Extraordinary Kallstrom injury story emerges


Via David Orstein comes the story of Kim Kallstrom’s injury problem. The BBC reporter has revealed that Kallstrom hurt his back playing beach football with Spartak Moscow on Tuesday.

He informed Arsenal of the problem when he arrived and underwent an MRI scan which showed no damage. A CT scan revealed the back injury.

The medical staff then informed Arsene Wenger of the prognosis – which appears to be that he’ll miss ‘at least’ 6 games – but the manager gave the go ahead to make the signing anyway.

It’s very difficult to understand the thinking on this. A 31 year old midfielder who could provide instant back-up makes sense, but to sign an injured player to provide cover for injured players … it’s just so odd.

We think we might have a drink to try and figure this one out. A pint of brandy should do it.


    • Toxic. It would have been better had Arsene not tried to sign anyone. He reportedly wouldn’t spend a few extra million on Draxler but he’s more than happy to sign an injured player and pay his salary. My guess is he arrived and then told them of the injury. And out of pure desperation Arsene just said sign him up. Apparently, Arsenal were making loads of calls in the last few hours of the window. Abysmal planning. Beyond belief.

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        • It’s more a case of Spartak Moscow being cheeky bastards sending a man in an iron lung so we can pay his wages and fix him with our medical team. He’ll probably be fit just in time to return to Spartak. Those russians mush be laughing their holes off.

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      • You don’t actually know that about Draxler. The story that we wouldn’t pay the equivalent of his release clause comes from John Cross, who knows fuck all about the details and only wrote that to stir up shit because that’s what journalists have to do in the age of the internet.

        Another story come out today is that Schalke couldn’t find a replacement (note that the Holtby deal fell through) so refused to sell Draxler. That comes from Jan Aage Fjorfoft, who you should pay much more attention to than tabloid hacks.

        This story is definitely an odd one but far from a disaster. It’s pretty funny, actually.

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    • Why are all our transfer windows so badly managed and last minute. Why can’t we just get our signings earlier in the month. Look at Everton, they secured their signings with Traore and Mcgeady earlier in the month. It’s not fucking rocket science.

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      • I don’t know much about Traore, I’ve been watching Aiden McGeady his whole career, he will not improve a top half Premier League squad.

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        • Actually, it is the point. Why would we rush to buy players, just for the sake of buying players so we could say we got our business done? TV’s right, McGeady won’t add anything to Everton and he certainly wouldn’t have improved us. We wouldn’t buy the quality we needed, so we didn’t buy anyhting at all. And that’s exactly the way it should be. We’ll open the bank book when, and only when, the right player becomes available.

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    • what was the point then? we could’ve done better. we lost.park, we SHOULD have signed the Hong Kong captain, Sam young Ho.
      that would help us against ribery and later when we face benzema.

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    • I’m sorry but this is up there with the Ali Dia signing. We’ll be a fucking laughing stock, if we’re not already!

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      • Yep, we are a laughing stock, sitting 2nd in the league, still in the FA cup and in the champions league knockout phase.

        What a laughing stock of a club we are. Who would even want to support us.

        Get your head out of your fucking arse. Transfer window is over, let’s get over it and watch the football, which is the whole reason we support the Arsenal.

        Fuck I hate the transfer window. It’s not bloody football manager and we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. Everybody just needs to stop guessing. Like any business, the company won’t divulge any details about any deals so as to protect their positions. We only get tabloid headlines. And they have as much clue as you and me, especially when it comes to Arsenal who are the most closed doors club when it comes to transfers.

        Bring on palace. Come on you gunners! Giroud to score a brace, you heard it here first.

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        • I was referring to our transfer policy, if you can call it that. Look at the comments above and get the general feeling of the guys. I think we’re slightly embarrassed. Clearly we’re in 2nd and vying for everything else and are gonna do well BUT this is at best odd. Simply: why sign an injured player?

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      • Football is entertainment, in which we have moments of joy and sorrow, hope and fear, pride and embarrassment, beauty and Dowie.

        Wenger has just provided a bit of farce in the half time interval. He is the consummate entertainer, a French version of the Chuckle Brothers.

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      • If you at our rivals in the title race… Just look at what Chelsea did in the window (Zouma!, Salah, Matic) and the ridiculous squad Man City have…

        Arsenal have missed an opportunity to strengthen the squad, to give the club the depth and lift needed in an attritional title challenge.

        Our 1st team out and out strikers are : Giroud (1st choice), Bendtner (2ND CHOICE!! fuuuuuck), and bloody Yaya Sanogo who has played what 2or3 games?

        We loaned out Afobe, Park and Akpom too!

        The only transfer made in summer window is an injured 31 year old past his best……

        Kallstrom could be the next Squillaci.

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        • Or, Kallstrom could be the next Ljungberg. For fucks sakes, wait until he’s played a game before you slag him off.

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    • It’s not really surprising, Arsenals transfer dealing have reeked of incompetence for many, many windows. Forget about Ozil, they were probably just very lucky to pull it off. I don’t know why any club waits for the last days of the transfer window, and certainly not Arsenal, who you’d think might have learned from previous experiences.

      Nevermind the excuses Wenger will be (and has been) rolling out because that is just what they are, excuses.

      In the Blog, Arseblogger asked who we could have signed that any other club signed (on the last day, but throughout the window seems also reasonable). Chelsea signed two of them, Zouma would make a handy backup CB and Salah would make a nice attacking replacement for Walcott, instead of playing one of our dwindling midfielders out wide.

      Thank god the chasing pack dropped points today because if we lose two games we’ll be back with Liverpool in 4th (who don’t look likely to drop many points), drop more and we’ll be fighting with Everton, United, and (spits on floor) Sp*rs fo CL football.

      I really hope I get proved wrong but given our injury concerns and schedule I think we are coming in 4th behind City, Chelsea, and Pool, knocked out of CL by Bayern, and likely out of the FA cup by City.

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      • Koscielny, giroud, mertesacker, arteta, flamini, ramsey, cazorla, podolski, eduardo, sagna.

        Reeking of incompetence right there. Compare that to what Liverpool supporters are used to, or even manu.

        We do not have the financial resources to refresh our squad every year.

