Arsenal 0-0 Man U: by the numbers


Özil v. Mata

Ozil Mata
Price £42m £37m
Shots 1 2
Passes in the final 1/3 39/49 7/12
Key Passes 7 1
Dribbles 4/6 0
Dribbles in the opp. final 1/3 3/4 0
Ball recoveries 4 2
Tackles 2/4 2/5
Interceptions 1 1
Dispossessed 4 4
Turnovers 0 0
Through balls 1 1

16 – Shots by Arsenal today
7 – Shots created for others by Özil today¹
1 – Shots Özil took for himself
50 – Percent of all Arsenal’s shots today that were created or taken by Özil (7/16)
0 – Number of players Özil had moving in front of him today
3 – Number of times this season that Özil has had 7 or more key passes in a game (Stoke 7, WHam 8, ManU 7)
22 – Number of his total key passes this season that he’s had in those three games
2 – Number of assists he created off those 22 key passes
63 – Total number of key passes Özil has created this season³ (tied with Silva as League leader)
5 – Shots Cazorla took today¹ (tied with Giroud)
4 – Shots created for others by Cazorla today
56 – Percent of all Arsenal’s shots today that were created by or taken by Cazorla¹
58 – Passes completed by Cazorla¹ (of 66 for 88%)
57 – Passes completed by Wilshere and/or Özil
55 – Passes completed by Gibbs
39 – Passes completed by Özil in the Man U final third¹
68 – Percent of his passes that Özil completed in the Man U final third
7 – Passes Özil made in the Arsenal defensive half
10 – Ball recoveries by Gibbs (tied with Valencia, Cleverly, and Koz)¹
9 – Ball recoveries by Wilshere
4 – Successful dribbles by Rooney and/or Özil¹ (of 6)
5 – Successful tackles by Arteta (of 7)¹
4 – Successful tackles by Cazorla (oddly, tied with Sagna, Evra, and Smalling)
0 – Tackles attempted by Wilshere
6 – Tackles per game that Ramsey attempts
14 – Tackles Ramsey attempted in just one match
5 – Interceptions by Arteta (tied with Michael Carrot)¹
4 – Interceptions by Gibbs (can you see the case I’m building here that Gibbs was pretty damn good?)
2 – Interceptions by Cazorla (this might be subtler, here…)
0 – Interceptions by Wilshere

5 – Shots that Man U attempted in the last match between these two teams
6 – Shots that Man U attempted today
1 – Shots that Man U attempted in the Red Zone (right in front of goal) today
1 – Number of those shots that Szczesny saved like a boss
10 – Shots that Arsenal attempted in the first meeting of these two teams
1 – Shots that Arsenal attempted in the Red Zone (right in front of goal) in the first meeting of these two teams
17 – Shots that Arsenal attempted today
6 – Shots that Arsenal attempted in the Red Zone (right in front of goal) today
4 – Number of those 6 shots that were headers
1 – Number that were cleared off the line by Antonio Valencia playing a zonal defense on a set play
3 – Number of times that Arsenal have been held scoreless in the Premier League this season
2 – Number of those scoreless matches that were played against Man U

Your box score



¹ Led both teams today
² Led just his team
³ Leads the League

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ba dm tsss

usually wouldnt mind drawing United,
But i do fuckin mind when we cant beat a united side that plays like fancy fulham.


To those critics of Ozil, you can only appreciate his work rate with a deadly striker upfront.


Or a brain.

Remember the invincibles

Gibbs was a big difference defensively. He was good. He also adds something different in attacking sense. I like Monreal, but at this point he’s my 2nd choice.
Can’t believe we let those scum get a draw.
We’ve let everybody back in this title race. Somehow even Tottenhum Cuntspurs are only 6 points behind us in 5th. We need to hit the panic button and keep it pressed till the end of the season. If we do that then we win something, else I can only fear out tenth year without a trophy.

Couldn't Agree More

Couldn’t agree more about Gibbs.


Yes, great idea, I’m sure panicking for 12 games will have a brilliant result.

Concur re: Gibbs, though.


Of all the buttons we could push; focus, consistency, composure, hard work etc.. You want us to push the PANIC button. Are you mad!?

Couldn't Agree More

Gibbs is brilliant today. He should be a definite starter. Wenger’s problem on left-back solved now.

Remember the invincibles

Also can we somehow get Ramsey back. We miss his goals so much!

Gunner From Another Mother
Gunner From Another Mother

We miss his everything so much

Wenger's Glasses

I didn’t even notice Mata was playin’ until he was substituded, tbh.

