Wenger: January signing ‘unlikely’


Arsene Wenger has admitted that the chances of Arsenal making a signing in the January window are very slim.

Speaking to the press today ahead of tomorrow’s FA Cup clash against Coventry, the Arsenal manager said, “At the moment, we are not close to signing anybody. If something exceptional turns up of course we will do it, but it is highly unlikely.”

Whether that’s brutal honesty from the manager, or him playing his cards close to his chest is up to you to decide, but seasoned Wenger watchers will probably suggest it’s the former.

The exceptional deal Arsenal do want to do is Julian Draxler, but Schalke are unwilling to sell this month with an official stating, “It is nonsense to suggest we might consider selling him this winter. It will not happen.”

There have been suggestions that club officials met with the agent of Mirko Vucinic this week, but the sticking point there remains Juventus being unwilling to loan the player, and Arsenal prefer a short loan deal for the Montenegrin hitman.

A lot can change in the 8 days that remain of the transfer window, however, but for now, what we have we hold.


    • You are… But have faith, we have a strong squad that’s hard to beat at our worst and unplayable at best, I’m always an optimist so I started believed we had a chance of winning the league from the villa game.Even though we lost that game I saw the same strength we finished the league with last season. We since signed mesut ozil and mathieu flamini, we are consistently beating teams we’re supposed to beat.

      All that aside we can improve massively, Ox and podolski don’t even have 5 league appearances between them, Cazorla just back to his best, Rambo who just had a months leave and returns just in time for the tough fixtures in Feb.

      I’m also very positive because even though we have a series of consecutive tough games in March the spacing between the league games should only leave us really strained for the spurs game that happens after bayern away, we have a full week to recover for the the City and the Chelsea games.

      Anyway have faith

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      • Haha I’m sorry but I’m a pretty hardened optimist and I genuinely don’t believe that you thought we could win the league post-Antonio Luna!

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      • The optimist in you should take note that if progress to the QF in the FA cup, it’s pretty likely that the game currently that weekend (Swansea at home) will be moved to mid week some time around the Chelsea game.

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    • Having been indifferent to this transfer window, the Draxler connection (especially in Arseblog News), raised my exictement almost to the same levels as the Ozil levels. So yes disappointed to hear this rather than the “maybe we’ll surprise you”.

      It’s always dangerous with the money bags that Chelsea & Man C are to leave such a public target unconcluded. Mata chase couple seasons ago comes to mind.

      That brings me to Chelsea – cunts!

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  1. The picture explains everythings!!
    and ofc explains everythings about a FAULT that’s the reason of why we didn’t sign striker in last summer and now searching for that!

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  2. “If something exceptional turns up of course we will do it,”

    Wenger keeps saying that but is he actually expecting a phone call like this – ‘Hello, Arsene, this is Rosell, I hear you’re in the market for a striker. Well, I have this lad called Messi…’

    I don’t think we have the squad depth to win the league, and sooner or later we’ll run out of steam. I hope I’m wrong and eating humble pie at the end of the season, but unlike City and Chelsea, we’re only one or two injuries away from being derailed.

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    • No, I think he’s trying to put together what’s likely to be a very complicated deal for Draxler. But it’s obviously dependent on Schalke being willing to sell, in which case something exceptional will come up and we’ll try and do it.

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      • I wonder if there’s any truth in the rumour that Schalke wanted to line up Lewis Holtby as a replacement, but that was quashed by Levy when he realised it might lead to us getting Draxler?

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      • But is Draxler what we need? I understand the logic in converting him to a to a striker but that isn’t going to yield immediate fruit! Draxler has scored 4 Budesliga goals this year. Don’t get me wrong he is a very exciting project and probably sensible to beat the rush and the complication of getting a transfer done prior to the world cup but…

        We are in a fantastic position in the league. One that doesn’t happen every year. We just lost Theo investment in a striker that can come in and score goals right away is crucial.

        if it were the choice of nobody or Berbatov for example. I honestly think i would sign him. Touch of class, excellent finisher. Acclimatised to the PL. Nominal fee. People will say he could be disruptive but he is 32. personally i couldnt see him affecting morale.