        Its a fucking transfer window. No one knows whether the Draxler deal was even actually happening or not. Why get your hopes dashed by (for all intents and purposes) an illusion and then use that as a beating stick to bash the manager? Fuck you guys, enjoy the football.

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        • I don’t care about the Drawler deal, I care about reactive buying, leaving it late, not buying anyone when the club clearly needs certain players. Wenger’s done a fantastic job at Arsenal, but too many transfer windows go by where they try to do something, and try, and try, then fail with comedy bids. If they were willing to pay 43M for Ozil, they should have offered 50M for Suarez. Can you imagine Arsenal with a player of Suarez quality up front?

          If Arsene only buys that rare special player, how come he found two of them at cash-starved Malaga?

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        • Bullshit we don’t have the financial resources!

          We are only behind Bayern in the Deloitte rich league! 6th richest club in the world.

          People trying to make out that Arsenal are in the same financial class as Fulham are mental and delusional!

          We aren’t Real Madrid, or Chelski or City. But the Arsenal are much wealthier than Liverpool for example, or Everton. There are only 3 teams in the league with more financial resources than ourselves.

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      • No, by the tone of you, you are looking forward to be proving right.
        That way, you’ll tell the whole world how incompetent the club and manager were.

        By the way, Zouma won’t play for Chelsea now because he
        was loan back to the selling club until Summer.

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    • Wow that didn’t take long.

      To pass medical you must first fail it.

      Wenger have you been reading arseblog? hahaha this is all too funny

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      • Why do you sound so happy about it? You sound like you’ve been waiting for a chance to gloat. Oh wait…you’ve been doing that for some time. Come on mate, get behind the team and the manager like a proper Gooner I know you are

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  1. Just got back from flight from Sydney. Missed deadline day excitement. Lucky we signed what we needed up front and at CB cover though eh, given this fuck up.

    *checks internet*


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    • How would this signing appease the fans? If he knew he was injured, the backlash would obviously be far greater than if we’d signed nobody. I’m sure there’s a logical, reasonable explanation for the signing. Now excuse me while I clutch these straws a little tighter.

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    • If February games goes the usual way like the past 8 years, there should be no acceptable excuse from AW. It’s beginning to look like he’s totally lost it with this signing.

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  2. A player signed on a six month loan deal ostensibly brought in to provide immediate cover for a stretched position is out injured for 6 weeks, and was knowingly bought in this state.

    I am confused.

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    • Hard to argue. We’ve brought him in for cover in midfield, seemingly ignoring the need to provide cover for Giroud and (as Blogs has repeatedly said) at centreback. One, relatively unknown signing, and now it emerges we’ve done it with a player who offers cover for nowt?? Absolutely bizarre and honestly very disappointing. I’d rather we’d have signed no one than to take up a squad spot with a player who won’t play for some time.

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  3. Surely the very definition of “failing a medical”.

    Also, where’s the logic in an injured player providing cover for injured players? By the time he returns, Flamini will be unsuspended, Wilshere might be back, Chamberlain will have found match fitness. Bizarre rationale. This club, eh.

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    • Right, this went from just being stale, to bloody rotten. Shame really, but hey we watch, we support, we hope. It ain’t over till it’s over, and as someone mentioned this team has fight. Per, Jack, Sags, Tomas, Flamini, Özil will come, see Cardiff. We just have to buckle down, and clean up the mistakes we’ve made in games lost, and won. We can do this COYG.

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  4. What a circus. In truth, you have to wonder about our exec’s time management – surely the transfer window could have been managed more effectively. Reminds me of the time Dick Law spent 2 weeks in Costa Rica chasing around Joel Campbell.

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    • Smoking top notch cigars with some fine Mezcala and probably a stunning dark haired woman who had some large bags of the neighbours highest rated powdery produce. Dick Law, I salute you!

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  5. Wenger must be thinking about the final quarter of the season rather than the immediate future. If he thinks the lads we have can get us through February and then Kallstrom comes back and keeps the squad going till the end of the season.

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  6. Perhaps Park was only allowed to go to Watford on loan once Arsenal had confirmed Kallstrom as their weird “WTF” signing. Clearly it’s in the rules that we have to have a squad member that baffles the fuck out of everyone as to what was going on when they were signed.

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  7. If he misses just 6 games, then it’s not a big deal. He’s a loan signing, and the reckoning probably was having him available to play some games is better than nothing. It’s all a bit underwhelming, but not as remarkable are some are making it out to be.

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  8. Da fuck is going on?

    Surely there was another experienced midfielder way past his prime out there to pick up as cover.

    I’ll bring the pitchforks.

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  9. Very, very strange. He might as well of taken a gamble on promoting one of the kids. Paying the wages for an injured player for the next 6 months is a weird one

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  10. Perhaps just a lot of optimism from arsene for Kim to regain fitness quickly and slot right in, or could be too much pressure to bring someone in after he couldn’t land his other targets.

    Either way, we can’t miss something we’ve never had so lets just get on with this season and hope we continue pushing for the title.

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  11. Weird, but there there should be some method to this madness. Does this mean Ramseys injury issue is much worse than we have been told and by the time Kallstrom’s injury was discovered, it was too late for another replacement?
    Or may be Arsene just playing Mother Theresa… god knows….

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    • I think that’s what happened. BBC reported that Arsenal were making loads of calls near the very end of the window. All of January and then this. Highest ticket prices in the league.

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  12. The only thing that makes sense to me is that we’re harvesting him for parts. Powerful left foot and healthy left ankle for Wilshere, right ankle for Diaby, knee ligaments for Walcott, hair for Steve Bould…

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  13. Venger is taking the piss out of us dedicated Gooners.
    Fulham sign Mitroglu.
    Hull sign Shane Long.
    Benteke was there to buy.
    we buy a washed up injured 31 year old.
    give me a fucking break.
    he may as well just deliver the trophy to Man City himself.
    so disappointed

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      • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if we’d have bought Chris Samba we would be European Champions by now. And what do we get? Mesut bleedin’ Özil. Pathetic. He’s not nearly tall enough to be good at football.