Chester Hop

How does 39/49 = 68%?


We seriously need a striker who compliments mesuts qualities. Theo would have been perfect to drift behind the defence, Giroud is always dropping short which is a great quality, but we need that more dynamic striker in our ranks if we want to see the best from our 42 million quid man

Clock End Mike

The point, as you rightly note, is that we have Walcott, and miss him badly when he’s not in the team (ie, most of this season). (Incidentally, it’s impressive how well we’ve done this season without last season’s top striker.)

Clearly, Le Prof doesn’t regard Podolski as that man. I’m really beginning to wonder why a striker with 100+ appearances for Özil’s national team can’t fill that role, but it does seem he can’t.

We don’t need to buy another Walcott (even if there was one). I’m sure if there was someone available on loan to step in for Theo till May, we would have tried very hard to get him, but who is there? (NB I don’t think Draxler fits that description, even if we could have persuaded Schalke to sell him in January).

We need our existing attacking midfielders to play that role. In the absence of Ramsey, I think Rosicky and Oxlade-Chamberlain fit the bill best, but they need to be looking to play off Özil, making those runs, and I’m not sure you can make that adjustment mid-season. Now, next year after a full pre-season with Özil, that’s a different matter…

Remember the invincibles

Next year? What? We’re not already talking about next year. Please refrain from giving up so early. Besides plenty of unexpected things can happen, injuries, new signings, john terry getting his testicles eaten by bull etc


While I do appreciate that we are in the top 3, and in the biggest title race of all time, I cannot see us winning it. I will support them till the end but am keeping my realistic glasses on and my hopes low. We are very weak in big games away from home (5-1 and 6-3 prove that) and considering we have Spurs, Chelsea away, with our current exhausted squad we would be lucky to get away from both games with a point in each.
Next year will be different. I am hoping we sign Draxler so he can compliment Walcott on the right giving us width. Also another decent striker with a bit of pace. Our playmakers clearly thrive off of that pace, always looking to find that through ball, but there is never anyone there to receive it.

Chris Robinson

I think the original “next year” comment was about Walcott’s return. Buying a replacement for Walcott in January would be unwise because Walcott will return next year. Fans just yell “spend all the money bringing in an exact replacement for Theo!” But Wenger wisely remembers that Walcott is not out forever and all the money needs to be spent this summer on a striker, right back if we can’t freaking re-sign sagna (please god re-sign Sagna), and probably a replacement for TV5.


I never said a replacement for Walcott, I said to compliment Walcott. Draxler taking the left wing and Walcott the right, with a pacey striker down the middle. Ozil feeding them through balls for them to use as passes or crosses into the box for the striker to finish. Hardly rocket science is it..?


Why can’t we make that adjustment? Is it even an adjustment given Ramsey was making the runs earlier in the season? What I don’t understand last night was why the Ox came on for Rosicky rather than Jack who was having a bad game.


Look at the three areas where they led us though. This is why they went away with a draw – which was their game plan.

I am in India at present and only saw the last 30 minutes (It was 2.30 am), but for that period we looked good and then we got very tense for the last five minutes. It’s a confidence thing.

I love Özil and I love the fact we will get revenge at the weekend!


You mean tackles and clearances?

Interesting you bring this up because it’s something I’ve meant to comment on.

Arsenal dominated possession and area of the pitch, when that happens the number of tackles a team makes typically falls off, their interception numbers go up, and if the attacking team is actually attacking then the defensive team will put up bigger clearance numbers. That is to say that usually, it’s the team without the ball who make the vast majority of the tackles, intercpetions, and clearances.

So, the fact that Arsenal put up similar tackle numbers indicates a good work rate when we didn’t have the ball but the fact that Man U forced us to put in a similar number of clearances meant that they did a good job with their tactic of hitting us on the counter.

That’s my analysis of the stats.


The stats just back it up. Mesut is fucking brilliant. It is just his first season.
We need to show him our support. Not get on his back.


Totally agree. Its getting so I am very wary of coming on here after a game (Note: game…whether we win or lose)….. We seem to have some on here for whom beating up on our players is some kind of high… And they seem so moronic that they cant even recognize how dumb it looks. SO…. after last Saturday, we saw them spend the entire week talking about how Ozil “just isnt good enough for the price we paid”…. strangely silent after his display last night. A few weeks ago, it was Cazorla who was “not showing any effort and needs to be dropped”… last year it was AR… His ordeal even had a Curse Leader In Chief….one Mr Piers Morgan. Frighteningly, the said Mr Morgan was recently on twitter saying that he always knew Ramsay would come good.