        This could be Wenger’s and Arsenal’s year. I just don’t want us to finish the season with regrets.

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        • Long term, I think he is what we need. The danger is that in the summer, we would most likely be out-bid. If a deal is possible now, I think it should be done now, or you will be able to add Draxler to that long list of ones-that-got-away.

          Leave it ’til the summer and the chances are he would become a blue-cunt of some description.

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        • One outlet was suggesting David Villa could be available. That would be worth a short-term punt if it was true. A tried and trusted goalscorer, if ever there was one!

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        • I agree with Dan. It’s frustrating for me seeing as this is the first season in a long time that we have an actual chance of winning something. Why don’t we push the boat out and try and do everything we can to be successful. Next season is no guarantee of being in a similar position.

          It was a massive blow losing Theo and his goals, and I’m worried about the constant reliance on our midfielders to score. I’ll be ecstatic if we sign Draxler but we also need someone who is a goal threat.

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        • Agree with Dan. I hope I’m wrong but this sounds all Jan 2008 again to me.

          In that season we had a great chance to win the league. We could have strenthened but we didn’t and inexplicabily sold Diarra to Portsmouth. A few injuried later and we finished third. Granted no-one could expect the Eduardo injury but we lost Gilberto and Flam also in the run in.

          With Theo out we are a Giroud knack away from being really short up top. While I appreciate deals like Draxler are hard to pull off in Jan we really do need a copy of bodies in, even if they are loans they’ll add to the squad.

          Let’s hope if we don’t strenghten we can still win something this year, for the amazing job Le Boss has done over the years it would be tragic if he didn’t anything again,,,,the money’s there, let’s use it!

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        • Comes back to that thing about how hard it is to get someone who fits your description:
          – a tall striker with a good goal record
          – willing to be back-up to Giroud (the player everyone else is used to and has played a big part in our success and likely to hold his place)
          – willing to only play a few games in a World Cup year (I know not all countries are in the World Cup, of course)
          – a club willing to let said striker, who is an important goal-getter for them, go.
          – a player, if not loaned, who fits into the long-term plan.

          Berbatov has been floated, but Nicklas Bendtner, at the moment, has a better scoring rate than him, so is he to goalscorer we need?

          Giroud’s scored 9 goals in 20 appearance so far. He’s not exactly misfiring. Bendtner’s a good backup, and he’s already here.

          Not to say I don’t want a good purchase that will pad our team, but there’s a difference between wanting it, and actually being able to fulfil that want even if money’s no object.

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      • Is draxler that good? The rumour is he sets us back 35-40 million pounds. That price for 20 year old kid feels a little outrageous. Obviously this not the same age as when we signed a Van Persie for 2million, but how is it that every reasonably promising kid on the block commandssuch an exorbitant feee?
        I want us to sign him, but While I don’t mind us spending that kind of money on proven performer I have my doubts about spending that kind of money on pure raw potential.

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        • Yes, he is an excellent player. He’s not in the Ozil levels yet, but he might get there someday. I don’t see why we need another creative attacking player, but maybe AW sees his future as a striker. When you look that RVP was a No. 10 who became more of a poacher, it makes sense. Can just see five Germans in the Arsenal dressing room, laughing and joking in German, with Jenkinson like (Beckham voice on) ‘What’s wiv these Germans’.

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        • He definitely looks that good; he might even be that good as a striker. Trouble is, it’s hard to know at his age and I’d be amazed if he could make the transition overnight. There was an interesting article in one of the German papers last week that argued that he wasn’t a natural playmaker (which is how he thinks of himself) or a winger, so the central striker idea might have a lot going for it. Seems a lot of money for an experiment, though, when there were proven strikers available last summer for less.

