Wenger plays down Draxler ‘illusion’


At half-time during tonight’s 4-0 win over Coventry, ex-player and seemingly well connected Bundesliga pundit Jan Aage Fjortoft Tweeted this:


Pressed on the ‘news’ after the game tonight, the Arsenal manager was quick to play it down, saying, “Draxler? Honestly, no. That is again an illusion. We have no need to take players on the flank.

“We don’t rule a striker out. But at the moment I cannot announce anything.”

The boss was more keen to praise youngster Gedion Zelalem, who became the first player born after Arsene Wenger took charge of the club, to make his debut for Arsenal.

“Zelalem has shown he is not scared,” said Wenger. “He wants the ball and you could feel their is some vision & personality behind his passing.”

Quotes via @gunnerblog


    • The papers are usually very very wrong but when you hear the same thing over and over again. They can’t all be wrong. Whether we get him or not I can’t say. There has definitely been some communication and it is certainly not an “illusion”.

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      • There was tons of noise about Higuain. And actually we had a fair clear picture about how the pursuit unfolded and ended when Real Madrid suddenly raised the price.

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        • To be fair, I think it was Napoli gazumping us rather the RM playing hardball. If Arsenal were about to sell someone and another offer came in at nearly 10 million higher, of course we’d take it.

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  1. Weird that the rumours have been so persistent about Draxler if we don’t even have any interest in players for his position.

    I haven’t seen him play, but if he actually is a proper wide player you would have thought with Walcott out that was one of the top three positions we do need (after striker and central defender obviously).

    Oh well, I’m just going to assume Arsene was scouting Messi the other night and we get him in shortly ; )

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    • Why do we need a CB?

      One of the top 15 CB in the league can’t even get a game with us, plus Bacary is there if desperate.

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      • We don’t need a starting CB but we do need a fourth one. One longish injury to any of our 3 and all of our fit CB options are starting every match, with only Jenkinson as cover.

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    • the idea is that he will turn Draxler into a striker, similar to some cunt i’ve vaguely heard about as ‘loving the injury bench’

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  2. Wenger “i don’t know Cazorla” a week later he’s signed.

    Wenger “Draxler is an illusion” tommorow morning confirmation you reckon?

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    • Hopefully BFG will carry him in Lion King style while the music plays, while Podolski, Özil and Gnabry cheers and bows in front of them. Wenger looks proud in the background. Epicness is coming, I can feel it.
      Joke aside, solid win today, again!

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  3. I’m calling it now, the key words are ON THE FLANK. Means he will turn him into a striker!

    Seriously though, if he sees no need in players on the flank, why did he go for Di Maria?

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  4. My understanding (and this may be incorrect) of ACL injuries is that it could take Theo 9-12 months to be back to his best. Surely a move for a wide player isn’t THAT ridiculous?

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    • and it takes time to get back to fitness and game shape. theo’s main asset is pace and finishing and it’ll take time to get those back.

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  5. Annoying if true, Chelsea have the right attitude, typical Mourhino sadly, strengthen when ever possible.

    We all to often have looked back and had a ‘what if’ moment to many times.

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      • Mata is arguably their best player but, does he fit into mourinho’s style? Nope.

        As good as ozil is, he wouldn’t fit into his style in chelsea (easy to fit him in at madrid, you are always gonna beat everybody except barca anyways).

        Mourinho might be a special cunt but, he’s not a stupid special cunt

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  6. Arsene Wenger when questioned about Cazorla a couple of weeks before signing him… “I don’t know that guy”

    Some Poker player…

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  7. “We have no interest in purchasing Arteta”
    “I am not buying Cazorla”
    “We do not have a deal for Ozil”
    “Draxler? That is an illusion”

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  8. To be honest I’m more excited about his qoutes about Zelalem than the potential signing of Draxler. We have a real gem there. Lets treasure it.

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    • I watched him play in the pre-season and his vision and passing are absolutely spectacular. He has the raw talent needed to become a world-class CAM and I trust that Arsene has picked up on this fact. Still needs to develop, probably on loan or for the occasional 70-th minute substitution, before he can secure a fairly regular first team place. He’s not even 17 yet and I can already tell that he’s got a great future ahead of him.

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      • I haven’t got the chance to watch him play on a regular day basis, but from what I’ve seen from the pre-season and based on the performance he put out tonight there is defenitly something there. I don’t want us to put to much pressure on him but his eye for spotting out a run down the oppositions half is really out of the ordinary. He’s got that ‘something’. But he defenitly needs to adapt to the speed and tempo of the top flight before we can make a real assesment of his capabilities. But I can’t help but like him from what I’ve seen so far…

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      • i read this article on The Guardian website which quoted one of his former coaches saying that what people haven’t seen yet of him is supposedly an awesome dribbling ability, comparble to that of iniesta… can’t wait to see more of him

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  9. It’s like a girl you notice in a tube but think to yourself ‘she is out of my league’ & when you are about to turn away, she gives you a smile. The next station is approaching & you can see her getting ready to get off, when you are wondering if the smile was an ‘illusion’!

    Here the pretty girl is not Draxler (he isn’t our league though literally he is) but a marquee signing for this transfer window.

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  10. Let’s translate Wenger talk:

    “We have no need to take players on the flank…” – we will sign a winger.

    “Draxler? Honestly, no..” – Draxler is a top priority of mine and I hope to sign him but will give nothing away until it’s announced on the official Arsenal website, at which point I will still not confirm it.

    Good win tonight, through to next round and another clean sheet for the CBs. Not gona get too worked up about Draxler because things are looking peachy as they are.

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  11. Wenger denied newspaper reports that he’s lining up a move for Arteta.

