Arsenal 0-2 Bayern Munich: The Guff


Arsenal face an uphill task after a 2-0 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League last night. He’s some of the reaction from the press, blogs and beyond.

Was it a red? The trouble is, clear goal-scoring opportunity or not, it was an easy one for refs to give and this one didn’t think twice. I’m not armed with the stats but I suspect those ones are given more often than they are not. That said, it’s debatable whether Robben had any real chance of scoring. – East Lower.

Pep Guardiola is a dedicated student of his opponents’ recent matches, locking himself away with just a television and a notepad and writing down every area of weakness. Presumably he watched Liverpool’s recent 5-1 destruction of Arsenal and noted how frequently Nacho Monreal was isolated at left-back when Santi Cazorla drifted inside. The personnel changed but Bayern replicated Liverpool’s route of attack. – Michael Cox, Guardian.

Ozil’s miss was a turning point in the match. Arsenal should’ve been at least 1-0 up on the champions of Europe. At that moment they looked vulnerable and easy enough to break down. We weren’t dominating them (Kroos did force an excellent save from Szczesny from distance) but we had them scrambling at the back. Had we gone up a goal, it would’ve served to strengthen our belief and further sowed the seeds of doubt for Bayern. But Ozil’s penalty miss was the best thing that could’ve happened to Bayern. – Arse2Mouse.

The Munich goals were more or less inevitable, although Arsenal will kick themselves over the second. Having held out for so long at 1-0, a scoreline which would have been more than acceptable under the circumstances, they made a big mistake which allowed Bayern to double the lead. – Some bloke, ESPN.

Yaya Sanogo was raw and largely ineffective on a night when Wenger insisted Olivier Giroud’s absence was not a punishment for off-field issues. Sanogo was not lacking in effort but, however it is dressed up, a team with genuine aspirations of winning this competition cannot be so frail in their choices. – Daniel Taylor, Guardian.

Mistakes have consequences. They are part of the mix. In both cases the Premier League team kyboshed their own chance. The price was paid by spectators, who were left with a nagging sense of imbalance and anti-climax. The aim was to see the whether Man City were anywhere near Barcelona’s level yet – and how far Arsenal have come in the last six months. You can never be sure with 10 v 11, but this much is clear: Barcelona and Bayern keep the ball far better than the top English sides. – Paul Hayward, Telegraph.

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