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    • we’re top of the league after suffering multiple injuries at any one time to top top players like arteta, ramsey, theo, chamberlain, giroud, TGSTEL, koscielny, gibbs, rosicky, cazorla, gnabry.

      i think we’ll be fine.

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    • Didn’t City get derailed slightly when they lost Kompany at the back, conceded goals and only ended up 1 point behind us due to their strikers and AM’s hitting form.

      Any team is going to suffer if they lose key players.

      United are suffering from losing Rooney and van Persie.
      Liverpool will suffer now if they lose Suarez.

      and even with their supposed “depth”
      Chelsea will suffer if they lose Oscar/Hazard
      City will suffer if they lose Kompany/Toure/Silva.

      It can strike any team, especially if you take away those that are driving the team

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  3. We need a new striker Arsene, Relying on Bendtner could prove suicidal for our title ambitions. We are top of the league yes but the job is only half done and i’d hate to see us succumb to our own ignorance when the season ends. Simply need a new striker.

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    • Yep, I fear that without strengthening we could come up short. The fixture list in March and April is scary.
      Not necessarily a striker, but not necessarily not a striker.

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    • Agreed. The renewed faith in Bendtner and all that is good. But as you said, we need a new kind of striker. Not the same big strong guy.

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      • Is that really true though? The system we use now has been so effective – with Giroud bringing our midfield in to play. In my humble opinion, another big strong guy is exactly what we need – and Bendtner will do just fine. We already have a ‘different kind of striker’ in Podolski and, more often than not, he doesn’t look comfortable in that lone striking role. That’s no criticism of him; I’m sure he could be devastating in a two-man striking partnership (i.e. another system) but for us, he’s far more effective on the left. The same could be said of Walcott.

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    • Of course Arsene knows we need a striker, in fact the whole world knows (may be except TGSTEL). But the real issue is the availability of good strikers who are willing to switch clubs mid-season (most people on the planet knows this too). There is no point paying 15-20 million for an average striker (who may not better than Bendtner) now, if we can buy a top class player for 30-40 million in the summer. Now please give every one a break.

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      • That’s all very reasonable, but we can win the league this season. That hasn’t been the case for a long while, and who knows when we’ll have such a good chance again.

        If paying through the nose is what it takes to have a real shot at the title, that’s what we should do. (I know, it’s easy for fans to say that)

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        • Firstly we already have a real shot at the title. Take note that we are top of the table.

          Secondly, buying a big name striker requires more than “paying through the nose”. I am sure if a BIG, really BIG, as in BIG striker is available, JM will be the first to grab em. They need a striker, just like we do. And we all know how disgustingly rich they are.

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        • It doesn’t matter how keen you are to spend big if big wants to stay where he is. You cqn want all you like, but if there’s nobody out there who wants to join us now, and whose club are happy to sell him, then we won’t find anybody. If such a player does exist then he had better see us as his dream team or he’ll just plump for the 280,000 a week on offer from any one of a half dozen other Clubs. You have to remember that footballers are not tins of beans, where there is an unlimited supply of the best brand. The sort of player you are dreaming of is unique and he expects unique wages at the best Club, and to everybody who isn’t a Gooner that means the richest Club.

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  4. If what I read on the the Daily Blogpost is true, then he was definitely in Valence to watch a certain player that we might not know of and it is unlike Wenger to travel across the continent to watch a player who he is not really interested in signing and whose club isn’t willing to sell. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for a pleasant surprise next week but if not, we will still remain top of the league atleast till we visit the saints. FOYS

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  5. Even the most seasoned of ‘seasoned Wenger watchers’ cannot have any clue what ultimately transpires on deadline day.

    I’ll start worrying about our transfers exactly a week and one day from now.

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  6. Keep Calm kids.

    Yes it would be nice to get another striker but it’s not the end of the world if we dont.
    We have Bendtner, Giroud and Podolski to fill one spot, and we aren’t even that reliant on our strikers.

