not Mourinho’s comments but how people react to them. Not being funny but I’m about as pro Wenger as they come, but even I think he’s a right moaning bugger at times. But that’s him and that’s how he deals with the media. Jose is just trying to avert attention from what his tactics are. It’s all one big mind game and people shouldn’t take it so seriously. Remember, it’ll be us that have the last laugh come the end of the season when we’re crowned champions.

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    • He’s not exactly moaning is he. He was asked a question and gave a direct answer.

      Arsene has always been against the January transfer window and I agree with him. You do your business in the summer and then that’s your lot. If you get injuries or change managers then that’s just bad luck. If you need players, there are a nice bunch of reserves that I’m guessing would be itching for a game.

      Yes we have used the January transfer window before but that’s because it’s there and we can. Wenger isn’t going to give himself a disadvantage just to stand up for what he believes.

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      • How dare you suggest that managers use youth and reserve players, over over-hyped and over-valued players. Its not logical to use players you are training in your style, in the shiny youth facilities you have, you have to spend millions of pounds on. Its better to spank money away. Also when you think about it, unless they cost big money, they are useless. I mean look at how awful Carolza is. He only cost 15m, and not the 32m that Soldado cost….

        /Sarcastic Rant

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  10. I obviously don’t like Mourinho’s reaction, but Wenger’s reaction seems weird, too. Why is he complaining that Chelsea are selling a good player to a rival? Didn’t he sell van Persie to Man United (and that’s when United were actually a relevant team)? He could have sold him to another country, and then he would have had the right to complain.

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    • He wasn’t complaining about the transfer itself, but the timing of it. I think in essence what Wenger was saying that a mid-season transfer window should be shutting on 31st December so that a situation like this, whereby Chelsea can sell a good player to a strong opponent without having to worry about playing them, wouldn’t arise again in the future. He’s basically right when you actually listen to or read what he’s said in it’s entirety.

      Anyway, that Chelsea have sold United Mata but wouldn’t loan us Demba fucking Ba is hilarious. Mourinho absolutely fears Wenger and Arsenal. He pities United. So he can say what he wants but his actions have deafened his words.

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      • Well, he did actually say “I am surprised because Juan Mata is a great player and Chelsea sell a great player to a direct opponent”, according to this article.

        Anyway, I most definitely agree with him complaining about the timing (and about Jose in general), I just had an issue with this particular comment. Maybe it was taken out of context, in which case I take back my words.

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      • Problem with Arsee is he’s way too honest and open about his thoughts and opinions, unless its about Arsenals transfer dealings.

        The irony is he said the exact same thing in last weeks press conference when asked about the january transfer window and also last season when Newcastle, QPR etc splurged out on all those players in January.

        Its Nothing new, Arsene’s always been against the january transfer window, and he’s point of giving some teams an unfair advantage is valid.

        But at the same time, if other teams complained when we signed Arshavin(in january) and got Top 4, would we care? feel sorry for them or take them seriously?!?!

        Ofcourse not 🙂

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    • RVP’s transfer is completely different. He played all the teams in EPL including us after he joined Man Utd. That is as fair as it could get.

      Arsene suggests that all teams play each other once, then give them a break, open the transfer window, make all the deals you want, close it and then begin the second round where again all teams are gonna play each other once. This is how they do it in Europe except for England.

      In other news, Pellegrini totally backed Arsene and proved Jose is a cunt, once again.

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    • He was not questioning. He said that he knew full well why Chelsea did that.

      He just wanted to remind everybody that Chelsea calculated the transfer to take advantage of the rules, the fact Manure will only help them in the title race, and the fact that they have plenty of expensive players that are not needed.

      On normal circumstances, that Chelsea sell one their great assets to MU is unthinkable. AW wanted to point that out as an evidence there must have been something unusual (unfair) behind that.

      I think, the sense of unfairness is that the rules give Chelsea the power to manipulate the game.

      I probably wouldn’t have said what AW has said. However, AW took it as a chance to try to kill two birds with one stone.

      AW’s one of very few managers who would voice their honest thought in this kind of situations.

      Hope the team hold their nerves to send Chelsea to misery come May.

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  11. Look we know he’s a fanny but the one thing I’ll say in his defence is….um…he…uh….I…ah….nope, it’s gone.

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  12. Regardless of what Mourinho said Wenger was stupid to say anything at all.

    Were we not recently celebrating his supposed coyness in these press conferences?
    When we signed Arshavin and he helped us get 4th place, did Wenger think that was unfair?

