Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool: by the numbers


7 – Interceptions by Nacho Monreal¹
8 – Interceptions by Liverpool. All. Game.
12 – Tackles by Nacho, Jenkinson, and Flamini (each player had 4 tackles, in fact there were 5 players with 4 tackles each as Cuntinho and Gerrard also made 4 tackles)¹
19 – Total tackles by Liverpool
2 – Tackles by Flamini after he got a yellow card for afters with Gerrard, the fact he was still hustling and playing hard after a yellow  card showed a real maturity
1 – Filthy elbows by Gerrard which is what caused Flamini to tell him “try it again”
1 – Reason why I own a Flamini shirt and why I’ll buy another
35 – Passes by Monreal (second on Arsenal)
0 – Goals Luis Suarez has scored on Arsenal, Liverpool, Man U, and Man City so far this season
31 – Shots Suarez has taken this season against those sides
9 – Shots on goals he’s managed in those matches
29 – Percent of his shots he has gotten on target against those top teams
50 – Percent of shots on goal he gets against all the other teams in the league
0 – Percent conversion by Suarez against top four teams
22 – Percent conversion by Suarez against the rest of the League (23/103)
0 – Goals Suarez has scored in cup competitions this season
6 – Goals I hope he scores on those teams from here on out (he still has to play Man U (a), Chelsea (h), and Man City (h))
2 – Goals he’ll probably score what with his record this season and one eye on not getting injured ahead of the World Cup

5 – Headers won by Sanogo¹
6 – Aerial duels won by Squirtle and Agger combined²
3 – Number of Tiffany Cufflinks Squirtle shit whenever Sanogo was near him (that header for a corner was a gold Tiffany cufflink)
∞ – Times I heard people complaining that Sanogo and Monreal were in the starting lineup before the game
3 – Boss tackles by Koscielny* to shut down that team of dribblers
1 – Amazing recovery tackle by Koscielny after he gave the ball away*
2 – Suarez dribbles out of play after Koz roped him in
1 – Did the same thing on Rooney, didn’t he?*
1 – Hilarious Sanogo interception followed by poor pass turnover*
3 – Shots on the volley by Sanogo*
2 – Swing and a miss on those volley shots by Sanogo*
1 – Sanogo shove on Agger to get himself some space followed by Agger falling down like he’d been shot*
1 – Agger losing the plot after that and trying to get back at Sanogo, Sanogo laughing at the little Dane*
4 – Times that defenders seemed to simply bounce off Sanogo*
7 – Bendtner is Arsenal’s leading goalscorer (active players) in the FA Cup with 7 goals
4 – Podolski is now second among active players with 4
4 – Podolski has only made four appearances for Arsenal in the FA Cup
256 – Total minutes of FA Cup football that Podolski has played
64 – Minutes per FA Cup goal Podolski is averaging in his Arsenal career
7 – Total shots Podolski has taken in FA Cup matches
57 – Percent conversion by Podolski in these matches
4 – Number of times Fabianski came steaming out and took the ball off a Liverpool player’s foot
4 – Number of those times I shat Tiffany Cufflinks*

1 – Cazorla misses from a wide open chance
8.5 – How that miss registered on the Torres Scale of Missed Shots*
50 – Passes by Özil²
2 – Through balls I thought he completed to Ox, who was running in behind the Liverpool defense, but which weren’t counted as through balls for some odd reason

2 – Number of times Arsenal have won a cup match with Howard Webb as referee (P8 W2-D1-L6 F9 A14 — includes tonight)
2 – Number of times Arsenal have made it past the round of 16 in the FA Cup since the 2005 FA Cup win over Man U (includes tonight)

2 – Goals Arsenal have allowed at the Emirates in the last 13 matches
1170 – Minutes in those matches
585 – Minutes per goal conceded average
127 – Shots Arsenal faced in those games
1.6 – Percent of those shots faced that Arsenal conceded
40 – Shots on goal Arsenal have faced in those games
31 – Percent of their shots that the opposition are getting on goal
38 – Saves that Szczesny and Fabianski have made in those matches
95 – Percent saves rate by those two in those matches
2 – Both goals have come from Liverpudlian teams (Liverpoo today and Everton back a while ago)
1 – Liverpudlian team Arsenal have to face in three weeks
1 – Champions of Europe we have to host first … COME ON YOU GUNNERS!


¹ Led all players
² Led just his team
³ Leads the League and my heart
*7amkickoff custom stat, you won’t find that in any Opta site

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