Today’s whipping boys are …. drum roll please…. Olivier Giroud and Jack Wilshere…. surprise surprise!!! They who have both won us crucial games this season must now be sacrificed at the altar of the Fickle Fan. Siiiiiighhhh…. and we dare declare to the Spuds how CLASS we are. Well…. its time some of our so-called fans start acting with some modicum of class!!!

NB. I posted this on another thread but it bears repeating here


Here there go again lamenting and whining like bitches…..


Number of subs used by Arsenal when we should had been going for the win : 1
Number of international goals scored by unused sub Lukas Podolski : 46


Why keep giroud in for so long! -.- he is a good player but sometimes we need someone with a bit more pace! podolski !!

Auditing the Blog

Absolutely love the numbers. Just one serious question though. What’s the point of this stat: “6: Successful dribbles by Rooney and/or Ozil”

Unless I’m missing something this stat is completely ambiguous. It means that Rooney could have had 6, or 0 depending on if Ozil had 6, or 0…or they could have had it in any of the other 5 possible combinations..

Dr Öö

I think he means they both had the same stat, but yes its very misleading


Both players were 4/6 dribbles and both led all players in that stat.



A restaurant can hire world’s best chef but if there are no customers, the chef’s talent is useless. Same with Ozil, need someone to serve.Giroud is not just d striker dat can do dat


How could a CM (Wilshere) make 0 interceptions and 0 Tackles for 90 mins? JW needs a kick up the ass.


If JW starts against Bayern, which he probably will, we’re probably in for another drubbing. How can Wenger see that Arteta-Wilshere doesn’t work. We’re NEVER able to dominate the middle of the park. Too frail, no pace, no stealth, no tackling.


Hearing you, someone would think Wilshere is a shit player who had a terrible game. He just needs to get a grip of himself. You’ll see, when he doesn’t play, we miss his drive and his ability to glide with the ball forward. Even if he’s dispossessed. And don’t be so quick to blame him for the bad results, football is a collective effort. Every player played badly these games. It shouldn’t have happened, but it did. Don’t make Wilshere your scapegoat.


“You’ll see, when he doesn’t play, we miss his drive and his ability to glide with the ball forward.”

You’re right that he definitely shouldn’t be the scapegoat, but we were killing it with with Ramsey or Rosicky playing the linking midfielder next to Flamini or Arteta as the holder, and didn’t seem to miss Jack at all.


When you look at the stats between Aaron and Jack, there’s absolutely no question who has developed into the far superior B2B midfielder. We are really suffering without Rambo, there’s really no one like him.


Hw I wish God made Giroud a bit faster.


If only God existed.


Wenger = Moyes
1. Both did well within limited budgets
2. Both can’t beat big teams
3. Both don’t have a clue about getting the best out of the squad they have.
4. Both won’t play players who might improve their team (Kagawa/Zaha and Poldi/Gnabry)
5. Both seem loath to learn from mistakes.
The only difference is that AW can (just) beat smaller teams and he won things once upon a time,
Any surprise then that the result was 0-0?


Can’t beat big teams.

Oh yeah, the guy whose team was the first from PL to beat Real Madrid and Juventus away from home. The first to beat Ac and Inter Milan at the San Siro.

One of the only teams to best Bayern Munich last year.


You’ve watched Arsenal how many times? 3? 4 times?

The Beast

When are we ever going to beat Man united if we can’t beat them during their worst season?


When ? When Wenger finally leaves. Oh I forgot – we’re about to reward his nine years of continual failure with a new contract.
Makes sense.

mr huhu

disappointed with the fact that we cannot win against a midtable team


It’s evident how much Ozil misses Walcott. I don’t understand Wenger’s hatred with Podolski, he is a runner, just what Ozil wants, someone to play in.

This Wenger obsession with Wilshere is really starting to piss me off. He was so poor the whole game yet he subs Rosicky off, does not bring in Podolski, and it nearly cost us when Wilshere cheaply gave the ball away to Rooney.

God I can’t wait for Ramsey to be back.

Humble Gooner

Wenger builds teams; doesn’t just buy them. So it means playing people through their rough patches. Wilshere has been patchy this year but he needs the full season under his belt to develop. Wenger believes in him long term; and doesn’t give a shit for how fickle some few fans are.