    Mourinho says dumb stuff all the time, but what Wenger said was pretty stupid and hypocritical.

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    • “When we signed Arshavin and he helped us get 4th place, did Wenger think that was unfair?” No, but we were using the transfer window because we could. if it didn’t exist we wouldn’t have signed him. Also, Wenger isn’t going to put himself at a disadvantage just to not sign someone in January.

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      • Exactly, I’m not saying Wenger should not have signed AA, nor should Mayes not have signed Mata, and it does not matter that AA came from outside the ell, Some teams had played Arsenal twice before he signed, some had not.

        Furthermore, Wenger was surprised they sold to a direct rival? Was he also surprised when he did it, with Man City, and United? Does not matter when the transfer occurred, still selling to a rival

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    • Some peoples ability to understand simple english astound me. AW said it was unfair because Chelsea sold Mata AFTER Chelsea have fought Manure twice this season.. So whatever revival effect Mata had with Manure will not be at Chelsea’s expense.. Because they will not face him again this season. If Mata wins against any of the other contenders, then Chelsea will also benefit. because they will lose points.

      In RvCunt’s case, we sold him early, so we still had to face him in league.. In AA23’s case, its totally not relevant at all. he didnt come from EPL’s team..

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  13. Vile, classless twat. Hope we tear them a new one at the rope bridge (that is suspended between the two mountains of shit that is their team and fanbase.)

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  14. This just proves how much mourinho fears our team at the moment,also they played for a draw against us before Christmas proving the point.we have a real intimidating feel about us this season.

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  15. Arsene:

    “I look at politicians when they are interviewed because it’s a game – similar to when managers are interviewed by the press. It’s a game where you are caught between two things: Deliver a message, but also don’t be caught out. You know that every sentence, every part of a sentence, could be dangerous for you, your club, and your team. There is always a little tension there.”

    This is why he will always be better…oozes humility, class and intelligence and doesn’t need the press to satisfy his ego.

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  16. Oho? Unfair? Then what about when we had to play napoli, man city and then chelsea in quick succession? what about what our fixture list looks like around the Bayern matches? What a first class twat and why is he like this

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  17. The media caused all these accusations from Mourinho, i watched Wenger’s press conference and he didnt say the transfer was unfair. i wish Wenger doesnt answer any questions not about Arsenal to the media, so they can all have a boring press conference…..

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  18. I hate the man, his brand of football and the team he manages. In the dictionary next to the word cunt is a photograph of him.

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  19. What an absolute shit-the-bed! He fits right in with the rest of the Chelski Muppets. I bet him and John Terry have great evenings together kicking toddlers and sleeping with people’s wives……absolute tool!

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  20. “Wenger always moans. But when he goes home and wakes up in the morning, he’s Arsene Wenger, whereas I’m a little self-obsessed, cynical fucker who looks like the Sheriff of Nottingham from BBC Robin Hood, and I played the most boring football even when I had the best squad in the world at Real Madrid, whose squad’s egos threatened my own so badly that I had to crawl back to the one place where I was truly loved, but even then I had to sell my best player because he did not celebrate Special One Day like Lampard and Terry. Also, I have not lost against Wenger because I’ve never played a game against him, only played a game resembling a grid lockdown where my players build a concrete bunker in front of the goal”.

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  21. In case anyone is still unclear, Mourinho is a cunt. Good?

    And why has everyone ignored Pellegrini’s comments? He also said he thinks it’s a bad idea to allow winter transfers between teams in the same leagues, because it’s manipulation.

    And maureen’s comparison with us selling Ozil is pure bollox. Ozil has been important to us, but Maureen’s hardly used Mata.

    I also doubt this has anything to do with FFP, Maureen is probably just trying to be cute, trying to show how clever and creative he can be by selling their best creative player. And of course the press will lick his wotsits for this.

    And we sold RVP when he was an important part of our team, but he insisted he wanted to play for Manure, and Wenger wanted to sell him to Juventus, so it’s not at all like Mata who wants to move because he isn’t getting game time in a world cup year. Plus he moved in the summer.

    And Arshavin was from another league as well.

    How can you get angry with Wenger for answering the questions the press ask him? And why is no-one complaining that Maureen announced deal while the negotiations were still going on, and Manure don’t want to discuss the transfer, from what I gather? Isn’t it just common decency to shut up until the deal is finished?

