Arsenal 4-1 Sunderland: by the numbers


Time to switch attention back to the Premier League title race:
(All stats League play only.)

5 – Matches since Arsenal scored in the first half of a game
3 – In the last 13 matches, Arsenal have only scored in the first half on 3 occasions (6 total goals)
10 – In the previous 14 matches, Arsenal scored in the first half on 10 occasions (12 total goals)
0 – Shots Sunderland took in the first half today
8 – Shots Arsenal took in the first half today
52 – Percent of the opposition’s shots that are taken from outside the 18 yard box against Arsenal on average this season
164 – Shots that Arsenal’s opponents have taken from distance
5 – Goals the opposition have scored from 18+ yards this season
1 – Goals Sunderland scored today from outside the 18 yard box
19 – Goals the opposition have scored from “Prime” positions (the 6 yard box + an area extending in a T to the penalty spot)
60 – Shots the opposition have taken in “Prime” positions
3 – Goals Arsenal scored in “Prime” positions today
3 – Goals the opposition have scored from positions that aren’t either directly in front of goal or from outside the 18 yard box
91 – Shots the opposition have taken in those same areas
6 – Goals Arsenal have scored from outside the 18 yard box (on 150 shots, 39% of their total)
24 – Goals Arsenal have scored from “Prime” areas (on 85 shots, 22% of their total)
22 – Goals Arsenal have scored from all other positions (on 148 shots, 39% of their total)
99 – Percent chance fans think Arsenal should shoot more from distance
100 – Percent chance that I like the balance Arsenal has in shots taken

Perfect Giroud
2 – Shots Giroud took¹ (tied with Rosicky, Gnabry, Podolski and Giaccherini)
2 – Shots on goal Giroud took¹ (tied with Rosicky and Gnabry)
2 – Goals Giroud scored¹
1 – Key passes by Giroud
1 – Assist by Giroud¹ (tied with Cazorla)
1 – Through balls by Giroud¹ (tied with Wilshere)
2 – “Double-Doubles” by Giroud this season (where he scores and assists)
2 – Double-Doubles Giroud has had against Sunderland this season
7 – Fouls Giroud suffered today¹
1.7 – Fouls Giroud has suffered per game on average this season
1.8 – Fouls Jack Wilshere has suffered per game on average this season
0 – Fouls that Opta records when the official waves “advantage”
2.7 – Fouls Robert Snodgrass and/or Eden Hazard suffer per game on average³

Jack in the Box-to-Box

123 – Touches by Jack Wilshere (second most behind Arteta)
108 – Passes by Jack (second behind Arteta)
46 – Final 1/3 passes by Jack¹
3 – Key passes by Jack¹ (tied with Seb Larsson)
2 – Successful dribbles by Jack¹ (of 5 attempted — Gnabry and Alonso were 2/2)
2 – Successful tackles by Jack (of 3 attempted, third best on Arsenal behind Arteta and Sagna who both had 3)
0 – Number of tackles Jack attempted against Bayern, Man U, and Liverpool
0 – Interceptions Jack had today
1 – Interceptions Jack had against Bayern, Man U, and Liverpool (1 v. Liverpool)
4 – Ball recoveries Jack had today (well behind Arteta who led all players with 12)
6 – Tackles per game that Aaron Ramsey attempts on average (leads Arsenal)
1.1 – Interceptions per game that Ramsey averages
1.4 – Key passes per game Ramsey averages
70 – Passes per game Ramsey averages

Box Score:

StatsThat “Opp. Pass/Tackles+INT” category is my attempt to uncover the defensive work of a team relative to the possession of the opposition. Take the opposition’s passes and divide it by the number of tackles and interceptions a team makes.

