Giroud: I’m no Suarez, but I want to be remembered


Olivier Giroud says he wants to make a mark at Arsenal even though he recognises he’s not on the same level as summer transfer target Luis Suarez.

Aware that the club’s supporters were excited by the prospect of the Uruguayan signing in the summer, the French striker stressed that he’s solely focused on improving his own game claiming the trust of Arsene Wenger will help him do exactly that.

Chatting to ex-Gunner Alan Smith, to whom the boss compared Giroud recently, the 27-year-old was open about his career aims at the Emirates.

“I understand that Arsenal fans want a big name, but I try to stay calm, to take it easy and concentrate on my job, train well, and repay the confidence of the boss.

“He always talks to me, trusts me – that’s why he didn’t buy another striker last summer and in January. I’m still here because the boss is pleased with my game, with what I can bring to the team.”

Set to feature against Suarez twice in the next week, Giroud happily admitted that the Liverpool attacker is currently operating on another level.

“I know I’m not a player on the same level as someone like Suarez – because he’s been amazing this season – but I know I can improve again. That’s why I’m quite confident of my future here.

“This isn’t a time to doubt myself. Sometimes a striker won’t score for a month or two. It happens to every striker. But you’ve always got to believe in your quality and remember that people trust you. I feel really good here and I really want to win something with this club.”

Wary of his words being twisted following an interview earlier in the season in which he was portrayed as having grandiose expectations, Giroud also took the time to clarify his ambitions.

“I said something earlier in the season to a French newspaper and they made a big thing of it with the headline ‘Legend!’ I didn’t mean I wanted to become a legend at Arsenal, more that I want to make a mark in Arsenal’s history. I don’t want to come across as arrogant, saying I want to be the best ever. I just want to be remembered here.”

You can read the full Telegraph interview here. It’s well worth it.

Also, nice to see Smudger is allowed in the training ground these days…

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