    Hell, I think we could do a good job playing without one.

    I’d rather we bought the player we want in the summer than panic now and pay over the odds for someone ordinary.

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    • Agreed. IMO it’s more important to tie down the top players we have and of course, Wenger. To me the bst news now would be that Wenger, Mert, Sagna and Rosicky have extended their contracts.

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    • Pete I agree with you but we are still short one player, walcott absence is massive we are short of one more player like walcott to rely on scoring and assisting and helping giroud when he is not scoring.

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      • Who the heck can you think of that’s like Walcott? I can only think of the Ox. If you do come up with a name, you need to ask “does he want to move this week?”, “does he want to move to us this week?”, “does his Club want to sell him this week?”, and “does his club want to sell him to us this week?”. All four answered yes? Go for it, if you can afford him and if some rich team doesn’t gazump you first if word gets out.

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  7. January signing ‘Unlikely’…………. winning the league also unlikely too.

    Cant help but feel we’ve missed a trick here if he doesn’t add to our thin squad. Bendtner was never the answer so why is he now? Theo out and much as I like Gnabry, he’s not going to replace Theo’s goals and assists.

    I embrace the thumbs down coming my way but come on, when was the last time we had a chance like this to push on and really have a chance to win the whole thing?

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  8. If we end the season a few points of the top the dissapointment will possibly be greater than any of the last 10 seasons. That ‘what if’ feeling knowing an extra forward may well have brought us the extra 5-10 goals needed to nudge us over the line will be truly devestating.

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    • This is assuming that there is a forward out there available for a reasonable price that is 10-20 goals a season better than giroud.

      Considering Giroud has scored 9 in the first half, you are looking for someone that can score 14-19 goals in half a season. So Suarez or Ronaldo then??

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      • My comment applies to last summers window as well. Also, you have failed to understand what i’m saying. I meant 5-10 goals to our overall total, so this 14-19 thing is nonsense. I don’t intend to take anything away from Giroud, who has been fantastic. It’s that feeling of ‘we were nearly there’ similar to that felt in 2008 and 2011 that will be harder than ever to take IF we fall sightly short come the end of season due to a lack of firepower.

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        • Sorry but I think your analysis does not hold water.

          If you mean we sign someone like Vucinic, and he automatically guarantees us an additional 5-10 goals which translates to an additional 9-12 points? I don’t think so. We play with only 1 striker, having a backup striker is cover, not additional firepower on the pitch. What’s the point of having 3 strikers when you use them one at a time.

          Consider the Vucinics, the Berbatovs and the Patos of the world and they are exactly in the same category as Bendter. A striker needing playing time. Only difference is Bendter has been training with us and knows the squad better than either of them.

          If someone really solid is available, I think we would have grabbed him. Costa, Jackson Martinez, these blokes are stuck at their clubs, no way they will be let go. Rodrigo? He is a good dribbler. Sign him and you can forget about Draxler in the summer.

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  9. Why would Mata joining Manure worry Arsenal fans? Everton and Sp*rs fans may have cause for concern as they push for those coveted Thursday night football places. But Arsenal fans, worried? C’mon be serious.

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  10. A few days ago I said that Wenger was only a 95% manager and got slagged off for it. This shows why I’m right. Sir Alex Ferguson would have made damn sure that we had an adequate number of quality strikers at the club; we wouldn’t have even started with just Giroud. Now Wenger’s crazy tactic of running Giroud into the ground will probably cost us the title. It’s crazy.

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    • Yes, The same Sir Alex Ferguson who made sure that his squad was so adequate that many ManU fans are now blaming him for not bothering about the midfield worries for the past few seasons.

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    • Again, you’re right FG. But nowt we can do about it, unfortunately. Let’s try to keep the belief in the squad and pray to the gods of injuries that they pass over us this season.

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    • The same Ferguson that left Giggs as the go to midfielder for Moyes with Cleverly and Carrick?

