Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal: The Guff


If you can stomach it, here’s some of the reaction from the media and blogosphere to the 5-1 defeat to Liverpool at Anfield yesterday.

In itself the defeat is not season-ending, despite what you will read in some places. There is an understandable reaction to a heavy defeat in the first of a series of games that could shape our season. We have to hope it is a blip and not the start of a trend. – Goonerholic

Arsenal began and ended the game on top of the league but only one team looked like title contenders. With Chelsea moving to the top of the table, Arsenal will have to respond with vigour if they are to remain in the title race. – Dion Fanning, Irish Independent

Yesterday offers uncomfortable questions which must be answered. Arsenal possessed a defensive record which was the envy of every other team. Mertesacker and Koscielny, ridiculed and mocked previously, had turned the tables on their critics. They still have but performances such as yesterday provide cracks in the arguments, flaws which are difficult to avoid. – A Cultured Left Foot

It still amounted to a considerable and deeply chastening experience for a team that would like us to believe they harbour serious aspirations to win the league. The difficult truth for Wenger, as he surely knows, is that real champions do not disintegrate in this manner. – Daniel Taylor, Guardian

Stan Kroenke was silent. Utterly silent. Arsenal were blown away; their Premier League title credentials shredded; for 90 minutes at least. For them, it is now how they react, how they re-group. – Jason Burt, Telegraph

Only one team looked like champions elect here and it wasn’t the visitors. A bad day at the office or a sign of things to come? The mood in football can change quickly. Two home wins in the next two games will have people thinking that there is still plenty to play for this season. But the question is where the Gunners’ inspiration has gone. – Online Gooner

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