Bergkamp statue unveiling confirmed


Arsenal have confirmed that Dennis Bergkamp’s statue will be unveiled before the Sunderland game on 22 February with the great man making an appearance on the Emirates turf at half-time.

It’s just under a year since the club confirmed, after pictures of the statue were leaked on Twitter, that they’d be honouring the Dutchman and they’ve now revealed the bronze likeness will be placed in the area above the Armoury shop.

Bergkamp joins the likes of Herbert Chapman, Thierry Henry and Tony Adams as the fourth figure from the club’s history to have a statue erected at the Emirates.

Ticket holders for the match will be able to get a glimpse of the unveiling at 11.30am before the game, where there’ll likely to be a few words said by Wenger, Sir Chips and our former Number 10. Exciting stuff.

Hopefully his bronze presence inspires the current squad onto great things.


    • about the statue, arseblog news, do u mean to say, its a bronze statue painted white ? If so, wouldn’t bronze look much better with out any paint ?

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  1. Legend. A true legend. It’ll always be an honour to have had him as a player not just for Arsenal, but even for England and the Premier League as a whole.

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  2. I hope the next is Pat Rice. While not as flashy and most successful player, he dedicated basically all his life to the club and deserves to have one.
    Anyone knows how is he?

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  3. I think we should basically just erect statues of every decent player we had that didn’t shit on their legacy, and have them line the backs of the upper terraces like some Gooner terracotta army. Intimidating as fuck.

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  4. Honestly, my favorite player off all time. What he does on the ball is one of the magic things in life. He made Henry Ljungberg Pires play better. He is the father of the modern Arsenal. What a legend.

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  5. Is that the one they’re using? It should be the one where he’s sliding on his knees after scoring against the Spuds, same as Henry’s.

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  6. Love this news. I’m reading his book Stillness and Speed at the moment and it’s a great book. He really was something special and my favorite player of all time

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  7. I’ve always been in awe of Dennis. I always say my first memory summed him up. The usual thing for an Arsenal throw would be they would chuck it up the line, someone would head it on and they would hope to pick the ball up from the head on. So, and this must be one of his first games for Arsenal, the throw went to Bergkamp’s feet. He spun, shimmied and drew an S shape with the ball past the two players on his back and then went wandering off upfield with the ball in search of an incisive through ball as the delighted Arsenal team ran in spades at the opposition goal. He did this as if this was a normal thing!! It was at that moment I saw what Dennis brought to Arsenal. Class. World.

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  8. I don’t want a statue, we had to many statues playing today. How’s about we clone bergkamp instead.they did it with boba fet’s dad!!!!

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    • They will strategically place a pole in the vicinity of his rectum that will uplift his body.

      Kidding, this man is my true footballing hero, the man who made me an Arsenal supporter and the true definition of class.

      Well deserved!

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