Arsenal 2-0 Crystal Pulis: By the Numbers


Abbreviated BTN today because I have a Super Bowl party to attend

11 – Clean sheets by Arsenal (Top of the League – TOTL)
1 – Crucial save by Szczesny off a Jerome header to preserve that 11th clean sheet (TOTL)
10 – Clean sheets Arsenal have kept in the last 16 matches (since the clean sheet over Palace, in fact)
11 – Arsenal have not lost a match at home in the last 11 matches (all competitions)
546 – Minutes Arsenal have gone since last conceding a goal at home in League play
9.1 – Hours Arsenal have gone since last conceding a goal at home in League play
14 – Rosicky appearances for Arsenal in League play
10 – Wins by Arsenal whenever Rosicky plays in the League
55 – Key passes by Özil so far this season (second in the League)
55 – Points Arsenal have this season, after 24 matches
38 – Points Arsenal had last season, after 24 matches
+17 – Points Arsenal have improved over last season (we all just want improvement, right?)
47 – Goals Arsenal have scored this season
48 – Goals Arsenal had scored after 24 games last season
-1 – Goals Arsenal have  over last season
21 – Goals Arsenal have allowed this season
29 – Goals Arsenal had allowed after 24 games last season
-8 – Goals allowed Arsenal have improved over last season

Some comparisons:

Ox today v. Ramsey’s average

The Ox v. Rambo


Ox does everything Ramsey does, right down to the back-heel-passing-running-on-to-a-pass-from-Giroud-and-scoring-after-shucking-his-defender thing.

Giroud v. Chamakh

Giroud v. Chamakh


Eerie. But I don’t think Giroud is another Chamakh. Better hair for starters. Also, all round better effort from Giroud.

Arteta in the DM Role

122/127 – Passes (lead all players)
49/54 – Passes v. Southampton
28/31 – Passes in the CP final 1/3 (1 fewer pass than all of Crystal Palace)
7/10 – Passes in the Southampton final 1/3
2 – Key Passes
1 – Key pass v. Soton
3 – Ball recoveries
9 – Ball recoveries v. Soton
6/7 – Tackles (lead all players)
2/5 – Tackles v. Soton
1 – Interception
3 – Interceptions v. Soton
1 – Clearance
0 – Clearances v. Soton
1 – Foul
0 – Fouls v. Soton
1 – Clean sheet he helped Arsenal earn

Arteta really benefited from the energetic and attack-minded Ox in the Ramsey role. He also benefited from not having his midfield teammate sent off for a 2-footed challenge.

Arsenal first half v. second half

Arsenal first v. Arsenal second

After Arsenal take the lead they just turn into this barely recognizable version of themselves. It’s incredible. And it works. Arsenal go into their shell and still create chances. The announcers were praising Pulis’ tactic of trying to hit Arsenal on the counter, why don’t they also recognize Wenger for doing the exact same thing?


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