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        • Jack you are pathetic with your jokes…
          Samba and Ozil issue its past,now we got another problem we did not resolve this in right way!
          Arseblog,do you really think that Kallstrom is better solution than Long? You never see him playing with guys like Arsenal team,cant be sure how it could work.
          My dream (which never come true) is Le Fondre join us! I think its natural talent and really admire him. Better than Sanogo? I dont know, but not injury-pron, so you can used him! That’s a lot better than f…. hospital… Gervinho,Park, Chamakh, everyone got his favorites…

          deliver the trophy to manshity, no fucking way! I will support our team to the end…and again and again, but don’t expect I will say ‘Wenger knows best’!

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      • Everyone has their opinion, from what I’ve seen of Shane Long he is the closest thing to Giroud in the PL. A big strong CF who makes life difficult for the opposition CBs and would likely make a good foil for our goalscoring midfielders to play off. He scored today.

        but we all know what opinions are like…

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    • Can’t. Djourou, Coquelin, and Campbell don’t have the requisite clauses in their loan contracts. And I think emergency loans only work when it’s within the same FA.

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      • well aneke seems to be doin good at crewe..recall him..we need someone asap..thats our only real plausible option right now.

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        • Rosicky has played in a deeper role for Wenger in the past, specifically in that more aggressive box-to-box role that Ramsey and Wilshere have mainly filled this year.

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        • Player does well at Crewe – 2 divisions below the Prem – and you want to bring him back to fire us to glory?

          Fuck me. All for being optimistic, but transfer windows really brings out the worse in people.

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  14. Last time Arsene had taken such a risk was with Bischoff , well that lad wentoff after the season got over.
    Storm passing by?

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    • United got in Henrik Larsson in 2007, we get in Kallstrom. Before Kallstrom there was Freddie, before Freddie there was Limpar. You can’t win anything without a Swede.

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  15. This makes no sense! I could understand it if it was Messi.. when he is finally fit, he probably won’t play because players are back

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  16. We’d have been better of taking Denison back. Shit, even Gilberto was talking up the arse lately. Seriously, what the fuck is going on here? This is beyond ridiculous.

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      • Obviously we’re not going to go around buying playing for £40m for fun now, but it seems the players we wanted just weren’t available. You can’t just magic up a brilliant centre forward on loan for 6 months, and the players Wenger wants for the long term are no doubt only available in the summer realistically. We’ve got a great squad, and we’ll just have to pray that Giroud stays fit for the big games.

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        • Triple Jack your last line is everyone’s concern same issue with the BFG if we lose either player we are in deep strife. Why are we asking Lazio with a few hours to spare for Klose? Why not ask a few weeks back Lazio wanted Kakuta off the chavs last night we were never going to get hold of him. Who the hell wanted Solomon average Kalou?

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        • @deano

          Seems obvious to me that the Klose and Kalou things were just media inventions. More likely we were after Tello and Morata on loan but Real and Barca didn’t let them go, and it seems that Schalke didn’t want to let Draxler leave either (not that he would have been the answer to our season anyway).

          There was no (top quality) long-term option available, so a loan move was what it had to be. Clubs are unlikely to allow good players to leave mid-season on loan, and would want it to be a permanent deal if anything. Therefore, it’s no surprise there were fuck all options. If you know of one that fits the bill, tell me who. Give me some names. I can’t think of one.

          All that being said, this Kallstrom thing is pretty bizarre. Can’t wait to hear from the boss himself, because this is going to take some explaining.

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        • @Triple Jack not disagreeing with you just picking up on your last line. Pick someone out ok ill give it a go. We are in the premier league title race, still in the champions league and FA cup. We have a world class manager world class facilities oh and some world class players Mirislav what do you think, Mario playing for a team obsessed with a false nine (manzukic), sat on the bench Vucanic hell have a punt for clinical Reus. They are just random names lets be honest we may or my not have been in for Draxler but lets be honest it seems we really weren’t in for anyone else.

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        • ‘we’ll just have to pray’?!! for fuck sake! another one… Jack you the same sort as Wenger,just pray!… we pray for years and nothing happen! Yes,I agree,we got good squad, but did you realize some of them are out and we need replacement?I guess you did. its not about faith but strong team which can compete with other ‘top top top’ teams, and win trophy sometimes!!! yes sometimes,but not too ‘sometimes’…. there were hundreds players better than Kim who could strengthen our squad,not only from best leagues ,cos there are talents and all Wenger has to do is to take a risk,yes risk ,but not like injured player, and try them. Championship is full of proofed in England talents, we dont have to waste the money/time for old injured flop. I’m sure we could do better than hope and pray….

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        • You are the sober one – 3xJack.

          Those who craving for Draxler should know that he’s injured too. But since he has
          a over 30 millions price tag., that will be over-looked.

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  17. Come on, Arsène just said he wanted one more body in, he never said a fit body 🙂

    More to the point, i think it’s all planning for the end of the season when the rest of our squad will be on their knees. When Kallström is fit the boss will be less tempted to pick Santi or Jack for our smaller FA cup fixtures and tire them out, which can only be a good thing…

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  18. Why the fuck don’t we march on the stadium and demand more.
    we are too subservient and let these rich cunts running Arsenal(Our Club) get away with this shit.
    who the fuck do they think they are?

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    • They are Stan Kroenke, Tom Fox, Dick Law, Ivan Gazidis, and whoever the communications guy was that tried to lie to us about the chronology and nature of Kallstrom’s injury.

      The problem is, there is a growing global customer base who keep giving them money they don’t deserve.

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      • and you’d have to fly in from canada to march on the stadium. but it’s a good question. it’s also a good question why we don’t protest bigger issues than football like war, crooked bankers that tank the world economy, inequality, etc.

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    • Errrrrr coz you are in Canada? It would be a fucking long protest march, probably the longest the world has ever seen, then their is the Atlantic Ocean, so it will be a protest swim, I do have a wet suit but I am on this side. I will join you at Croydon and do the last 15 miles, OK?

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  19. bizarre. Seems like there was no one else left to sign, so he did what he could.
    So the squad is the same as before. Giroud leads the line, and we hope Arteta’s quality helps us through—his just a little bit the lack of pace and physicality that affects us in the very biggest games was not going to be replaced by Kim anyway. Or at least we won’t know that for a while.
    But the squad is the same as before, only Theo gone for good this season. Let’s see what happens.