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    DODGING THE QUESTION- AS ALWAYS! Man United had bid for Mata long time ago, the question is, why did Morinho wait till Chelsea play United before selling Mata to them the following day? Does he think he is the only smart person on the planet? Is not his intention to strengthen United now so they can get better results against Chelsea’s title rivals Arsenal and Man City? It is the timing that Wenger is questioning.
    See who is talking about unfairness and complaint. Is Morinho free of complaining? How many punishments has he got from the FA from wrongful complaint?
    As to the days of playing – why not look at it this way : Arsenal playing on Friday does not give them more time to rest between last week’s game and today’s whereas Chelsea playing on sunday gives them more time to rest between last week’s game and the FA cup clash against stoke city. How about that? Moreover, next week, Arsenal plays on Tuesday while Chelsea plays on Wednesday, so it’s not like they are playing on the same day. Half truths, Mr. Morinho.
    On Wenger’s complaining – the results between Arsenal versus both Chelsea and Man City would have been different -in Arsenal’s favour – had there been a fairer officiating. Anyone can watch the replays on youtube and see what I am talking about. Against Chelsea, a clear penalty for Arsenal when Walcott was clearly hacked down from behind in the penalty box when he had the ball by a chelsea player was denied – that would have been one nil and three points for Arsenal. Check and see. It was so obvious that the referee didn’t need a replay. Against Man City, three clean goals were denied Arsenal for wrongful offside calls. That would have changed the results. The commentators were all talking about it. When you don’t apply the rules of the game and ensure fairness, and someone like Wenger complains, you say he likes complaining. But Morinho is not the person to complain about Wenger’s complaints, because he is worse. Pots should not call kettles black!
    Mr. Morinho’s press conference dodged the issue raised by Wenger and many others, and went into so much monologues about Chelsea’s generousity and caring and all that! Spare us those, sir. Why didn’t you sell Mata to United before you met United? Why did you wait till you played United and just the next morning sold to them the missing piece in the puzzle they needed to strengthen their team so that when they play your direct rivals United would be a different, stronger team than the one you faced? You think you are the only smart one heh?
    If Chelsea really didn’t care selling to a direct opponent, why did Morinho block Demba Ba’s loan move or purchase by Arsenal at the beginning of the season on the last day when he learned that Arsenal was buying Mesut Ozil? Didn’t you yourself, Mr. Morinho, explain that after Ozil’s purchase you saw Arsenal as a direct title contender and therefore you did not want to strengthen them with the addition of the missing piece in their team puzzle – a potent striker? This was just last August. So when did you change ? So is it that you no longer see United as a direct title contender and yet you want to strengthen them to do damage to the other title contenders who are yet to face them – after you faced their weaker team?
    You talk about Ozil playing for Madrid on August 20th and for Arsenal on September 5th. That was 2 good weeks interval, in a transfer market. Yours is just selling to strengthen them only the next day after you finished playing with United, knowing that you will not meet United again this season, and Hazard and others have replaced Mata in your squad. We are not accusing you of breaking the law- but your hypocrisy and double standards are in question. We shall meet again in Stamford Bridge, and give you the shock of your life. Wait for us. – KWAKU MENSAH ABROMPAH

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  23. I really hope this is the year Arsene lifts his hoodoo against this cuntbag of a manager. What is his problem? Why the sudden focus on Arsenal and Arsene? Anytime Arsene mentions anything remotely related to the shit storm of a football club that Chelsea is out leaps Mourinho like a flying salmon. And I agree with Arsene on the timing of this deal. Do you think he would have sold him last week even if Manure had made a 40 million bid? or even at the beginning of January? He is selling their most creative and influential player from the past two years because he didn’t fit into his bus? And his notion that we have had a easier fixture list is laughable. Do one you moron!

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    • His complete loss of composure whenever Wenger is around hints at insecurity issues. But what annoyed me even more is that Ferguson, in the austere years of the mid 2000s, was his more direct rival, yet he sucked up to him like a lap dog. Why he has such beef with Wenger is beyond me. I’d love to see Mourinho lead a club like Everton to success. Every club he has been at has bought the team he wants (to be totally fair, Porto is a slight exception, but they are not an impoverished club, and the 2004 CL win was a little fortunate since all of the other favourites, us included, were underwhelming.)