So, in this match, Arsenal tackled or intercepted the ball for every 12.27 passes that Sunderland made. Sunderland, on the other hand, sat back and let Arsenal play and only attempted a defensive play for every 21 passes Arsenal made. My preliminary research in this category indicates that anything below 10 is a good defensive output. That means Arsenal actually played pretty good defense despite not having much of the ball. We could include ball recoveries here as well and again, Arsenal matched Sunderland very well there, beating the Black Cats 48-43 in recoveries. I’m open to feedback on this statistical category.

And since someone will ask Opta defines a recovery as  “This is where a player wins back the ball when it has gone loose or where the ball has been played directly to him.”


¹Led all players today

All stats Opta or my personal databases

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1 – Dennis Bergkhamp statue outside the Emirates Stadium.

Silent Stan's Content Mustache
Silent Stan's Content Mustache

1- Best banner ever made: “Why fly when you can walk on water?”


Flying is faster.

Si in Galway

and your shoes don’t get wet.

Tommy Gun

And you’re flying

Turkis Gooner

1 – Living Legend in stands…aka Dennis The Menace


I would say 2. Match programme said Pat Rice was a guest in the stadium today, but somehow not enough people realised it, and no one sang for him sadly

jack jack jack

He got a chant over in red action where I was sitting – “There’s only one Pat Rice”


0-The number of Dennis bergkhamp statues that look like Dennis bergkhamp.

Durham Gooner

1-The number of Gooners who can’t spell ‘Bergkamp’ correctly.


0 – Number of Arsenal left backs fit at the final whistle.
100 – percent chance that I love Arteta. Don’t think he gets appreciated enough.


1 Denis Bergkamp inside the stadium. it was so great to see him there today.

Me So Hornsey

100 – percent chance that, exactly a year ago, not one person on this blog would have predicted that Aaron Ramsey would be our most badly missed talisman.


True as it is, this is odd to say on a stats article about us smashing a poor Sunderland side.


Massive fan of your attempt to make stats more meaningful by considering context rather than mere quantity. Making explicit the utility of stats should help some see their importance.


5 Million – No of views rosickys third goal has gunnered on Youporn.


Excellent piece.


10-number of times I jizzed my pants while watching Rozza’s goal


arsenal must crush all opponents


19- number of passes that led to the 1st goal. 10- number of passes that led to the 3rd goal. 2- number of times my mouth was left wide opened watching goals made from not this planet.


3 – positions Sagna played today
100 – percentage that Sagna was reliable and committed at these positions
50 – percent change Sagna will extend his contract
100 – percentage of Arsenal fans who want him to extend his contract


Is anyone watching TwitchPlays Pomemon?

Dick Swiveller

Nah, if I wanted to watch someone aimlessly walking into walls and being indecisive I’d watch the Spurs game…


Damn it I meant Pokemon

North Bank Upper 103

We sang for Pat Rice. I didn’t know he was there but you’ve got to join in a song for Pat Rice!


Blogs, why do you have links to the videos of “super fan” Bully? He has the brain of a slug!

koscielny's pocket

Massive praises to our opposition today. Seemed determined to get at least a goal in the second half and they did. Poyet sure doing a decent job in keeping them up. Good luck in Wembley 🙂


7am, the new stat looks very good, but I suggest comparing it also to op passes/ta+int attempted (easy), and/or narrowing this stat just to the final 1/3, essentially to eliminate the skewing caused by a team deliberately letting the opposition (harmlessly) pass in the middle of the field.

Gunner From Another Mother
Gunner From Another Mother

Big fan of the new statistic. Provides some real context. Paints a picture behind the numbers

Gunner pundit

2 – Trophies I think arsenal can win this season.


50000+ strong: fans going crazy for the team in the Emirates

La Defense

Kim Källström please.


Can shoot from distance.

(Yes, I read that bit about shots from distance and disagree. Nothing wrong with walloping a few more from distance; on target of course).

La Defense

1 – Kim Källström

Clock End Mike

“Assist by Giroud¹ (tied with Cazorla)” Does taking a corner from which a direct goal results count as an assist? (I’m just asking…)




What else could it be?


Jack was excellent and gives us something different going forward.