Giving Jack playing time doesn’t mean he can’t be substituted if he’s playing badly for the last 20 minutes.


It was interesting to hear the commentators trying to avoid stating the obvious.
“Manure are playing very compact”
“They’re not leaving any space between the lines”
“They’re getting ten men behind the ball”

Yeah, we’re not stupid, we could all see they parked the manure lorry in front of goal, straight out of Maureen’s “Great Book of Most Excellent Tactics”.


To be fair, it would be pretty hard to get caught out as arsenal attacked without pace, they could all walk back and still arrive before we made an attempt


You make an excellent and a less noted point – about our counter-attacks and the lack of real menace even in them!!


Really thought Mesut did a good job last night! It appeared he had a greater sense of urgency about his play. Hopefully the start of great things!


Season is now well and truly on a knife edge. I do like Giroud but a purely scoring striker would have finished at least one of his chances. I feel the more teams press us high on the pitch it leaves giroud stranded up front a bit. He can hold it up but not the kind of striker who can make a threat on goal from solely individual play. Maybe a 4-4-2?


The stats bear out what I saw at the game. Jack is a good dribbler but needs to add more to his game as Aaron has done especially when playing deeper; plus he needs to pass more rather than run into walls of defenders.


Long time observer, first time contributor I feel compelled to comment for the first time. Last night we were one player away from thumping United. A real potent goal scorer would have converted one of those chances that fell to Giroud and then United would have had to go for it and I believe we would have bagged a couple more as Carrick and Cleverly would have been forced to push up and attack leaving space and time for our Cazorla et al. to get some more shots away. I’m not saying last night was Girouds fault, he’s playing to his potential, which is unfortunately limited, my point is brighten up chaps we’re not far from being an absolutely fantastic team and in light of the aberration that was Saturdays performance it’s an good stabilizing result.


“I’m not saying last night was Girouds fault, he’s playing to his potential, which is unfortunately limited”

This assertion makes no sense because we’ve *seen* him play better than this. He can make those shots, and we need him to.

Davy Jones

Well Giroud rarely gets good chances because he is not clever in his movement. Good strikers create their own oppurtunities, while Giroud is a bit more dependent on having chances created for him. Van persie works continually to lose his marker. The second his marker looks away for only a second he moves away from him. Also Van Persie was a threat to our offside trap the entire game, and fooled it several times. Giroud is not good at losing his marker, and he never ever Even try to make a run in behind the defense.

He is just poor at atk positioning. Ozil had 35 assists last season with Madrid when he had good strikers to give him options with their clever movement and positioning, while now he has only 7. And Even when he creates chances at Arsenal, they rarely end up in the back of the net.

One need to have fanboy glasses on if one thinks Giroud is a world class striker and is good enough to play for a world class club fighting for trophies.


We’ve seen him do a lot of things and of course he can play better but at the top level you need consistency and to be converting those few chances that do materialize in big games and I’m afraid he’s been found wanting here.

Don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of Giroud, you can’t fault his effort, desire and work rate, but he isn’t a potent goal scorer and I would suggest on his own up front he doesn’t best compliment the creative talent behind him.


Yesterday’s game showed why I don’t believe we can win the title.

While we bounced back defensively we just seem not to have the ONE player that can kill off the game. I believe we want Ozil to be this player but he seems not to be able to deliver.

What I don’t understand, while I do believe we have a squad that can compete for the title, is the lack of will trying to do everything possible to keep this chance up when we lose key players lilke Walcott or see that Giroud alone can’t do it. Why are we not digging into the transfer market to increase the quality of the squad step by step (I am not talking about ridicilous prices)? For me this is key why we cannot compete.

I do believe the only chance for silverware this season is if we survive the scousers and stay in the FA Cup.


Ozil can’t be expected to be the player to kill off a game that’s not what he does or ever has done. He has the ability to choke out a game and create for others but it’s for those in front of him to do the killing. We never expected Bergkamp to kill off games.

Davy Jones

Olivier Giroud: 13 goals 7 assists in 31 games played.

Gonzalo Higuain: 18 goals 9 assists in 26 games played.

Giroud convertion of chances rate: 13%

Higuain convertion of chances: 20%

I know many says Giroud did not get that many good chances to score and mostly half chances last night. But if you look at the whole season he seldom get big changes. Why is this you ask? Well if you study Persie and Giroud last night you can see the answer. Girouds movement and atk positioning is poor. He does not have a striker Brain if you will. Chances for strikers dont make themselves, and the best strikers create their own oppurtunities with clever movement and good atk positioning. Persie was constanytly threatening the offside trap, and constantly working to lose his marker. Giroud spend most of his time with his back to the goal just holding up the ball.