      The same Ferguson that basically left Vidic and Evans as the first choice defenders as Smalling and Jones have been awful, while Ferdinand is too old?

      The same Ferguson that left United with Nani, Young and Valencia as their widemen?

      You’re right, he would have signed some good strikers but shame about the rest of the team. Where are United now with their top strikers? Oh yes, down in seventh.

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      • “It’s not enough that I succeed: all others must fail.”

        You idiots don’t get it, do you? Ferguson deliberately ran down the United side, and then insisted that the out-of-his-depth Moyes be his successor. This protected and enhanced Fergie’s his legacy. Just look at how great old red-face looks now.

        Smart move, if you ask me.

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        • that’s Demento, totally. Foreign manager who’ll come in and spend loads and win stuff, particularly the Champions’ League, making 2 in 18 attempts look a bit squiffy? No, thanks. Moyesie on the other hand. Ah, yes, “stability” (but no trophies). Ferguson’s history with the Magniers over Rock of Gibraltar essentially demonstrates he’s a sociopath who puts himself first and Manchester United a distant second.

          Don’t know that i’d call it “smart” mind, more the cold calculated act of a psycopath. which is why AW will never emulate Ferguson, because he’s not a certifiable Weegie bampot.

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        • He didn’t sort out the midfield while he was there, and relied upon his strike force against some shocking defences. So to say he would have definitely sorted everything out and made sure we weren’t lacking is, quite frankly in my opinion, complete bullshit.

          Ferguson got lucky with his strike forces and the weakening of opponents defences. It’s no coincidence that his teams struggled against our famous 5 and the invincibles defence.

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        • I’ve proved you wrong too many times to bother any more fats.

          Much like with Tottenham, all I feel for you is pity.

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        • I stole his autobiography off the internet (up yours Fergus) and he blathers on constantly about control of this, control of that. He definitely put himself first always. Mourinho is the same way. Like cunty peas in a cunty pod.

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        • He took a fucking huge chance with his legacy by not strengthening his midfield while he was still there and trying to win last year’s title. Are you sure you aren’t just making this up to try to prove your point?

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    • SAF’s teams were always helped at crucial moments by the ref more than anything else – and it makes a huge difference. All teams knew it was nigh impossible to win at OT, and not because of pure footballing reasons, most teams didnt even try. SAF was a cunt, and i am relieved i dont have to suffer him again.

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  11. Arsene basically reads from the same script every transfer window. That’s his way of managing expectations amongst the fans.
    It’s better he dashes people’s hopes now and surprise us with a signing later, than raise expectations and disappoint. #KeepTheFaith

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    • Or maybe fans should stop listening to transfer shite pouring from media outlets every transfer window and just accept whatever signings are made. Its not like they can do much more than that.

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  12. Maybe I have no right to complain given our current league standing but I really don’t think we can hold off Chelsea and City without a couple of new arrivals. A striker and a centre back would be wonderful but it’s clearly not going to happen and I just feel we could really live to rue the lack of activity in this transfer window. If injuries don’t go our way, I’m desperately concerned we may have to rely on the likes of Bendtner and Jenkinson – the latter I do rate but is just too raw and easily exposed to be expected to take part in a title push. We’ve already lost Theo, Podolski seems prone to niggly injuries, the Ox hasn’t been vetted as a first team reg and although Gnabry is playing well, I’m not sure he should be thrown in at the deep end at his age. God, I hope I’m wrong.

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  13. If the Chavs sell Mata to Man United and then Oscar gets injured for a couple of months the Premier League will become a two horse race between us and Man City.
    Do it Mourinho , you cocky bastard !

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    • I wish that were true, but they’ve got Shurrle, Hazzard, Lampard, Matic… Mikel.

      They have too many midfielders. Probably only Hazzrd would get into our team though!

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  14. Love the way people complain about us not buying a new striker as though all you had to do was walk into your local ‘ Strikers R Us ‘ branch and buy the shiniest one from the top top shelf.