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  24. Some of the excerpts are from 7am Kick off:
    Remember, this is the same manager who refused to loan Arsenal Demba Ba this Summer because he was afraid that Özil plus Ba made the Gunners title contenders. Demba Ba doesn’t even play football! Demba Ba has three broken knees!
    Jose Mourinho wouldn’t give Arsenal Demba Ba but he’ll give Man U Juan Mata. I think sums up what kind of threat Mourinho thinks Mata/Moyes/Man U are in the long run.
    “Maybe Mata can help against Arsenal and Man City?”
    United are out of the title race but as I pointed out on twitter last night (and Wenger mentioned today) Man U don’t play Chelsea again this season but they do have two matches against Arsenal and Man City. Jose might not rate Mata but Mata is still a potent threat from set plays and Man U are set play specialists. Jose knows that. In fact, I’m guessing Jose is smiling at the prospect of Mata teeing up an assist to Robin van Persie in the 90th minute against Arsenal — after Wayne Rooney dives to win the free kick, natch.
    “Juan Mata isn’t going to stop Chelsea from taking Wayne Rooney, in fact, it might help”
    Hey, you know where Wayne Rooney likes to play? That’s right, the number 10. Hey, you know where Juan Mata likes to play? That’s right, the number 10. Good luck getting Rooney or Mata to play wide! Well, Rooney plays with width, just that’s around his gut.
    So, guess where Wayne Rooney is going to be next season and Man U/Mata/Moyes won’t be able to do anything about it?
    “They want to give Chelsea how much?”
    “So, let me get this straight… you want to give me £37m for a player I don’t rate? Not only am I going to get £37m but that guy will play against my two closest rivals for the League title this season? And the fact that you’re buying him means you’ll basically be locked in to keeping this guy around for several years? And you won’t be a competitor for, say Fabregas or whomever we use that £37m to help fund? Huh… Where do I sign?”

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    • Plus there is always the option that Chavski have to buy Rooney on the back of this deal,…?
      Who knows what gets written in to this contract, why do they have so many mediators?

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    • We’ve got the first buy-back option with Fabregas right? Please tell me that’s a close. So if anyone goes in for Fabregas, we have the right to buy first. I think I read something like this somewhere. Please tell me this is true.

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  25. What was Mourinho thinking selling Juan Mata to Man U?

    “I don’t rate Mata”
    Does this even need to be said? Spin it any way you want; Mata doesn’t play defense, Mata is a 10 who can’t play wide, Mata is best friends with Iker Casillas, etc. But the fact is that Jose Mourinho has stated that Oscar is the better player.
    “I have Oscar”
    Mourinho has also been very clear that he is building for the future and that he sees Oscar as the starting #10 for the future. Mata, he said, would have to adapt to that new reality (ie. play wide and defend fullbacks) or… or .. well, leave.
    (Mata needs) to adapt to the way we want to play. In this moment, Oscar is my number 10 and, if somebody tells me that Oscar is not Chelsea’s best player since the beginning of the season, I’d have to disagree.
    I want to build with Oscar as my number 10. I want the other two players, from the side (wings), to adapt to that reality and to learn how to do things that they were not ready to do before.
    In other words, Oscar is the man for the future, Oscar is the best player at Chelsea, and Mata basically refused to adapt to the new system. And we all know how well Mourinho does with players who won’t play the way he wants them to.
    “Mata doesn’t play defense”
    Mata won the Champions League and the Europa League and was man of the match in the FA Cup final and he did that on a team that carried his defensive duties for him. But that doesn’t mean a hill of beans to Mourinho.
    Oscar is a No. 10, he’s a player that gives us creativity but at the same time when we want to press up, Oscar is a runner, Oscar is a player capable of pressing.
    You starting to get the picture here? (hint: Mourinho LOVES Oscar. I think he’s got his name tattooed on his ass or something).

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  26. Suarez is fouled in the box.. Mourinho calls him an acrobat.
    Oscar and Ramires dive and get booked.. “Chelsea players don’t dive.

    What a moron!

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  27. It has nothing to do with FFP. He only want to make ManUtd better since they had already played 2x in the league. Mourinho is such a football cheat. It’s a tactical sell

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  28. The fact that he is complaining about time between games is funny. Chelsea have all the depth in the world. Three “world class” strikers who can’t seem to find the net much as well. I truly believe if both Wenger and Morewhino were to manage a team like crystal palace Arsene would do better

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  29. and Mata is cup tied so he won’t play Chelski in the Champion’s League or FA Cup (if applicable).

    Whatever, Chelsea lost a good player and Man U need to buy some defenders, not more players that are defensive liabilities.