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    • …and Ramsey for two months. Our two most lethal players are out and Arsene goes and signs an injured Swede that’s not very good to begin with.

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      • Kallstrom has won things with lyon and was very good when he played for them(lyon circa 2005-2010 were hardly a bad team).
        Keep the faith

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      • Oh no, don’t get me wrong. I like him, and this is not based on the last game against saints. I’ve had this opinion for a long time, and its no disrespect to Arteta—just that at the very top level of fine margins, and that is back where we are this season in PL and Champions League—he is a little bit short in pace and physicality. Just that little bit that makes the difference, only once or twice in a game, between a successful track-back or winning a 50-50 tackle against a top player.

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  20. For every Ozil there’s around five fuck ups? Jesus wept Arsenal, this would be funny if it were a mockumentary and not our best chance to win a fucking pot at long last.

    February Fuck Up, coming to a championship near you.

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  21. Our history and our style of football makes the mighty Arsenal respected the world over.

    Things like this and not signing the striker (even on loan) that we desperately need makes us look Pathetic.

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  22. I think it is another Park Chu-young situation. This time, instead of signing Kim Kallstrom, they signed Korean actress Kim Kall-strom, or as she would be known here, Kall-strom Kim.

    Strangely, the scouts saw her in what they thought were YouTube highlights packages of her games, but were instead clip packages of her acting in the dramas Mackerel Run, Heading Into The Ground, and her latest, I Summon You, Marriage Counselor! where she played dual roles as a marriage counselor and a hypnotist.

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  23. Wenger is just like me. I am an obsessive perfectionist. I will continue to wear a pair of amazing but completely knackered old sneakers brown with layers of dirt built up over the years that have holes in the bottom which mean my socks get wet in the rain if I can’t find the perfect replacement in my mind. Sometimes I may buy a shitty stop-gap … but nothing in between will satisfy me. That is the Kallstrom signing. Wenger couldn’t get the perfect player in his mind, so instead of getting an established player he signs a complete random, low-level, injured player to tide him over to the summer where the whole OCD selection process starts over again.

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  24. So Basically, wenger knowingly signed a player with a back injury…
    Was there a George Graham bung involved somewhere?

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  25. Does Wenger want the January window abolished as it shows how fking clueless he is? I have never been one to understand waiting till the last minute to make a transfer anyway. How long did he know that the area to be strengthened was upfront, I would say, All Season.

    And yet on the last day was when desperate attempts were made to sign the replacements. Its fking annoying really. On top of that the situation on this loan is probably the worst transfer signing EVER !! and remember we signed Park. Haha

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      • drunk or not, we know that Wenger likes a bargain, and last minute deal brinkmanship is his strength. Its a good question whether this season we could afford to do that.
        In any case, the squad is the same since the last transfer window and it hasn’t done too badly has it.

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  26. What the fuck. Put a hold on Wengers new fucking contract until he explains himself and if he doesnt he is in no way fit enough to manage the Arsenal.

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  27. Add to the infamous list of bizzare signings….Park, Diawara, Biscoff, Stepanovs, Santos…pissing our money up the wall.

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  28. But if Wilshere’s back very soon, Oxlade-Chamberlain’s coming back to fitness and Ramsey returns around the same time as Kallstrom, there’s no point having him anyway…

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  29. Chill out guys.

    We’ve still got Ozil, Arteta, Rosicky, Chambo, Santi and even Gibbs can do a role in midfield (that’s where he started) … Jack will be back in over a week and it will look much better.

    My guess for tomorrow. Arteta DM, Chambo CMF and Ozil AMF with Santi/Giroud and Rosicky/Gnabz in front. Actually think Flamini’s injury is a blessing as it means he can’t resort to Arteta + Flamini which instantly makes me defensive when away from home.

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    • I think folks are upset that we seem to be flubbing a really good chance at winning the league now that the 4th place trophy is basically secured. Too much pressure will be placed on Ozil and Wilshere in terms of games, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more injuries.

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      • Yeah but I honestly think we’re covered. Ramsey will be back in 6 weeks. Wilshere back in a week and Flamini back in 3 weeks (not injured)! Hardly season ending is it? Arteta will have to play a few games now but don’t forget, he was injured himself so should be ‘rested’. Same for Chambo. They’ll be fresh and ‘like new signings’ (heheh hehe hehe)

        People will just need to step in, and step up.

        PS As I said, lots of options – Santi can step in to midfield and Poldolski can cover the LW too.

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  30. I can understand why people are getting so upset. Will we be so upset if Draxler had also arrived? It was the same till Ozil turned up. Flamini was such an underwhelming signing for most fans in the summer and after 20 games now people want Arteta on bench and Flamini to start. It is quite apparent that Wenger decided he needed cover once he realized that Ramsey was out for longer. So he went for Kim. Such loan signings are always a gamble. Once the manager knew that Kim was injured, it was a matter of deciding that whether to keep the guy for later half of the season as cover or send him back. I guess Wenger bought some insurance by taking him on loan. When he decided on the loan and during medical he obviously didn’t know the severity of the injury. Only on deeper medical checks it was determined that the injury is a bit serious. I think this is media trying to blow the issue just to get more eyeballs. Best to ignore.

    If we can’t tackle the tough schedule with our current set of players then we don’t deserve to be champions. Wenger has complete faith in his players. If we supporters don’t trust his vision then it is pointless supporting the team.

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    • “Only on deeper medical checks it was determined that the injury is a bit serious.”

      I think you undermine your own point in your post. We signed an injured player to backup our midfield. Sounds like a mistake doesn’t it, no matter what the media might be saying.