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  15. heheh whats the matter fellow arsenalists !!! afraid are you????

    in the words of Pete

    Believe !

    Believe you cunts ! ….stop crying. Give our players the confidence to do it, instead of moaning about purchases

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  16. come on guys… this is Wenger.. when he says he is unlikely to sign anyone.. he will… just before the window closes… it will be like Monreal… practically pulled him outta his arse.. what is ‘likely’ to happen is Wenger will sign a couple of players which is unlikely going to cost the gunners more than couple mil quid… unlikely going to stay fit throughout the rest of the season and highly unlikely a name you guys would have heard before. Sounds too familiar eh ? Welcome to le prof’s mind.

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    • If it is like Monreal then expect an injury next week to prompt the rapid signing of a player we always wanted to sign anyway…

      I’m betting on nobody, because that is how Wenger likes to operate.

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  17. I know our chances of the title are good this year due to manure being crap, but why do most of you guys think this is a once in a blue moon shot, the current team would compete in an ordinary title race if you get what I’m saying.

    This should feel like the beginning of a new era where we can go toe to toe with anyone for the next few years after the stadium move restrictions have been lifted. Instead it feels like we are trying to nick the title before the Russian and the Sheiks buy Messi and C.ronaldo.

    guess were just tired of waiting for the next trophy.

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  18. Hehe Arseblog were u quoting hip hop rnb croonster Drake at the top there? Prob not. Anyway isn’t draxler amazing? I drool a little thinking about him, so I’ve had a bib sewn into my button down. Personally I’m surprised by his meager goal return this yr. from the looks of hit he’s got the pace, strength and technique to bag a hella lot more, aparentky wenger agrees. I think he’d make a great replacement for theo. Unproven blah blah blah yes, but if there’s anyone in the game with vision for potential it’s Wenger. And me.

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  19. Probably, AW see us can score goals from players who play off the CF and that’s how he’ll make use of his great bunch of midfielders.

    But a bit of pace on either wing will make us more complete.

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  20. You get the feeling that with like two good signings we could really consolidate and push for the title this season. What do we do? We seat on our hands and do nothing. I hope that doesn’t come back to bite us. We never seem to learn. We lose this golden opportunity to win the league and Wenger gives his usual cock & bull excuses, I’ll go bat shit crazy. Well, fingers crossed we make a Jan 31st 11.59p.m striker signing. Where’s that bottle of vodka?

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  21. First of all doesn’t Wenger always say that and then promptly sign someone? And secondly, if Juve want £10m for Vucinic, wouldn’t that be a small price to pay for insurance in case we lost Giroud (and possibly Bendtner as well) to injury and wrecked the second half of our season?

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  22. Arsene needs one More window to complete his vision since the addition of the big Ö. That’s my take on this, he wants to add 3 players, a man up front a winger, and possibly a central midfield defender from the rumors it seems. No big deal for me if he misses out this window, it’s been 8 years folks, 8 years, I’m willing to give this one more summer in order for this next wave of arsenal dominance to crash the premiership.

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    • Thats been my thinking since start of the season. This season is more like “lets see where we max out” kinds and we are overachieving right now. One can see that the squad is not yet complete in terms of composition and balance and Wenger is being very very picky with what he keeps going forward. Hence, many unneeded players have been discarded and the ones coming in are being chosen for very specific and calculated reasons. This season is more end of a saga than start of a new one, more transitional in nature. If Wenger stays, i am expecting to see him being ruthless next season onwards.

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      • Wenger said three seasons and this is the first. Running in 1st in January is pure bonus. We shouldn’t be too disappointed if we miss out this season (by a narrow margin) as we would still be riunning ahead of plan.

        Yeah, I don’t believe that myself now I’ve written it. I’d be gutted. But I wouldn’t dream of blaming Wenger. January windows are not designed with long term team building in mind.