    Moyes says “Mata, meet Kagawa on the bench! We’re going to go with Phil Jones and Carrick in the middle again today”

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  30. Mourinho’s response was unsurprising. This was on the cards since Wenger made his ill advised observation about the Mata sale. He gave Jose the platform. I would understand it if there was a mind game to take advantage of but there is only one winner there.The problem is Arsene’s whinging tends to manifest itself negatively on the pitch while Mourinho uses his to build a siege mentality.

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    • I agree. I do hope we don’t get baited into playing more of these mind games. Lets beat them on the pitch. Victory that way would be so much sweeter.
      Mind games – a big no no, as you said it does impact negatively on the pitch, as has been the case in the past.

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  31. I wholeheartedly support Blog’s lipreading of the photograph shown. Although one has to assume that Arsene is way to classy to state the obvious, I hope he was thinking it at least.

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  32. Ah, I forgot to add, Mou can really go and F*** himself until his poop turns blue. What a narcissist twerp. If he was a piece of chocloade he would eat himself.

    And who is sitting on top of the league? Hint: it ain’t you Mou.

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  33. I hope Mata scores a winning own goal for us when we play Utd. And the winner against City. And then the winner for Utd against Chelsea in the Champions league semi final (He’d be able to play won’t he? and obviously we’d beat Utd in the final) And then next season (which nobody seems to have noticed, Chelsea will have to face Utd at least twice) scores hat-tricks against them.
    That would teach that cunt-faced, classes, twat a lesson.

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  34. “Wenger complaining is normal because he always does. It’s something that we know.”

    But then he complains about his tim himself. Yes, because he is Moanrinho.

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  35. Perhaps the reason why Mourinho is moaning away, pound for pound we are as deep in quality as they are (except maybe we are short of a striker)

    Giroud – Fernando Torres
    ????? – Samuel Eto
    Bendtner – Demba Ba
    Podolski – Andre Shurle

    Walcott – Hazard
    Santi – Willian
    Ox – Van Ginkel
    Gnabry – Kakuta

    Ozil – Oscar
    Rosicky – Matic
    Ramsey – Lampard
    Jack – Ramires
    Arteta – Essien
    Flamini – Mikel

    Sagna – Ivanovic
    Jenkinson – Kalas
    Gibbs – Cole
    Monreal – Azpiculeta

    Per- Terry
    Koscielny – Cahill
    Vermaelen – Luiz

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    • Someone like Pato could further tip the balance to us. he is the sort of quick and unpredictable striker that others have which we do not.

      City have Aguero, to some extent Chelsea have Eto.

      Pato has plenty of pace and technical ability to get that extra yard of space where Giroud tends to lag by a foot. He is also not cup tied and available for CL. A loan will be least risky for us. if he performs, we can seal a permanent deal end of season. if not we return him.

      Chelsea have an ace in hand in Lukaku on loan. That has perhaps back fired for them in loaning him out to Everton where their front line have not been exactly prolific so in some sense Mourinho is right that the loan/sales of player can cut both ways.

      Mata can just as much do damage in our final meeting with United as much as he may help us in taking points from other rivals (other than Chelsea)

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      • Their new player Mohammed Salah is OK. But we have Joel Campbell developing at Olympiacos and he has looked good this season.

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  36. Personally, I think Wenger should stop taking the baits from these so called journalists to comment on other teams. That way, idiots like Mourinho will have little chance to make foolish comments in return. Let’s just focus on winning the league and do everything like signing the best players out there in return this transfer window just to makes fools like Mourinho mad with envy. That is the best response to prove we have no plans to relinquish the position at the top of the table! Make em mad Wenger!!!

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  37. Part of his charm is the mind games he plays – and he generally wins them too. Going by a lot of the replies – many have fallen for them again. It’s a shrewd piece of business that may pay off this year – next year he will rue it – mata is exceptional. What I love about Wegner is he never falls into the mourinho trap and the only way mourinho can handle it is to become personal. I look forward when his theory of strengthening another team to knock down hos key opponents fail. Then again the training regime at Man U might have mata out injured for the season anyway. Roll on to the end of March – our man city game will be key – not man u.

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  38. You have to give Wenger credit, he doesn’t bite the bait from Mourinho’s childish and rude games (see Benitez, Rafa). He knows what he is and isn’t and he won’t lose sleep at night while Mou (who made up that crap nickname?) seems to get all flustered and hormonal whenever there’s any friction between them.

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