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      • Yes, on hindsight it does. But look at it from the perspective of the management team. They decided they needed a backup. Flew the guy in, who then tells them that he injured his back white playing beach football. Tests are done and nothing shows up on MRI scan. More tests are done to find the problem and then it turns out that the guy may be out for about 6 matches. Then you make a decision, shall we sign him and at least have some cover for the last 10 matches of the season or shall we just go with the current team and send the guy back home. I guess Wenger decided to take him on loan (I am sure the loan fees would have been suitably adjusted to reflect the reality if injury) and have some kind of insurance for the home stretch if needed. It may not work out but Kim might just setup that crucial goal or score that magical free kick against Norwich in our last game of the season. Remember in April and May we won’t be able to sign anyone. Now we have at least a chance of having cover. Of course why he did not do such thing to provide cover for our strikers, I don’t know. Maybe Bendtner is showing signs if greatness in training…Now I am going to hide for cover

        Thumb up 10 Thumb down 2

        • Or, you know, we could have done the medical on January 30, saw the problem, and then brought in someone else, preferably healthy, to cover. Because we’re desperate for cover for the next three games rather than later in the season.

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        • S.G.Gooner, don’t waste time reasoning with these people.

          As I mentioned before, Draxler was injured but people still want him. Why, because he has an over 30-million price tag. All else are immaterial.

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  31. First reaction: ????
    Delayed reaction: This might work out well starting for the run-in, and starting as early as March fixture crunch, provided we make it through to next round of FA cup.

    We were quite solid with Arteta as defensive mid for quite a while last season, even against good opposition. This means that until Flamini comes back we count on Arteta… that doesn’t bother me. Counting tomorrow’s game which we should have enough to win with Arteta in midfield, Flamini misses Liverpool and United in the league. Not sure how much difference Kallstrom would have made for those games anyway.

    Flamini was always going to be available for CL. The main worry is creating goals (where we miss Theo and Ramsey), so for my money more pressure on Rosicky and Jack to perform.

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  32. Yet another example of Wenger’s gross negligence.He bought Sanoga an injury prone unknown now he gets in on loan an ageing Swede who arrived with an injury.He got lucky with Flamini and Ozil who fell into his lap at the last moment when it looked like we would buy no one .Why oh why is everything left to the last moment when we have a month to bring in much needed additions to a patently thin and injury prone squad.He ships out our youngsters but surely Afobe and Akpome are worth a chance especially in the cup games,I was a fan of Coquelin who plays in midfield and when I saw him play at fullback he looked far more disciplined than Jenkinson who in my view is not good enough for Arsenal.
    We face a horrendous fixture list when I fear it will all go wrong as is the pattern over the past years .The litany of injuries is indication that there is something fundamentally wrong and Wenger should have addressed this by bringing in outside advice but he is so dogmatic that I suspect he would never listen to this.
    I look ot the preo

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  33. This all beggars belief-Even without the back injury it’s some time since he played a competitive match and would not have been match fit for a few weeks at least.This effectively means more wasted money by someone who is prudent in almost every other sense. It would be interesting to work out the amount of money Arsenal and their revered manager have spent,over the last few years on the salaries of :-


    Even by averaging £20K per week over 2 years,(some are significantly more and longer) that’s something in the region of £25million.I’m not saying that Draxler was the answer but the squad certainly needed supplementing with players capable of stepping up to the mark as soon as they were called upon to do so.
    This is a sad mess and all the more pertinent to the fans because Arsenal are still well placed to win a trophy.Unfortunately,we now have the prospect of the usual excuses being “wheeled out” once the February malaise kicks in….Arsene knows best …give him another 3 years!!

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    • Look, start calling for Wenger’s head after you see results for the next few games, yes? He’s managed the team quite well this season, a couple of marquee games aside.
      That said, these marquee games (man u, chelsea) did show that the squad needed a little more spark—either in terms of defensive reinforcement, and/or in terms of someone creating up front. Neither easy to get in january, don’t forget.
      Perhaps he is calculating that we can win at least two games against other top teams in the PL.
      In any case, the same team that we had is going to play against palace tomorrow, and Liverpool after that. Let’s see how it goes. We might yet explode into another gear, something that has not happened yet. I think this team might move the ball even faster at some point, either a synchronizing handbrake or a mental handbrake is still on.

      Thumb up 13 Thumb down 6

    • Bollocks. As far as I remember, Mannone did a decent job when called upon and he’s by far not the only one in the list who did it. You complain about paying wages to Djourou, but I bet you are moaning that we don’t have a 4th cb as a cover. But you cannot have both luxury players and not pay wages at the same time, you know?

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  34. Wenger mentality,he sign him to convince us fans that he has sign a player.If not,why is he signing injury player to replace injured once

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  35. This is obviously infuriating for all of us, but if it breeds negativity amongst us it will do the team no good. We need to get behind the lads we have available to us. We still have a great squad. We still have the best center back partnership in the league, we still have world class talent available right now in midfield, and we still have the handsomist of handsome french blokes up front. Shortly we have Wilshire, and Rosicky back. This transfer window sucks, but we love the players we have, positivity is something we can give the team without needing the Oil money of our rivals. COME ON ARSENAL! FUCKING COME ON!

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  36. Kind of ironic that he is injured for the same amount of time as the player he was covering for…

    Could only happen to us. 🙁

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  37. All speculation, no one has a clue what really went in yesterday but most are just waiting for a slip up, the same “proper gooners” who love us to loose so they can say they were right and shout Wenger out! Grow up people, with the right result tomorrow were top of the league AGAIN as we have been more than anyone else this season!

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  38. Not going to resort to *too much* hyperbole here but this is completely incomprehensible to me. I don’t know if it’s a fair reaction, but it’s left me feeling pretty miffed.

    I don’t think the argument essentially coming to ‘he’ll be useful for the run-in’ is at all valid. He’ll only then be given a half chance to get real playing time/time to fit in with the squad. There must have been a healthy/other option in the 30 years+ experienced squad player market…

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  39. To Ams just show arsenals hierarchy clownish behaviour once again. Just dreading the stick m8 .just gettin over the Suarez debacle.

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  40. Sometimes, it is best if you just look at the bright side which is that this is incredibly funny. deadline day singing to cover our injured midfielder for 6 weeks, has his own 6 week injury. Incompetent and stupid, yes. But it’s what makes it funny.

    Fingers crossed Rosicky is there tommorrow and Wilshere for ‘Pool and ManU

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  41. It will be quite comical if the back injury turns out to be serious and keeps this Kim dude out longer like Sonogo’s case.

