Cazorla joins Rosicky and BFG in triple deal signing


Santi Cazorla looks set to join Tomas Rosicky and Per Mertesacker in signing a new deal at Arsenal in a surprise, but very welcome move by the club.

The Spaniard, who joined from Malaga in the summer of 2012, was the Gunners standout performer last season and looks set to be rewarded for his important contribution with a new and improved contract thought to be worth around £80,000 a week.

Given the deal renewals handed out to the young British core, the lengthening of Szczesny’s contract and the contracts given to the players signed in the last couple of seasons Arsenal appear to be well on top of keeping their biggest stars for the foreseable future.

Obviously there are still some outstanding issues. Bacary Sagna’s remains a sticking point, while the likes of Lukasz Fabianski and Nicklas Bendtner are certain to leave. The only other issue is the boss’ own contract, which appears to be signed but not yet announced.


    • Great news!
      Santi, Tomas & Per all resigning!!

      Slightly new to this whole concept of existing players resigning and not bailing on us.
      Hopefully they can achieve something great this season.

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    • I love Sagna and I really want him to stay, but look at it this way: If the club can agree new deals with Rosicky (over 30!), Mertesacker, Cazorla, the 5 ‘British’ lads, Walcott, Szczesny, Gnabry and so on, it does suggest the problem isn’t just one sided. That maybe part of the reason why Sagna hasn’t signed is because he doesn’t want to (yet, anyway).

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      • The sticking point to an agreement appears to be either the length of the contract and/or the wage itself. I have a simplistic view of things, so – if it’s the former I was wondering if we could overlook Sagna’s age given his contributions and perhaps offer an additional year on top of norm, while if it’s the latter I was thinking while there’s a pay scale to adhere to perhaps we could circumvent it by making up the difference through a one-off sign-on fees?

        But I guess it is really not as simple as that since these would have implications on the expectations and demands of the rest of the players and cause our wage budget to spiral our of control.

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      • @ blogs
        You have a fair point, but last season you were saying the same thing about Theo and you were almost certain he was leaving and we all know how that turned out.
        Just like i was optimistic about Theo extending his contract, i refuse to accept that Sagna is definitely leaving 🙂

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      • I agree. I just hope he doesn’t go to one of the English cunt teams. I really like Bac, and I’d rather not have to start hating him.

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      • Of course he doesn’t want to sign up (so far) if he hadn’t done it yet, but if indeed the offer was 2 years and (almost) no pay rise, then I’m slightly more inclined to blame the club than the player.

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    • I think with Sagna, he has suffered two broken legs, he wants security, he knows clubs like City and PSG will probably double the offer Arsenal have given him. It’ll be his last big contract, so he wants the best for himself and his family. I think that sounds fair enough. He has never given less than 100% for the club, so I would have no hard feelings with him. Obviously I would love him to stay, but I think he’ll go.

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        • maybe he is waiting to see if we can win something before he commits? if anyone deserves to be playing at a club competing for big trophies it’s sagna. really hope we can find a way to keep him on board for next 2-3 years.

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  1. Wonder if there will be a santi clause in his new contract.

    Fantastic news from our two footed magician!
    now lets go and win the goddamn league

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  2. Wenger’s just toying us a little. I don’t really see how we could sign Özil, renew all these contracts, then he leaves less than a year later.

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        • Never got the hype over Rooney, myself. He’s a decent striker don’t get me wrong, and he’s had some standout seasons, but he’s really nothing massively special. He’s never really performed in an English shirt, either.

          My main problem with him is he runs after the ball like a petulant schoolboy. He might win the ball with a robust tackle in his team’s own penalty box, but then he runs forward and passes it out… and then the attack breaks down. Because, wouldn’t you know it, the wingers need their striker ahead of them, running into the box, not desperately sprinting 80 yards up the pitch from their own goal mouth.

          Plus, he’s a cunt. So there’s that.

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  3. Cazorla can invite to my home and eat whatever biscuit he want.

    Cheyu ‘Hello cazlorla, please to sit and partake of all my biscuit. hobnob? garibaldi? rich tea?’

    Cazorla ‘I would much like penguin!’

    Cheyu ‘You have went too far small man, nobody touch cheyu penguin’

    Modern footballer is too much

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  4. Sagna is a multi millioniare. I will really never understand why players are willing to disregard legendary status at a club in exchange for a few Pounds especially when they have more then enough money.

    I really hope Sagna stays because he has been excellent for the club and if he just sees it through with the club and picks up those medals he deserves , there’s no doubt he will forever be loved by the fans and have a club/ fan base he can always turn back too.

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    • Agreed, but maybe he is thirsty for a new challenge/return to France. I really hope that he stays, he has the chance to cement a place as one of the legendery defenders of our history.

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    • He could be after a sporting challenge too. Experience in a new league, a new country, different style of football. That it can coincide with a Bosman deal is nice 😉

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    • To be honest I’ll love him forever whether he stays or goes. He stayed through the hard times, fought like a warrior and understood the shirt. It’ll be a real shame if he leaves, but I for one won’t be holding it against him.

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  5. Last year when we signed contract extensions with 5 of our ‘British core’ including Aaron Ramsey (to the disbelief of Piers Morgan!) Theo Walcott was notably left out. Me feels the ‘momentum’ of these 5 fellow signings pushed Theo to sign eventually, a few weeks later.

