Wenger: Wilshere doubt but trio return for Saints trip


Arsene Wenger has given his latest fitness update ahead of tomorrow night’s game with Southampton revealing that Jack Wilshere is a doubt.

In more positive news Aaron Ramsey, Mikel Arteta and Thomas Vermaelen are all available after their respective injury problems.

Having made his first start since August in Friday night’s win over Coventry the boss stressed that questions remain over the fitness of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain confirming he’d yet to decide whether the midfielder will face his former club.

He is not fully fit but he is getting closer,” said the boss. “I haven’t decided whether he will start tomorrow”

The Saints have dropped like a stone since Olivier Giroud’s brace saw them off at the Emiratess back in November, they’ve won only two out of the last ten,  but they still represent a reasonable threat at home where they held Manchester City to a draw not too far back.

This game, along with Sunday’s against Palace, certainly represents a real chance to consolidate our top spot credentials ahead of a very tough run of fixtures.



  1. Our chances of winning the title increase with Arteta’s inclusion and fitness. Hope he’s fit enough to start at least 10 of the next 16. Welcome back captain.

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  2. Can’t afford any slip considering the tough matches coming up in Feb.
    Take one match at a time and keep collecting 3 points.
    Hope Spuds can do us a favour and we can slowly open up a gap between us n Shitty/Chlski.

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  3. Really i miss Ramsey battles and tackles! welcome back Aaron Ramsey
    What’s news about Flamini? is he back in the squad too?

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  4. Eh, will we ever be blessed with an inform Wilshere AND inform Ramsey? Jack has been a tank recently and well Ramsey’s start of the season, WOW.

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  5. If anything, we’ve seen that there’s no one player who is ABSOLUTELY crucial to our squad, we’ve lost Ramsey, Giroud, Ozil, Gibbs and Wallcot for considerable amounts of time in the past two months and had other players do an equal if not better job at times

    OK maybe Mertescialny, but even then, deep down all Gooners know that Vermaelen can turn it up and be just as good as any CB in this planet
    So just be a sane Gooner. And know that Arsène Knows

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  6. I swear a lot of people been hyping the chance of us signing Draxler but I swear Ramsey has been beasting this season and Draxler although not a like for like replacement, would take Ramsey’s place in the team. I find it slightly pointless because after all, he’s the Welsh Messi and Draxler this season is not on his level.

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    • Why would he take Ramsey’s place? Draxler plays out wide.

      Draxler is absolutely an amazing player, could always do with more top players in the squad.

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    • Ramsey plays in the centre of the pitch, behind the attackers. Draxler plays out on the wing, as an attacker. Draxler would compete on the left wing with Santi (unless Ozil or Jack were not starting) and Podolski (who is struggling with fitness (apparently). Add in the talk of him being deployed up front, centrally in the Giroud position when HFB needs to rest those abs of concrete under his chiselled jaw…


      Keep up.

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  7. Amazing to have Rambo back, have missed seeing his beautiful face since he went down on Boxing Day.

    Call me crazy but I find him the best looking on our team (not the HFB as magnificent as he is) he’s so damn classically good looking. Not to mention a beast on the pitch for the Arsenal this season.


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  8. More options means more ways to win games, great to have Ramsey and Arteta back. With Arteta in Midfield I always feel more confident about our ability to see out games (Mert and Kos doing a great job obviously)

    There was times against Villa away when I thought to myself that Arteta would have slowed things down retained the ball better and got us passing again, he just adds an extra measure if calmness..looking forward to another 3 points and clean sheet, that’s the norm these days!

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  9. Storey of our season, one player in another player out. But the real strength of this squad is their ability to adapt to the absence of key members of the squad.

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  10. The return of Ramsey and Arteta is a huge boost for sure, although it does take time for returning players to get back to match fitness. I worry more about Arteta than Ramsey being able to shake off the cobwebs.

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  11. Whichever way AW goes we’re looking at a world class starting XI and very tasty options off the bench.

    Being a gunner is particularly wonderful at this time.

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  12. I feel many clubs hate arsenal and that’s bad. Chelsea saling mate to man u and refusing arsenal offer for Ba and athatico Madrid now trying to give our Costa to Chelsea I feel so bad about that . I want Costa in arsenal or hulk I love gunners .

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