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  42. This now looks like an appeasement signing made to placate the fans. Signing no one would have looked better. Now the situation looks plain daft. Wenger now has to answer some akward questions, like “is that £24M of strategic thinking Mr Wenger ?”

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  43. Aw has lost it,he always wait until the last day.he think he is the smartest of all managers.we is well paid by arsenal board,but good players are always expensive.his days will come to an end someday and arsenal fans will b happy again.

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  44. My brain can’t compute this – no matter how I try and make sense of it.

    The only thing that makes any sense is that none of this is true and it’s all a mistake.

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  45. A ridiculous situation which ever way you look at it. But even worse than this signing is that it deflects from the real issue that we couldn’t find a single centre forward anywhere in the world that would give us cover should Giroud get injured. That is scandal.

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  46. Yesterday I posted a long post in which I opined that Wenger was a brilliant coach but absolutely hopeless at transfers.

    I rest my case.

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    • Yeah Ozil was quite obviously a poor transfer as was RVP for 2m quid as was Henry, or Viera or Flamini for free.

      Give it a rest. Go chew some fat.

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      • For every Ozil there is a park for every Henry there is a chamack. Not every manager gets it right but fuck me this one really does take some beating.
        If we win the league then I’m sure fats will eat more humble pie than most of us could manage.
        But have a feeling come the end of the season fats may be on diet and his humble pie may have to eaten by someone else.

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        • Cheers, Volders.

          What people like Santori just don’t get is that I love my team and just want us to be successful – that’s why I would be delighted to be gnawing humble pie all summer if we win either the PL or the Champions League.

          But Wenger’s crazy transfer dealings just drive me up the wall. We are so close now – and Le Prof is mainly responsible for our great position, I know – so why can’t he just do what it takes to take us over the line?

          If we collapse over the next few weeks then I’m probably gonna get committed to an asylum, mad with frustration.

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        • Yeah Voldermort,
          for every good one there is a bad one, but just look at citeh’s squad, led alone their poor neighbours, and I bet most of you would rather beat me than let some of those players anywhere near the Arsenal. What I’m saying is that every club and every manager is making bad, and very bad, transfer decisions and just because Arsenal cannot afford to buy 10 players, let them rot on the bench for two years, and then sell them for a fraction of the original price, doesn’t make our transfer business particularly worse than that of anyone else.

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        • I’m not saying wenger isn’t a great manager or that he makes bad signings all the time. But the bloke isn’t perfect like many on here suggest.
          I would love kompany from city but collectively I wouldn’t take their entire defence over ours. The same with toure, great player but again our midfield as a unit is better and wouldn’t swap for thiers or Chelsea’s even with hazard.
          People say we can’t compete with city’s money but we have done exactly that all season and that is largely down to wenger. But I think what frustrates many people certainly the gooners that I go to games with is that we are short up front and everyone knows it. This isn’t about a failure to buy in January as we know it’s tough to get the right players, but we should have and could have bought in the summer, the need was the same. Had we had a world class striker to add to our world class defence and midfield we could have pissed this league.
          It’s possibly an opportunity lost yet again. We have been here so many times. One or two players short as we have been in the past.
          We may still win the league who knows, or we may have bought another quality striker and still fail to win it but I think what many gooners are frustrated at is we have not given ourselves the best chance to find out.

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        • I would add to that, that I agree with the signing of kallstrom, injury apart of course. We have a great midfield and arguably don’t need any more permanent faces. So a loan signing made perfect sense as cover.
          Getting an injured one makes less sense. If that’s what we have done. Maybe it’s all paper talk, let’s wait and see.
          But failure to secure a striker over two transfer windows is going to cost us dear in my opinion. Many say we have needed another striker since rvp left, when we signed Giroud we only had chamack as cover and park. Both not good enough.

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        • Voldermort, there’s no way how I could, or wish to, argue that our strikers are as good as I or other fans would like them to be. My point is ‘we are not there yet’. This world class striker would cost us 50m+ on transfer plus 10m per year, that’s 90m. With these ridiculously inflated prices where Higuain, who arguably may not be good enough for us, costs 30m+, and a cover LB Nacho, as much as I like him may not be good enough for challenging for European top 3, costs 10m, it’s not so easy.

          It’s very difficult to argue for Arsene’s point of view that if someone is not at the level he wants his team to be, he’s not buying him. That leaves the squad thin and, which is perhaps his biggest flaw, players overplayed. But that’s the way he is. Furthermore, there seems to be a need for a serious rebuild in the coming years with a need to replace: second goalkeeper, RB (maybe two), CB (Per will be 30 and Kos 29), Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Cazorla will be 30, and perhaps Poldi, plus all these strikers we all want. With internal replacements not that abundant, and with Porto wanting 50m for CB (seriously?), we are talking about a lot of money.

          Another thing to note is how coincidentally we’ve payed for Ozil almost as much as we ‘bid’ (whatever) for Suarez. That’s just the level on which we are now. As difficult as it is to deal with it (not so difficult as the level we were at 2-3 years ago though), the net spending over the last three years is +11m, +3m, -34m. The trend seems to be ‘positive’, but buying that world class striker would see those numbers going from zero one year to -100m the next. We may be on the right track, but we are not there yet.

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  47. We have been top of the league for more or less the whole season, we play the best football in the league and have the best stadium and facilities and wenger is saying he can’t get the rite players to come. I find this hard to believe. I think most players wud stab there granny to play for arsenal. I’m always the first to defend wenger but I really can’t see the logic in this. Will have a pipe of green and have a good ponder.( doesn’t arsenal suspiciously look like the big blue effort fron sesame st .the one with with the big black eyebrows. Google the fucker.

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  48. Bizarre I must say. I just read the mornings blog and was like ‘ok, an experienced body, fine, Benayooon showed the merit of that.’ .. but now I’m confused.

    Also Blogs said no transfers occurred that made him think ‘why didnt we do that?’ I agree for the most part but do feel Berbatov could have done good for us. Maybe not the team attitude of some but a decent premier league goal scorer.

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  49. There’s got to be more to this story and the transfer window in general. I just refuse to believe Arsene and the front office could be this incompetent.

