West Ham made Vermaelen approach


Hilariously, West Ham manager Sam Allardyce revealed he’d made an approach to Arsenal to take Thomas Vermaelen on loan.

Quite why he thought Arsenal would allow the captain to go, given that we’ve only got three centre-halves at the club, is beyond us, but the Walrus is going to have to look elsewhere for defensive reinforcements.

“I think under the circumstances at Arsenal with the situation they’re in with the Champions League and cup matches, they’ve had to use Vermaelen as soon as any of the two defenders are injured,” he said.

“I don’t think there’s any chance we’ll get someone of his quality, but it would be nice if we could.”

I suppose there’s the whole thing of you never know if you don’t ask, but reports that Allardyce also asked Scarlett Johansson to marry him could not be confirmed this evening.


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    • He took Chamakh from us last year… as much as I hate the Walrus, you can’t wish too much misfortune on anybody.

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  1. “I think under the circumstances at Arsenal with the situation they’re in with the Champions League and cup matches, they’ve had to use Vermaelen as soon as any of the two defenders are injured.”

    That first half of that sentence is totally redundant. When a defender is injured, a reserve defender is used. Yes, Sam, we get it. This has nothing to do with our “situation” in cups. It’s just the meaning of a reserve player.

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  2. What an ignorant fat twap. To think the Arsenal club captain! would join those bunch? This is an insult to Vermaelens abilities. He’s not only too good for them, he’s too Arsenal-class to be Playing under a cunt.

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  3. Actually, fair play. Not Sam’s biggest fan by a long way but it does show a bit of intent from him to try and do it. Plus, to the outside, it probably does look like Verm is short of game time (hence why a loan could of been seen as beneficial).
    That being said, this sounds like something someone would coin up on Fifa… Not a chance in hell I’d let Verm leave.

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    • No he can’t. Diaby might be a walking injury waiting to happen but he’s our walking injury waiting to happen and when he’s fit, he adds value to this team.

      And as long as he wears our crest I will fucking support him.

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      • Mickeroo- Well with that logic we’d still have players like Eboue still in the first team. If it wasn’t for a few thousand fans screaming their disapproval as he did his umpteenth clown impression, Wenger would still be professing his faith in Manu, and he’d still be losing games for us right now.

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    • I thought Diaby is out injured for the rest of the season, so a loan would be pointless, or am I am missing something?

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  4. Splurge all your budget on one banjanxed striker while your squad screams out for reinforcements in all other areas and then when you hit bottom 3 panic and try to loan in the league leaders captain – genius “slow clap”

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  5. So that’s Sam Allardyce, West Ham manager.
    The same West Ham that got their knickers in a twist just last week cos the Fulham manager spoke about a failed bid to sign Morrison.
    Apart from one being a loan and one an actual transfer, what’s the difference?

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  6. I wouldn’t loan him a fiver. Allarfyce, Pulis and Redknapp have got to be three Managers I dislike the most….Almost to the point of giving them concrete trainers, a plane trip, boot them out in tgevmiddle of the ocean and tell them to swim for the shore

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    • I am curious to also hear what you, sir, have to say about: John Terry, Ashley Cole, Robin Van Persie, Emanuel Adebayour, and Samir Nasri.

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  7. Far be it for me to defend Sam, but he’d did not actually.
    The interviewer asked him if he had made a loan offer and he said “no, Arsenal have too many games….we will not get someone of that quality” etc.
    Still, why let the truth get in the way of a good story eh?

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  8. Clever idea to replace verm with Carroll. Lol, don’t know what’s worse at west ham, is it their attack or defense???

    We owe fat Sam a favour, we should give him Park

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  9. IF this is true, that’s funny. Big Sam would play TV5 upfront, since he’s a better finisher than Andy Carroll and scores more goals.

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