On the other hand, Napoli with Higuain are 13pts behind in Serie A and out of the Champions League. Arsenal with Giroud are only 1 point down in the league and through to Champions League knockouts.

Davy Jones

But that is hardly Higuains fault is it. If anything it is more impressive he plays so well for an upper mid table club. And with the service he would get in our club you would Imagine those numbers would be a fair bit higher.


God, stop calling OG a striker for he is clearly not one. Are you even watching the games? When the ball is not in the flanks, he clearly doesn’t have pace so his role is to hold up and bring our agile MFs into play, not run behind defenses.. He does the role Llorente does at Juve – hold up and occupy CBs apart from the heading duties… Sadly, Llorente has Tevez to distract the other CB/FB – OG has none..

same same

Thats the only thing that was left and could have been said after last night performance

14 matches and 1 win against Man united
10 matches and 0 win against mourinho’s Chelsea

I rest my case with with wenger and his performance against big teams

the league is verry tight
in the end it will come down to the games between big teams

and i am not very hopeful about our situation in that department


First of all we played draw when we should have won. United were weak and you did see that. But better to draw than to lose. The last two years we would have lost games like this.

I think Oezil played very well but you see that he still can do more. Unfortunately Giroud is not a goalscoring-machine. But all of you that are calling for Lukas: He has a great shot and can score from the most different positions but as striker on top he is not useful. I wish we had a real striker…

Some words about Clattenberg: He made no big mistakes (maybe the Giroud-Vidic thing was a penalty, unsure) and that is good for a premier league ref but giving deserved yellows was not smth he did last night. I always wonder why United can foul 100000000 times without getting a yellow. How can Rooney moan 4000000000000 times without getting a card… This doesn’t make sense except somebody is paying the refs or they shit in their pants when they have to referee United… Sometimes I wish Arsene would go to the press conference and criticise the refs in an angry way.

same same

and one more thing

if beating big teams doesnt matter that much

then i am prettyy sorry to say we will never win the C.L with wenger

LOL forget about the big teams
we cannot even beat a second rate man united at home


Wenger has beaten Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Barcelona, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Real Madrid.

Who are these big teams we can’t beat?

2013-2014 = 2003-2004
2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Remember when Robert Pires and Freddie Ljundberg used to constantly make runs in the final-third… you could ‘see’ the ‘fluidity’ on the pitch and it wasn’t mere football – some would call it ‘art’. If Ozil played in that 2003-2004 Arsenal team he could have more assists than the rest of the Premier League combined.

Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott are our two ‘runners’. Without them Ozil is far less effective.

Yesterday I would have loved to start with:

– The Ox (in place of Santi on the left)
– Gnabry (in place of Rosicky on the right)
– Santi (in placed of Wilshere in the middle)

And Bendtner and Podolski to come on as subs for Giroud and Ox, respectively.


Dare i say Gervinho too would have been a worthwhile option yesterday


A player like Ozil thrives on movement from those in front of him. That’s how he built his reputation. He has nothing to Feed of him.
The bloke is class. It’s no coincidence that his best games was with Ramsey in the side.
Sadly theo got injured and didn’t get the time to blend with Ozil.
The fault is not his but our failure to rely on a forward line that is static.
Giroud is good and works harder than almost any player I have ever seen. But world class he ain’t. And sadly until Arsene addressee this problem we will remain the nearly men. We have had two years to buy a world class forward, this is not about the January window.
Chamack was never going to be adequate cover and neither is bentner. And for whatever reason Arsene won’t play podolski often enough.
We need a world class forward to go with what can be a world class midfield to feed it. But won’t hold my breath. As we will here from wenger that sonogo is now fit and the need to buy in the summer may again leave us wanting up front yet again.


that Valencia bloke wasn’t sure witch post he should cover just before the corner.. damn.


Some odd/incorrect stats here today. Along with the ones mentioned above –
7 – Shots created for others by Özil today¹
1 – Shots Özil took for himself
50 – Percent of all Arsenal’s shots today that were created or taken by Özil (7/16)

Wonder if someone was having a few to drown their sorrows last night…


There were 16 shots by Arsenal last night.
7 shots Özil created for other players
1 shot Özil took for himself.

