Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool: The Guff


Arsenal went through to the FA Cup quarter-finals with a 2-1 win over Liverpool yesterday. He’s some of the reaction from the press, blogs and beyond.

I WON’T LIE, my heart tends to sink every time Wenger rotates ahead of a big game. Why? Because to me there is no better preparation for a big game than winning the one previously. And yet, this was an utter triumph: victory against a Liverpool side in flying form, achieved with seven changes from Wednesday night. – Goodplaya.

Arsenal got the job done. It was a performance that was characterised by grit and defiance, and it was epitomised by the stand-in goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski, who made a string of vital saves. At full-time, Fabianski ran from his goal to slide on his knees in front of one of the main stands. – David Hytner, Guardian.

Arsenal were once more slow to start and that is a weakness for which the manager has to find a quick solution. Good sides will seek to exploit that failing, better forwards than Sturridge will finish one of the two chances fashioned before the sleep had been dusted from the home midfield and defence. – A Cultured Left Foot.

Yaya Sanogo? Why is he playing in a big game like this? What about Olivier Giroud? Even Nicklas Bendtner was thought a better option than a raw 21-year-old yet to start a game since joining last summer. Pleasingly for the striker, Sanogo did not let anyone down after battling gamely against two accomplished centre-halves to play his part in a morale-boosting win. – Alan Smith, Telegraph.

There was surprise beforehand when it emerged that the Arsenal manager was to leave out Bacary Sagna, Kieran Gibbs, Santi Cazorla and Olivier Giroud in addition to Wojciech Szczesny and Jack Wilshere and the injured Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott. It made for a risky line-up, but Wenger was entitled to feel that his more surprising picks, from Lukasz Fabianski in goal to Yaya Sanogo up front, justified his faith. – Oliver Kay, The Times.

Fabianski rebuffed any doubts emphatically, producing an outstanding display to keep the dangerous duo of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge at bay. In truth, we shouldn’t be surprised to see Fabianski produce such a polished display. Although he retains a reputation for erratic decision-making and high-profile gaffes, the reality is that Fabianski has been in quietly impressive form for more than 12 months. – James McNicholas, ESPN.

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  1. All good stuff but surely there’s room for Michael Owen in the Telegraph – “Arsenal are punching above their weight. None of their players would get into a League XI”
    Boring twat

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    • Considering Owen’s “League XI” would, in all probability, consist solely of Liverpool players, what does that say about:

      (a) A Liverpool side that couldn’t beat them.
      (b) The length of time (re consistency) Arsenal have been “punching above their weight”.
      (c) Punditry in general.
      (d) Michael Owen in particular.

      Waste of space … head up his arse … what a dickhead. (You choose.)

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      • Owen is an egomaniac.

        When he first darkened our screens he was introduced as the ‘head pundit’. He’s being paid a fortune as well.

        I wish he would go home and bother his horses instead. Or with his money get an op to have his balls dropped. Squeaky twat.

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    • He’s painful.

      I’d like to know what part of Mertescielny wouldn’t get into a League XI? And since when did having players who would get into that “team” matter anyway?

      What’s certain is that none of the current Liverpool squad will get into the FA Cup quaterfinal this year. Or the Champions League. That’s an actual fact, Michael.

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      • The thing about Owen is that he has come in for some rather stinging criticism of his performance in his role as a commentator.

        This anti-Arsenal schtick that he has gabbed hold of is a fantastic way of deflecting attention from his own deficiencies.

        He’s realised that he can get a lot of attention through his Arsenal baiting. Don’t rise to it by reading his articles is what I would say. Desperate measures from a desperate man who is way out of his depth.

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    • Well obviously such an experienced title winner like Michael Owen should be taken seriously…… NOT. Squeaky voiced has-been. He’s just a half pint sized c list celeb. Keep those tears flowing and oh please don’t forget to mention that the mugsmashers sholud’ve had two red cards, 1 for Sturridge pushing the ref (always a hanging offence) and 1 for Gerrards professional foul after his yellow.

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  2. I trust Alan Smith’s evaluation of Yaya – if anyone knows about the value of a number nine who can hold the ball, hold off defenders, and provide a genuine goal threat, it’s dear old bignose.

    I have a fond and vivid memory of his display at home against Southampton in 1990, the match immediately after the FuckAlls deleted two points from us.

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  3. Fabianski ran over to the main stands and slid with his knees eh? So the cameras missed this awesome moment only to show us a crying sturridge and a suarez with all his teeth out?.. bollocks!

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  4. AW master stroke rest key players and still win with team morale high just need Rosicky back to get team tempo high from start before Bayern Game
    Bench Improving without Buys it Seems.