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  50. AW you are a great coach but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD let someone else deal with the transfers now on. Tell you them who you want then back off and let them get the deal done including deciding how much to pay. And get our transfer business done at the start of the transfer window. The more time new arrivals have to train with the team before the start of the new season the better. If you want quality players you are going to have to pay fair whack for it. I don’t like it any more than you do AW but that’s the way the prem league has gone now thanks to first the classless of Stamford Bridge and now Abu Dhabi united and their bottomless pit of oil money. IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE 🙂

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    • Dick Law perhaps?

      Flamini came for free. he doesn’t seem to have a problem.

      Ozil came in last minute, no problem.

      You don’t need a rocket to understand that either.;)

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      • Yes but what about the players we could have had recently had they not made a right pigs ear of trying to buy them or just been too tight to pay the asking price. Jovetic, Higuain, Suarez etc … And right now we are seriously short in the striking dept. Any of those would have been most welcome!

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  51. this is practically absurd. what was he thinking, because the purpose of signing a new player is to fill the loophole but now it is still licking. I just hope he has a plan we aren’t aware of.

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  52. The Guardian is reporting that the injury happened at his first training session; I’ll choose to believe that one instead of beach football, but I’ll still bang my head into a wall.

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    • So the logical outcome of that argument is that no team should buy players at all because it doesn’t guarantee success.
      We sign an injured 31 year old player with no premier league experience, and you defend that all over this board with various arguments. Manure sign a proven world class midfielder with premier league experience and you slag it off as a poor signing. Amazing logic.
      Manure lost because they are shit in most areas.

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  53. He’s having rehabilitation at AFC? Add another few months relapse on to that then. Wenger keeps undoing everything positive with these retarded decisions, the guy never seems to learn, so much for ‘Le Professor’. I can only see another 4th place ‘trophy’ coming out of this season again at best. Man City will win the league and FA Cup at a minimum, their squad is way too strong as is proven every game. Wenger had a real chance and yet again has missed a golden opportunity to capitalise. Slate me all you like, it’s a foregone conclusion now.

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  54. you just know giroooood will get injured against palace . fucking unbelievable . still he can always use the ” we cant afford top players ” excuse ……. er maybe not use that one . how about ” there was no one available ” … draxler . shit ! cant use that one either …. leave it with me i`l think of something

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  55. This, my friends, is hilarious…..Lmao! I can’t hold back the laughter, Mr Wenger and his team have outdone themselves this time. Beach football, what in the heaven was he thinking, thumb’s up Arseblog. You just killed it for me with this blog post.

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  56. To rub salt in the wounds, the entry above this on my fb newsfeed is a post from Draxler.
    This signing has really really wound me up for all sorts of reasons. I’m hitting the booze

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  57. Guess wenger doesn’t know best after all. The most painful part of this ish is Wenger knew kallstrom was injured, but instead he wanted him to have his rehab with us. Now if this isn’t careless, then tell me what is?? We might as well have kept frimpong, heck promote issac hayden from the youth team than an over the hill 31 year old bench warmer. I might not be as smart as wenger, but this signing just doesn’t make sense….no matter how you look at it.

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  58. The widely reported £24M contract extension for Wenger needs to be reviewed. Incompetance of this magnitued should not be rewarded with a massive pay rise.

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  59. Moan, groan, bitch and whine. We’re 12 points ahead of Man U, one point off the top, and looking better than we have in a long, long time, and no one can see the joy in that. For those who think Wenger is so shit at transfers can I just say: Santi, Per, Kos, Mesut, Arteta, Giroud, Flamini, Podolski,Monreal, just in the last few years. Chill out people. Life is short.

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    • spot on. there’s a lot of fatalistic over reacting going on. some people seem to be really offended on a personal level by this news. all it really means is that for the time being nothing changes at arsenal, then in 6 games time we’ll add a bit more cover, as time goes by players are coming back to the squad. we’re doing ok so far right? i’m not convinced that arsene has been negligent or incompetent, if nothing else the team have been making great progress over the past 12 months, best record of any team in the country so give him some credit. we all know that the man city squad is really strong, and that they’ve got seemingly endless resources, chelsea have been able to spend big too. the fact is we aren’t on that level financially, but so far this season you have to admit the manager is doing a decent enough job, just look at the league position.

      no one apart from arsene himself can say why he didn’t sign a centre back, and maybe a striker too, no doubt he had his reasons and let’s just hope he’s not proved to be totally wrong at the end of the season. my only theory is he’s looking to keep the team together and rely on the guys that have got us this far. since we’re used to scraping 4th recently, i think we’ll be doing well if we win a trophy or at least compete strongly for the league and champions league this time around.

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  60. So when he returns from injury he will literally be like a new signing, Wenger has always wanted that phrase to be believed.

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  61. WENGER OUT!!! *

    Unless we win tomorrow and the two bands of mercenaries draw on Monday. In which case…

    WENGER IS GOD!!! *

    (* = not really)

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  62. Seriously though… I wonder if he’s on a pay-per-play deal or something. Or if we’re only paying his wages once he’s fit?

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  63. Wouldn’t trust orstein myself.

    I’d follow Wenger into a storm. If mourinho can get away with selling mata to United then Wenger should be allowed to do whatever he thinks is best too.

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    • moanihnio never sells without getting replacements . and he sold mata because they have played manure twice . otherwise he wouldnt have done it

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      • Regardless, if any other manager had done it they would face massive opposition. The #wengerout boo-boys would have a field day.

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  64. All the posts regarding players shifting about, covering etc etc is exactly what has been wrong for the last 8 seasons.

    When manure, chelski or citeh won the league in recent years, they replaced like for very strong like.
    Aguero injured means fuck all to citeh as they have 4 top strikers to choose from.
    Giroud gets injured, we have TGSTEL or Sanago….yep, that’ll win us the league.

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  65. This must be our most bizarre signing of all time. Amaury Bischoff comes a close second while the curious case of Ju-Young Park jogs in third. Wenger is really making us laughing stocks. Guys, just imagine for a second Wenger was the coach of one of our rivals. Oh, the derision we would pour on this guy. No trophy in 8yrs while being one of the top earning coaches, his head scratching comments against the transfer window, poke-nosing into the Mata to Man U deal. Now he knowingly signs a player who is injured as cover for injured players?! Sacred cow of India!!! How does one defend such a deal? How?? HOW??? I shudder to think of fan reaction if we get less than three points tomorrow. The Aston Villa debacle would be child’s play. Vesuvius would be a water fountain in comparison. I’m so, so pissed but what can I do? I’m just an Arsenal fan so I’ll keep supporting the team and hope for the best, Wenger or no Wenger. Rant over, I’m off to bed.