    Asked if there were any truth in the rumours, Wenger simply said: “No.”

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  12. No girl is out of your league when you have a large bank balance and a Ferrari. Arsenal may not have Chelsea or City’s money but still have money. And that’s enough to get the girl or fool her into spending the night at your luxury flat

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  13. Amazing how much fans want to believe in Draxler rumours. Even if Wenger says “Honestly, no”, they just close their ears and keep believing. Even though it is hard to argue with Wenger: we have enough players in his position. Dream on guys.

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  14. Why are we doing this to ourselves? Love to sign Draxler but I’ll get excited once I see it on arsenal.com. otherwise this speculation sets ourselves up for disappointment and negative criticism directed at Wenger and the club if it doesn’t happen. I agree that we could use a real difference maker but I won’t hold my breath.

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  15. Not that Wenger quotes ever really mean anything, but I don’t see there being any substance to the rumours. It just doesn’t make sense. No in January at least.

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  16. Papers were very persistent about us signing Ciprian Marica too.:D

    Don’t see it happening.

    1) Why bother signing at a higher price in January? Unless Shalcke are desperate for cash, makes more sense for them to drag out and in demand player and sell him in the summer.
    2) We have plenty of players on the flank
    3) If the idea is to convert him into a striker, it will take a lot of time and make no immediate impact to our current needs.
    4) Why buy a 20 year old to convert into a striker when we haven’t even got Sanogo (20) up and running?
    5) We need someone who can come in and give us an immediate impact up top.

    If it happens great but … Nah.

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    • In the summer you will have to pay the £37M, no two way about it. but i believe trying and getting him in now when the clause is not yet active is good business, we could even negotiate a lower fee given Schalke need the money and Drax wants a move.

      The summer alot of things can happen that might scupper our move. Go in now!

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      • I just can’t see it happenning. It’s only 5 million less than what we paid for Ozil for a player that’s not nearly as accomplished.

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  17. @Santori

    Schalke need the cash. Draxler is a top European talent and should not be compared with Sanogo, ever. If we wait until the summer every big club will come barging in with their stupid money and over inflate the price more and we definitely won’t get him. And in regards to him playing as a striker let him try, give him a few run outs on the wing first, why not, he’s got the second highest dribble completion rate in Europe behind Ribery, he’s over 6ft (2″?) quick, skillful and can shoot.

    Buying Draxler now is a sound option (even if we don’t psychically get him until the summer).

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  18. Anybody else get the horrible feeling Mourinho will try and scupper this? Mata’s gone, Essien going to Milan, 2 spaces in their squad opened up and £40m coming in. Be just like that prick to do it. Chelski have a history for buying players just so other teams can’t have them so it wouldn’t surprise me if they tried to fuck this up for us. Especially as we are serious contenders for the title this year. But I really hope we get him in this window. I think it could be a massive boost to the squad in the same way as when Mesut signed. COYG

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  19. First Wenger compares him to a UFO, now calls him an ‘illusion’. He must be some amazing player! Spinning out of a tackle, then ghosting past defenders…. Can’t wait!

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  20. Maybe wenger really has no clue he’s signed someone. Maybe he just turns up to training one day and a players there, all sorted.

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  21. “Today other clubs make the headlines.”

    Monday: Draxler + Ntep + Rosicky + Mertesacker + Sagna + Wenger + New Kit.

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  22. Two things:

    1) Wenger dropped a big clue in his post match interview that he’ll be signing on (if there was ever any doubt).

    The Frenchman said, “look uuuuh, I believe uuuuh, I’m here for long enough to, that everybody knows how committed I may, I am here”, accompanied with a “maybe we’ll have a good surprise for you”-esc rye smile.


    2) Wenger accidentally reveals that he has indeed completely forgotten who Park “Who?” Young is. When questioned on the reason for his absence, he simply responded, “Who?”


    (Yes, I realise that… Sigh.)

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  23. I have seen Draxler play a few times and whether he plays on the flank or not, he knows how to score goals. An absolute class act with the ball at his feet and definitely an Arsenal style player. Arsene has kept an eye on him for a very long time just like he did with Eden Hazard and look how that one ended.

    Reports are Shalke need to cash in, so in my opinion pay the 37m now or risk a fight with 4/5 big clubs to get him for over 50m if he has a good World Cup

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  24. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if we’re unveiling Draxler as an Arsenal player this Jan. The chap who broke the news has a pretty good track record of getting it right and if the deal is in place but not completely done I hardly expect Arsene to admit it to the World’s media. But the truth will out sooner rather than later.

    But as it’s been said on here, haven’t we seen that Wenger smile before? Draxler would appear to be a great signing also, and if what I’ve read is true the idea is to turn him into a centre forward of the RVP mould.

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  25. ”I’ve never heard of Santi Cazorla.” Remember that one?

    Looks a good player but 37m seems a bit steep. He can be brilliant but he’s young and can have off days. A bit like Gnabry last night. Not knocking the lad(s), as it’s normal for young players.

    Still..as someone else so eloquently said…

    Sign the cunt!

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  26. With the rumor of Messi maybe leaving Barca, then would it be to much to hope Wenger is bringing in Messi on deadline day? :p Nobody saw the Mesut Ozil signing coming, so maybe this will be another signing noone could have dreamed of in advance 🙂 If so, who do you guys hope it is?

    Falcao we can rule out cause of his injury. But Personally ruling out Ronaldo and Messi, i would hope for Cavani i think. Many similar traits to Giroud, only with world class goalgetting skills and superb atk positioning. And he also got a fair amount of pace, which are all somewhat lacking in our handsome frenchman.

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