    Hopefully the ‘momentum’ of Schechzny, BFG, Rosciky and Cazorla all signing extensions will convince Bacary Sagna to extend his contract too.

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  6. Great news!

    Also get the feeling Sagna wants to go.
    And fair play to him.
    Really couldn’t be disappointed.
    He’s the only player in the world to have won every single header he attempts!
    Too many smiles for glumness!

    Life moves on.

    As for Arsene, with a trophy or not, I hope he gets a contract and 10 statues.
    The most prominent being him stood on top of a lion, cockeril, and some cheap shitty picture of a devil and a boat.

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  7. 80k per week?while rooney is off 300k and glen on 110k?i bet alot of clubs would want santi for more than 80k per week..and thats the reason why most of our peak players left arsenal becus of the stingyness of this club..we have roll with the market price if we want to keep our best assets..carzola deserve 120k.why?cus he gets to play for spain’s midfield.that speaks alot about his capabilities.thus we need set a proper offer before his agent decides he is better off somewhere esle

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      • I don’t understand the mentality of the original poster, and it links up with the Suarez thing in the summer: the club was led to believe that Suarez’s release clause was an offer in excess of £40million. The club bid in excess of that (40.000 001 million). Unfortunately, it turned out that “clause” was non existent. Now why the fuck are people deriding Arsenal for a “derisory” offer? Hell even a 40 million and 1 pence offer wouldn’t be derisory. Same with player contracts: if a pint of milk at Sainsbury’s is £1 and the same pint is £1.5 in Tesco’s, you do not try to haggle up the price with Sainsbury’s. You pay £1 for the bloody thing and go enjoy some milk and biscuits.

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  8. I’m going to buy Santi an ice cream. What kind of ice cream do we all think he’d like? I think probably Strawberry.

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  9. Santi on 80k per week? Good for the club but i personally think he is worth more than that and since he is happy to sign no problem.

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  10. Santi on 80k per week? Good for the club but i personally think he is worth more than that and since he is happy to sign then good for him.

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  11. Still can’t believe we got santi for how much we did and for the wages we were paying him. Now he signs a new deal and would have expect him of all players to be getting payed more than 80k. But then again just might say a thing or two about Malaga’s financial problems then. One hella of a deal

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  12. I don’t mean to rain on the parade, but are any credible sources on this? The Daily Mail and Metro don’t count, because they have also ran EXCLUSIVES on Nasri taking £80k per week to stay with us and Bale extending with Spurs below market value.

    And let’s be honest, if Santi is taking £80k per week, his agent is really bad at his job. Either that or we should really appreciate Dick Law more.

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    • That’s because are title contenders and Santi Cazorla is now playing for a team able to compete with all the top team. plus we’re Arsenal FC, the greatest team that ever was.

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  13. Ok let’s not get ahead of ourselves in building this up too much. Let’s not forget that we have lost stand out world class performers in RvP, Fabregas, Nasri over the years. Cazorla is great but there is no apparent demand for him from other clubs. Let’s calm down and wait to see if interest builds for our stars of the future and if our board can be like Liverpool and Man Utd and do their best to keep the stars in spite of aggressive interest from other clubs- then that will be something to shout about.

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  14. In regards to Sagna, we all want him to stay and he knows this year and the next few look very promising for Arsenal that said this is his last chance at scoring a big contract with a Top European teams (Barca, Madrid, Munich, etc). If he signs for Arsenal (which I hope he does) his chance for experiencing something new is gone. I think that is the conflict that is playing out in his head. The others who have renewed their contract are either kinda new to Arsenal or simply not good enough for TOP European teams.

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  15. Im not. Lets forget all this media frenzied shite and get on with the business. This will be 3 points if we dont get lost in the hype and dont focus on the job. This aint about ramsey its all about winning 3 point against a lower team.

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    • Agreed. And while we’re at it, let’s please score right on 67 minutes when they start their stupid minute of silence, and let’s score again right after it when they start chanting that cunt shawcross’ name (I can’t bring myself to put a capital letter on “shawcross”). And lets also make sure that both those goals are scored in such a way as to make shawcross look like an even bigger idiot than he already is.

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  16. Heard Santi will sign with both hands on two separate dotted lines… at the same damn time! Holla magician! Great News. Now Sagna, make that slide-tackle on the dotted lines too! COYG.

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  17. Love it!

    Would be Nice to keep Sagna. But The fact that they are negotiating implies that it is a final payday he is after, and i dont really think Wenger would bump the wages of a player in his 30s. Most players take a paycut whenever they negotiate a New contract in their 30s. I know United and Ferguson had this as a rule, and probably many other Clubs aswell. Giggs, Scholes and Ferdinand all had their contracts nearly cut in half after renegotiating. But United have allways had a loyalty culture under Fergie, with players willing to play on for less money than they would have got elsewhere. but it seems the loyalty might be put to the test under Moyes.

    But i hope we can achieve the same level of loyalty from players under Wenger that United had under Fergie so they are not so easy lured away buy the promise of more money. When you make like a 100k a week, i dont understand why players leave a club where thay are loved for like 20-40k more a week elsewhere. Allready have more money than they can spend after all. Invest it in real estate and you got a big income for the rest of your life with minimal effort.

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