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  5. Fabianski to Sturridge: you’re not even fit to tie my laces
    Sturridge: Oh yeah? (ties his laces)
    Fabianski: Okay bitch, now be gone.

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  6. The first could’ve just as easily been Sanogo’s goal. And it would’ve been a glorious one. Aside from a few wrong passes and a couple of mishaps, he didn’t really do anything wrong. In fact he was quite impressive. We could start him against Sunderland too, see how that turns out, but so far so good.

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  7. Who would make team of the year?

    Koscielny and Szczesny would be the only two I could foresee in the starting eleven. Ramsay has been crocked for too long unfortunately.

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  8. Thought yaya was immense , strong as fat scouse lass with a bag greegs sausage rolls. Loved watching him give skertal and agger the run around he wasn’t scared at all and have as good as he got. In the second half agger didn’t even want to get close to him.

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  9. Rodgers has no class, saying the better team lost. You can talk all day about the ‘ifs and buts’ but if you don’t put the ball in the back of the net more than the opponent you lose. Liverpool blew a lot of chances, maybe they should buy a new striker

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    • His name works well with that Wham song and also Landscape’s Einstein a go go.Hope we hear renditions of these songs a lot of times all over England and abroad.Paul Davis made a great debut on Easter Monday at White Hart Lane in 1980.I was fortunate to have been there to see that.I hope Yaya has an equally successful career at Arsenal.

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  10. I think we can all agree we rode our luck a bit yesterday but that’s what the FA cup is all about and I for 1 would do a little sex wee if we won it!

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  11. Quality to grind out that result yesterday afternoon.
    Great to see Podolski get a start and get a goal, he could be a huge player for us in the final run in.

    Nice to see the balance restored, after watching that horrific 5-1 defeat at Anfield first hand the other weekend.

    Couldn’t be more delighted with the fact they didn’t get a greasy decision to go their way for once, like in past cup clashes Liverpool always seem to get the benefit of any doubt when it’s a penalty decision. I can cast my mind back to that Champions League match, when qualification to the next round was ripped from our fingers due to a shocking penalty decision in the last minute which went their way.


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  12. Bt sport are gradually bringing in Andy Gray so we won’t have to listen to Michael Owen’s monotonous tones for much longer.
    Without doubt Gray is still the best commentator out there by a mile

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    • Frying pan – Fire
      Devil – Deep blue sea
      Owen – Gray

      Gray is truly awful as well, but with a different accent. Just another anti-Arsenal, anti-football, ex-clogger to spout his crap for an exorbitant fee.

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      • Frankly i think there are plenty of anti-Arsenal media people out there , but Andy Gray all day long for me if there was a choice of having to listen to micheal owen cumming in his pants with his excited squeaky 10 yr old boy voice whilst we lost 5-1, then it has to be andy.

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  13. 7 changes yesterday And all justified I thought ox on right gave ozil someone to find sanogo running in behind gives ozil balls to play that’s why he s struggling no Walcott no Ramsey making runs beyond giroud to play to giroud is good but I think most defenders no that pace Ain’t his strong point

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  14. Never mind resting Sagna, Gibbs, Wilshere and Gnabry, Liverpool should take note that we won that game without the greatest striker that ever lived even being on the BENCH.

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  15. Forget about the Steven Gerrard supposed red card that was not given what about the skrtel’s kick on Santi Cazorla in the box. Was that not a pure penalty that we were not given? Nobody is talking about that.
    I want somebody to tell me where Oxlade Chamberlain kick Suarez that made him to dramatise so much. check it again at ( The Breakdown Liverpool (h) 4:54 min. Then check Skrtel’s kick on Cazola at 5:13 min.
    Please objectively tell me which one is the real penalty not given. But the professionalism in Cazola will not make him to be rolling and dancing on the grass like someone that is possessed with evil spirit.
    All is well that ends well.

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  16. Far far away in a small town in Germany
    There was a pub team, Bayern was it’s name

    And they play the bass trombone, bass trombone, bass trombone
    And they play the bass trombpne
    Ba -ass Trombone

    OOmpah Oompah Oompah Oomp
    Oompa Oomp, Oopa Oomp
    Repeat Chorus and start a new verse

    And they drink Steiners dry Steiners dry etc
    Gulp Gulp Slurpy Slurp etc

    And they wear the leather pants, leather pants etc
    Slap Slap Slap my thighs etc

    At the end of the each verse you have to go back to the verse which preceded it and so back to the first verse before starting a new one.

    If you know the tune this could be great fun!!

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