8 Shots = 50%. I did mess up the 7/16, though. Sorry!


I hate to say this, but at this moment, most suitable PL team for Ozil is Liverpool… the way Suarez, Sturridge, sterling, coutinho make runs, ozil would have grabbed assists even with his eyes closed.


I hate to say this but the most suitable PL team for Suarez is Arsenal…..The way Ozil, Carzola, Ramsey, Wilshere make chances Suarez would have grabbed 40+ goals even with his eyes closed.

palace gunner

Should have that game what is missing is the goals, even the commentry people say arsenals lack of getting on the goal meaning the build up on the goal a draw the team got,


If we only had gotten Higuain honestly speaking we would be clear ontop right now. Wenger has a certain principle and when he chooses to go by it no one can tell him otherwise. we risk losing everything because of his stubbornness.


If we had higuain, we wouldn’t have had Ozil


Ever heard of show me the money!!!! you pleb?

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

I believe this was Ozil’s best performance for a while and I think after the Liverpool game he realised he needs to step up. So good on that part. I feel the criticism of Giroud was overdone and really he had one chance that he should have scored, the one off the Sagna cross. The rest were snapshots and sometimes they go in sometimes they don’t, even the Dutch Skunk missed two opps he would normally put away in his sleep. Of course great work Szczesny on both saves. All i can feel for Giroud is that sometimes those are missed and one has to accept that and move on. Overall I think he did a great job, fighting off three United defenders by himself for most of the match and creating space for our midfiled, which just seemed to not want to move up at all for most of the match. Remember the chance that Cazorla had at the end, with his left foot inside the box, well that was all because of the work Giroud had to fight off two united defenders, and keep the ball alive. I really felt the midfield was too cautious and didn’t support him enough. Wilshire has been poor of late and that run continued. Lastly looking at the larger picture I think it was not the worst possible result. Yes not ideal outcome but still within touch with the leaders with three winnable games coming up.

No doubt the run in next month is hard, but so is it for the rest of the teams.

City still have to travel away to United, Arsenal (back to back), Liverpool and Everton.

Liverpool still travel to United, and play host Cuntspurs, City and Chelsea. Also knowing Liverpool, they are also likely to drop points away to the numerious relegation strugglers they still play.

Chelsea still host Everton, Cunspurs, Arsenal and are away to Liverpool.

So plenty of points to be dropped by all teams. 2 points behind the potential leaders (City, if they win their game in hand) is still a great position to be in.


You forgot one…

2 – Teams that played like a gaggle of 80 year old grannies swinging handbags at a Manchester bus stop.

We have become boring to watch, no movement in the forward lines, a striker that plays with his back to goal and yet no players running on, midfielders trying to thread through six defenders…. The list goes on.


Second coming of the Welsh Jesus will deliver us. Amen


It’s almost Easter. The resurrection of the Welsh Jesus is imminent.

Dark Stein

As long as Wenger’s “6 weeks” is actually 6 weeks and not the new “3 weeks”


That game was crying out for Gnabry (sp?). I’m surprised he wasn’t on the bench, Is he injured?


Gnabry on the bench? Podolski on the field? line up with 5 similar, tricksy sorts of midfielders getting in each other’s way. These are the mysteries of Wenger.

The Fonz

Hi 7am,

Quick question; what is a ball recovery if it isn’t a tackle or an interception?
You have Wilshere down as having made 9 ball recoveries but zero tackles and zero interceptions and I wondered what this referred to.


ozil fan

i cant believe how many people are hating on ozil… he is class and people like giroud are not helping ozils reputation at the moment

wenger: bring in someone who can run and move



This is where a player wins back the ball when it has gone loose or where the ball has been played directly to him.”

– See more at:

It’s not a tackle (winning the ball from someone) and not an interception (stepping in to take the ball from a player) but it is a change of possession which that player earned. So, Jack is doing that, and it’s important.


On the subject of Wilshere not attempting tackling: Maybe it is better that he doesn’t since he tends to get hotheaded and foul. But if he isn’t going to tackle he shouldn’t be playing where Wenger put him. What happened? In past seasons he’s done a good job playing deep but now he doesn’t look like he can cut it there.


Here’s a statistic, we are only 3 points ahead of Liverpool.

Man city have a game in hand.

And our goal difference amongst the top 4 is the lowest.

Worrying signs.

We must take points off the challengers around us but it looks increasingly less likely. Banking on them to shed points against the minnows is a foolish thing with 3 teams charging at us and able to take advantage. they won’t all be slipping off the pace.