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  66. Why would we sign this guy I dont understand it we need cover for our team not more people sitting in the medic’s waiting room.

    Did the boss have anything to do with this madness ???

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    • he sure broke our hearts with Ozil then.

      You set yourself up for these sort of heart breaks by believing hook line and sinker everything published in the media.

      Remember all the teeth gnashing when Wenger did not sign Wanyama, Gustavo or Mvilla. Instead he got some has been called Flamini for free to rapturous ambivalence by media and all concern.

      Nor did he sign a keeper instead bringing in an Almunia look a like for free and placing his faith in Szsc.

      He didn’t buy a striker then either and we wondered where the goals would come from.

      He played Ramsey whom prior months before many were clamouring to be sold off or sent on loan.

      You set yourself up for your own disappointments. Wenger has nothing to do with it.

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  67. this story comes from the same idiot who said wenger blocked the draxler deal, againt the boards wishes.. only for draxler to come out on german TV saying his value was met, he wanted to leave, but his club blocked the deal…

    only an idiot will believe this clown of a reporter

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  68. Bloody Wenger.
    He is terrible in the transfer market. Never finds good players and gets good deals.

    Its a good job we have magically appeared at the top of the table with loads of money in the bank and a new stadium otherwise this idiot would have us bankrupt and relegated by now.

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  69. What would make any of you think a draxler deal was coming? The constant denial by wenger? The constant and vocal refusal to sell him? Which started well before the transfer window opened I might add. As for that tweet about bayern saying we will buy him inthe summer, well the guy did say it was his OPINION! Not that her knew, and how would he know that? Why wouldn’t bayern just buy him now? Why would Shake turn down 35-40 million, which is their asking price to sell him in the summer to a direct rival?

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  70. I kind of go with the argument that hey, we’re doing well. Options were limited. So we may as well take up the offer of a player who may well come in handy towards the end of the season.

    Anyone who says “Wenger out” should take a look at themselves.

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  71. Firstly we do not know for sure the full extent of the injury if at all. This is again based on rumours much like Draxler.

    Secondly, Wenger is correct to err on caution in midfield as this is our engine. that the player he has brought in on loan is experienced is crucial to the run in. of course the other way of seeing things would be to say he is old and cack but then so is Arteta and Rosicky and to some extent Flamini and they have been brilliant for us.

    Thirdly we do not know if the medical performed on Kallstrom passed him on fitness and if Wenger was misinformed or if he decided to take a risk base on a slight possibility. thereby blaming wenger seems to me ludicrous until we can understand better what the nature of the whole issue is.

    But this is typical of most people who prefer to make pre-judgments based on their own narrative. They prefer to listen to the media and negate our chances this season before the summer window was even shut. They believe all that is published without critical thought.

    Better to wait and see how true the reports are don’t you think?

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  72. Just like Ben I think all gooners should accept another 15 years (at least) of more of the same Feb-Apr season end meltdown. Arsene knows. Arsene knows forever. Take a good look in the mirror all you doubters. Wank wank wank…

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  73. If giroud is injured,we have to rely on sanogo or bendtner upfront.what are u smoking mr wenger?is it that next level weed?

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  74. Guys, I can still be optimistic with our current squad. Do you know the most bizzare transfer activity? That was the transfer of Sp*rs last summer.

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  75. wenger is no dummy guys
    he took the guy knowing the situation
    he rates kim highly enough that he thinks he can make a difference to things despite being injured

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  76. Extraordinary indeed…

    Yet, you can always find many who will defend and/or excuse Wenger – their cult leader – no matter what.

    Others who support AFC, the club, know better.

    Btw, it also appears Arsenal denied Kim injuried during training. So…are all those reports collude to embarrass Wenger, who embarrass the club and its supporters??

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  77. Holy sh**, a majority of you are a sad group of mindless idiots. Blogs posted the story But as always the source too!! Read ffs! So many knee-jerk end of the world winger out rants. When reading the twitter feed hours later you can see this whole report was crap after someone with medical training responds. These Winger out fools need the accept they have the brain that of a goldfish and they need to trust not just Winger but anybody else with an IQ north of 70.

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  78. Some of the comments above are shocking from so called fans, we are doing fine and are going into a tough couple of months what would Draxler really add?? Not much tbh he is no different to the Ox we play well because we have very different types of attacking players. Bringing in a young unproven CAM in January to a possible Premier league winning side would of been just as bad as bringing in Kallstrom injured. At the end of the day this is the best season in 8 years for us, embrace it and quit moaning about it. I am likely right in saying most of the narrow minded individuals are the same ones that slagged off Ramsay last year. (To clarify the reason we sold Frimpong was because not only is he poor, but he sent a globally racist tweet regarding team selections) Get behind your team guys we are not Newcastle/united or Chelsea we have a great set up and an excellent future to look forward to! GOOOOOOOOOONNNEEERRRRSSSSS

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  79. If you think of Källström as anything other than a football player, the deal makes even less sense.

    “Yes Mr. Wenger, what can I do for you today?”

    “It seems my Vauxhall has a slight setback with the transmission and will be in the shop for 4-6 weeks. Overall the news is quite positive. Still, I need to find a top, top quality automobile to help me get to the Emirates each week.”

    “Well, if you would have come to me earlier I could have sold you a BMW or maybe even a new Peugot compact. As it stands, all I’ve got left is this Saab.”

    “Go on.”

    “Well, it’s a nice enough car. It’s a little older, but it’s decent. It’s been driven 108 times in Sweden.”

    “Perfect. A hugely-experienced car, a sedan proven quality at both city and freeway level. I assume it can be drive a little bit with the handbrake on?”

    “Of course, of course. There’s just one little problem. It’s got this hole in the engine block…you’ll be able to drive it in 4-6 weeks.”

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