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  23. Oscar and Mata are the only two ‘number 10’s’ at Chelsea. Schurrle, Hazard and certainly Lampard, Matic, Ramires and Mikel are far far less effective in that position.

    If Mata leaves and Oscar then gets injured ,
    Chelsea are no longer title contenders,and it’s a straight fight between us and Man City.
    I’m surprised that Mourinho has even contemplated it but his ego looks to have got the better of him. Cocky cunt.

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  24. I just hope Wenger doesn’t allow Griezmann to go to the Cunts as some rags are suggesting. Whatever happens, we’ll sign at least one player this window.

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  25. We retain the faith.
    We believe in the mighty Arsenal.
    We trust in Arsene.
    But if the usual injury crisis hits us, like it has to the inbred ManUre upfront, our title challenge would take a massive hit.

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    • Difference is, we would have every right to feel unlucky if we had any more long term injuries this season, while United bought RVP. Ha-fucking-ha, they’re reaping the results now.

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  26. We’ve made it this far with a shortage up front.There’s no reason to believe that we can’t continue.

    I would like to have seen a fresh face come in,but hey ho it’s not going to happen.
    You don’t get many people scrolling down this far so I can say “baboon” for no reason and sleep soundly

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    • You utter, utter bastard. Saying “baboon” and then just fucking off to bed and leaving the rest of us to worry about it all night? You utter, utter bastard!!!!

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  27. Just want to know if other teams have just done away with their scounts and just wait for a report to surface about who we are interested in. If Jose once claimed Arsene was a voyeur, then I suspect that Jose taps Arsene’s phone.

    How many times are we linked to a player and then Jose is like a rat up a drainpipe after him.

    Come on Blogs, write a story about Stepanov and Cygan being targeted and see if Jose bites.

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    • Jose is a rude, arrogant, mildy intelligent man with a space program’s budget to spend on players that are already on the world stage, and a fine grasp primary school tactics, yet when he gets his inevitable success from this formula, people accuse you of being a hater when you simply ask him to not be a Keith Allen-lookalike dick who gives arsehole soundbites to his adoring journalist fangirls. But no, I have no real problem with him.

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  28. The minute he walked in the joint (dum dum)…..
    I could see he was a man of distinction, a real small spendeeeeeer…..
    Good looking, so refine. Say, wouldn’t you like to know what’s going on in his mind?

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  29. Loic Remy looks like a suitable January buy to me. Available for £16m (apparently) but a cash offer could probably get that down further, AW has been keen on him for quite a while and I reckon he’d be a pretty useful back up for the HFB.

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    • I don’t think so. He has a trial about he and his pal rape a woman. He might not be in the best frame of mind once those issues kick in.

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  30. what worries me is the fixtures in march . go into those games short, and we can kiss goodbye to the league . hope he learns from the past and signs a couple of players . as long standing fans we all know how easily it can get away from us

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  31. “Available for £16m (apparently) but a cash offer could probably get that down further,”
    A cash offer as opposed to what? Some magic beans and a couple of stadium tour tickets?

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  32. I’m probably the only Arsenal fan in the world who has said this, but I’ve always liked Bendtner. TGSTEL jokes aside, I feel his failings as a player are do to his own stupid actions, rather than a lack of talent. He may not be Henry or Ibrahimovic (something that he doesn’t know) but I believe he is as talented as, say, Giroud. His future probably lies somewhere else, but I get tired of all of the Bendtner-hating and jokes, even if he is a Dane (joke!).

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  33. it’s not us he has to convince that he doesn’t need players in January. He is looking for players, that is for sure, he has to convince himself that he doesn’t need players, but he can’t. He used that line yesterday because he’s reverting to type again, even though he needs players. It’s quite obvious, he needed another attacker even with Theo Walcott not injured, that’s why he went out in the summer to buy Demba Ba.

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  34. It’s come to a point that we just need a new signing to look like we have had a good plan.

    Otherwise, every minor setback between now and the end of the season will be blown up as a crisis.

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